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The reviews on this page reflect only the points of view of the person/persons whom are reviewing a particular piece of work. The pieces are reviewed by other artists who have taken time out of their lives and work to give their opinions on what they see. This site proudly supports all artists, whether the work they do be to our tastes or not. We encourage everyone to support your local morph artist.

Over the course of time, we've all probably seen hundreds of morphs by a dazzling array of different artists. From BustArtist, JS, Rasputin, and Friday, to our current standouts like Magic, The Recycler, The Surgeon, and heck, I'll even include myself.

So many times we have just looked at the morphs and skimmed over them without really stopping to take a look. This section of Thanks is dedicated to those who'd like the chance to look again. The chance to stop for minute to recognize a morph that blew your mind. A chance to say thanks.

Some morphs will always withstand the test of time, and truly could be considered classics. This is a tribute to those timeless classics. While it may not be the first time many of us have seen them, we can also be sure it
won't be the last either. They're too damn good to just fade away forever. Thanks to all the talented morph artists who put their time and effort into the fine pieces of work pictured here.


The Peacemaker

Donated By: Candyfan

Several years ago I began to notice the work of a morpher who called himself, "the Peacemaker". Eventually I got to know him personally through Internet exchanges and we became friends.

I regarded his work as something special. Not only did he work faster than any I had seen before,but his work had great clarity and an unerring sense of balance.

His enhancements were,in short,never too big nor too small but somehow just right!The old adage "you'll know it's good when you see it" never applied better.

This picture is of the famous Candy Morrison aka Darlene Grey, she of the '60's titillating Russ Meyer movie "MONDO TOPLESS" and numerous Fling magazine appearances.

Alwaysa favorite of mine,the picture is apparently from late in her very short modeling career and is the only one in circulation from the session that produced it!

While the original picture has been seen by the world, the morph produced by the Peacemaker here gives us some idea of what she might look like today, given the breast enhancement values of the 21st century.

Artist: JS

Donated by: Lightfoot

I've always found this to be a truly incredible morph, not only due to the attractiveness of the model, but at the quality of the work.

You would expect that the pattern of the bra area would blur or it detail would be lost, but the image is very clear. The breasts are also in the
"Oh my God!" range of sizes, and that look on her face is so cute.

Simply, she's the kind of thing most BE folk dream about.

BTW: If you do know of someone 18-24 and single that matches this picture, e-mail me at ;)

Artist: Ratchet


Donated by: Sheber

Ratchet's Helen Hunt BE - The biggest challenge for a morpher isn't blending lines or creating shadows, its making something from nothing!

In this instance the morpher has taken a sitcom idol and given her a believable set of wonkers!

Artist: The Surgeon

Donated by: Sheber

Surgeon's Shae Marks BE - This morph occurred before she got her latest size at the doctor's office set it met my desire to see such an adorable model with a little bit more up top. (Okay, a lot more!)

Artist: Dr. Bust

Donated By: Sheber

Another favorite would have to be (heh) Dr. Bust's Virtual Surgery entitled vs_build.jpg with an unknown clothed model (another turn-on!).

Seamless and pleasingly balanced...almost looks like Gillian Anderson in
her fleshier days.

Artist: The Surgeon

Donated By: Pacman

One of my favorite classic morphs is this masterpiece by The Surgeon. Not only is it clothed, not only is it a celeb, it's also a top-notch piece of

The fact that he includes the original pic with the morphed one just seems to taunt all aspiring artists, essentially saying "Come on newbie, play with the big boys! I dare you to do better."

I can think of one newbie who didn't really do better, but sure as hell
tried because of morphs like this. It was me.

Artist: JS

Donated By: Gunbuster

What makes a classic morph, well it isn't just big breasts, to a certain extent its making something from nothing and asian ladies seem to be too often in this category. One man trying to repair this balance is JS, often I visited his gallery and just wondered at the beauty of his women. Yes, many are already quite talented like Yuko Aoki, but many would have never come to my attention if JS hadn't morphed them.

The morph I've chosen is of a 'Race Queen', from what I have seen, many (race queens) are stunningly beautiful, but are severly lacking (by western standards) in the bust depart ment. The girl in the morph bucks this trend mega style. My initial reaction is "WOW", along with my jaw hitting the ground, my second reaction is to shout at the driver to look up and my third is to check if my passport handy. Morphs like this just defy reality.

Technically its spot on, the way her breasts sit on her chest, the light bouncing off of her left breast and her stunning cleavage. The orginal shot is made for BE, the way she looks at the photographer in a very pleased manner, the slight lean in her frame and the way she thrusts her chest out.

All I can say is thank you JS.

Artist: Friday

Donated by: Scotty

Here is one of the morphs that realy kills me.

I have allways been a great admire of Fridays work, but when he sent this to me, I realy got suprised.

He knows I love SaRenna Lee. Take a look at the movement in this picture, it almost comes to life. It looks like she is walking full speed towards you.

I am pretty impressed with this one, and have to say that this is my favorite for the time.

Artist: Unknown

Donated By: The Surgeon

I don't know who's responsible for this gem, but it's another old-time picture. My datestamp says March of 1997.

I don't really care for the background, but that's my only real complaint with this one. The image has been washed out and smoothed to account for the texture difference in her bust, but I think the look works for this image.

The pose is fantastic, and technically speaking the pictures with models holding their breasts in their hands are the hardest ones to work with, so the artist gets bonus points
for conquering adversity.

I don't have much else to say about this one, it's just always been one of my favorites. My hat's off to whoever is responsible.

Artist: Unknown

Donated by: The Surgeon

This picture dates back to mid-1996, and I'm submitting it because it was one of the earliest pictures that attempted photo-realism. BustArtist had been doing photo-realist stuff for some months prior to that, but this was the first by anyone else. At least, I assume it was someone else - the tagline reads "Pixel Hypertrophy", and that's all I have to go by for an artist name.

It's a picture of Pandora Peaks, now obscured by towering mounds of swimsuit-encased breast flesh. Technically, the picture is very good. The suit is stretched realistically, without a lot of loss of detail, and the print on the suit doesn't look unnaturally deformed. From a BE standpoint, it's just a cool picture. You don't often see pictures with this pose, and generally for good reason. In this case, yeah, natural breasts wouldn't stand up like that, but those are definitely some unnatural proportions, so why not?

In short, this is one of the early pictures that made me think to myself, "I think I want to try doing that." Even after all this time, it's still a picture that makes me think "Wow" when I look at it. Great stuff.

Artist: BustArtist

Donated by: The Surgeon

This is the first in a series of pictures by BustArtist, who, along with Dr.Ivan, is one of the earliest picture "morphers" in the BE genre.

The whole series is good, but they wouldn't fit too well on this page, so I'm submitting this first one as a representative of the lot. One of the common elements to many of BustArtist's pictures is that they tell a story. This isn't true of every picture he's produced, but it's true for many. The story element makes the fantasy a great deal more fun, I think, and I imagine most of you will agree with me.

Technically speaking, this picture is very well-produced, with clean lines, seamless transitions between edited and original areas, and plenty of attention to detail in shadows and texture. He also has a good eye for pictures, and always seems to find ladies in great poses for this kind of material. Note the date on the picture (I told you he's been at it a while), then hunt around for the rest if you can find them anywhere.

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