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Cause: the general reason why the growth occurs
magicMagical cause 22010/01/2002
chemicalChemical cause 8610/01/2002
hypHypnosis or other mental control 1208/17/2002
scienceOther science cause (nanites, rays, etc) 11209/08/2002
aliensAliens 1809/06/2002
Size: largest size of the breasts described in the story
bigLarge but realistic breasts (about GG cup or less) 21810/01/2002
hugeUnrealistically large breasts (beach balls) 29610/01/2002
wowImpossibly large breasts (room-filling) 12208/29/2002
Speed: the relative speed of the growth
slowGrowth measured in hours or days 11110/01/2002
fastGrowth measured in seconds or minutes 35210/01/2002
instantEffectively instantaneous 5009/07/2000
while-asleepHappens while asleep 2709/08/2002
offstageHappens off stage 2709/06/2002
nogrowthTechnically no growth occurs in the story, but it still seems to fit in the archive 307/17/1999
Control: amount of control over the growth by people
ncNon-consensual (growth against her will) 5702/20/2002
scSelf-controlled (growee controls growth) 4308/27/2002
rcRemote-controlled (other person controls growth) 4908/27/2002
Other: other transformations that occur in the story
agAss/Hips growth 5708/27/2002
lgLeg growth 2112/20/2001
hgHair growth 3308/27/2002
mgMuscle growth 2702/20/2002
gtsGiantess (overall growth) 2612/20/2001
faFat growth 1410/16/1999
tgTransgender (male to female) 8809/06/2002
ftFemale Transgender (female to male) 2007/04/2001
mmgMale Muscle growth 1508/29/2002
mpgMale Penis or Testicle growth 9410/01/2002
arAge regression 1403/15/2001
bondBondage 112/31/1999
cbClothes burst or rip 10809/06/2002
lacLactation 8109/08/2002
pregPregnancy (and related Belly expansion) 5809/08/2002
mentMental transformation occurs (d/s) 14509/06/2002
multipleMultiple Breasts (more than 2) 2308/27/2002
shemShe-Male 1308/26/2002
weirdWeird Transformations 2509/06/2002
inflateInflation 4008/17/2002
shrinkShrinking 709/06/2002
furryFurry (anthropomorphic) 1108/27/2002

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