Meet the Boss the Lorna Morgan Interview

At the same time as Lorna made the earth-shaking announcement of the birth of her baby Leo, she also posted a number of questions and answers that had originally been intended to be part of an interview for R & D. We'd been scooped!

One way and another, not quite knowing when or how Lorna was going to break the news of her happy event, we'd somehow never got around to publishing the interview. Well, the cat's well and truly out of the bag now, so here it is. As you read it, try to think of it in the light of recent events. Remember, you read it here last!


November 2004: Lorna tries on a white shirt
between takes in the studio. It nearly fits.

Whatever became of that shirt...?

R & D: As one of the best-known big-busted glamour models in the civilised world, one of the most beautiful, voluptuous, genuinely talented, all-in-one glorious package ... I could go on. Shall I?

LM: Yes, flattery is always a good thing!

R & D: I'd hardly got started. So how does it feel to be practically 'public property', to the extent that loads of complete strangers, people you will never meet, feel that everything about you is up for public discussion? Is that the price of fame? You enjoy your privacy at home but how uncomfortable do you find it having such a public image?

LM: I don't really mind my fans talking about me; it is not something that bothers me at all. I guess if all the talk was bad it would but I am realistic and I understand that I will impress some people and not others. I know I am not everyone's cup of tea!

R & D: You're not...?

LM: I am very, very private at home and I guess that this is something that keeps me sane.

"Just don't betray my trust...!"

If every single aspect of my life was scrutinised it would get to me eventually but I don't see it this way yet. Many models are happy chatting about their boyfriends, husbands, kids etc and I don't see anything wrong with that if they are comfortable with it. I like to respect my family and friends and they really support what I do but they don't want to be up for discussion.

If fans chat about my work and my body, just me, I am really okay but as soon as my private life is speculated upon for instance, if someone I worked with started to gossip about me and my relationships with my family or my friends to fans or other photographers I would feel like they were betraying my trust and see them as nothing more than unprofessional, pathetic gossip mongers and steer very clear of them.

The only uncomfortable experience I have had is when a fan stalked me about a year and a half ago but this was all sorted out and everything eventually worked out fine.

R & D: When you're working, you always seem to be jetting off around the world for photoshoots. Which do you like better, travelling or coming home?

LM: I love to see new places, meet new people and to visit old colleagues. I love to explore. I like beaches and sand but if I have never been to an island before I like to travel around it on my days off and really see it. I don't like to be stuck in hotels. Fortunately when I go away I am well looked after.

I hate airports, they are so boring and if I go on three trips in a row I get sick of it and want to stay home for a month. I love to come home and see my family, eat old-fashioned roast dinner and cuddle my cat Louis.

R & D: This is a standard interview question but it's one that now and again produces interesting answers: what music is on the CD changer in your car? I've heard you say that you have been known to sing along to Queen. Do you sing at the top of your voice? Do you stop singing at traffic lights?

LM: I get new CDs all the time and at the moment I have Motown's Greatest compilation in my car. I do sing at the top of my voice and I don't stop no matter what!

I love most music but I am afraid Country is something that really bugs me. I can't stand it. I like some but not all Folk, Opera, and Classical. I adore most Pop, Rock, Jazz. Fave Jazz singers are Chet Baker and Nina Simone.

Instantly recognisable in Marks & Sparks

R & D: You must get recognised when you're out and about in the supermarket. Does it happen very often? Have you ever thought about the guy who recognises you and can't tell his girlfriend who you are and how he knows about you? And she's like, "Who was that girl? She's got huge boobs! Did you really have to stare at her like that? Do you wish my boobs were bigger?"

LM: It has happened but some guys are very polite and keep walking on by. Someone in a store has grabbed me and I had to tell him to take his hands off me, he was a bit scary and it was not long after my court case with my stalker so it shook me up a bit.

Another fan followed me around Marks & Sparks until he got the courage to come and ask me for an autograph and it was sweet.

I guess I zone out of noticing people noticing me. When I am with friends they often remark on the looks I get from people, but I am oblivious to it. I think I have trained myself to ignore them. It is better for me as it would become annoying, it is my inbuilt way to protect myself, I guess.

'I will always work for myself to an extent. I just don't like someone else bossing me around too much...'

