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Big Boob Summer Break

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When you've done looking at their eyes, look at their areolae. No two the same. Our next DVD is from Double ' D' Productions which is the UK arm of The SCORE Group. Released last summer (2005) it has only just found its way round to being reviewed now. Guess what big tits are not going out of style, so there's no such thing as being too late to discuss it.

The title is Big Boob Summer Break. This is another in the wonderful men-free series of Score DVDs wherein some big, beautiful, and busty babes go off on a holiday to a take-your-breath-away resort, and spend nearly all their time there without clothes.


Now here's a fine body of chaps! A little like our school netball team. A little.

Call it a land-based boob cruise if you like, as the only water we'll see is a swimming pool and a shower, and the ocean is somewhere off screen. The setting is the fabulous Costa del Sol, in sunny Spain, and we are going to stay at the same stunningly luxurious villa as when Score went there in 2003 to shoot On Location Costa del Sol. That DVD walked off with top honors (a 5.0) in my AoV review.

Let's see how the 2005 'sequel' stacks up. Yes ... stacks up pun intended. The stars of this extravaganza are Kelly Kay, Bozena, Eden, Joanna, Florrie and Crisa. And while these names may not carry the same cachet as Kerry Marie, Cassandra, Ines Cudna, and Nicole Peters from the earlier Costa del Sol DVD, these girls are just as sexy, just as stunning, and in some cases even bustier than their predecessors.

I guess I just like the looks of the busty ladies that appear on my pages. It's okay if they have sex, or if they just walk around in bikinis like the Japanese babes you see here so often, but occasionally you do find a mother-lode of big breasts and you see them absolutely naked. This type of DVD will be around forever. The sight of a fabulously built model buck naked and big titted never gets old.

Once you have a look at these ladies, you'll have to agree.

The day begins and we are already at the villa. Bozena is pouring some lovely champagne into tulip glasses and three of the girls sound already giddy, or happy, or maybe they're just horny. They toss down the bubbly, and poor Bozena is left to her own devices at the bar. And as you may have imagined, there are a lot of devices to be found at this villa. Here's Bozena on her own. "Give her a hand if you like."

Devices! Get it? Meanwhile is it confirmed that the
budget ran to champagne? Or was it humble cava?

Before you can say 'been there seen that', Bozena has a mighty rubberized dick plumbing the depths of her pussy, and an electric dildo seeking warmth in her rear port. She's got huge tits and we get our fill of watching them as Bozena pleasures herself on and off the bar.

A quick dip in the pool to get the nips erect... This being sunny Spain, Crisa and Joanna go for a refreshing dip in the swimming pool. Don't even think you're going to a see a bikini. Just two nekkid ladies and the only material will be the towels on the pool side loungers.


Towels on the sun loungers? The Germans have been here already?

After a few moments in the pool, you can hear the voice of John L Graham say stop (you can even see his shadow), and Crisa heads for the deck lounger. It is up close to the house nestled in the shade. She applies sun lotion and you know that despite the shade, the temperatures are going to rise once Joanna arrives on the scene.

Sure enough, Joanna shows and by now both ladies need to be oiled up, lathered up, fondled, sucked, and they share a double-headed dildo. And that's just the beginning. When Joanna buckles up the strap on dick, Crisa gets all she can handle. Who needs a man?

Meanwhile, Florrie has heated up, and she finds herself alone with no one to play with. After a quick dip in the pool and she's ready to take on the nearest and handiest dildo.

"Do the Spanish police use helicopters?"

Hey, don't point that thing at the camera...

She's got large hooters, and a fat and hairless pussy to work with. She's right there, out in the middle of the lawn, on her one hand and knees, on a blue towel, with her other hand rubbing her tits as we see the dildo sticking out of you know where. Quite a memorable shot!

"I thought this was a serviced villa. Look at the state of this bed!"

