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Name: "annette"
By: Samu


 Reviewed by:Gunbuster

Ah. The good old days, big hair, innocence, and gigantic torpedo-like breasts.

Well almost. Samu's morph attempts to expand on Annettes' already thrusting, pointing breasts (or is it the bra?). To the larger part it succeeds; the outline is well defined and the scan/interference lines match the rest on the image.

The woman's pose is pleasant and the expression is that of someone supremely happy with herself (with a bust like that who can blame her). However, there is one minor problem. If you look at the shoulders and then at the chest, her left breast seems to stick out much further than the right.

This doesn't greatly subtract from the morph and the morph is otherwise perfect.

Name: "BiSarenna"
By: Daydreamer

Reviewed by: Gunbuster

Sarenna Lee is one of the most well known and loved big bust models. Daydreamer sets out a view of her as if she decided to compete with the now gargantuan Chelsea Charms.

I have to say this one of the nicest pictures of Sarenna I have seen, morphed or not. The pose is good and the expression great. Daydreamer has produced a nice shape of the breasts. It is sharp, the nipples look good, and the shadows match.

This is very much how I would imagine Sarenna if she went one step further, as they have the same globe like appearance as her current assets. Unfortunately, the source material has let down this morph, original over jpeging breaks an otherwise believable morph.

The jpeg artifacts have scaled up with the morph and stick out compared with her much more smoothed rump.


Name: "Bumpy21"
By: Dr. Bumpy

Reviewed by: Pacman

I've seen a lot of good morphs and this is a great example of what makes a morph good.

I honestly do not know if this was a donor morph or if the original boobs in the pics were used. The shadows are downright spectacular and I only wish I could do my own morphs with as much precision as this one.

Fantastic size and quality.

Whoever you are, Dr. Bumpy, keep up the good work and do us all a favor. Give us MORE!


Name: "Jessica_Alba-IJ_Morph"
By: Input Jack

Reviewed by:Pacman

That Jessica Alba sure is a hottie. She's got those lips... you know what I mean.. that cute face and those pouty lips just begging for baby batter... eh.. uh... hmm... nevermind.

The morph itself is great.. a few things hurt it, though. Her right breast looks kind of flat... too flat to even consider the fact that she's laying down. Her shirt also just doesn't seem to stretch with the breasts.. there are two circles just sitting on her chest.. easily fixable with the addition of a few shadows and morph-tricks.

And the other boob is sized a bit wrong, while it was a good idea to increase it to the side over by her arm, it's done just a tad too much. Easily fixable things in my book.

Man I wanna do her.


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