daddy's (not so) little girl--part ii
by jimmy davis
(m/f, m/f, be, size, [CENSORED])

he still couldn't believe it.the sheer size of his daughter's bust was staggering. it would drive him insane, he thought, how on earth could he deal with a thing like this? a man so hopelessly obsessed with big tits faced with a 5th grader who could pop the straps off a double d-cup brassiere. he decided he'd better pull himself together. "i'll just have to act like my old self. no sense making a big deal out of it." when he got back, he found mandy slouching in the overstuffed armchair where he'd left her. tess was standing behind her top-heavy little niece - brushing her hair - and cindy was on one end of the couch across from them.

as though nothing had happened, bill sat next to his wife and struck up a casual conversation. he started with the small talk that always signaled to cindy how horny he was. he cleared his throat several times as he watched tess brushing mandy's hair, another indication that he was seriously stimulated. then he adjusted his pants around his crotch; that was proof positive the son-of-a-bitch was horny out of his mind and getting a hard-on, cindy cursed to herself. his eyes traveled up and down, back and forth between tessie's big pair and his daughter's. they both smiled at him knowingly--it was obvious what he was looking at.

cindy felt invisible all of a sudden, even though she was inches away from her husband. bill didn't even acknowledge her presence there. he continued his idle chatter with a question for mandy. "so tell me pumpkin, i haven't seen you in so long - what's new with daddy's little girl these days?"

tessie broke out in the giggles as she looked down at the busty 10-year-old in the chair beneath her. mandy knew why her aunt got tickled, and she caught the giggles too. her dad had walked right into this one.

she sat up straight in the chair and pulled her shoulders back--she stuck her chest out as far as she could--and she saw her big breasts begin to strain the buttons on her blouse. mandy smiled as she looked down at her bulging bosoms; she was beaming with pride over the fat rack she saw sticking out in front of her. she looked back at her daddy with a cute little smirk on her face, and answered his question:

"well, ummm, let's see daddy. what's new with mandy? i guess it's that i.well, i'm not so little any more!.i grew daddy, see? my boobs.they got really, really big!. look!"

her fat nipples were poking out like thumbs, and the big patches of her areola were clearly visible through the flimsy blouse. bill's eyes were glued to his daughter's tits--his brow was sweaty, his hands were trembling and his jaw had dropped. he seemed to be in a trance as he stared at mandy's bulging chest. tess was so amused over the whole scene, she couldn't resist a comment: "i think he already noticed your boobs honey - but maybe you should give him a closer look at you." mandy wasted no time in taking her aunt's suggestion.

as she crossed the room toward her father, her tits wobbled and slapped together like water balloons. instead of sitting next to bill on the couch, mandy planted her plump little bottom on his lap. she sat sideways, so she could look at her mom. she put her arms around his neck and kissed his cheeks, then his mouth - a big wet kiss on the mouth. it was obvious to bill that his daughter was horny--he felt her tongue in his mouth and she wiggled her butt on his prick like a little whore. she looked her mom right in the eye the whole time.

"daddy, mama said i had to cover up and wear a bra when i was around you, that girls like me can get a man excited. she said it was 'cause i'm so fully developed'--i guess she means 'cause i have such big tits. is that true daddy? that stuff about girls like me? i'm sorry if i got you excited, i didn't mean to daddy. i just don't have any bras that fit me anymore. my boobs get so big and sore this time of month, and those ol' bras are so tight on me. i hate _em daddy!"

mandy knew the answer to her question--she just wanted to get a reaction from bill. right there in front of her mother, she kept wiggling her butt on his crotch, and bill answered her question loud and clear. a smile spread across her face as she felt her father's massive cock swell hard under her well-rounded ass. she kept looking at cindy - smirking at her, just daring her to say anything.

"it was mama's idea to make me take those ol' birth control pills, that's how come i got this big daddy. it's not my fault my tits grew like this." mandy cupped those big boobs in her little hands again and gazed down upon them. tess was giggling uncontrollably as she saw the look on bill's face. she could only imagine how hard his prick was under his daughter's plump behind.

mandy's mother was not so amused by the situation. cindy thought it would be fun to tease bill, to get him so horny he'd fuck her till dawn. she never expected him to ignore her, or to focus all his attention on her daughter. she never expected her daughter to react the way she did toward bill, either. she'd underestimated the power of the hormones raging in her bursting-ripe young body. the hormones responsible for her oversized breasts were turning her into a horny little slut.

cindy had tried to use mandy, and her plan had backfired. now she had to stop it before things got out of hand. it was almost too late. her daughter's left hand had made its way into her panties, and she'd started fingering herself. her skirt was hiked up all the way to her crotch, and her shapely bare legs were spread open. she was working herself over really good.

mandy was so horny from frigging herself off, her tits had started to swell up. that thin blouse she had on was getting tighter and tighter - and without a bra to restrain them, her bosom looked positively immense. the kid just kept wiggling her butt on her father's cock. cindy thought - _my god she's gonna make him cum if i don't stop her._ she couldn't let that happen.

