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 preg: Pregnancy (and related Belly expansion)

AndyPreteen Problems 10: The Last Chapter (12K)9/8/2002bg, big, slow, while-asleep, science, preg, lacThe final fate of Heather and Bobbie is revealed.
Joe BloggsAbduction, The (9K)9/6/2002bg, fast, tg, aliens, pregAbducted by aliens, Frank is turned into a busty girl in order to have their child.
Big HoustonI Was Just Thinking Part 1 (32K)2/20/2002bg, huge, lac, pregMysterious ghost grants girl's wish to grow huge boobs.
AndyPreteen Problems Chapter 9 (17K)7/4/2001bg, big, science, pregHeather's tale continues...
HappyguyAbducted (57K)4/17/2001bg, preg, lac, inflate, aliens, ncHappyguy returns with a hilarious satire about writing BE stories. I mean, a true story about how he was abducted by aliens. I mean, a thought-provoking probe into our shared fetish. I mean... what the hell do I mean?
Bad IrvingLeprechaun's Revenge (75K)4/17/2001bg, magic, huge, wow, tg, ft, ag, hg, preg, lac, ncSeamus O'Shanty the Leprechaun returns for revenge on Bobby and her stripper friends.
Bob KingSpecial Cargo (38K)3/15/2001bg, science, preg, fast, aliensServing as an aide to the Martian Ambassador leaves Mary in an awkward position.
AndyPreteen Problems Chapter 8 (19K)9/7/2000bg, big, science, pregHeather thinks about growing even bigger, with her boyfriend Steven there with her.
B3Simon Goes To The Park (Simon 3) (13K)4/26/2000bg, fast, wow, magic, pregSimon forces a woman to drink water as her breasts expand.
AndyPreteen Problems Chapter 7 (41K)4/3/2000bg, big, science, preg, mpgMore adventures of Heather and Bobbie as Bobbie crosses into the final trimester of her record-setting pregnancy.
ChetChanges (241K)3/16/2000ag, big, cb, chemical, fast, ft, ment, mpg, nc, preg, sc, shem, slow, tgA doctor's experimental testosterone and estrogen compounds end up in the hands of mischievous youths with tragic results.
'PhalusBUGS In The System: Lilith's Revenge (34K)2/16/2000bg, huge, science, mpg, preg, weirdLilith gets her revenge on the scientists who created the nanite plague.
AndyPreteen Problems Chapter 6 (29K)12/20/1999bg, big, science, preg, mpgMore adventures of Heather and Bobbie.
Continuous StoryDusk Zone (82K)12/13/1999bg, preg, huge, wow, fast, scA girl goes to a new school with a bizarre grading scheme.
AndyPreteen Problems Chapter 5 (23K)11/24/1999bg, big, science, preg, mpgSteven and Heather both feel the side effects of the brownies as they go at it, while Bobbie continues in her pregnancy.
AndyPreteen Problems Chapter 4 (21K)10/25/1999bg, big, science, pregHeather and Bobbie's adventures continue.
Continuous StoryEvery Morning Is A New World Part 1 (96K)10/16/1999bg, lac, tg, mg, mpg, preg, science, huge, wow, fast, scSam invents a ray beam that makes him jump between universes every time he sleeps.
Continuous StoryEvery Morning Is A New World Part 2 (86K)10/16/1999bg, lac, tg, mg, mpg, preg, science, huge, wow, fast, scMore adventures of universe-hopping Sam and his girlfriend Heather.
AndyPreteen Problems Chapter 3 (10K)10/10/1999bg, big, science, pregAs Bobbie continues in her pregnancy, Heather decides to try the pills too.
AndyOpen Window (13K)7/31/1999bg, slow, big, pregTeenage boy watches neighbor girl developing, night after night.
AndyPreteen Problems Chapter 2 (14K)7/31/1999bg, big, science, pregBobbie feels the full effects of the pills as she becomes multiply pregnant.
AndyPreteen Problems Chapter 1 (12K)7/17/1999bg, big, science, pregPreteen girls find experimental pills in an abandoned hospital and inadvisably take them.
Bad IrvingIn Search of Self (221K)6/23/1999bg (many), fast, huge, magic, tg, pregWhen a dejected man leaves his wife and makes love to a cursed hooker, the fact that he switches bodies with her is only the start of this massive tale of curses, revenge, and true love.
Mr. PecAll Bets Are Final (24K)2/5/1999bg, huge, magic, tg, pregPlaying roulette turns magical when the bets start using wishes as currency.
BoobarianEssence of Justice (34K)2/5/1999bg, fast, huge, chemical, preg, ag, lg, inflateTed gets rid of his ex-wife Jean with a formula that makes her expand into a giant water-balloon.
Hot DogMorphing of Melanie, The (12K)12/31/1998bg, huge, instant, science, preg, nc, furry, animals, weirdA scientist tortures his assistant by transforming her in weird ways, until she breaks loose.
Hot DogNora's Nightmare (9K)12/31/1998bg, huge, slow, chemical, preg, lacFreddy Krueger tortures a young woman.
BoobarianAngela's Dream (23K)10/29/1998bg, preg, fast, inflate, wow, balloonsA mystical blue balloon inflates a girl bizarrely in her dreams.
fatratInn On The Edge: Fairy's Tale (13K)10/29/1998bg(2), preg, lac, tg, fast, magic, huge, wow, cbMischievous fairy gets her comeuppance at a mystic inn.
