Bra Busters

by Maurice Blue

Chapter I

It all began on the night of DiDi Mason's 17th birthday. It seemed innocent enough; when she came home, the family sprang out from various spots in the living room, yelling "Suprise!" As usual, DiDi tried her damndest to look suprised, though she never could get it quite right. After all, the family only did this since she was seven years old. She figured that there was nothing to be suprised about any more at age 17.

After a bit of chit chat, it was time to open presents. DiDi's family had an odd habit of not getting her what she needed on her birthday. But, thought DiDi, maybe I'm wrong.

DiDi opened her gifts. A new tape deck from her mom. DiDi had only told her mom to get a CD player 5000 times or more. She painfully smiled and moved on.

A blank check from her dad. Her dad was away on business most of the time and he missed seven out of 10 of her last birthdays. She could hear his voice now, "Just get yourself something nice, sweetheart." Maybe the CD player Mom neglected to get.

A donation of $300 in DiDi's name to the Make-A-Wish Foundation from Aunt Laura and Uncle Stu. They were so charitable, it made her sick. She thanked them and move on.

A Mega-Woman action figure from Nana and Papa, her grandparents. DiDi had been a Mega-Woman fan for years, even when she was old enough to realize that she was, on the surface, just another attractive woman that got all the breaks. But she loved the fact that Mega-Woman used her mind (hardly ever her body) to beat the bad guys. She thanked her grandparents and moved to the last gift.

The last gift was from her brother, Scotty. Scotty was 19, two years older than DiDi, but he had a sick sense of humor that hadn't wained since he was 9. This especially showed in his birthday gifts, which struck DiDi with the force of being kicked in the nuts. They served as an insult to her appearance or lack thereof. For example, for her last birthday, Scotty got her a Wonderbra with a picture of a woman wearing the bra and a note that said, "Cleavage not included." DiDi had cried for the rest of the night; she was sensitive about her scrawny physique.

DiDi opened the package and of course, she was ready to kill Scotty when she saw the contents. Inside were bras. Bras! DiDi picked one out and held it up to her chest. The bra was huge! A LLL-cup, the label said.

She was upset. She had the right to be. Her idiot brother did it again. Her mom popped him for being so damn insensitive. Her family felt embarrassed for her and all was silent. It would still be silent if her mom hadn't said those three words, "Who wants cake?"

Her mom brought out the cake and everyone sang, "Happy Birthday," which made DiDi feel a little better. When her mom told her to make a wish, DiDi looked at the Mega-Woman figure, then at the bras, then blew out the candles.

11 pm. Time for bed. DiDi went into her room and shut the door. She tossed her gifts, except for the bras, onto her bed. The bras she placed on her dresser. She quickly stripped off her clothes, all except for her panties. She stood in front of the mirror barechested, and picked out one of the bra, the LLL-cup that she had earlier, and held it up to her chest. It was way too big for her 5'6", 98 lb. body. DiDi was a stickgirl; she knew it and so did everyone else. But for a moment, she was going to forget about the reality.

She hooked all the snaps together and slipped the bra on. She admired herself in the mirror. She liked how pretty it was; it was a white lace with a beautiful pattern. Now if she could just fill it.

DiDi felt a tingle. It started in her chest, but before long, it spread throughout the rest of her body. The sensation overtook her, wrapping her in a sheath of ecstasy. She closed her eyes as the sensation took over; it was almost orgasmic. She was so lost in pleasure that she didn't realize what was happening to her.

DiDi was growing! She was slowly shedding her stickgirl form and was adopting a larger, more voluptous form. First, what had been practically nonexistent breasts were shaping into round spheres and filling the huge bra she wore. Larger and larger they grew; the LLL-cups were overflowing with breast meat. Finally, when the bra was just about at its breaking point, they stopped growing.

