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This Anime series is about a tall girl name Maki Aikawa. In the past she was rising gymnast star of great talent and skill. For some reason, she stopped her career in gymnastics. Now she is a street fighter so she could experience her moments of her past career. She came up an unorthodox fighting style of combining martial arts with gymnastics and aerial combat. Thus her nickname given from other fighters by the name Airmaster. She is acompanied with a group of girls cheering her on in her fights. For all you big breasts fans, you should watch out for one of Mika's friends: Mina Nakanotani. Mina is a shy girl who is pretty nervous around strangers, especially perverted guys drooling over her big breasts. Her breasts are so huge in the series and their measurements are 105 cm.

Though Mika considered Mina as a good friend, Mina have pretty deep feelings (love in that matter) for the Airmaster from the many times she was saved by her. Mina appears in the series moderate times. Rest assured, her breasts bounces for every big breasts to be satisfied, especially when she runs in the Ending theme. But the best episode she was known in the series is ep. 08 when the cast goes to the beach and they compete in a Miss Beach Queen contest. In the contest she won by doing an imitation of a Holstein cow by standing on her hands and knees and doing a great big "moo". From her pose she shows off a good shot of her breasts and butt. Besides of Mina's huge breasts, Airmaster is a really good series that has been recently fansubbed. It got much street fighting action and humor. The songs for both the opening and ending are awesome if you guys love J-Rock.

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