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Early developers, DingDong girls grow quickly used to their vast size.
They eagerly show them off for the crazy foreigner (farang ding dong).

Fun with the local ladies. Clockwise from top left are Pla, Oi, Nung and Jay.
Oi is the one whose name nobody can ever remember.

Speaking of journeys, let's have a look at JS from Germany, who has just returned from his tenth trip to Thailand. When in Thailand, he samples the local cuisine, takes the sun, and has his fun with the local ladies. Then he shares most of his experiences with us via his website,

Lots of quality still pics of each girl, and there's video, too!

One of the world's best-kept secrets, DingDong Land is the home of the biggest breasts imaginable.

For seemingly ages actually it's been just the last three plus years the ladies of Farangdingdong have been appearing before us, almost always fully clothed. But each of them possesses breasts of a size not seen anywhere else on the planet.

The smaller shots are frame grabs from the FDD trailer video. They move! Again I will invoke the word 'seemingly', because the debate still continues as to whether or not these mighty breastworks are real, artificially inflated, or purely an illusion caused by CG enhancements.

They walk, they talk after a fashion, anyway...

Me? I have no new insights on this question other than to say who cares? If looking at delightfully cute Thai girls, who are capable of walking, talking, and all sorts of splendid motion both sexual and ordinary while sporting absolutely enormous tits, is what you want to do; then you've come to right place.

For the lover of measurements, and you know who you are...

"Can you feel it?" Globe-trotting globe-squeezing photographer makes occasional appearances.

Every week, JS offers his members 20 new pictures as well as two new video clips. This new series of videos and pictures opens with a roster of at least fourteen beauties.

Some are brand new, others are repeaters from his most recent trips before this one, and one named Lek is one of JS's favorites, as this is her fifth appearance on the Farangdingdong pages. ...Every DingDong girl comes with a fully-authenticated set of numbers...

DingDong girl secret: always wear well-fitting bra.

Having traveled extensively in Asia myself, and having been to Thailand three times, I love this website. You get a strong sense of the Thai countryside as JS has his girls romp and play with the lush green rice paddies in the background. Or maybe it is a Thai lakeside with pagodas in view. Maybe JS brings his cameras into play in his villa with its own private swimming pool.

In inches! Bust, waist, hips and height. Height is typically less than five feet...

Thai knitwear is invariably too small for DingDong girls...

Wherever the action is occurring, you can count on the fact that the girls will be cute, busty, and so very happy for the opportunity to play on camera.

...Waists are miniscule. Bust sizes are apparently unlimited...

...But T-shirts made for American men can cover even the largest boobs.

So we are offering you a bit of a peek into the latest adventures in Thailand brought to you by JS. The vidcaps on display are taken from the incredible new trailer video. The minds reels when you watch these awesomely busted Thai beauties cavort for the JS digital camera. And one more fact when you join, all of the photos from the previous nine trips to farangdingdongland are included.

The girls themselves are constantly growing, and new discoveries appear...
...All the time! The biggest bust is ... no, find out for yourself!

Fern is top left and again bottom right by the pool, blissfully unaware that her skirt is
around her knees. Ann, in the other two shots, prefers to sit down.

In my view this is a terrific website it is updated every week, and JS travels to Thailand at least three times every year for r & r & r & r. That's rest, relaxation, recreation, and to recruit new models. Check it out and get a fabulous visual 'Sawadee ka' (that's Thai for hello) from some great looking ladies.

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