"mandy, that's quite enough young lady, you get up and go to your room, right now--do you hear me?" mandy looked at her dad then said, "do i have to daddy? i miss you so much.i love you daddy." she started to kiss him all over the face again, hugging his neck for dear life as she felt him push her away.

bill looked like someone had just killed his dog as he slowly pried her away from his body. "you better do as your mother says honey. i'll see you tonight ok? we'll have a nice dinner, and we'll get to visit later pumpkin, i promise." mandy sulked away, and stomped upstairs to her room. she swore she'd get even with her mom for this, and real good, too. then a wicked little smile crossed her face. "she'll get hers, just you wait," she thought.

cindy was staring at her husband's crotch from the minute mandy climbed off him, she had to gasp when she saw it. his cock had grown grotesquely large, running down his pants leg, bulging it out so tight she thought he'd break right through the material. now that her daughter was gone, maybe she could get a little attention, she thought, maybe they could get out of there for a while. it might just work out after all. her mind was reeling with the possibilities and her pussy was already sopping wet.

bill's condition did not escape tess, who was gaping at his bulge from across the room. "i guess you two better get outta here, and find some place where you can make some noise. jesus, cindy, it looks like he has a baseball bat in there--look at the size of that thing!"

all the attention just served to make matters worse--the more they gawked at it, the bigger it grew. women had always done this to him--the more of a spectacle they made over how big he was _ the more it excited him. cindy had never seen him quite so large as this before, this was something special, and she knew exactly who was responsible for it.

she leaned over and put her arms around bill's neck, mashing her breasts against him. "well lover, i think we better take tessie's advice, it's getting a little hot in here, and it looks like you could stand some relief." cindy didn't know the half of it.

the couple stopped just short of attacking each other right in front of tess; they opted instead to take that drive that cindy had planned all along, up to the lake, for the rest of the afternoon anyway. they made it less than a mile out of town before cindy pulled the car off the road. she headed for an old parking spot on her grandfather's farm--out in the woods, where they used to go as teenagers and fuck for hours on end. cindy knew what would happen the minute she stopped the car.

by the time she turned the ignition off, bill had his prick out of his pants, stroking it like a madman. he was looking right at her tits as his fist flew up and down the length of it. her husband was literally drooling as cindy mashed her tits together, causing them to burst out the top of her tight push-up bra. it made her look enormous, as if she needed much help.

she pulled the skimpy tank top off over her head as she watched billy beat off, then she swung around and threw her leg over his lap. she was facing her husband now, his big swollen dick sticking up between them. cindy's hands joined his as they pumped his meat. the thing was big around as her ankle. "dear god billy, how did you get so fucking huge? i never saw you like this before--not this big! i've gotta have this thing inside me right now honey-- put it in cindy right now!"

bill didn't need a second invitation--you could see the pain on his face-- and his prick continued to swell under his wife's manipulation. he grabbed her by the hips with his big hands, lifting her up like she was a little rag doll, positioning her sopping wet hole right above the fat, swollen purple head of his prick. "billy, the head of that thing is big as my fist. how are you ever gonna get it."

before cindy could finish her sentence, he bucked his hips up toward her and jammed her pussy down onto the head of that fat prick. she shuddered with pain and delight--at the same time. she was twitching on his prick, jerking into a spasm--like she did when she was about to cum--but they'd just started. cindy started riding him now, up and down the shaft of the thing. "oh god, billy, i love it when you get like this. i never felt anything like.never had one so fucking big!"

bill was fucking the living shit out of his wife then, jerking her up and down by the hips, throwing her back up against the dashboard, banging her head on the roof of the car. cindy wanted to milk every last drop of cum out of him, so she started her little teasing game, like she did when they'd seen a busty young girl in the mall. she loved to use this on him when they were in bed--it gave her such control over him--she'd push the right button and he would just lose it.

