Leprechaun Wishes

by Bad Irving

It was a cold and windy Thursday. At first this mattered little to Bob as his job was inside. He began his morning relaxing while reading his paper before he started to work. He always loved reading the local Las Vegas news. This time it was even better than usual. It carried stories of death and destruction according to witnesses that were caused by a Leprechaun. This was indeed funny! A Leprechaun! In Las Vegas! They couldn't even get their myths right. What a crack up. He'd almost finished reading the story when his boss came in and told him to get to work. Well, it would just have to wait until lunch then.

The lunch room was noisy and crowded that day, so Bob decided that he would go outside for his lunch hour. Since it was a cold and windy day, Bob had to search the area to find some shelter where he could both enjoy his lunch and finish the newspaper story. He found a place of shelter down among the trees in the near by park. It was almost a place of shelter that is; as Bob was on the last line of his hilarious newspaper article the paper blew out from his grasp. Bob felt the joke was now on him and not in the story as he went running through the park trying to catch up with his newspaper. The wind was not that strong though and Bob did have strong legs, so eventually he did overtake the paper. He was standing trying to catch his breath, when he spied down by the park's pond a very small fellow all dressed in green with what appeared to be a top hat and some God awful shoes. He also had his back to Bob and most likely did not know Bob was there. Bob, started to chuckle to himself. "Oh, gee whiz, it's a Leprechaun for sure. Yeah, right."

On the other hand Bob thought about what the story said, "If you catch a Leprechaun he gives you his gold or he grants your wishes, it being your choice." It also pointed out that in the current case the alleged victims suffered some very dire fates from their wishes. But those fates were only seconded by the terrible fates that befell those that tried to take the Leprechaun's gold. Bob thought "On the other hand, forewarned is forearmed. A little planning would take care of that."

Of course there is the real problem of assault. If Bob was to go over and do a flying tackle of this little fellow and he was not a Leprechaun, then Bob's only real wish would be to make bail after his arrest. Then a solution dawned on Bob. If he could just sneak up behind this fellow and grab him by the shoulders then the likelihood of arrest would be small and perhaps the reward would be great. Stealthily Bob approached the fellow from behind. When Bob got closer he could see the little man was leaning over a great black cauldron that appeared to be filled with gold coins. Creeping nearer, Bob could hear the fellow in an Irish brogue counting as he dropped coins into the vessel. Good grief, he was at over 1,000 in his count! The coins themselves appeared to be huge, they may have weighed over two ounces each! Bob refocused his attention on his quiet approach, till he was just an arm reach away from the little man.

Bob thrust his arms forward and grabbed the man on both shoulders. "I gotcha."

"Let me go! Get away from me gold!" the little guy in green exclaimed.

"Not till you give me what I get for catching a Leprechaun," Bob said gruffly.

"And sure now, what makes ye think that I be a Leprechaun. Actually, I am Italian me buck-o."

"Tell you what Mr. Italian man, I'll release you with your promise that I can have all your gold. If you are really Italian you could ignore the promise and just walk away. But, if you were really a Leprechaun you would be bound by that promise and would have to deliver. Now, should I ask for your promise to give me all your gold?"

"No, no, not that! Please, don't ask me that!"

"I have heard about those that make such poorly worded requests of you. What I want are wishes and that would be three wishes and you get to keep your accursed gold."

"Then let me go, and wishes I show."

"Oh, no. You'll grant the wishes to me now and then you get released."

"Sometimes these things take time. I will promise thee that wishes three there be upon the release of me."

"I will agree to release you when you promise, that you will implement my wishes when I make them or as fast as you can make them happen, but no delays. Is this your promise?" Bob demanded.

"Aye, wishes three as fast as it can be is the promise of me," replied the small fellow.

Bob let go of the little guy and watched in amazement as he made his gold filled pot shrink down to a silk purse; which he placed into his vest. He straightened out his clothing and then looked at Bob. "For not taking my gold you may just live buck-o, but then again not. What be thy wishes three?"

