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Stories by Mark T

Quashing The Bug (1K)5/26/00bg, wow, scienceThe shortest BE story ever written, complete with mystery and ironic twist.Last Reader Comment: 10/30/02 14:30
  Last Reader Rating: 10/30/02 14:30
  Average of 20 Overall Ratings: 3.35
Happy New Year (12K)1/9/99bg, big, fastA young woman has an unusual problem, and her boyfriend wants to help.Last Reader Comment: 11/29/02 14:40
  Last Reader Rating: 12/27/02 02:14
  Average of 11 Overall Ratings: 3.50
Mail Bomb (10K)7/26/98bg, wow, magic, fastA hacker/spellcaster has an e-mailed spell backfire on her.Last Reader Comment: (none yet)
  Last Reader Rating: 09/26/02 19:23
  Average of 1 Overall Ratings: 5.00
Three Times A Lady (15K)7/26/98bg(2), huge, magic, fast, tgGetting a magic ring for Christmas has unexpected side effects.Last Reader Comment: (none yet)

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