But it didn't stop there. DiDi's legs fattened into two limbs that would be the envy of every model on the planet. Her ass, which was as flat as her chest was, plumped into a big luscious ass that threatened to break the restrains of her tiny panties. She grew in height 10 inches, quite a leap from 5'6" to 6'4". Her dark hair and eyes were made even more richly dark; her hair lost the stringy greasy feel and transformed into a flowing mane that hung halfway down her back. Her body was erased of all blemishes; not even a freckle could be found on her. She was now what she always wanted to be. Beautiful, desirable, perfect.

The tingling sensation subsided and DiDi opened her eyes. They grew to the size of silver dollars when she realized that little DiDi was replaced by a tall, super busty vixen. She felt herself all over, checking to see if it was all real, which it was. Her big butt made wearing her panties uncomfortable, so she stripped off her lower garments. She leaned towards the mirror and pushed enough fabric of the bra aside to reveal a pair of thick, perky nipples. DiDi smiled as she took off the bra and inspected her new shapely form. She thought of Jocelyn Hargett, who was Miss Big Boobs at school. DiDi laughed for hers made Jocelyn's look like A-cups.

But then, DiDi started shrinking. She looked at herself in horror as her body shrank from super-vixen back to stickgirl. She was saddened as she stood there as skinny little DiDi again. She picked up the bra and had a brainstorm. She put the bra back on, and though the tingle didn't return, her body morphed back into the super busty form. DiDi figured out that as long as she keeps the bra on, she could keep the bigger and better body, which was fine with her. She took it off and put on one of the others, which had the same effect.

DiDi loved it. She had no idea what she was going to do with this form, but she knew that she was going to have a lot of fun doing it. You could barely recognize DiDi as you couldn't tell the stickgirl from the vixen. It was like an alter ego. DiDi loved every minute of it and she couldn't wait to tell her friends.

Chapter II

The next day, DiDi went to school, but not before questioning Scotty as to how and where he got the bras. He answered the questions without anything unusual. He got them from Flanagan's for about five bucks. He was able to get the assortment so cheap because the store couldn't move them otherwise. "Nobody in THIS town needs one THAT big," he said. DiDi knew why he got them so she didn't even bother to ask.

So how did it happen? How did such a thing give her a body? She thought about it and gasped. Her birthday wish! She wished that she was more like Mega-Woman in the respect of having a great body. Well, the body she got was better than she had hoped.

She thought of her friends. They were all small, though not as scrawny as she was. DiDi still four other bras, so she thought she'd share the wealth. She left notes in all their lockers for them to meet at her house after school.

After school, they all met up at DiDi's. Josie and Lydia arrived first, followed by Cat, and Jazz arrived last.

Josie Hargenson and Lydia Van Gelder were best friends who were often mistaken for sisters. They had known each other since they were five years old and one hardly functioned without the other. It was jokingly said that they shared the same brain. They even looked alike; though they were different from the neck up, their builds were similar. Josie was 5'7", 115 lbs while Lydia was slightly shorter and heavier.

Catherine "Cat" Bradley was next. Cat was small, but was no stickgirl. She was a self-described gym rat; she put in many hours at the gym and maintained a strict training regimen of weightlifting, aerobic exercise, and cardiovascular conditioning. Along with her hard body, her breasts were a small C-cup and her butt was firm and tight. All of that combined with her fiery red hair made her very desirable.

Last was Jasmine "Jazz" Richards. Jazz was a music lover and you could always find her with her radio or a set of headphones. She knew a lot about music, from R&B to country to classical. Even though she herself couldn't play an instrument of sing, she possessed a great amount of respect for those that did. Jazz was only 5'0" tall, but she had a more voluptuous build than any of the other girls.

The girls met in DiDi's room, where she was waiting in a pair of Spandex shorts and an oversized T-shirt that would fit Scotty perfectly. They all took their positions; Josie on the beanbag, Lydia on the floor, Cat on the bed, Jazz on the director's chair.

"What's this about, DiDi?" Lydia asked.