"My first wish is that you not kill me nor injure me, nor that I or others can do death or injury to me as a result of my own wishes."

"Oh, a pox on thee! I wish I had me shillelagh. But, it's a wish and shall be. Now thee have wishes two."

"I wish for the state lottery in the next 60 days to go to a total of $200 million and that I shall have the sole winning ticket, with my winning being undisputed and those funds be made available to me as if I had been the normal winner, i.e. no problems I get the money with no dire consequences."

"Arrrggh, what kind of wishes be these? You think I am a wishing supermarket with all types of aisles to choose from? That be your wishes two. Now, 'tis the last of thy wishes three."

"I wish I could be physically attractive to multiple sex partners, but I wish to have control over how I look and for all my personal effects and my identity papers to conform to the new me, oh oh, and that I shall choose who those partners are!"

"That be your wishes three. For the last of these choose your partners well, then say "Start me wish" and they shall control your appearance into what they desire. When you are satisfied with the result say "Finish me". And be happy with your altered shape, you should be, as ye did not request this power for more than once from me. That to me great pleasure shall conclude your wishes three. And I hope that you shall fuck yourself to death you horny bastard, but your first wish does protect thee. Fear not, your wishes three all shall be." Poof, he was gone.

Bob thought, "Holy crap, what have I done?"

For the next few days it appeared that Bob had done nothing. There were no changes in his life. This uneventful scheme of things went on for the next few weeks. Bob remained in his boring job. Every day the same mundane color as the last. He lived out his life in solitude. Bob did not have many friends. Considering he really had only acquaintances in his life the words "not many friends" was a gross overstatement. He returned home each evening to an empty apartment and a passing of time marked ever so slowly by the ticking of the clock in his den. He decided to wait to see if he won the lottery before he tried out his third wish. Until he won the lottery he felt that this whole thing might just be a figment of his imagination.

As time progressed the state lottery had no winners and the pot continued to grow. In two months time the pot had grown to $200 million and Bob bought a ticket. He figured that the worst that could happen is that he would be out a buck. That evening as the winning numbers were announced, Bob found out he was not out a buck. He went wild cheering and yelling madly. Enough so that the neighbors for once complained about his noise.

Before returning to work the next day, he notified the state lottery that he had a winning ticket. They told him he had the only winning ticket. They set up his escrow account and guaranteed that in about 90 days the first installment of his $10 million annual payment for the next 20 years would start. Bob was conservative by nature. He wasn't about to quit his job till he actually had the money in hand, so he returned to work. That is, after a very short press conference. Holding a $200 million winning ticket was big news.

At work, suddenly everybody had to be Bob's friend. Folks that previously wouldn't give him the time of day had to meet and greet him. Though enjoying some attention at last, he doubted the sincerity of the offered friendships. There were women at work that Bob previously had found attractive that now suddenly found him attractive as well. Bob remembered his third wish. He could have these women all for his very own. In retrospect he decided he no longer desired these women with their size of his wallet envy. Bob was waking up to the knowledge that with his money and his third wish he could likely have any woman he chose. He might as well go for what he really wanted and not settle for what he previously could not have had! Besides, when the money started flowing in 90 days he was out of here! He didn't need to drag remnants of his pained past life here in this dreary job along with him.

That afternoon right after work he withdrew his savings from the bank. He saw little need to continue saving $50 a month! Though he would retain his job for now, the was no pressing need to maintain this bank account. The $10,000 from his bank account would prove useful tonight.

That evening Bob went to where he had never gone before. He went to the best strip joint on the strip. He didn't have any problems at the club as he was well recognized from the TV and papers announcing him as the sole winner of $200 million. At the club he spent a few thousand dollars on a bevy of four drop dead gorgeous strippers who had some of the most outlandish curves he had seen on a woman, either real or in magazines. They were quite the group too. When Bob first saw them in the club all four were up on stage dancing together. He sat at the tip line and immediately got all of their attention with his rather lavish use of $100 bills. After their set was complete they went from the stage upstairs to a private alcove for some four-on-one lap dances.

