Snake in the Grass

by Boobarian

Sharon smiled as she put on her back pack and headed out the back door to climb up her mountain. The weather had taken two weeks to miss the weekend with either too much heat, too many clouds, or just plain rain. Now the blue sky beckoned her from above as the sun lit the path only as it accompanied her like a friend instead of a heat lamp.

The path up was always the same. An easy rising zig-zag past trees and shrubs that she had come to considered family. After all, over the past seven years she had watched them grow. Some taller than others. Some straighter than others. Each spring she worried that a late bloomer had suffered from the deer and other creatures that shared her mountain. And each year she momentarily mourned losses as she realized a late bloomer had in fact ended its journey in this world and gone on to whatever awaits the plants and flowers and other generous givers of beauty once they pass through life's portal to the eternal beyond.

Once atop the mountain Sharon took off her back pack and sat down. She had learned the hard way to take off the back pack first the first time she decided to make a day of her trek. That day she had sat down against an evergreen, not really exhausted, but physically drained from the added weight of her packed lunch and the table setting she brought as well. When she tried to stand back up, she couldn't. The back pack would not let her lean forward enough to get the weight of it, and her, over her feet. She had to wiggle out of it like a butterfly straining to leave its cocoon. Then she had to rest again. Today she was able to enjoy her view those few extra minutes as she set out her lunch. The aroma always gave her cause for concern that some large carnivore or omnivore might be attracted, but that was a thought she kept in the back of her mind. She couldn't enjoy the day if she was going to hear more than the wind moving through the foliage below her.

Another lesson she had learned was to eat as soon as possible after reaching the summit. Its easier to carry the food back down if it isn't all in the stomach. Even water can cause some discomfort. She had learned to wait. It made the descent easier, and the water tasted better when you put off instant gratification.

Once she had finished her fruit salad, potato salad, and chicken, she carefully bundled up the remains and packed it back in her back pack. "Pack it up, pack it down," was her motto. She didn't want the ground to get cluttered from her leftovers and the occasional unfinished salad. Besides, that was the kind of action that would definitely attract the creatures she didn't want to spend her time worrying about. They were sure to be drawn to her spot during the night. Eventually they would check out her mountain top during the day, and one day it would be while she was there.

The view was glorious. From atop her mountain, she didn't know its name, but was sure it had to have one. To the north was the city straddling the river. To the east was the side of the mountain she had climbed, growing up from her home, with the river close to the base, and grassland on the other side peppered with the barns and silos of the dozen farms.

Sharon understood how an astronomer felt. Each time at the top she could find some small difference in the landscape. The ever expanding city added buildings. The marina, once miles from the edge of the city was now being swallowed by new construction. New silos, silos lost to fire or time, even the farmhouses being painted added a fresh distinction from week to week. To the south the forest the grew up like a fortress wall from her mountain. And to the west were more hills and another mountain that created an horizon to rival New York City's skyline.

"What a sunset that would be to watch," she had thought every time her eyes swept the vista. But that was something she would not enjoy unless she was going to pack a tent for the climb. Climbing down after sunset was something a novice might attempt without realizing how totally different even familiar ground can look in the dark. Too easy to get lost. Even though getting lost was something she had done several times. At the base of her mountain.

The first time Sharon had made it to the top, she saw an easier path when she looked down. Why she hadn't seen it from below was a mystery to her. After then she always took the same path up. From the top she could see many paths down, some easier than others. With the presence of the city as a security blanket, she had always gone down the north side. Today she felt confident enough to venture down into the woods to the south.

"No need to take the most shallow path," she thought. The sky might get blocked so she could not recognize the stars, but her compass could see through anything to find magnetic north.

So, with a final check to make sure she was not leaving any garbage behind, and that her shoelaces were tied, she started down the south side of her mountain, sure that five hours of light would be more than enough. As Sharon slowly made her way down, she took time to look at the variety of undergrowth.

"No one else has ever enjoyed these sights," she always told herself. And with the plethora of electronic entertainment available to modern man, she feared no one else might ever see them again. She wasn't upset as she wound around left and right of bushes and trees. After all, "They were here first," she knew.

About half way down, Sharon spotted a small outcropping of ledge. She went over, took off her back pack, and sat down to catch her breath as she enjoyed the panorama beyond.

"Ow!" she cried as she jumped up to see what had bitten her in the ass. 'Snake!' she realized! With no thought of rescuing her back pack, Sharon turned to run away from her attacker. She managed three steps before slipping on loose gravel and falling. She looked back over her shoulder at where she had been sitting to see a black snake about eight feet long slither out of its hiding place.

'Black snake,' she thought to herself. Not a copperhead, not a rattle snake, and since there was no 'red on yellow' she was indeed a lucky fellow. 'Sexist Boy Scouts!' she thought.

Realizing haste makes waste, and deciding the snake could not be one of the indigenous poisonous varieties, Sharon decided not to risk falling all the way to the bottom of the mountain and wasting her healthy bones. Instead, she set a pace that was brisk for herself, but was still a 'heel and toe on the ground' walk. Looking back over her shoulder she realized the snake was pacing her.