DiDi held up her giant bra. "What do you think this is?"

Cat snickered. "A bra made for a woman with tits the size of Jazz herself."

"Hey!" exclaimed Jazz.

"This is our future," said DiDi. "Allow me to demonstrate."

DiDi went into her bathroom and closed the door. The girls talked amongst themselves while she was in there, mainly talking about what was going in DiDi's head. But when she came out, the girls were spellbound. DiDi reassumed her previous identity as Raven and the T-shirt that was going to fall off her before was clinging on to her body for dear life. The tee was seriously stressed across her huge breasts.

"Geez, DiDi," Lydia said. "I don't know what you've been eating, but I want some."

"It's all in the bra," DiDi said. "They have the ability to transform your body into...this."

"How did it happen?" asked Josie.

"Her wishes were granted," joked Jazz.

"Actually, it's true," said DiDi. I made a wish last night at my birthday party when I was blowing out the candles. I put on the bra and BAM, it just happened."

"How did you get them?" asked Cat.


"Enough said."

"I mean, you guys are my best friends; who else would I share this with?" On that, DiDi showed them the box that contained the bras. Inside were four of them; one black, one blue, one pink, and one red.

Everyone took one and held it up to their chests. Surely none of them were big enough to fill them up. That is, until they put them on.

"Take off your clothes before putting them on," said DiDi. "So you don't burst through them."

They obliged and they were all standing there in just their panties, except for Jazz, who usually preferred to wear Spandex shorts under her clothes.

"Let's do it," she said. Everyone put their bras on. The tingling sensation that had once overtaken DiDi overtook them and the process was begun. They were all growing and expanding, filling their bras beyond maximum capacity. DiDi smiled as she watched them expand. But she noticed something strange. For some reason, Cat's growth pattern wasn't the same as the rest of them.

Soon, the growth stopped and they all opened their eyes and yelped in excitement and disbelief. They were big! Josie, who selected the pink bra, was a statuesque goddess. She now stood 6'3" and her build was similar to DiDi's, except that her breasts were a full cup size smaller. Her hair which was always a dirty blonde, was now bright as the sun. Her lips were full and pouty, just begging for someone to kiss.

Lydia was the one who picked the blue bra and she was very pleased with the results. She stood at 6'1" and though her breasts were equally as big as Josie's, her bottom was bigger. Her hips were a bit wider and her butt was bigger. That was fine with Lydia, who appreciated the beauty of a big butt.

Jazz had gotten the pink bra and as in normal life, she was the smallest. She was checking out her body in the mirror and noticed that her body looked just like that of Anna Nicole Smith. This was before Anna Nicole had gotten fat, of course. And Jazz's boobs seemed triple the size of Anna's. Jazz only stood 5'11", but it was a welcome change from being 5'0".

Now we come to Cat who got the red bra. Her body was much different than the rest. She stood 6'6", three inches taller than DiDi. Her breasts were bigger than DiDi's by a couple of cup sizes. But the most noticeable change in Cat was the size of her muscles. They were huge! Her calves were two huge diamond shaped bulges, her abs stuck out like speed bumps, her chest was huge thanks to big boobs and pectorals, and her biceps measured at a flexed 31 inches.

"Damn, Cat," said Lydia. She ran her hand over her abs. "How did you get so big?"

"I don't know," said Cat. "But I like it! Look at the size of these guns!" She flexed her arm. "I feel so powerful."

"You'll lose that power if you take off the bra," DiDi said. "We can keep these bodies as long as the bra is on. If we take it off, we go back to normal.

"But speaking of power," said DiDi. "I forgot to mention this. Apparently we get some bonuses with our new bodies."

"What do you mean?" asked Josie.

DiDi went over to her dresser and lifted it off the ground with ease. Normally she couldn't budge it without Scotty helping. But here she was, lifting this heavy dresser with only one hand and no sweat.

The girls were amazed.