Upstairs, Bob learned their names; they were Barbie, Candy, Alice and Sandy. They all were very sweet, besides their obvious physical charms. Bob finally muscled up the courage to ask the four of them to go to his home for a special show. He reassured them it was for what they were only comfortable doing and he would pay them each $2,000 for the hour they were with him at home. They at first said no, but in discussing among themselves said that as long as they were in a group and they had control it would be ok. Besides, they thought, this guy's a multi-millionaire now, there could be even bigger money in the future. They agreed to go with Bob when they got off work at 2 am.

Bob was in heaven as he led the four into his apartment. With great apologies he told them the truth that it would be 90 days before the big money came in and until then he would reside here. They all giggled and said it wasn't all that bad and besides he could soon make up for it. He offered them all drinks. As time passed and with a bit of alcohol in them, it was they that suggested that they start dancing for Bob. Soon all four girls were naked and gyrating around his apartment.

Bob was sure that these four were the ones he wanted. They were beautiful, charming talkers and he had even found out that they were all college students, so they were smart too! He also knew he was running out of time on his hour with them and had to move now. But if this wish thing didn't work he certainly would look like a certifiable nut. With great hesitation and a little embarrassment he told them that he had the ability to change his body in such a way as they would desire him. They responded by stopping their dancing and starting to laugh. It was Barbie that said, "Ok show us".

Bob said, "Start me wish". He then walked over to Barbie , raised his hand to her face and asked, "What kind of man's hand do you find attractive?"

Barbie said, "Ok I'll play along, a large manly hand perhaps a inch or two bigger than yours"

All four of the girls and Bob as well, watched in amazement as his hand suddenly swelled in front of Barbie's face. Soon it was a large well developed hand that did not fit Bob's body nor match his other hand in the least.

"Oh, that was wild, do it again!" squealed Barbie

"Pick a part of me and say what you desire most" replied Bob

It was Candy this time, "Oh, your ears, I want tanned ears with holes for an earring in the right one".

Once again Bob's body conformed to the request.

Sandy said, "Bob, oh Bob, Can we take your clothes off? This could be a lot of fun!"

Bob grinned from ear to ear as he responded, "I thought you'd never ask!".

Soon all five were naked. Each of the girls took an area of Bob's body and started stating what they wanted to see. His body contorted and convulsed as it assumed new shape after shape. It was Alice that suggested that they work along a common concept otherwise Bob would never match himself! They agreed that they would work on giving Bob the chiseled body of a weightlifter.

Alice worked on his arms and neck and face. They developed bulk and he grew quite handsome.

Sandy worked on his legs and feet as they too became longer and far more developed. She also made it a point to give him good looking toenails on all his toes including the dreaded little toe. She was very pleased with her results and sat back smiling.

Candy went to work on Bob's hips and crotch. He felt his buttocks ripple with muscle. Then he felt a swelling in his groin. Candy was talking about how large and strong his cock was. It swelled larger and larger. Candy yelled "Oh, girls I got the good part, as big as I want it!"

Barbie was working on Bob's waist, back and chest. He felt the six pack abs that she wanted develop. His back grew taut with muscles. His chest rippled with muscles. Then Barbie giggled and whispered a little something into Bob's chest. Then sat back and laughed out loud.

The others stopped. Even Candy, who by now had gone to sucking Bob's cock instead of just describing it. They all looked at Bob and then started laughing.

"What's so funny?" Bob asked.

"You have a mirror over there, get up and look" said Candy between guffaws.

Bob got up and walked over to the mirror. He saw a man of incredible good looks, much taller than his old self and hung with at least a 10 inch cock. The legs were great, the hips good, he turned and liked the shape of his ass, then turning back front loved the abs, the strong arms, the muscular chest, HEY WAIT A DURN MINUTE! On his chest, instead of two smallish male nipples, were two half dollar sized nipples! She had given him woman's nipples.

"Cute, very cute. How about giving me the right kind of nipples?" Bob asked, perplexed, as he turned to face the girls.

