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gunslingerdarkholde (37k)3/15/2001bg, magic, mpg, mmg, ment, fasthalloween night, and a demon is released to transform hapless teens nearby, in this start of a story from gunslinger. you can help complete it!
axolotldaughters of fred (38k)1/10/2000the continuing adventures of fred and her sister - and now her kids, too!
dddavea day in the life (22k)7/17/1999huge, nogrowthhuge-busted british schoolgirl abigail gets a medical checkup.
ed millerdays (49k)8/29/1998bg, tg, ag, chemical, huge, nc, slowin just four days a man is turned into a huge-breasted slut.
tigerasdear diary (6k)1/24/2000bg, slow, magic, hugeuntil she guesses a gnome's name, a girl's breasts will keep on growing...
andantedee's tao 1 (23k)12/31/1999bg, slow, huge, bondmasochist has trouble with her continually-growing breasts.
richard o steeledelivery boy (146k)4/3/2000bigit's every delivery boy's fantasy - a dream-woman client with huge tracts of land.
adrian burnsdemon and jessica hargrove, the (28k)11/3/1999bg, slow, biga demon torments jebediah through his daughter jessica.
derob jacobsdesire expressed as a long-chain hydrocarbon (106k)10/1/2002bg, chemical, mpgjulie wants sam to experiment with an unknown chemical.
jason odesire's gift - part 1, the transformation (15k)7/17/1999bg, huge, magic, tg, mpga man is granted the power to make his dreams reality, so he makes his transgender fantasies come true. illustrated!
abyss boydeveloping minds and bodies (36k) (members only)1/1/2001bgbea story contest entry: wendy finds something odd at her new dorm...
r. daneeldianna's revenge (84k) (members only)1/1/2001bgbea story contest entry: dianna mixes her magic and gets her man.
dr. convexdiaspora part 1 (11k)5/31/1999bg, slow, lac, sciencephotosynthetic gene splicing results in interesting effects on women.
bill tompsondinky dick (23k)7/1/2000mpg, bg, fast, biga growth hormone makes a boy's cock grow huge, and his cum makes his doctor's breasts grow.
dmdino (6k)2/5/1999bg, fast, biga woman gets bustier as she makes love with dino.
munch wolfdon't blink (17k)3/2/1998bg, hugemaybe it's all a dream as a man finds reality seeming to change around him every time he blinks.
qubeddon't drink the milk (52k) (members only)1/1/2001bgbea story contest entry: kat's breasts seem to be slowly growing bigger, and bigger
joe averagedouble wide park (52k)8/26/2002magic, big, hugecan the hillbilly legend of double wide park, with huge-titted girls, really be true?
talondream come true 1 (15k)10/29/1998bg, mpg, lac, fast, huge, rcteenage boy uses new reality-bending power to reward and punish.
talondream come true 2 (7k)10/29/1998bg, fast, huge, scpowerful boy is surprised by one of his "victims".
talondream come true 3 (10k)12/8/1998bg, fast, wow, lac, multiple, mpg, rcfurther experimentation with omnipotent powers, but shame saves a girl from a gory death (warning: some violence).
j koffdress, the (10k)3/5/1999bg, fast, big, magic, tgjack buys a gray dress for his wife alice, with predictable effects.
continuous storydusk zone (82k)12/13/1999bg, preg, huge, wow, fast, sca girl goes to a new school with a bizarre grading scheme.
inflate123scene: eating light (3k)3/3/1998bg, fast, science, ag, huge, cb, inflateinflatable implants go out of control at a dinner party.
tricksterebe (9k)6/28/1998bg, lg, fast, huge, scx-files story has scully using an atlantean machine to change her body.
l. ephante shuezeffects part 1 (29k)12/31/1999bg, slow, huge, ment, magiccolin finds a bottle of pills that make girls busty bimbos.
the rabbitseleven (43k)2/5/1999bg, offstage, big, chemical, inca man meets his older sister again after a number of years, and sees she's grown quite large! sex ensues, of course.
the rabbitseleven more (56k)3/5/1999bg(2), slow, big, chemical, lac, incmary explains how she got her enormous breasts as the story of eleven continues.
kunikosemit a time (23k)1/10/2000bg, fast, wowa biochemist uses her boyfriend's time machine to go back and give herself bigger tits.
elwood bluesempty (38k)10/29/1998bg, huge, sciencemonica becomes obsessed with having large breasts, and decides to get the largest implants in the world.
wjb1673erotic laughing gas plant (7k)5/31/2000bg, huge, ag, science, instant, menta new plant emits a laughing gas which causes fantasies to come true.