"What's he doing?" she wondered. If the snake had attacked her to protect a nest, she should already be far enough away. And there was no need to wait to attack again. Sharon was sure the snake could make better time on the mountainside then she could. Still, the snake maintained about ten feet between them.

Sharon stooped to pick up a stone and throw it at her stalker. The snake effortlessly dodged the missile. Starting down again, Sharon tried to access her situation. She had a strange snake following her on a path she had no idea where it led, with only so much daylight left, and a throbbing butt.

"That's not quite right," Sharon thought. The pain on her butt had been replaced by a tingle across her entire right cheek.. "At least its not numb!" That would indicate some sort of neural poison. Trying to keep a good pace, and keeping a watchful eye, Sharon continued down the mountain, hoping to come across a fellow hiker.

It didn't take long for Sharon to realize the tingle was spreading. By then it had gone down her right leg to her knee and across her left cheek. It had also crept up around her crotch half way to her belly button. She suddenly found herself thinking about the last time she had sex. Really good sex. "Focus your thoughts!" Sharon commanded herself. She had to concentrate on every step. Left! Right! Left! This slowed her pace, and her unwanted companion slowed with her.

The tingle spread down her left leg faster than it had the right so that both ankles were reached at the same time. By then, it had also traveled half way up her back, and up her front to where her breasts blossomed from her torso. A warmth had also started down where the sun only occasionally shined. Sharon mused, "Can you start a fire by rubbing two lips together?" The tingle spread down to her feet, and Sharon was shocked back to reality as she stumbled and fell. As it spread across her breasts up to her neck, it started down her arms. The warmth in her pussy had also spread. Only this was spreading on her insides. Looking at the snake Sharon decided she was still safe for the moment, and could 'get it over with' then go on with getting down.

Getting up on hands and knees, Sharon reached up with her right hand and started rubbing her left breast. The sexual jolt that ran through her caused her to lift upright onto her knees. "Oh G-hod!" came out, but not as a cry for deliverance from her predicament. Her right hand went to her right breast as her left hand reached for the left breast. Wave after wave of incredible pleasure coursed through her body as she groped at herself. A stain of dampness started spreading down her jeans.

Sharon decided she wanted to feel flesh against flesh as the tingle finally covered her from head to toe. Reaching for her shirt buttons with her left hand, she kept up a steady rhythm of kneading her right tit, but instead of going for the buttons, her left hand involuntarily reached down for her belt. A mild rumble from her stomach did not even distract Sharon from her growing rapture. Otherwise she might have noticed her bosom swell out slightly.

Sharon got the extra flap of belt out of the buckle before giving up on whatever it was she was trying to do, and simply reached down into the jeans, under the shirt, under her panties, and finally... "Oo-oo-oo-oo-oh!" If Sharon had been lucid enough to cry for help it would have been for a man. But not in getting away from the snake.

The snake! Sharon managed to focus her mind and her eyes long enough to see that her stalker was slithering back and forth at its designated distance like a nervous husband awaiting the birth of its first born.

Concluding there was no danger, Sharon's mind released its grasp on reality and went back to savoring the orgasm that was shaking her from head to toe.

The rumble from Sharon's stomach had grown. And with the louder increase in sound, her boobs also started growing faster. They had grown and pushed her shirt forward until it looked like two softballs had been dropped into her bra. Gaps formed between the buttons of her shirt as the fabric pulled tight. Sharon had started fingering herself, desperately trying to increase this ultimate sexual experience to even greater heights. Her finger made two dips into her pussy for each one time she squeezed her ballooning boob. The warmth from her midsection had spread down her legs to her ankles, up to her neck, and down her arms to her elbows.

As Sharon's stomach continued its rumbling, her boobs continued their relentless expansion and pulled her shirt up out of her jeans. Fatigue in her left hand forced it to abandon its obsession and seek pleasure from a new source. As she withdrew from her place of joy, she casually caressed her tummy as she raised her hand.

A new jolt of sexual pleasure electrified her body from head to toe. Sharon turned and twisted and found that the tingle gave her incredible pleasure no matter where she touched herself. As her boobs swelled out, and the buttons of her shirt started popping, she began searching for new places to touch.

The sides of her tummy gave her new pleasure as the last button on her shirt 'pinged' and the blouse fell to the sides, revealing Sharon's tortured bra now holding back two masses of flesh that were each easily the size of Sharon's head. Sharon reached down again to undo her belt. This time so she could get to all the untouched flesh that made up her legs, thighs and buttocks. Every square inch of her body shot lightning bolts of pleasure through her as tit flesh pushed out from under each cup, her nipples visible through the bra. The warmth from within had reached every part of her body and was turning into a raging fire.

With nowhere else to spread, the tingle in Sharon's body grew stronger and her feet started twitching. Somewhere inside Sharon, she realized a potential source of new pleasure and pushed off her athletic footwear with her feet. Then she used her toes to push off her socks and started stroking the calves and shins of her legs with the top, sides and bottom of her feet as her right bra strap broke. With the failure of the one strap, the others gave way almost immediately, freeing Sharon's beach balls boobs which, after a moment when her now salt shaker sized nipples seemed to reach up to the sky to find a handhold, fell off to her sides, pushing her arms, and hands, away from her body. The loss of stimulation let Sharon come to her senses momentarily.