"Apparently we get some strength with these bods. My wish last night was to be more like Mega-Woman in the respect of having a great body. It looks like we got some superpowers as well as some super bodies."

"If we get powers," Cat said, "then there must be more. I say we do some testing tomorrow to see what we have."

"I agree," said Jazz. "I would love to take this body on a road test."

"Then how about tomorrow morning at the track?"

"Cool with me," said Josie.

"I'm down," said Lydia.

"Cool beans," said Jazz.

"Of course," said DiDi.

"Then tomorrow morning it is. See ya then. Now let's get back to normal so we can leave without any questions."

Chapter III

The next morning, all the girls met at the track. They all wore oversized clothing to accomodate their alternate bodies, but nobody had their superbra on yet. Cat was there first, and about three minutes after she arrived, the others showed up.

"Ladies," she said, "are we ready to begin testing?"

"Damn straight," said DiDi.

"Sweet," Cat said. "Put on your bras and let's get started."

The girls donned their bras and transformed into their big and busty alter egos. Their bodies fit their once oversized bodies perfectly now.

"We'll test strength first," said Cat.

So the strength tests started. Cat had them do a series of strength exercises; push-ups, pull-ups, and the like. The girls did them with ease. Cat decided to find their strength limits and had them hit the heavy weights. DiDi bench pressed 500 lbs. 25 times without even sucking wind. Jazz curled 550 with relative ease. Josie and Lydia squatted 800 lbs without strain. Cat herself deadlifted 1200 lbs. like it was simply paper.

But there were limits. It was finally determined that each of the girls could lift 1500 lbs easily and could max out at just over 2200 lbs. Cat was the exception as she was able to max out at 3500 lbs. It was assumed that since Cat was so much more muscular, that she would be stronger.

Next came speed tests. Cat had them run around the quarter-mile track until they got tired. After they ran around the track 28 times (7 miles) they were just beginning to run down. After another 12 times (3 miles) they had to stop to get a breather. They were incredibly fast, despite their top heaviness. It was determined that Jazz was the fastest as she cleared the 40 laps quicker than all the rest.

Next was endurance. Cat led the group in a series of aerobic and agility enhancing exercises. All the girls were about equal in this department. Even though Cat was the fitness buff, she was weakest here. Even though her new body was much stronger, the bulk slowed her down a little, as Jazz had edged her out in running by about ten seconds. And her muscles prohibited her from being as flexible as she'd like to be. This didn't faze her though; as she liked to say, "There will always be somebody that's bigger, stronger, faster."

Now came the final battery of tests. Superpowers. Aside from enhanced speed, strength, and endurance, they checked to see if they had any other abilities.

Josie had time-space displacement (teleportation). She found out for she had Cat charge her, then Josie disappeared and reappeared behind her. Interesting, Josie thought. She practiced a while and found that she could only teleport anywhere within a half-mile radius.

Lydia had morphing powers. She could change the size, shape, or density of any living being. She used a young man who had come to do a little running for the experiment. According to her instruction, he charged her. She made his groin so heavy (no bigger, just heavier) that he fell to the ground and couldn't get up. She further experimented on DiDi and found that she could morph her body into its super-busty form without the bra. Of course, Lydia had to be wearing her bra for this to work.

Cat, aside from her superior strength, had supersensory perception. In other words, her senses of taste, touch, smell, sight, and sound were far more advanced than the others. She could detect oncoming traffic from very far away, she could smell what DiDi's mom was cooking (DiDi's house was about ten miles away) and understand what DiDi's mom was talking to her brother about. Cat had to concentrate to use her powers properly.

Jazz, had the power of a sonic blast at her disposal. Though Jazz couldn't normally sing worth a damn, she now possessed a beautiful singing voice. As she got louder and louder, she found out that she could hit things with her sonic blast with the force of a land mine. She could use varying degrees of strength, of course.