'phalusessence 1: chrysalis (42k)4/27/1998bg, mpg, mg, multiple, fast, huge, wow, ment, ar, lac, ft, aliensan alien presence transforms a man and wife in an attempt to rule the world by turning everyone into a sex monster.
'phalusessence 2: keeper (26k)5/10/1998bg, mpg, multiple, fast, huge, shem, ment, lac, tgone year later, a reporter investigates rumours about a mysterious sex resort.
'phalusessence 3: the return (15k)5/19/1998bg, mpg, multiple, fast, huge, menttransformed earthlings try to turn the tables on the alien conspiracy.
conrad volkovessence 3a: resistance (15k)6/14/1998bg, mpg, multiple, fast, huge, menta scientist and his lover try to resist the alien essence.
'phalusessence 4: the gathering (27k)6/14/1998bg, shem, mpg, multiple, preg, lac, fast, huge, wow, mentthe alien takeover picks up steam as reporters search for their lost comrade.
'phalusessence 5: pax erotica (29k)7/18/1998bg, mpg, multiple, lac, fast, wow, mentthe conclusion of the story, as the essence is most assuredly "not denied."
boobarianessence of justice (34k)2/5/1999bg, fast, huge, chemical, preg, ag, lg, inflateted gets rid of his ex-wife jean with a formula that makes her expand into a giant water-balloon.
some sort of dogeven more new girls at st cat's (241k)7/12/1998bg(lots), fastchristmas holidays at fillamore deepleigh.
continuous storyevery morning is a new world part 1 (96k)10/16/1999bg, lac, tg, mg, mpg, preg, science, huge, wow, fast, scsam invents a ray beam that makes him jump between universes every time he sleeps.
continuous storyevery morning is a new world part 2 (86k)10/16/1999bg, lac, tg, mg, mpg, preg, science, huge, wow, fast, scmore adventures of universe-hopping sam and his girlfriend heather.
mr. daliardeverything big (30k)2/3/1998bg, magic, biga mysterious costume shop that sells... well, take a guess....
d-boteverything changes (95k)5/31/2000bg, magic, hugea goth girl magically transfers her own large chest dimensions onto unsuspecting corinne...
d-boteverything changes 2 (42k)9/20/2000bg, magic, huge, slowthe goth girl's spell rebounds and her own boobs start growing and growing...
richard o steeleexecutive perks (267k)3/15/2001bigbig-busted corporate fantasy as well-endowed mike meets super-busty christy. not new, but an extensive rewrite of his original story.
adam wehnscene: expansion (3k)3/15/2001bg, fast, big, cbshort scene where a girl wakes up at night to find her breasts growing bigger.
big larryscene: expired milk (5k)4/27/1998bg, fa, preg, fast, big, mpg, mmgdrinking expired experimental milk has a bizarre side effect on two teens studying for an exam.
noble swordextraordinary reconstruction (58k)3/16/2000bg, fast, big, scienceadele goes a bit farther to make a sale than she intended.
derob jacobsfair play (28k)4/23/1999bg, huge, mpg, fasta man who grows extra large when aroused passes on this trait to his girlfriend.
sleepy lebeeffall in new york (32k) (members only)8/17/2002bgin 1939, an ad agency needs to find a new woman to pose as berrywood farms' milk maid.
mr. bfamily farm (30k)4/23/1999bg, slow, bigthe onset of puberty brings fast changes to a young teen.
chimerianfbei files - the chimerian effect (257k)5/31/2000bga huge epic novel, summarizing and extending many stories from the "chimerian universe".
wguy1332femme fatale 1: milky knockers (30k)12/20/2001bg, big, aliens, tg, furryaliens grant a highschool boy the power to change into his own busty fantasy creation.