"Oh, don't like your nipples" giggle, giggle "well maybe we can make them go away" and with that Barbie walked toward Bob and put her head down to whisper again to his chest. As she got close she tripped on the carpet and fell toward Bob. Bob caught her but the angle that she fell and the fact she was in mid-sentence put Barbie's mouth over one of Bob's nipples. The feelings were intense that washed over Bob. As he held Barbie he gave out a very audible and erotic groan of pleasure.

Barbie pulled back from Bob and regained her feet. With a sly grin on her face she asked Bob to excuse her for a second while she talked privately with the girls. Bob said "ok".

The four girls started giggling again. There were squeals of "you're so cruel", "that's wicked", "oh I love it", "it will be fun", "Only if we make him right at the end". Then finally, "Ok its agreed."

Barbie motioned to Bob to come over and lay down. "Come on Bob, we need to fix you up. Just come here and lay down and we will take care of your nipple problem."

Bob replied, "Wait a second, what are you going to do?"

Sandy said, "Come on Bob, we won't hurt you, honest. We want to change you some more, but we promise to change you into the looks you want when we're through. Please?"

Then all four girls smiled and said "Please".

Bob had never had a woman beg him for anything in his life. Let alone four beautiful woman at once. Reluctantly he walked over and laid down in front of the girls.

The girls all took their places on his body, the same places as before. But this time Bob felt different. Instead of growing he felt himself shrinking.

The muscles were being lost, but he could feel that the tone had remained. He actually felt his prone body contract across the floor as he lost height. He was lost as a flurry of words spilled from the girls' mouths, he could only hear snippets here and there, "beautiful face", "long golden hair", "graceful arms".

Then he felt and heard what Barbie was saying, "Oh Bob what big sensitive nipples you have on your small breasts" Bob felt a surge on his now small chest that felt as though it rose up and filled both of Barbie's hands and a wave of pleasure that swept over him as she squeezed his nipples.

"Oh, Bob my mistake, that was very sensitive nipples on your softball size breasts".

The pleasure intensified as Bob felt his new breasts swell outwards filling all of Barbie's hands.

"Oh, Bobby my mistake, that was your huge orgasmic capable nipples on your watermelon sized soft and lovely breasts"

Bob felt the waves of orgasm building in his body as his breasts swelled. They grew larger and larger. He was on his back and could feel the breast tissue as it developed and slipped from his rib cage to alongside his body. Barbie sat back and said "Perfect"

Candy's words came softly to Bob just before his orgasm, "What wide hips and large tight jiggly ass you have. It is almost as exciting as your sweet smelling pussy and sensitive clit."

Bob felt his enormous manhood rapidly retreat until it felt inside out? He still had his feeling of beginning orgasm but it was different. That's when Barbie's words entered his ears, "The problem with orgasmic nipples like yours is that the orgasms are not really satisfying they merely act to make you more horny after they subside."

A burning of desire started in Bob's crotch. It was strange, very strange. Instead of hardness he experienced an increasing moisture and a desire that he didn't want to admit to himself.

"There, all done. Get up and let us look at you," said Barbie with a huge grin on her face.

Bob tried to get up, then fell back. He felt his breasts jiggle from the effort. He turned onto his side. His breasts shifted as he turned. Then he rose to his feet. Well, he assumed he was on his feet, he couldn't see them anymore. He ran his hands down his body. His breasts were enormous. He must have been bigger than any of the four girls. As his hands rounded the front of his breasts they brushed his nipples. An uncontrollable loud and deep moan emitted from his lips. The desire swelled even more in him. But he stopped his almost unstoppable nipple play and continued downward with his hands. They found a very narrow waist from which flared wide hips and a full ass. His hands went to the front of his body and there found his new womanhood. As he felt his new parts a fingering of his clit caused another uncontrollable loud and deep moan from his lips. He then thrust his fingers into his new and unused pussy. Dumbfounded he withdrew them and stared at his moist fingers. They actually smelled sweet!