R & D: Most of your contact with the fans comes through your websites. Do you really look them yourself? You must get tons of emails a day, for a start? It must take hours just to sort the job offers from the marriage proposals from the spam?

LM: Ha, ha, yes, it can be a pain. I hate spam and the emails I get are often a bit 'samey'. I never take my fans for granted though. I understand that contact is important. I hope they feel that they can email me. I however only remember the emails that have interesting questions and information. The 'my name is Bob and I am 6' 2", work out and live in England'-type emails are very common and I don't tend to reply to them even though they are very flattering. Being realistic, I cannot date or meet up with every person who emails me. I have a lot to do with modelling, running the websites and trying to have a social life, which does tend to suffer the most.

R & D: We're coming to The Big Question, are you ready for this? Is it true that lovely Gavin Henson is really shagging Charlotte Church?

LM: I would not have a clue. I don't keep up with celebrity gossip. It bores me rigid.

No bra, and she'd just got out of the car.

R & D: Well, that's put me in my place! But how can you ever expect to be popular with men if you don't know about sport?

Anyway, moving along, it's hardly a closely-guarded secret that your boobs are much bigger than they were just a few years ago. There has been a lot of speculation, sparked off but never really confirmed by recent photo-shoots, that you:

  • Must be pregnant, or you

  • Must have had implants

LM: The implant speculation is crazy! If I ever was to have surgery I can assure you it would not be to make these boobs bigger. I just don't want bigger boobs and I was happier as a 30FF. In fact I prefer my boobs smaller. I would never have my boobs made bigger, and they are and always will be made of flesh and nothing else. You should read my "Yummy Mummy" article.

Our first sight of Lorna last November. Stunning! But do the math. This was November; baby was born at the end of the following June, seven months later. Lorna's bust was already huge, and had been getting bigger since long before she became pregnant.

We can't prove it, of course. You'll just have to believe us.R & D: Now, some guys out there are serious bra enthusiasts! We've seen a picture of a label cut off one of your bras in fact, I was there to witness it being cut off and it said 32HH. How difficult is it to find sexy young bras in those sizes? Do you have a favourite store where you buy your bras? If, God forbid, your boobs get much bigger, will you still be able to find ready-made bras that will fit?

LM: I get my bras from and have a big try-on fest. It is not easy getting my size; my day bras are not sexy but functional and plain. I buy pretty ones to model in but they are not always available in my correct size so I have to buy something close to it.

R & D: I've heard you say that going around braless is uncomfortable so you tend to wear a bra all the time. Does 'all the time' include in bed?

LM: Yes, I wear a soft cup bra to bed unless I am hot, or it's that time of the month and they hurt.

R & D: Kind of leading on from that, way back at the end of November '04 you came to a video shoot for Flying Rabbits Video's Boob Jobs production. If you remember, you were playing the part of a woman who runs a job agency, so you had to wear a smart black skirt and heels? And one of our camera crew was a bit of a foot fetishist and he spent the entire time taking shots of your feet!

Anyway, you'd warned us beforehand that you'd grown a bit so we were able to prepare ourselves for a pleasant surprise. As it turned out, the surprise was even more pleasant than we were prepared for! Unless I am very much mistaken because the image is burned into my brain you weren't wearing a bra when you arrived. Was this so that the bra wouldn't leave marks on your soft, creamy skin when you undressed for the cameras? If so, may I commend you on your total professionality for undergoing discomfort during the journey up from Wales, just so you'd look great when you arrived?

Shoes and stockings
For the leg lover, Lorna has it all...

LM: I had fun that day but it was hard work. Yes, I remember the foot fetish guy, he was funny! I am so glad my shoes were nice and new.

I hate to leave marks on my body and so I always remove my bra at least an hour before I think I am going to shoot. I don't like to leave it off for any long period and as you know lots of movement can be quite painful. I have very sensitive boobs and when a couple of months later I was jumping about a lot for the script it took all the energy out of me for a day afterwards. It is my neck, shoulders and boobs that ache afterwards and sometimes I can't model for days after a big video shoot like that. I did a great mpeg on my site called Trampoline where I bounced on a trampoline naked; I think I went on a holiday after that one.

You've seen the movie of this, haven't you?