nok nokfertility experiment (20k)3/8/1998bg, hg, fast, science, wow, pregfertility drugs have a startling side effect.
some sort of dogfifth form at st. cat's (187k)7/26/1998bg(lots), fasta dangerous substance gets loose with devastating effect as the girls of the fifth form work on their holiday film project
joe averagefill the role (29k)1/24/2000bg, instant, bigyoung actress manages to fill the busty stage roles quite well.
plato voltairefinders keepers (58k)3/25/1998bg, science, slow, bigin this boobs in blue episode, two[censored]make use of a stolen nanite module - but the mob wants it back.
eggsfirst date (53k)3/15/2001bg, fast, mg, mpg, hg, agbrad and linda go on a first date; linda has been taking lots of breast growth pills and potions, and much first-time fun ensues.
derob jacobsfirst day (12k) (members only)8/17/2002bgthe first day at jacobs hall, at bulwer elevester university (beu).
noble swordfirst time (52k) (members only)8/17/2002bga school girl has huge tits, but has never had sex until now.
munch wolfscene: flat at a gas station (3k)3/2/1998bg, biggas-station attendant meets girl who needs to borrow the air hose.
randomkingflesh alteration kit (35k)1/15/1999bg, fast, huge, science, sc, weirdboy gets a strange magic kit in the mail with weird machines that let him change body parts, colors, and more.
noble swordthe flight (18k)10/10/1999bg, slow, sciencea porn star with a new surgical bust enhancer is on a plane when the air pressure drops - imagine the effect!
plato voltaireflora's misbehaving melons (45k)4/26/2000bg, cb, fast, magic, wow, nc, instanta fairy-tale princess finds her breasts get bigger each time she uses her magic! can her powers be restored before her kingdom is overrun by enemy troops and her own massive milkers?
munch wolffool for a day (158k)4/16/1998bg(2), fast, huge, magic, inflate, preg, mg, tg, mpg, ment, cb, ncthe arrival of a magic scepter turns an unlucky april first into a revenge-minded office fantasy for one young woman.
jimforced bigger (16k)4/10/1998bg, slow, chemical, huge, ar, ncthe wife of a losing gambler is forceably youthened and enlarged at an experimental beauty camp.
the foolfork in the road (18k)4/23/1999bg, wow, fast, menta young woman moves into a new apartment and encounters a man whom she just can't seem to disobey.
plato voltairefounders daze (81k)11/30/1998bg(7), chemical, instant, big, huge(6), cbmr big concocts a be potion. using both beer and lollywater, big intends to make the shirts bust open during founders days. can the buxom duo put a stop to this new perversion?
anonymousfour days in danville (142k)8/6/1999bg, big, ment, slowa mad scientist's virus is released which turns all the world's women into bimbos.
some sort of dogfourth form at st. cats (164k)7/12/1998bg(lots), slowthe original st. cats story that started it all!
some sort of dogfourth form at st. cats (text-only version) (155k)7/12/1998bg(lots), slowthe original st. cats story that started it all! - text version
derob jacobsfourth wall (11k)6/23/1999bg, fast, huge, menta girl experiences a typical, run-of-the-mill be story. really!
axolotlfred experiment, the (40k)1/10/2000bg, slow, hugeexperimenting with a girl rubbing semen on her tits to make them grow.
jr parzfriends (35k)7/1/2000bg, big, ment, rc, chemicalnick's friend gives him a perfume potion that turns his dream girl into a busty sex slave.
i hate raymondfriends through thin and not so thin (18k)9/6/2002bg, fast, magic, weirdfrances and jen find they can wish to have each other's body parts, and sex ensues.
sievertfulla hot air (13k)6/2/1998bg, wow, inflatebeauty contestant gets revenge on a cheating winner with an inflatable suit.
quadhousegammas part 2 (17k)9/6/2002bg, huge, magic, offstage, lac, shrinkthe magic sorority war concludes.
quadhousegammas, the (17k)8/27/2002bg, huge, magic, offstage, shrinkat a magical college, the gamma sorority house gets cursed; do growing boobs result?
