My Roommate's Cock
by ?

I have a roomate in college here. His name is Jack. He has more girls following him around than any other guy I’d ever seen.

In the dorm showers, I couldn’t help but notice that his cock has got to be over eight inches long. It is nearly as big around as a paper towel roll. I don’t usually go around checking out guys’ dicks, mind you, but this is my roommate, and I had seen him naked a couple of times.

One day, I came to the dorm room, and it was locked, so I took my key and unlocked it. He was on his bed, beating his meat. Fully erect, his dick was at least nine inches long. I had never seen anything like it.

I closed the door and went to my bed, and he didn’t cover himself. He just kept jacking off, and when he shot his load, the cum flew up and hit him in the face, some went over his head to the wall, and quite a bit landed on his chest.

I lay on my bed and watched this in total amazement. No wonder the girls liked him, I thought.

I had heard a couple of rumors about his sexual antics, and I asked him.

"You go into the girls’ dorms and strip, and jack off for them?"

He nodded, wiping up the cum from his face and hair. He took tissues and wiped the wall.

"They all want to suck it, and play with it, and a lot of them want me to fuck them," he said.

"I don’t believe that."

He told me that I could go with him that night. I was going to see something I wouldn’t forget, he said.

The night approached, and I was apprehensive. My room mate had an enormous cock, and just the thought of watching him jack off and be sucked by all those girls really turned me on. I wasn’t gay, and I never really thought about it, and I didn’t really care if someone was gay. It wasn’t what turned me on. But, the thought of watching all those girls watching his massive piece of meat really thrilled me. Jack smiled broadly as we walked over to the girls’ dorm. "Just wait, the girls will go wild over my cock," he said. He tapped lightly on a door, and a smiling young woman opened it. There were at least nine girls in the dorm room, and sitting on the two beds, on the desk, and on chairs. One of the girls put on some music, and Bob started stripping. I stood beside the door, watching as he just gyrated slowly and took off his shirt. He writhe and twisted, and slowly maneuvered himself to where he was dancing in front of one of the girls sitting on the chairs. He thrust his crotch in her direction, and she reached out and unsnapped his jeans. He backed away quickly, letting his pants dangle open. As he moved and gyrated to the music, his pants slowly began to loosen and fall to his knees. A lot of the girls were smiling, eyeing the massive cock hidden beneath the white cotton of his briefs. He stopped moving and kicked off his shoes. He bent and pulled his jeans off when they reached mid-calf, and then he simply reached down and tugged his sweatshirt over his head. He gyrated toward one of the girls seated, and she reached forward slowly and then made a sudden grab for his cock. She pulled at his briefs with a quick, sudden, downward motion, and his giant dick jumped free of the fabric. He stood there for a few moments, letting his briefs fall to the floor. He moved one foot out of them and kicked them in the air, catching them with one hand. He giant cock began flopping around as he started dancing, closer and closer to the girls’ faces. One of the girls reached inside her cutoffs, and I felt myself getting hard, watching her hand move beneath the loose fabric. She was playing with herself, watching Jack’s enormous cock bounce and sway as he gyrated. He moved close to one of the girls, and she reached out and grabbed his cock, trying to pull it toward her mouth. Another girl reached inside her jeans, and I noticed that another one had stood up, and was pulling her pants down. Slowly, I watched in amazement, my cock throbbing uncontrollably as the girls --- all of the --- took off their clothes. Jack stopped dancing and began jacking off to the music. One by one, the girls came over and touched his cock. One of them tried to put it in her mouth, but he backed away. She turned and looked at me and smiled. She came over to the door and fell on her knees in front of me, unzipping my pants. She had my hot dick in her hands, and she opened her mouth and took it all the way to the back of her throat. She fingered herself rapidly as she sucked on me. Then, Jack’s legs began to shake. He stroked himself faster, and I could hear his hand slapping against his balls, he was beating his meat so hard. "He’s gonna cum," one of the girls said. They moved closer, gathering around on their knees to get a better look. The girl in front of me sucked harder, pulling my body around so that she, too could watch Jack shoot. He came, the jizz flying in the air, landing on the girls’ faces, in their hair, on their tits. I came at just that time, the girl squeezing my balls tantalizingly, sucking the cum into her throat with force. After that, I got two or three more blow jobs --- I think. I’m not really sure what happened. I fucked three of the girls, at least. I knew that, the next day, my cock was tired. And, my eyes were tired. Jack was exhausted, but there he was, in his bed, jacking off when I woke up. Imagine that.