"Wow, quite the little feel yourself up show?! Golly, Bob, you're good! You're a natural." said Cindy.

"We just wanted to turn you into a dancer for a bit. After a dance we planned to change you back. But, you're so good, maybe we should leave you like this? " giggled Sandy.

"NO, THANK YOU. Why did you do this to me? Would you change me back now?", responded Bob.

"We had all desired that just once, we could put a customer in our shoes" giggled Alice. "Plus, we wanted to make him just as big up top as they seem to want us to be."

"We never knew that it could really happen! So, when we saw what your body could do, we just couldn't help ourselves. We have all agreed to change you back to the weightlifter form, right after we get our dance!" added Barbi.

"We also agreed to have that weightlifter form of yours ravish all of us the rest of the night", chimed in Cindy with a big smile.

"So, give us a dance girl, and then you can be our manly man and ravish us all!" Sandy said with a smile and a laugh.

"Oh, yes, first dance then ravish" said Barbi. Then all four girls squealed in delight. They also started clapping and cat calling at that point.

Bob figured that since he was going to be changed back and since he was going to get all four, what the hell! He started to dance and gyrate his hips for the small audience.

The girls went wild, they told him how to move, how to get his big breasts to wobble and jiggle just right. Sandy laughed so hard she had tears in her eyes. Cindy couldn't stand from her laughing. Alice actually was enjoying the show and thought Bob was very attractive. Barbie just smiled and smiled, she was really having a good time watching this big busted dancer.

Finally, Bob was actually getting tired. He asked, "Ok girls, how about bringing manly Bob back?".

"Sure, sure, no problem. Why not walk over her to the mirror and say goodbye to Bobby first," Barbie said.

Bob figured, yeah he might as well say goodbye to this horny bitch he had become. He was both glad and frustrated that there had not been any guys in the room. He walked in front of the mirror.

Barbie came up behind him. She moved close and Bob felt her large DD cup breasts press into his back. She wrapped her arms around him and with him looking into the mirror she moved her hands up and cupped his breasts. Gently tweaking his nipples she whispered into his ear, "Say goodbye to your knockers, Honey".

Bob closed his eyes in ecstasy as the rubbing of his nipples got him hotter and hotter. He started moaning "Oh, good, oooohh, soooo goood".

Barbie said, "Hey, Alice, this hot little minx likes her nipples played with; what do you think about that?"

Alice answered not with words but actions. She bolted across the room and glommed onto Bob's huge left breast. The warmth of her mouth and flicking of her tongue sent Bob over the brink and into orgasm.

"Girls, Bobby likes his titties sucked. We have one free, Sandy."

Though a tad reluctant, but not overly so, Sandy approached Bob and took his huge right tit into her mouth. With both breasts being sucked on Bob went into orgasm again. But as this second orgasm subsided he felt unfulfilled and was getting hornier.

Bob got some composure back and opened his eyes. What he saw before him was a beautiful Alice on his left breast and a gorgeous Sandy on his right breast. Both the girls D cup size breasts were brushing against Bob's body. He orgasmed again. Then the horniness came on even stronger than before.

"Cindy, remember our touring two show? You said you owed me one. Well pay me back by doing Bob, ok?" said Barbie.

"I kind of figured you were headed that way, but that's why I gave him a sweet smelling pussy!" With that Cindy headed over and began licking and sucking Bob's clit. Bob's ability to stand was becoming seriously impaired as Cindy would bring him to the brink of orgasm and then back off, time and again she would do this. Each time was raising him to a new level of horniness. The sensations on his nipples and the teasing of his clit were driving him into a state of uncontrollable lust. He was losing control of his body and his mind. He now had only one thought and that was to fuck.

Barbie was sucking and kissing Bob's neck, "So, is our hot little bitch ready to become the man that can fuck us all to satisfaction?" Barbie whispered into his ear.

"fuck me, fuck me, Fuck me, FUCK ME" was all Bob could retort.

