My Wife Gets Stretched
by Anonymous
(M/F, size)

The day my wife told me that she wanted to find out what it would be like to fuck a guy with a really big cock, I cried.

My wife of four years is probably the most luscious women you could meet with an innocent heart of gold. I felt responsible in a way. When I met her she was a sweet young girl from the Midwest. We met in college and I married her soon afterwards. She is a total sweetheart and I treat her with all respect and love, so it was a big shock when she told me she wanted to fuck other guys.

I should have seen it coming. I had turned her on to porno-films and sex-toys which may have contributed to her fantasy and longing for a massive cock.

We would always talk dirty in bed about her getting fucked. I have a reasonably large cock of 6" that stretches her tiny pussy every time we make love.

She is only 4'11" 97 pounds and I couldn't imagine a larger cock penetrating her petite cunt.

Another thing that I did may have contributed to this situation; I admitted to her my pantyhose fetish which she fueled by dressing in pantyhose when we fucked and letting me wear her pantyhose. She really liked my cock in the Pantyhose.


One day while rummaging around through her drawers I found a publication which runs a club for guys with big cocks. After skimming through it I found a bunch of personal ads with one really catching my eye. It read M/W/F 29 4' 11" 97Lbs. seeks hot stud who is into pantyhose with huge member.

I knew it was my wife immediately and searched more to see what I could find. In another magazine I found replies to her ad in 14 different envelopes with Polaroid's of a bunch of guys with enormous cocks, and notes telling my wife what they would like to do to her.

At first I was jealous, but as I read the letters I was turned on by their offerings of hot sex. I wondered who she would pick but in the back of my mind I knew. There was one guy who had two letters, which led me to believe she had replied to him. His name was Andy and he had the biggest cock out of all of them, claiming to be a fat 13 1/2" when fully erect.

As I read the second letter from Andy, I found out that with the letter, he had sent a video tape of him- self jerking off his monster cock for my wife, while wearing pantyhose.

I had to admit that the thought of that even had me turned on. What ever my wife wrote to this guy had really turned him on, because his return letter was full of erotic smut.

By now I was horny and curios all at once. I search- ed for the videotape but couldn't find it so I put everything back where I found it and waited for my wife to get home.

That night I asked her if she still wanted to fuck another guy, and she reassured me that when she found the right guy she would let me know and that it would just be sex and that she still would love me, she just wanted to experience sex with a another guy and see what it was like.

That night she said she had to stay up late again to get work done for the office and that I should just get some sleep.

We hadn't had sex for over a week and I was begin- ning to wonder. That night I woke to hear my wife talking in a whisper in the living room.

I picked up the portable phone and held the mute button. On the line was my wife talking really dirty to a guy on the other end. "I'm watching your video Mike. Your cock in so fucking big! God what I'd love do to have you in me right now," my wife said as she moaned in to the phone.

I quietly walked down the hall to see her laying on the couch rubbing her pussy as the whir of the VCR rolled the video of her hot phone lover jerking on his meat through a pair of sheer to waist beige pantyhose.

They talked back and forth while I listened in on the phone jerking off in the shadows of the hallway, watching my wife masturbate while she intensely watched the huge cock filling our television screen.

In no time I was coming all over my hand, having to cup my palm to keep my sperm from splashing on the hall rug. I tried to cover my spray with my right hand but jism shot in blasts through my fingers splattering the wall and dripping down to the carpet anyway. I quickly tried to clean up the mess and snuck back to the bed- room.

The next few weeks we still had had no sex, she kept putting me off by saying that she had a yeast infection.

But I wondered if she was really cheating on me and fucking someone else. I really felt left out of her fantasy and began to get jealous and angry that she was hiding all this from me.

As the days wore on we began to fight, finally hav- ing a big long into-the-night yelling match after I confronted her.

She kept saying that she had not fucked any one "yet," and if she was getting accused of it she might just as well do it.

"Do it!" I yelled. "Go ahead and get your fucking fantasy over with."

In front of me she picked up the phone and told the guy to come over and fuck her. She was looking into my eyes as she insisted that he come over right now, and that she'd gotten permission from me to do it.

I sat on the couch fuming as she told him the directions to our house. I couldn't believe she was really going to fuck someone else, and with me in the house to boot!

She was really going to go through with it!! She hung up the phone and announced that he would be there in an hour and that either way if I stay or went, she was going to fuck him before the night was over.

After a while we both calmed down and began talking, eventually crying in each other's arms. We both knew though that this hung dude was on his way over.

She then took me by the hand and told me to go up- stairs and slip into a pair of pantyhose and get in bed and that she had to fix herself up. "I love you, I hope you know!" she said as I walked up the stairs to our bedroom. I hope she meant what she said. I knew that I was about to share my lovely wife with a stranger, and for some reason it appealed to me, I was rock hard as I undressed in our bedroom.


After a while I heard the doorbell. I could hear my wife answer and a man's voice. I could hear my wife turning on the radio and heard nothing -- but the sound of music from the stereo in the living room. It seemed like hours passed before suddenly my wife walked in leading this big twenty-something guy, wearing nothing but pantyhose.

At first I pretended that I was asleep with one eye open just enough to see my wife pulling this guy to- wards her as she sat down on the bed. His cock was huge and her lipstick was smeared all over his face, body and pantyhose covered cock.