axolotlgeneration game 1 (46k)1/10/2000
axolotlgeneration game 2 (45k)1/10/2000
j.r. dobbsthe girls' dorm (17k)3/15/2001bg, huge, fast, chemical, lac, cb, ncmean kathy tries to bully big-titted but shy heather, with unexpected results.
unseen unheardgive them a mile, they'll walk in your shoes (36k) (members only)1/1/2001bgbea story contest entry: valerie is there as all the girls of hooterville are slowly changed into busty bimbos.
plato voltairegladstone girls, the (86k)3/4/1998bg, science, slow, big a blue undercover side-story: an adventure about a group of kidnapped naval ratings and their commander
pepescene: glasses (4k)3/16/2001bg, big, magichomely kate gets magic glasses that let her wish her body into another shape in this brief scene.
adrian burnsgloved one, the (24k)3/29/1998bg, lg, ag, fast, huge, rcthe real reason he wears only one glove.
some sort of doggolden goose 1 (63k)7/12/1998bg, slowa young girl with rapidly burgeoning breasts is hired as future spokesmodel for a big boob mag.
some sort of doggolden goose 1-6 zip (158k)7/12/1998bg, slowall 6 chapters of the original golden goose in one zip file.
some sort of doggolden goose 2 (53k)7/12/1998bg, slowthe adventures of the golden goose continue.
some sort of doggolden goose 3 (57k)7/12/1998bg, slowthe adventures of the golden goose continue.
some sort of doggolden goose 4 (61k)7/12/1998bg, slowthe adventures of the golden goose continue.
some sort of doggolden goose 5 (59k)7/12/1998bg, slowthe adventures of the golden goose continue.
some sort of doggolden goose 6 (57k)7/12/1998bg, slowthe adventures of the golden goose continue.
taco bobgoo (12k)9/22/1999bg, big, fast, chemicalthe sky rains a weird goo, and young tina is affected.
taco bobgoo 2 (23k)10/19/1999bg, huge, fast, chemical, cb, mentthe amazing goo affects a nerdy secretary who now gets attention from her supervisor.
taco bobgoo 3 (23k)11/3/1999bg, huge, fast, chemicaltina the secretary is in the hospital and can't believe her breasts had grown enormous.
noble-swordgrandpa joe's snake oil (52k) (members only)1/1/2001bgbea story contest entry: allison lets her cousin in on her secret: how she grew those amazing boobs.
wishizxgranted (16k)2/7/1998bg, fa, magic, fast, big a single wish gives a young girl immense power, which she enjoys immensely... at first.
super gisha great way to spike the punch (7k)12/31/1998bg, magic, fast, wowgoth boy gets revenge on girl who makes fun of him.
plato voltairea growing cause for concern (128k)5/31/1999bg, wow, slow, science, ncthe women of a colony world experience unwanted breast expansion at the hands of a crazy neo-luddite. police blue #33.
tigerasgrowing is a gas! (11k)2/20/1998bg, chemical, fast, hugea chemical factory, an accident, and laughing gas all combine to enhance a young lady's chest.
mr. bgrowing like a weed (68k)5/4/1998bg, slow, hugeparents may know the secret of why their daughter's breasts grow larger every summer, but they aren't telling.
some sort of doggrown-up girls (196k)7/12/1998bg(lots), fastgrandma trudy decides to send her granddaughters to st cat's as soon as they're old enough.
johnny chestscene: gwemeb cola 2: harley quinn (2k)9/22/1999bg, fa, huge, fast, chemicalharley quinn of batman animated drinks a soda and grows huge.
johnny chestscene: gwemeb cola 3: hello nurse (4k)10/19/1999bg, huge, fast, chemical, cbthe nurse from the animaniacs drinks some be-inducing cola.
johnny chestscene: gwemeb cola 4: jessica rabbit (4k)4/7/2000bg, huge, fast, chemical, cbjessica rabbit drinks a special cola.
johnny chestscene: gwemeb cola: babs bunny (2k)9/7/1999bg, huge, fast, chemical, mg, gtsbabs bunny (of tiny toons) drinks a cola that turns her into an amazon while buster watches.

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