Wolfgang DruskatBalloon Suit (22K)10/1/1998bg, fast, wow, aliens, inflate, lac, pregAn alien balloon suit causes a girl to inflate.
Mr. PecScene: The Remote (7K)8/29/1998tg, nc, preg, instantA good remote control can turn your roommate into something a lot more interesting!
Wolfgang DruskatSpheres (33K)8/8/1998bg(2), fast, wow, aliens, inflate, ment, lac, preg, mpgAn alien sphere takes over a young girl and transforms her into a perfect host.
Captain NeilBig Enough (7K)7/18/1998bg, ag, preg, inflate, fast, huge, cbA gorgeous girl and nervous boy being in charge of blowing up balloons for a high school party leads to some surprises for the boy.
Captain NeilMissing: Blowin' in the Night (9K)7/18/1998bg, preg, inflate, fast, wow, cbA sequel of sorts to Stephen King's "IT", with a woman having her inflation fantasy fulfilled by the evil demon. No happy endings here, folks!
David JohnsonPoppin' Mama (25K)7/18/1998bg, preg, science, fast, huge, lacTo save a remote colony, a woman undergoes a "fast multiple pregnancy" procedure.
fatratScene: Cosmic Gain (4K)7/12/1998bg, preg, fa, fast, aliens, wow, cbAll-female space mission grows hugely fat in this vignette.
SievertBalloon Tech (31K)6/28/1998bg, preg, science, wow, inflateIn the far future, the sister of a jilted boyfriend gets revenge on the hussy who ruined her brother.
HappyguyInteractive Story (38K)6/28/1998bg, cb, fast, huge, chemical, ag, pregA funny short story done in the Find-Your-Own-Way method, but with fun BE results! Play along and enjoy!
Continuous StoryRemarkable Towel (Part 1) (134K)6/28/1998bg, lac, preg, mpg, cb, magic, huge, wow, fast, mentA magic pink towel arrives at a girls school and has fabulous effects.
Continuous StoryRemarkable Towel (Part 2) (115K)6/28/1998bg, multiple, preg, mpg, cb, magic, huge, wow, fast, mentThe pink and blue towels continue to go all over.
Continuous StoryAmulet, The (Part 1) (89K)6/14/1998bg, lac, tg, mg, mpg, preg, hg, gts, magic, huge, wow, fast, mentGiven an amulet which lets her transfer sexiness between people, a girl has many adventures.
Continuous StoryAmulet, The (Part 2) (98K)6/14/1998bg, lac, tg, mg, mpg, preg, hg, gts, magic, huge, wow, fast, mentFurther adventures as the Amulet ends up in high school, then at the beach.
Continuous StoryAmulet, The (Part 3) (21K)6/14/1998bg, lac, mg, multiple, preg, gts, magic, huge, wow, fast, mentThe bearer of the Amulet begins hopping between dimensions.
'PhalusEssence 4: The Gathering (27K)6/14/1998bg, shem, mpg, multiple, preg, lac, fast, huge, wow, mentThe alien takeover picks up steam as reporters search for their lost comrade.
QuasimodoScene: A Joke (4K)6/14/1998ag, hg, preg, magic, fastA quick joke story for the BEA.
SievertAirealist (24K)6/2/1998bg, big, preg, magic, inflateTeenage girl becomes apprentice to an air mage.
SievertAirgasm (11K)6/2/1998bg, big, preg, inflateTeenage girl gives birth to an other-dimensional balloon.
Billy McFredScene: Laura and Water (7K)5/19/1998bg, huge, fast, ag, pregShort scene of a girl who uses a water hose to fill herself.
BoobarianScene: Sunken Treasure (5K)5/19/1998bg, preg, fast, inflate, wowA short scene involving a girl and a malfunctioning scuba tank.
GangnetPermutations 2: Kim's Story (44K)5/4/1998bg,wow, fast, preg, ar, rcThe experiments continue, as a girl is captured and used to test breast growth and other permutations.
Big LarryScene: Expired Milk (5K)4/27/1998bg, fa, preg, fast, big, mpg, mmgDrinking expired experimental milk has a bizarre side effect on two teens studying for an exam.
Munch WolfFool For A Day (158K)4/16/1998bg(2), fast, huge, magic, inflate, preg, mg, tg, mpg, ment, cb, ncThe arrival of a magic scepter turns an unlucky April first into a revenge-minded office fantasy for one young woman.
Bad IrvingSRU: Burglars (44K)3/29/1998bg(6), hg, ag(2), fa, tg(5), mpg, multiple, magic, instant, big(5), huge, rc, cb(3), lac(2), preg, mentEight unlucky burglars break into Spells-R-Us and pay for it in a variety of ways.
Nok NokFertility Experiment (20K)3/8/1998bg, hg, fast, science, wow, pregFertility drugs have a startling side effect.
WishizXLittle Sister (12K)3/8/1998bg, mpg, fast, magic, huge, preg, lacLittle sister is so jealous of her sibling's boyfriend that she makes them both grow impossibly huge.
Nok NokRetribution (76K)3/8/1998bg, ag, lg, preg, slow, science, hugeNymphomaniac wife of a genetic scientist has an affair and pays the price.
Inflate123Self Control (5K)3/3/1998fast, science, preg, sc, inflateA young woman with an inflatable fetish has herself surgically altered so she can be inflated.
Dr. EnlargeTytnosis (14K)3/3/1998bg, preg, fast, hyp, wow, cbWhile out camping, some teenage girls have fun with hypnosis. Too much fun.

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