The H-cup Kids

At last — the full story

Farang Ding-Dong...

Ever since they first appeared, these remarkable teenage girls have inspired mixed reactions from the tit-loving community. R & D accused them of stuffing their bras with balloons, and we still hope to see someone persuade their nearest and dearest that she'd look better wearing a pair of whoppers like these.

Since then, the self-professed experts of BEA have decided that they're fakes, besides which they're underage and deserve a good spanking, just like anyone who enjoys looking at these pictures.

But now, we've got the full story direct from the source, two lads from Germany. It all started with a phone call...


Dr Bust   Hey, hang on, slow down, it is you, isn't it? What's happened to your voice?
   I just got back from Indochina. Just flew in this afternoon. And you should see what I've got. They're enormous...
Dr B
   What are enormous?
   These tits! Man, you wouldn't believe! They are huge!
Dr B
   Wait a minute. You just flew in from Indochina — and you've grown tits? Or do you mean you've brought a girl back with you?
   Look, I've got something to show you, but it's got to be soon. Like tomorrow. Where can we meet up?
Dr B
   Somewhere nice and quiet? How about Central Station? Just you, me, and this Asian chick with huge tits...
   I'll have the pictures back from the photo shop by then. You wait till you see them. They are going to blow your mind!
Dr B
   Pictures? You're talking about pictures?
   Why not pictures? I'm an amateur photographer, OK? And you wait till you see the tits on this...
Dr B
   OK, OK ... so she's got huge tits. You know, I thought you meant you'd brought this girl back with you.
   Maybe next time, when I go back. And she's not the only one. If you come with me, we could bring back one each. Man, just one of these sweeties ... just wait till tomorrow. That café opposite the station, OK? Let's say 2 in the afternoon. Don't be late!
He said he's an amateur photographer. Fortunately, the flash is so fast that you can't see his hands shaking...
Dr Bust takes up the story...

That's when the tape on the answering machine ran out. I didn't tell JS everything we had been saying had been accidentally recorded. It didn't sound exactly like that; it was all in German, for a start, and we've had to translate it into English, with a little help from R & D.

And my best mate, my bosom buddy, JS was right. Those pictures did blow my mind. And he'd only brought the first thirty-six shots along with him...

"The other roll won't be ready until tomorrow. These are just the first shots I took of Ead. I had to grab them in about ten minutes in an hotel room. The good news is that she knows plenty of other girls — four or five of them — and she says some of them are younger, and even bigger, would you believe? She's going to get them all together ready for when I go back next month. Or when we go back."
     I looked at the pictures. "Bigger than this? How big is she?"
     "You can see how big she is. At least a hundred and twenty-five centimetres. At least! Full. And firm. Yet soft at the same time."
     "You felt them? How old is this girl, anyway?"
     "Don't ask! And what do you think? A pair like these wobbling in front of your face, wouldn't you feel them? Ah, no, I'm forgetting, you've got a big-titted girlfriend. Although with no disrespect, as you can see, Ead's are three times as big as..."
     "OK, OK! And my little-titted girlfriend is the main reason I can't come with you next month."
     "I'll tell you all about it when I get back."
     "Never mind just telling me. Just write it all down. Maybe Al from
 & D would be interested in this story of yours, don't you think?"

And the very next day, I received an e-mail...

It's a long story, but I'll try to keep it short. I have always been an admirer of the arts and especially of the Mysterious East. I'm fortunate in having had the opportunity to travel to the far east many times and to visit the wonderful temples of Laos, Thailand and Cambodia: places like Angkor, the pearl of the ancient Khmer culture — a thousand temples spread out over 120 square miles, of which 'Angkor Wat' is only one, albeit the most famous, built about a thousand years ago at the time of King Suryavarman the Second.

Interestingly, this photograph came from a magic lantern slide taken by an early researcher. Or maybe it's not interesting at all...


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