Lorna, the ultimate professional, leaps around like an eejit waving the Welsh flag in the air.

Four takes for the cameras and never a word of complaint. But make no mistake: this kind of thing really hurts.

No holiday afterwards, either, she was off around the world for a final splurge of modelling.

R & D: Eight questions in one, now! If you did become pregnant, would you make a big public announcement, like Britney Spears? Or would you keep it to yourself because it's none of anyone else's business? If so, what would you tell someone who asked you outright? And if you were to stick to your official story how would you handle point-blank questions? Would you break the news after Baby was born? Or would you try to keep it to yourself because it's none of anyone else's business? Would you wish for a girl or a boy? Or just ... a baby?

LM: You know, I only found out about Britney yesterday because my 18-year-old sister is into her!

I really don't know what I would do. I guess I would discuss it with the Daddy.
I wouldn't like to say how I would react, as it would depend a whole lot on what my family thought. Like most people who want kids they like the idea of having a 'mini me' but honestly I would love a boy too. I have gorgeous nephews and nieces to be maternal with.

R & D: Now you've more than satisfied the preggo fans with all those answers, what are your opinions about implants? Not that you have the slightest need of them, but...

LM: I think that they are good for the right person. If they give a woman confidence and make her happy, I have nothing bad to say about them; really they don't rent a lot of space in my brain. For me the idea of something like that in my body is not appealing. But I feel the same about many things like tattoos and shaving my head. I have no problem with other people's choices but it is not for me personally.

R & D: A hypothetical question and this is going to appal the huge breast fans what if your breasts continued to get bigger, would you give serious thought to having a reduction? On second thoughts, that's a silly question; how about if they didn't get any bigger but just remained at their present (huge and wonderful) size?

LM: If my boobs became freakishly large or very painful, yes, I would reduce them. My health is more important to me than modelling.

At the moment my boobs are firm and look nice but if they looked very big and sagging and old-lady-like then I would fix them.


Lorna, appendix scar and all. Firm and nice and not freakishly large.

Positively glowing with fulfilment

R & D: I suppose some fans are always asking you to do XXX in photos and videos. In fact, just as some models do and some models don't, it's the same with fans: some of them are obsessed with seeing women in sex scenes with men, while others are much more happy to see a woman on her own. Or with another woman. What is it that decides where a model draws the line? What does a model say to a photographer (or whatever) who tries to persuade her that there's a huge pot of gold waiting if she'll step over that line? And how persistent are these people in their persuasion?

LM: Only the gullible and inexperienced fall for that line. I am professional and I don't walk out of my door without making myself very clear on this matter to a photographer, a company or whatever. I would have no problem at all in walking out of a studio if they tried to put pressure on me. They would have a hard time ending their sentence; I would be out of there. It would be a waste of a train or plane ticket for them.

Models draw their own lines and some move their lines after time, everyone is different. I can't speak for other models but my line was drawn the day I started modelling and it has not budged an inch since. I decided what I would be happy looking at, what I would be okay showing my sister or a friend and anything more than that would be too far.

R & D: You seem to have been around forever please don't take that the wrong way, it's a lovely, comfortable feeling! but what about your plans for the future? As far as the fans are concerned you are welcome to carry on until Doomsday, but might you ever consider trying something new? How about television, acting, breeding cats, raising a family? Not that you couldn't handle all those things at the same time while standing on your head in a hammock. Now that's an intriguing image!

It's half wine and half lemonade

LM: I have been in television and I started out as an actress and got very bored with it, I would have to be offered something really good for me to want get back into it.

I think there are enough cats in the world too, besides all my cats including Louis are moggies and I think they are the best type of cat. I would like to work in my own cattery but someone else would have to clean up the poop!

I have to be honest, there is not one particular thing that I dream about doing everyday. I am not the type of person who likes to know exact-ly what I am doing each day, just a guide as I am very flexible.


Bored with acting but Lorna loves to ham it up.

There are so many jobs out there for me but I am not sure what I would love to do yet. I guess I am spoilt for choice and that is one good way of looking at it.

I know that whatever I will end up doing, I will always work for myself to an extent. I just don't like someone else bossing me around too much. I might even go back to university. Who knows? I do want a family and to raise two nice children but I would still work. I have to; it is just so integral to my personality.