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I'm Dran.

But enough about me, you're only here to look at tits anyway. Or at least you should be.. If you're here to find out who I am, that's pretty creepy. You'll probably notice that all the tits I've drawn are on the bodies of girls who resemble famous characters. I really only draw at all because of those characters and my constitutional right to parody them, so that's all I'm likely to ever draw. You may also notice that none (or very few) of said characters are originally in anime style. I've never really enjoyed anime shows, so I don't care much for the characters involved. There are rare exceptions (mmm... Chun Li.)

Occasionally, I draw things people ask me to draw. On very, very, very rare occasions, when people I'm friends with are involved, I draw anime characters (by "rare", I mean "once"). The reason I don't draw stuff people ask for more often is that when I feel like drawing, that is to say, when I'm actually inspired to draw, it's usually because a specific idea has come to mind, and even if people request stuff that I find inspiring, I'm usually busy with something else when I find out about the idea, and don't get to it for a while by which point I'm not as inspired. Such is life, eh? Nonetheless, I do technically take requests.

And so, on that note, I----GOOD LORD, SEYMORE, THE KITCHEN'S ON FIRE!


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