as she pumped her pussy in short, quick strokes, cindy whispered softly in his ear. "i saw you were looking at her billy. looking at your little girl. you can't help yourself, can you? you liked what you saw - and you can't get her out of your mind."

she felt him getting bigger inside her--she knew it wouldn't be long now. her whispers became even sexier. "she's huge billy. mandy's boobs are enormous, and you know what? they're going to get even bigger baby. much bigger than those girls we see at the mall. she's growing honey, your little girl's tits are growing bigger every day." bill was right on the edge. "dear god cindy, what are you doing to me? how can you torture me like this?"

he was ready to explode at this point. he had a vision of mandy on his lap, her big breasts about to rip her blouse open. then cindy whispered something else--she knew she shouldn't have--but it was the one thing that would make billy go ape, make him splatter her insides with cum.

"she's just like tessie, huh billy? i know you were thinking that. what if she ends up like tess did? remember when she was 12, all knocked up with those babies bulging her belly out? you know what mandy would look like in that condition, don't you? you know how big her tits would get." bill was about to lose it. "oh,'re making me crazy.oh fuck.damn you bitch!.i'm gonna cum in you now.i'm gonna dump it in you baby."

cindy was gyrating on his cock, so fast her body looked like a blur. she was fucking her husband with everything she had. she knew the image of her daughter with a swollen belly would make bill cum, and she was right. the impact of his load inside her made cindy jump back for a minute, but she threw her pussy right back at him, burying his cock up to the hilt inside her, again and again. she milked him dry as she kept pumping up and down his immense shaft. they collapsed in each other's arms finally, like they had so many times before, right there in the car.

as soon as they could muster the energy to sit up and put themselves back together, bill wanted to get home - right away. cindy was not pleased "well, i guess i'm not enough of a diversion for you, huh billy? you wanna get back and drool all over your daughter? is that it?" bill had little patience with her. "maybe you should be more careful, cindy, about what you tease me with when we're fucking. now all i can think about is seeing her knocked up, and yes, she does look like tess--thanks a helluva lot for pointing that out to me."

cindy fired back with her own round. "hey, i know you, you son of a bitch. you didn't need me to point that out--you should have seen yourself--looking at her today. it was obscene." bill wasn't in the mood to argue; they rode home in utter silence. he felt like she had set him up for all this--not telling him about their daughter and what was happening to her body, letting him find out like he did, then teasing him with all of it. now she was sorry, but that wasn't his problem.

bill went straight inside when they got back, leaving cindy sitting in the car. all he cared about was seeing mandy again. if only he could sit and gaze at her for a while, he would be the happiest man alive, he thought. she was everything he'd ever fantasized about, and more. only this was no fantasy, this was a flesh and blood, real live girl--a whole lot of real live girl. she wasn't even 10 yet and she'd made him hotter than any grown woman ever had.

when he got inside, he found tess watching tv with her two little ones. "mandy's gone up to her room," she said, "and i think you need to talk to her, billy, she was hurt when you two ran off and left like that." cindy came in from the car and stomped into the kitchen. tess could tell her sister was steamed. "she'll cool off billy, you know how she gets when she's not the center of attention. she's had a tough time dealing with mandy growing so, well, you know. why don't you go up and see the kid? i know you want to, you horny bastard. i'll talk to cindy for you." tess started giggling again as bill bolted up the stairs. she could read him like a book.

he found mandy sitting on the end of her bed - staring at her breasts in the dresser mirror across from her. she was kneading the things like big loaves of bread dough. she had squeezed them into a skin-tight, pink tank top that could not possibly contain her abundance. mandy had 8 inches of cleavage bursting out the scooped neck of that top. her huge pebbly areola bulged out the front. they looked big as beer coasters, and her nipples were about to poke right through the material. her bosoms had grown even larger under her expert manipulation.

bill was positively drooling as he sat next to mandy and looked down at her bulging chest. all he could do was just gape at it, watching her play with herself. his daughter broke the silence. "daddy, do you think i'm a bad girl? know, for getting so big up here i mean." mandy looked down at her breasts as she cupped them in her hands.

bill put his arm around her and hugged her to him. he kissed her on the forehead. "honey, you haven't done anything wrong. god made you the way you are, he gave you big bosoms, and that makes you very special." mandy was smiling then as she looked up at bill. "so you don't think my boobs are too big, daddy? everybody else tells me they are--they call me a cow, daddy, a cow with big fat udders. and i just keep getting bigger!"