"Oh my G-hod" she screamed when she realized what she was looking at was part of her. "What's going on? I'm huge!" Then, seeing her ever patient snake pacing at his allotted distance started yelling in help for earnest. The rumble in Sharon's stomach had turned into a roar, and, as if to complain that her beach ball boobs weren't doing their job quick enough, her mid section started to bulge outward. Sharon kept screaming, even though the sensation galloping through her made her forget why.

"H-E-L-P-!" Sharon screamed, as she watched her gut eclipse her toes. She was screaming with each breath, scaring the birds into flight as she watched the rising dome beyond her massive mammaries. As the birds took flight they shook tree limbs, causing leaves and twigs to fall from the trees. When Sharon reached up to brush away a leaf from her face and found virgin flesh she stopped screaming,and all thoughts of rescue were forgotten as a new wave of ecstasy enveloped her entire being.

Both hands were feverishly wiping across cheek chin and forehead as her stomach continued its rumbling and Sharon's gut continued swelling out, reaching a point where her giant tits started stretching into the new mound of flesh.

Sharon stroked her eyes and tickled her ears before realizing she had neglected her arms. Sharon was rubbing her arms as if to ward off the cold on a winter's day as her ever expanding form reached to include her ass, and lifted her off the ground enough that her legs had to bend at the knees to touch the earth.

She was rubbing under her arms as if giving herself a bird bath as her boobs where absorbed into the growing globe she was becoming. Soon only her nipples were evidence that there had ever been boobs. The tingle and rumbling ended after Sharon finished 'shampooing' her hair. It had been the last 'new' place on her body.

"What a dream that was," Sharon thought for a moment. Then, seeing the snake, and giving herself the once over and realizing it was not a dream, started screaming again. Without the tingle and rumble present, Sharon's attention was focused on the eight foot snake that had done this to her. Had followed her down the mountain. Had slithered back and forth from a distance.

But now that the rumbling had stopped, the snake had stopped its nervous pacing. It was still. Watching Sharon. Its tongue flickering in and out. The snake advanced on Sharon and her screams began anew.

The snake stopped every foot or so as if to see if there was any danger. It was, in fact, making sure with the sensors in its tongue that the rumbling inside Sharon had stopped.

Sharon lay helpless as the snake slithered up to her, raised itself up, then, after finding the right spot, lunged at its target.

Sharon's screams echoed back to her now as the snake attached itself to the right side of her butt. 'Almost the same spot as before,' Sharon thought as she started becoming hoarse from screaming. The pain was quickly replaced by the same telltale tingle as before.

Sharon watched the snake, expecting it to recoil and attack again, but it didn't. Instead, she watched as the middle of the snake started to swell. Like a long balloon, the snake was inflating itself from the center out.

After a minute Sharon realized she could see more of the scenery over her gigantic ta-ta's. "He deflating me," Sharon realized. What took her a moment to realize was it felt good as the snake deflated her and inflated itself. Damn good. "Is this what it feels like when a baby nurses?" she wondered. A movie about vampires jumped into her mind. "Do vampire's victims feel this good?" she mused. The idea of her being completely drained by the snake and being left a flat lifeless mass did not occur to her. She just settled back and enjoyed the sensation as the snake expanded.

When the snake looked like a fallen tree with a Volkswagen parked inside it, Sharon heard the terrible sound of tearing flesh. She watched, horrified, as the skin around the jaw of her now not so unfriendly companion came apart, not able to stretch anymore. With body growing, and bulge inflating, Sharon had to wipe the tears from hers eyes as she expected only the worst for her fanged companion. After a minute she was able to see through her tears and make out the fresh scales visible in the snake's mouth. Sharon suddenly smiled as she realized what she was seeing.

The snake was shedding its skin!

Whatever this reptile's species was, it needed to inflate itself to rid itself of the old skin. Except it had to inflate something else first. She just happened to come along.

Sharon's form returned to normal as the snake grew to the size of a haystack. Well, she was almost normal. Maybe a few inches here and there. All the right places.

Sharon reached out to stroke her new friend as its old skin fell away and it detached from her butt. It looked at her for a moment, (did she detect a glint of thanks in its eyes?), then rolled off down the mountain. Sharon got up, got her clothes together and put them on as best she could, then, seeing the sky was still bright, decided to go back up the short distance she had come down to retrieve her back pack. Her garbage. "Pack it up, pack it down," as she always said.

She made a mental note of the date as she started back down with her gear. It had been a long hike that first time she ascended the mountain. She had seen an easier way up from the top and that was the way she had gone up ever since. Now she had found the way she would always come down. Sharon waved to her departing friend, bouncing from tree to tree as it made its disappearance into the trees.

"See you next year," she promised. The promise was not as much to the snake as it was to herself.

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