"There's no equipment here for us to fuck with Bobby, we have to turn you back first then we can all fuck" Barbie whispered teasingly into his ear as she blew, bit, and licked it.

"I don't care, I don't care, I have to fuck NOW, please, I am on the brink of being satisfied, PLEASE, finish me, FINISH ME, I want to......." There was a bolt of lighting and then a disembodied laugh. "The last wish be wished, tis the last wish at last, Goodness lass, you've turned yourself into quite a piece of ass."

Then the room was almost quiet. Cindy had changed to finger banging Bob's pussy and had just brought him to a mind numbing and very satisfying orgasm. Bob collapsed to the floor and actually passed out from the pleasure of Cindy's fingers.

When Bob awoke the girls were all smiling.

"Bobby, we can't have you passing out on stage when we do the act" said Cindy.

"You are just too sensitive, I have never seen anybody so horny in all my life. If you weren't the one with the biggest boobies we could have another one of us be in the middle." said Alice

"I don't even know why we are rehearsing this stage act since you won the Lottery, Bobby." said Sandy.

"Because, she has to keep working till the lottery money comes in 90 days that's why. Plus, I think she really gets off during the act don't you Bobby?" said, Barbie.

Bob looked around his room, it was different. Let alone, why were they talking to him like this. Who was Bobby anyway? Things went first into then out of focus. He felt faint then regained his composure. "The third wish! Oh my God! When I got so horny, that I yelled for them to finish me that completed the wish," thought Bob.

But I am not a stripper. Bob got up and ignored the inquiries of his now apparent friends. Looking around his room he saw it was very different. Looking at the paper he saw on the counter, on the front page under a banner headline was the picture of a busty blond stripper that had just won the $200 million dollar lottery and her name was Bobby. Bob realized he was a stripper and his (well, change gender now) her name was Bobby. Bobby sat down on the couch and cried.

The four girls surrounded Bobby and asked what the problem was. Bobby couldn't talk she just sobbed and sobbed. It was Barbie that first spoke up and discussed about how they had been friends too long not to share problems. Alice joined in about how they had also all been lovers too long not to share either. Both Cindy and Sally started crying just because Bobby was. Barbie asked Bobby if she was pregnant. This just got Bobby sobbing worse. Then slowly all the girls began relating what a strong and powerful relationship that had with each other. That there was no need for Bobby to feel alone. That they were there for her like always and just to share her problems. That with the lottery money Bobby could start a new life totally divorced from the old. Bobby raised her head. They were right, she had caring friends for the first time in the old Bob's life, she was far more attractive then the old Bob had ever been as a man, and she felt the love among the group was real. For the first time in old Bob's life there was a chance for true happiness. Bobby looked at the group and said, wiping the tears from her eyes, that she was just sorry that she hadn't appreciated the love they all shared with each other and she loved them all very much.

Bobby had 90 days to go before the lottery money came in. This meant she had to go back to (actually for Bob for the first time) stripping. With a 48 (36K bra)-22-38 figure she was the favored stripper in the club. She actually fell into the routine with no problem. Away from the club she did have problems finding clothes that fit. She also had problems getting used to all the jiggling and changed locations of gravity when she walked. She was not only amazed at her new frontal aspects of her body but her shapely ass was a bit to deal with as well. In fact she had a lot of problems to deal with but they were all overcome with the help of her new bosom buddies (the four girl friends, what did you think he meant?).

It was the day before the lottery money was due to come in and Bobby had just completed a lap dance. She wore only her G string and bounced most seductively with each step as she was headed out of the lap dance area. She was walking past a private alcove. A voice called out "How about a private jig for old times lassy?"

Bobby looked into the alcove and saw the Leprechaun before her.

"Here's a $100 spot now give me an up close and personal one, Bob old boy!" the Leprechaun said with a fiendish glee.

"You know, I hated this at first, but this actually is working out. I am happier now than I have ever been. To show you it did work out ok, I'll give you a free dance." With that Bobby came close to the Leprechaun and started to dance in time with the music that was playing in the background.

