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So is this really it? As far as I can see, yes. Maybe one day if interest picks up again and a full staff can be assembled Thanks will return.

OR if I can find a good webdesigner who can work with me on somehow coming up with a new design that would allow me to update as I get updates, rather than make a new zine every 2-3 months. If you have serious interest in brainstorming design ideas to make this possible, E-Mail me.

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Special Announcement!!

For all of you who have expressed concern about ThanksX3.1, and where we've been, let me catch up on things as best I can.

Another issue of thanks HAD been in the works immediatly following our last one, but at some point things just totally levelled off and people stopped showing interest and stopped participating with the exceptions of a few, like Dick and Jane and Sheber. If I missed someone else there my deepest apologies.

A vast majority of the Thanks staffers have been AWOL, and a while back I had pretty much determined that I have been wasting my time attempting to create something that gets so little feedback. A lot of time, effort, and thought goes into making a webzine. Ask the fine people who worked for BEhavior, ask the people from R&D.

There were a few times when my interest sparked back up and I tried to get things moving again, hearing many things like "yeah I'll help", and "yeah I can donate this", but the Thanks mailbox remained for the most part empty up until this week.

I recieved a touching letter this week thanking me personally for my morph work, and for doing ThanksX3.1. And frankly it felt as if I was in a time warp dating back to last year, when Thanks felt strong and I was optimistic. And then I realized that things have obviously changed, and I've got my own life and other people now have theirs.

There may not ever be another issue of Thanks again.

My own interest is now sucked from me, and I barely even remember that it exists.

I will consider releasing the incomplete last issue, so that the efforts of those who did help will be appreciated. But after that I really don't know.

Today is sort of a sad day, because I feel like I've been in a pit of denial for months and have just awaken from it. My baby, ThanksX3.1 has been dead for some time, and I'm first realizing it today.

Should another issue never surface, I want to thank Imaginos and Scotty for hosting it over the years, and I want to thank every one who ever wrote a line or a column, a story or a review. And most of all I want to thank the people who took the time to read it.



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