His huge cock hung in the pantyhose like a kielbosa sausage. Then to my amazement she grabbed hold of his pantyhose with her teeth ripping an opening in the crotch and pulled out his huge cock.

She cooed as she rubbed and kissed his cock head which seeming to pulse in large jerks as she stroked his shaft to full erection. I looked up to confirm that it was indeed 13" 1/2 inches.

Andy who was grabbing the back of my wife's head forcing her face down to his crotch to suck his cock.

She began acting like a wild woman sucking his cock and pumping the rest of his shaft with one hand while reaching into the torn pantyhose to massaging his balls with the other.

I was so turned on at this point I lost all trace of jealousy. I began to rub my now stiff cock through the sheer fabric of my pantyhose as I lay there silent watching my wife suck on this stranger like one of those porno-films we'd been watching.

Her little mouth was stretched to capacity as she struggled to take more and more of him with each ro- tating plunge into her mouth, his enormous blood engorged cock was stretching her mouth to the point I thought that the skin at the corners of her mouth would rip.

After awhile Andy began to buck his hips. He grabbed my wife by her hair with both hands and began to fuck her little mouth wildly.

My wife's head matched his thrusts as she made choking sounds as Andy's long cock forced it's self into her throat.

Suddenly he withdrew and blew huge strings of long thick strands of sperm over my wife's face and breasts, and finally plunging his spurting penis back into her mouth filling it up with his hot goo, until white gushes of semen mixed with my wife's spittle drooled out the sides of the corners of her mouth.

When he was done, he groaned on last time and then let go his grip on my wife's hair. She laid back on the bed next to me, spitting Andy's cum into her hand and greased up her pussy.

She looked over at me and said, "You're awake aren't you sweetheart?"

I opened my eyes to see my wife covered in some else's cum. It was like I was just like that porno- film. My wife was like some wild porno star and was totally caught up in her lust. Her face was covered with glistening cum. She smiled at me then turned to Andy.

"Andy fuck me! I want my husband to watch me getting fucked by your hard manly cock. Make him jealous, baby. Fuck me with that big fucking cock of yours, I want you in me now."

Andy looked at me saying in a stern voice. "Don't look at me. I'll fucking kill you if you start any shit. Your wife wants my fucking cock and I plan to give it to her," Andy said glaring at me.

Andy gabbed my wife's thin waist as she thrust her pelvis up and spread her legs to accept his big monster dick. She was by now wearing only pantyhose herself also, with a hole torn in it by Andy.

Holding his cock in hand, Andy rubbed the huge pur- ple helmet against her cum covered pussy. I grabbed my wife's hand and she squeezed it so hard it hurt. At that moment Andy managed to pop the head of his cock into her tight vagina.

My wife gasped for air taking short quick hard breaths as if she was giving birth -- Andy plunged himself about ten inches into her. He would withdraw taking short little strokes plunging deeper with sharp deep plunges every fifth stroke or so as he worked himself into my wife.

She was making little soft cries, and panting for breath. I could tell by her twisted expression as she clenched her teeth and squinted her eyes closed that she was in extreme pain but really enjoying it.

Andy began fucking her harder, but still had at least 3 more inches left to put into her.

They fucked wildly like that for about ten minutes until my wife wrapped her pantyhose encased legs around Andy drawing him into the hilt. She moaned in pleasure making sounds I've never heard her make before. "Fuck me! fuck me as hard as you can. My pussy is numb from the pain," she screamed to him.

Andy began to pump her so hard I nearly fell off the bed. By now I was stroking my cock fiercely through the nylon of my pantyhose watching the two of them fuck like only crazed lovers can.

Then without warning Andy shivered as her released himself into my wife's sweaty little body. I could see him jerk each time he blasted his come deep into her tight little cunt.

It seemed to go on forever. I know that it couldn't have been longer than 30 seconds, but watching another man coming in my wife was a moment that stretched into eternity. Finally Andy gasped and rolled off my wife's small body.

Without waiting I climbed on top of my wife and pressed my cock against her pussy. Heat radiated from her cunt as I slipped easily into her. Her pussy was totally filled with goo and her pussy had been so stretched out that I felt like I wasn't even in her. I was used to ramming the back of her pussy with the head of my cock slamming into her rear wall, but not anymore, there wasn't any resistance now. Andy had changed that, maybe forever.

I fucked her like a hamster on speed in a grudge fuck pace. My little slut wife now had Andy's cock back to almost full erection. As I fucked her she pulled him to her lips and gulped on his huge knob.

The sight of her drenched in cum and sweat was too much to handle. I began cumming harder that I had ever done before cumming -- shot after shot mixing my sperm with the strangers inside her pussy.

I began to worry a little because it was almost as if I was peeing in her. I had never had an orgasm like that before and my wife wrapped her legs around my ass savoring the cum that flowed into her.

We continued to fuck for hours -- late into the night, with Andy leaving as the sun came up.

My wife was passed out on the bed naked, and still horny as crazy, I decided to examine her well fucked pussy.

It's strange but she looked absolutely beautiful to me in that state. There she was dressed in torn panty- hose, our cum spewed all over her tanned tight little body, lost in slumber. She had the most pleased look on her pretty little face.

I couldn't help myself, I had to relieve my need again, so I mounted my slutty little woman one more time...