Next up is Joanna who needs a shower to wash off the sun lotion and the lady goo she shared with Crisa. Joanna has made a career out of public bathing. Yes she enjoys making a spectacle of herself, and yes you will enjoy watching her. I find her figure exceedingly sexy.


Here's short and stacked Joanna in the big scene from...

She's not the slim and stacked type. No, she's more of the short and stacked, and we mean very stacked. Her joy juggs are just great. She comes out of the shower room wrapped in some steam and a navy towel. Dead ahead is a rose-petal strewn bed. Looks like another round of a hot lady alone with a device. Joanna is one busty lady who I guarantee will put lead in your pencil in this scene.

Meanwhile, the pool is not vacant. We have the barmaid Bozena and the huge-busted Israeli powerhouse of tits, Eden, going for it. They grope each other in the shallow end of the pool. Graham's shadow is again visible as he has the sun behind him, and his shadow makes it tough to see the girl's tits some of the time.

The Mediterranean is over there, behind those trees. Girls could have made quite a splash...

"OK, whose is that shadow? Ah. Can we get one of the girls to tell him?"

But there was no lack of size on the part of Eden who has two of the biggest tits you'll ever see. Bozena, whose breasts are also huge, has magnificent nipples; always fiercely erect and the target of Eden's tongue and lips. Before long they leave the steamy pool and go for it anew on the loungers by the poolside. Wait until you see Bozena's massive nipple dove-fucking Eden's cunt just fabulous and in my view, legendary.

See what happens when you let glamour models wash your car?
This is why there's a quarter of an inch of green mould growing on my Volvo wagon.

"If we'd taken it down the local garage, it would only have cost us 10" By now you might need a shower yourself. But if not, it's time to wash the car. Florrie, Joanna, and Crisa are only too happy to scrub the car down while showing us plenty of skin.

Joanna looks extremely hot with a cut off top which shows off most of her great tits. Florrie and Crisa have to run a distant second and third to Joanna in this scene. But don't miss Crisa's all-but-bare tits in the cleavage down her blouse, and Florrie's tits have more covering than either of the other two, but you can't miss their shapeliness through the wet and tight blouse she's sporting. Before you can say, there's a spot on the window, all the girls have lost their tops. Moments later, Crisa is on the car's bonnet having a wank with a dildo.

Kelly Kay makes her real debut next. She's appeared on screen as a Greek Chorus three or four times up to now. She has a few words to say, and she preps us for the next action scene.

Nicely appointed shower, walls hewn from solid marble.
OK, it's pitch dark inside but you can't have everything.

But now it is her turn, and she gives a grand performance in the huge shower, with no door at one end, and one wall entirely of glass so we can see everything from at least two angles. Lose that white towel and we could see more of the action.

And what a show it is. Bozena joins her and they soap up and major slithering begins. They must take it to the bedroom, but not before a grand toweling off. Eden rides the strap on dick that Kelly has buckled on.

No shortage of light out here, though... The finale has the super busty Kelly out on the patio, reprising the solo scene made famous by Cassandra in the original Costa Del Sol DVD from 2003. This is a hot scene, and Kelly has a magnificent pair of tits.

This is a wonderful way to spend a couple of hours on a rainy day when you're stuck at home. For that matter, when ever you watch this DVD, what ever the state of the weather is outdoors, this is time well spent.

Major tits, hot and heavy action, in a paradise of a location book your ticket now. Not to fly off to the Costa Del Sol, but to order this DVD. I'll score this DVD at four point zero.

No complaints except one; we really didn't get enough sunlight. Most of the action was either indoors, or in some semi-shaded areas of the villa. The girls are simply great, but we should have had more sun to show off these superb bodies.

The DVD is BBFC certificate R18 and in the UK may be supplied only in sex shops to persons of not less than 18 years.

"Behind-the-scenes hanky-panky"? Surely not!

Double 'D' Productions

Big Boob Summer Break 

out of 5

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