bill truly felt sorry for his[censored]then. he knew he had to tell her how much he cared for her--to build mandy's self esteem. he got up off the bed and knelt down on the floor in front of her. he took her by the shoulders and looked her straight in the eyes. "sweetheart, daddy thinks you're the prettiest girl he's ever seen. your breasts are very large, and they're very beautiful honey. i love you very much--no matter how big you get--do you understand?" bill hugged her then, his heart racing as her firm young tits pressed into him. then he felt it again--his dick was getting hard as a rock.

the kid had a dramatic effect on him, and she knew it. she wanted to see how far she could push her father, so she began to massage her big breasts, around and around the surface of her huge orbs, her little hands stroked and massaged the pliant girlie tit-flesh that bulged out her top.

"daddy, it feels good when i play with 'em like this--and when i let the boys feel me up on the school bus, feel all over my boobs till they get huge, like this. oh, daddy, i just love it. is it wrong for me to feel that way? to love having my tits played with?" mandy started working herself over then, tugging on her nipples, pushing her fat tits together from the sides, caressing them like puppies under that tight top, till she grew simply enormous from the excitement. "oh daddy, it feels so good!!! i want you to feel me daddy.pleeeeze!!! i know you like 'em, cause of how your thingie gets all big--like the boys at school! feel up my boobs, daddy, make 'em get bigger!"

bill's hands were shaking as he knelt down in front of his busty daughter. "honey, i shouldn't.daddies aren't supposed to play with their little girls like that. i could get in trouble sweetie. and your mommy would hate me. it's just not the thing to do. i'm sorry pumpkin." it broke bill's heart to have to say it, but he knew it was true. if he started, he wouldn't be able to stop. he was prepared to be firm with his daughter--what he wasn't prepared for was her reaction.

"don't you love me daddy?" the[censored]had tears in her big blue eyes as she looked down at him. her fat pouting lips were quivering. "you just told me my boobs were beautiful.that god gave me a great big pair, and that made me didn't mean it at all, did you? you were just saying that." the kid broke down then, crying her little eyes out. bill felt like a real idiot. he had told her she was special--and beautiful--and that he loved her. what did he expect from her?

he reached out to console her - kneeling between her legs, he gently stroked her thighs as she sat on the edge of the bed. "honey, i really did mean what i said--daddy does love you--and you are very special. i'm crazy about your boobs, sweetheart--daddy's very happy they're so big. it's just that."

before he could finish his sentence, mandy grabbed the back of his head and pulled his face right into her cleavage. he felt the warm mounds of tit-flesh caressing his cheeks as she nuzzled his head between them--he was buried to the hilt in his daughter's enormous bosom. "oh i knew it daddy! i just knew you were like, ape over my boobs! you can't hide it, daddy. it's ok, go ahead 'n' play with me. i wont tell anybody, 'specially not mama. she's been mean to me daddy--she doesn't deserve you! i want you all for myself - i want you to be mine daddy - all mine. oh, i just love you so much."

in one quick maneuver, mandy let go of her father's head, reached for the neckline of her skimpy top, and yanked the material down and under her fat swollen globes. they sprang out of the thing with a life all their own, bouncing and wobbling till they finally came to rest. they even surprised her - boing! "would ya look at the size of these things? i never ever got this big before daddy! you're makin' me so horny, that's how come i got this huge--oh daddy, look at 'em!" bill was about to cum in his pants.

_i'm looking honey - dear god in did you ever get so.oh baby you're just.your tits are enormous, they're just so beautiful!" bill gave in completely to his baser instincts and dived right into his daughter's waiting bosom. her big naked tits were there for the taking, and he licked and sucked and slobbered his way over every bulging inch of them. mandy was moaning with pleasure as her daddy tongued her fat nipples and mashed her tits together with his big strong hands. "oh daddy, that's what i on on your little girl's big boobs.make 'em grow daddy!"

all of a sudden, mandy remembered something her friend ramona told her at school--about making tits grow. her little friend was going to have a baby. the kid's own father had knocked her up when she was only 9, after she'd let him cum all over her tits for a whole year before that. ramona told mandy that her daddy's 'baby juice' made her tits grow when he spurted it on her chest, and "that's what made him want to put his thingie inside me and get me all pregnant." ramona said her daddy just lost it when her boobs got so much bigger then--he couldn't keep his hands off her - and she loved it.