"You, you, you. Blast you, things may seem right for now. But you are nothing but a great cow!"

Bobby felt a sudden swelling in her breasts. They grew tighter and tighter. They grew to a great size as well as tripling in weight. She soon would measure 80" across and was expanding rapidly. Bobby knew she was filling with milk and most likely would soon have four legs and desire to eat grass as well. She rushed the Leprechaun and trapped him between her growing milky orbs. As she squeezed them together milk dribbled from her nipples.

"Stop, stop, you'll smoother me!" the Leprechaun exclaimed.

"Then release me from your cow curse, you wretched little man."

"A cow you shall not be but return to that pleasing lassy see. Now, let me go!"

Bobby felt her breasts shrink in size (If you can call going all the way down to 48" shrinking). "No more magic, or trapped you stay"

"Lass, the suffocation threat is gone now and here I may just stay, tis a wonderful day."

"Look here, you're caught - I get wishes. There's no way you can just stay in my cleavage. You were caught. Don't try and scam me!"

"Arrgh, I have had it with you, it all tis true. But this I say on second capture its only one wish and I am on my way."

"Promise the wish"

"Oh, you're so clever see? Then why are you a lass, eh eh. Your one wish you get today here and now I promise say."

Bobby let the Leprechaun go. "Now here's my wish. I wish you may have joy, love, and sensuality like me for all your eternity."

"Oh, you rhymed it too, you huge knockered bitch, your wish is void I shan't give an inch."

The room shook and rocked. The ceiling opened and lightning shot through. When the flash had cleared there stood two more Leprechauns one with a huge shillelagh and the other with a crown.

The one with the crown spoke "Seamus O'Shanty you have broken an Emerald Rule. Perhaps this we would have ignored but for years you have abused your powers. The wee people are to cause mischief not death and destruction! You have left a body count from County Cork to the deserts of America. You have defiled your own kind for the last time. The wish she has made will be and so you shall see Miss O'Shanty!"

A huge green light shot from the shillelagh and engulfed Seamus O'Shanty the Leprechaun. His form turned and twisted. His clothes shifted about. As the glow subsided a small but incredibly stacked little woman stood in a dynamite green shamrock-encrusted, but very revealing, outfit.

"Seamus, now Kate, I believe you have a show date! Now, away with ye to a land far below the Emerald Isle you know, 'tis our folk you need to entertain below."

As Seamus now Kate slowly disappeared in a glow she said "To you the charming Bobby lass, my thanks to saving my soul at last. A blessing I would give thee but my powers are gone don't you see. But perhaps it will make you glad to know, I go to give the lovely wee men all a show!" Poof.

With that the two remaining Leprechauns began to fade away. But before they were fully gone the one with the crown looked at Bobby. "So lass, with your words you did win at last. He wished a blessing for thee. On this we all do agree. So Bobby my lass you really are a very cute Irish lass and with the blessing we do go, for the luck of the Irish will be with you so!" Poof.

Bobby thought "Maybe I am free from this at last", then she pushed the red hair back that had fallen over her face. Red hair? She went to the closest mirror and saw her complexion had lightened somewhat, her hair was dark red and she had two very deep green eyes!

"Barbie, come look at me, tis something here that a fair colleen like me can not believe!" As the words came out Bobby covered her mouth.

Barbie came running (much to the enjoyment of all males in sight). "What is the matter? Or are you spreading some more of your Irish blarney?"

"Its no, I ah, oh, crap, I just don't feel good Barbie, faith and begorra", the exasperated Bobby said.

Barbie helped Bobby back to the dressing room. Back in the room Bobby was surprised yet again. She was going through her purse and found out that she now had a green card! Looking at the card She saw that she was from Ireland. Then she remembered "Oh, yes just a little shire in County Cork". This was too much for Bobby. She had had enough that evening. Alice drove her home and tucked her into bed.

The next day the first lottery check came. Bobby took all four of her friends and they went on a long romantic and sensuous vacation. In Ireland of course! But, that's another story.....

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