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Yuu, from the somehow pleasingly-named Alice Productions
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Our last review of the month stars a Japanese model called Yuu Shibasaki. The title might give you a clue as to why I have this DVD in my column Big Tits, Erotic Nipples. This DVD hits the mark all right. The title segment, Erotic Nipples, as a descriptive phrase, is a really a major understatement.


Here we go then, some nice high-key glamour shots.

But what's this? A man?


There are three scenes, and I've made the first scene the main focus of the review. As the DVD opens, a demure but supremely busty Yuu poses briefly in a bikini. Then we see Yuu in a dark one-piece bathing suit. A man approaches her from behind and begins to fondle her breasts through the bathing suit.

Although at first glance she does seem to have curiously hairy arms...

We have the front view as if we are behind the camera as we are positioned right in front of her. He is right behind her. Quickly he pulls down her top. I promise you that you will gasp when you get to see a set of very large boobs with quite possibly the best nipples to ever go on display on a DVD. Moments later her suit is bunched at her feet and his fingers are inside her.

Big, erect nipples. Thick and hard like the erasers on a pencil, only bigger. Way bigger.

Her breasts are huge and delicious to look at, to fondle, to taste. These are primo tits. And in all the scenes, they are a major focus of the lucky males who get to be with her.

If erect nipples are always bigger than the erasers on the ends of pencils, and they so frequently are, why do people always use pencil erasers as a comparison?

We need a new standard to compare nipples with!

The white background continues. It's as if they're doing it in space...
...Or in a Tupperware container. With a pink door.
She does seem somewhat reserved. But she's still a friendly girl.

In scene one, it is one guy and Yuu. In scene two, Yuu dresses like a school girl in a blazer and white blouse. You'll possibly believe that she is a student right up until the moment when her blouse is unbuttoned, and her bra comes off. In the third scene, Yuu encounters two horny guys. Look at this image where one guy is holding up her tits with the nipples pointing up ready to be sucked on by the other guy.

You mean students don't take their bras off...?

I had some minor complaints that chiefly reflect that Yuu seemed a bit too reserved and controlled. She really didn't seem to get very passionate at least facially. But there's no doubt about those spiky, chewy, magnificently erect, big erotic nipples. Four point zero.

But there's no misrepresentation here. These are memorable nipples.

She's even friendly with them two at a time. That's friendly.

Alice Productions

Big Tits, Erotic Nipples 

out of 5

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