it got mandy to thinking. maybe she could get her daddy to cum on her tits--she'd grow even bigger--then he'd be just like ramona's daddy. "he'll want to play with them all the time," she thought, and he might even want to put a baby in me. he won't be able to help himself, this'll be easy getting daddy to play with me, i'll take him away from mama, that bitch. he wont even wanna look at her any more--not when he sees how big mandy's gonna get!"

she decided to put her devious little plan into action--she moved bill's head away from her chest so she could look at him. she looked straight at his crotch. "oops! poor daddy.i think you got all excited again, licking on my tits like that. oh daddy, you're so big! oh my poor sweet need to let mandy pet it for you. can i? pleeeze? i never saw one that big before daddy--your thingie, it's big as my arm daddy!"

bill was under her spell. he stood up in front of her and she unzipped his pants like an experienced lover.

she unbuttoned them at the waist and pulled them down to his ankles.

she reached for the shaft of his cock and gently pumped it--right below the fat bulbous head.

mandy had done this before.

"daddy, i let some boys at school squirt their stuff on my boobies--some of the black boys. they're bigger than the white boys, you know. lots bigger!! my friend ramona says that stuff they squirt is baby juice, cause she got some of it inside of her and it made a baby. ramona says if it squirts on a girl's chest it makes her tits bigger daddy--is that true? can we try it daddy? can you squirt some baby juice on my boobs?"

mandy had both her hands wrapped around his prick, tugging on it in short quick strokes. she leaned forward and began to lick the tip of it; she got a little spurt of pre-cum on her upper lip in the process. the head of it was big as her fist, so it wouldn't fit in her mouth; instead, she swirled her lips and tongue around it, lapping at it like a popsicle. _oh daddy! look like you're gonna explode! this is makin_ you really, really horny huh? you really do wanna cum on my boobs, don'tcha? come on, daddy! squirt it on me! squirt it all over me and watch 'em grow!"

bill simply couldn't take it any more--mandy was pumping and slurping on him like a whore--she looked so obscene with that fat prick in her little hands, her tiny mouth dwarfed by the bulbous purple head of it. her tits had swollen so huge, he couldn't imagine her any bigger, yet he wanted her to be. he wanted to make her as big as her aunt tess. as he thought about the ways he could do that, the cum started to rise in his balls.

he pictured mandy doing this same thing to one of the boys she talked about--how nasty she must look with a big black prick in her little hands--spurting cum all over her pretty white tits. he thought about how big the stuff made her boobs when she rubbed it all in, all over her nipples, over every inch of that fat rack of hers.

then he pictured something else, the thing that sent him over the edge. he looked down at his daughter sitting on the bed and imagined her with a pregnant belly, splaying her legs out to either side, swollen so large that it covered her lap, bulging out all the way to her knees. in his mind's eye, he saw his little girl so hugely pregnant she would barely be able to walk.

he felt the familiar rumbling deep in his balls as he looked at her. he knew the sweet release was coming, and mandy helped it along--she was jerking her little hands up and down his shaft like a piston--he was all slippery with pre-cum and spit from his [CENSORED]'s hungry mouth. "oh daddy, here it comes, i can tell.oh, you're getting so big!! you're gonna squirt it on me huh daddy? come on, give it to me now.all over me!"

bill erupted - and mandy jumped back with a look of shock on her face as a big fat glob of cum hit her squarely in the mouth. some of it went up the [CENSORED]'s nose _ some of it bounced off and landed in her hair _ a big wad of it hung on one of her pigtails. bill grabbed his prick then and aimed it at her tits--he had to see it--all over her fat boobs.

it came flying out the head of his dick like a gusher and splattered all across his daughter's pretty chest back and forth, he moved his prick, hosing his little girl with thick sticky cum. she giggled with delight, shaking and wobbling her tits as bill turned her pretty bosom into a cum-dump. "wow, daddy, i never knew a man could have that much stuff inside of 'em! you're like a horsy, daddy!"

mandy began to rub the thick fuck-cream into her swollen boobs as bill watched in a trance--the damn things were getting bigger.and bigger.and bigger. now that he'd started this with his (not so) little girl, where would it ever stop?

end part 2

i've enjoyed writing part 2 and will continue, provided i get some interest from readers--how do you like it so far? what else would you like to hear about? let me hear from you!

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