Finally, DiDi's power was her mind. Just like Mega-Woman, DiDi could use her intelligence to get her out of a sticky situation. Cat was the first to discover this as she answered a question very intellectually. Cat gave her a battery of questions and DiDi answered every one of them perfectly.

At the end of all the testing, and the girls had gone back to their normal bodies and abilities, they sat on the bleachers chatting.

"Okay," said DiDi. "We're five bangin' babes with super powers that could lay anyone out. What do we do?"

"I don't know," said Lydia. "But we just can't sit on it."

"We could get paid," Jazz said. "Lydia can morph our bodies with or without the bras. We can perform at the Starlight Lounge and make beaucoup dollars."

"Not in this lifetime," DiDi said.

"I got a better idea," said Cat. "Do you know the crime statistics in this city?"

All of them answered no.

"Well," said Cat. "Listen to this. I think..."

Chapter IV

It was around 9 pm. Lisa Gayhardt-Tyler was just getting off work and going to her car when she encountered a strange man in the parking lot.

"Excuse me," he said. "Do you have a cigarette?"

"Sorry, I don't smoke," she said.

"How about some dope?"

"I don't do drugs either."

"Then how about a kiss?"

Lisa was very uneasy by then. "No. I have to leave." She tried to make a break for the car.

"Where you going, sweetheart?"

Lisa struggled to get free. "Let me go!"

"Shut up, bitch!" He smacked her across the face.

She kicked him in the nuts and made a run for the car. Unfortunately, she was cut off by two other men. One of them took out a pistol and hit her across the face with it (pistol-whipping).

"Hold her in place," the guy that got kicked in the nuts called. The other men obliged and held Lisa firmly in place.

The first thug looked at Lisa dead in her eyes. "You think you're tough, huh?" He punched her in the eye. "I'm gonna show you what bitches like you can do for me." He started to unzip his pants.

"Let her go!" a voice called.

"Buzz off, honey," the second thug said. "This don't concern you."

"Let her go!" the voice called again. This time, it was much closer.

The thugs looked to see where the voice was coming from. Their eyes focused and they could see the outline of a tall muscular woman in a black sleeveless jumpsuit and boots. She stepped forward into the light so they could get a clear look.

It was Cat. "Let her go."

"Hey guys," the third thug said. "It's one of them bodybuilding chicks. I always wanted to fuck one of them."

"Guys," Cat said. "We can do this the easy way or the hard way. Make a decision."

The thugs looked at each other and laughed. "You're making demands on us? In case you forgot, I have the fucking gun."

At that moment, Josie appeared from behind the third thug out of nowhere. She grabbed the gun right out of his hand. When he spun around, she punched him in the stomach, making him keel over.

That was the cue. DiDi, Lydia, and Jazz sprang into action and cleaned house with the thugs. Cat stood there observing. Her services weren't needed, at least not yet. It only took a few minutes for them to dispose of the thugs. Lydia anchored them down with super-heavy groins and Jazz blew up their getaway car with a sonic blast. "Just in case," Jazz said.

Lisa looked at them with gratitude. "Thank you, thank you, thank you," she said. "How can I ever repay you?"

"Just stay out of trouble, ma'am," Didi said. On that note, they all left.

Chapter V

That night was Saturday night and the girls were all hanging out at Josie's. They were watching TV when the news came on. They did a piece on the incident.

Three rapists were apprehended outside of the Branch Bank & Trust. Good. All in jail without bail on the charges of assault and attempted rape. Very good. The three were identified; the girls didn't care. All the cared about was that they saved Lisa Gayhardt-Tyler, who had this to say.

"They all just came out of nowhere. They were five women; tall, big, busty...they were all a strong bunch of bra busters!"

The girls looked at each other. "Is it me or do I like the sound of that?" asked Josie.

"I like it too," DiDi said. "I think that should be the name of our group from now on."

"I agree," Cat said. "Anyone who wants to be a member of the elite group, the Bra Busters, say aye."

"Aye!" they all said.

And so the Bra Busters were born.

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