Mom Peeping
by Silver Fox (

The shapely 36-year brunette stood with her ear to the door and was listening to the grunting noises coming from the other side. She knew it was her 14-year-old son on the other side, and deep down she knew exactly what he was in the process of doing, and it excited her.

She had told him she would be out shopping for quite a while, since her girlfriend was going to meet her at the mall and they were going to spend the afternoon shopping. But at the last minute she had gotten a call that she was going to have to go alone. She decided to at least get some groceries and left anyway. But she was back a lot earlier than her young son had expected.

He was sitting on the toilet seat, with his pants around his ankles and his stiff cock wrapped in his hand as he smelled a pair of his mom's panties he had retrieved from the clothes hamper. The first smell of the crotch made his cock twinge, as he inhaled the sexy aroma. That morning he had seen his shapely mom come out of the shower wrapped in a towel, but the towel was not around her tits. She had one around her waist, and one on her head as she was drying her hair while she went to her room. She had not seen him in his doorway just about to come out.

Kurt had seen both of his mom's delicious breasts with their proud and dark brown nipples, causing his cock to immediately erect in his pants. He had gone back into his room and relieved the pressure in his young balls as he recreated the picture of her luscious breasts in his mind. But when she left he became horny once more and decided to use her panties to get off. It was not known to him, he had done it quite often when she was gone.

The sexy aroma drove him to frenzy as his hand sped up on his cock. He knew he was going to cum soon, but wanted to prolong the feeling a little longer. He threw his head back and began moaning with the pleasure his hand was causing.

It was the moans and groans that had attracted his mother to the door. Her heart was beating like a tom-tom in her chest as she silently tried the knob on the door. Her heart skipped a beat as the knob turned in her hand. He had not locked the door. Kurt was too far-gone to notice that the door was open just a crack. But that opening was allowing his mom full view of what he was in the process of doing.

Karen let out a low gasp as she saw her son's cock being stroked by his fist. She let out another almost audible gasp when she saw her panties being sniffed by her young son. She felt ashamed of herself for spying on her own son during such a private moment. But the lack of sex since her divorce were a driving force and kept her at the door. She shivered as she felt some of her juices begin to run down her thighs, her panty crotch was completely soaked and could absorb no more as she witnessed the erotic scene before her.

Shamefully she lifted her skirt as she watched and slid a finger past the leg band of her bikini panties and contacted her wet slit. A low moan escaped her lips as her finger penetrated her labia and became instantly wet. Her knees weakened as her finger contacted her hard little clit.

Kurt was in the final throes of his pleasure. He was past the point of no return as he felt his nuts tighten and felt that familiar feeling in his belly deep down. His hand slowed and he looked down at the tip of his cock as the first spurt came out with such force that it splashed against the wall in front of him. It was followed by 3 more strong spurts as he loudly uttered, "Mom, Oh MOM mmmmmmmmm, ohhhh."

Karen let out a loud moan as her climax took over. The sight of her son's cock shooting so much sperm was too much for her. Her breath came in rapid gasps as she fought to catch her breath. Her knees buckled slightly causing her to fall towards the door with enough force that it flung it wide open. She quickly pulled her hand from under her skirt, but there she was in full view of her son. And he was in full view of her with his cock still oozing thick streams of cum down the shaft of his cock and over his fingers.

She quickly excused herself and grabbed the door and closed it. Her face was hot and flushed, her thighs were soaked with her orgasmic juices, and she wobbled as she went into her bedroom and shut the door. She leaned up against the door and felt so ashamed of violating her son's privacy. But at the same time the picture of his nice sized cock squirting out his young seed was etched into her mind. She quickly undressed and got into the shower. In there she again fingered herself to 2 more orgasms as she thought of what she had witnessed. The though of having sex with her own son was in her mind, but quickly dismissed as a shameful thought.

That night at the supper table neither one could look the other in the eye as they ate. After Karen went to her room and tried to sleep early, but the fire in her loans had to be quenched once again with her fingers before sleep would come. Little did she know that in his room across from her, Kurt was once again squirting to the thought of his mom having seen his cock. Sure for a while he was very embarrassed, but little by little the embarrassment gave way to excitement, and exhibitionistic thoughts. It was with the image of his mother's eyes on his cock that he shot out yet another huge load.

The next morning was Sunday and Karen didn't have to work nor was there school for Kurt. As she showered, her nipples became painfully erect by once again the image of her son the day before. She knew she had to apologize to her son for what she had done. Plus she sensed that he must really be so embarrassed that she really should do something to smooth it over. She dried her hair and applied a light coat of make up, and dressed only in her robe, she knocked on Kurt's door.

Kurt quickly pulled the sheet up over his hard cock, because he was once again stroking it towards relief. Now his mom wanted to come in, SHIT. He pushed his hard cock downwards so it was between his thighs and told her she could come in.

His mom came in and sat on the side of the bed facing him, causing her robe to part slightly enough for him to see a nicely shaped thigh. "Kurt," she began, "I want to apologize for spying on you yesterday."

"It's okay mom."

"No its Not, I shouldn't have."

"But I want you to know that there is nothing wrong with what you were doing."

"Gee mom can't we talk about something else?"

"We need to talk about it now Kurt."

He had hoped that his cock would go soft, but the sight of her thigh, and the smell of her freshly showered smell, plus she was talking of what happened all of those made his cock even painfully stiffer. His mother was slightly leaning forward causing the robe to allow him the sight of cleavage.

Karen realized that her robe had parted and her thighs were bare, so she stood and straightened her robe and pulled the belt tight again and sat back down on the bed. Her sitting down caused the bed to drop enough that his trick of pinning his hard on between his thighs failed, and his cock jumped up straight as an arrow, tenting the sheet.

The action immediately caught Karen's eye as she gasped aloud seeing the tent in the sheet.

"My god Kurt did I do that to you?" He couldn't answer, but knowing his mom was sitting inches away was making his cock painfully in need of release. "Kurt honey, do you need to do it now?"

"Do what mom?"

"You know....ah...stroke it."

"Gosh Mom!"

"What were you thinking of yesterday with my panties? Were you dreaming of seeing me naked?"


Karen grabbed the sheet and pulled it down, before Kurt even was aware of it he felt the cool air around his hard cock. Karen stared at the stiff instrument and sub conscientiously licked her lips. She couldn't believe her own actions as her hand crept over the sheet and wrapped itself around her son's hard cock. Kurt gasped and groaned at the same time as he felt his mother's warm hand grasp him.

"I can help you Kurt, you need relief, I'm sorry I did this to you."

But she wasn't really sorry, as a matter of fact her pussy was on fire just from the sight of his nice young cock and now she had it in her hand. Kurt let out a loud groan as his mother slowly began to stroke him.

"Does that feel good honey?"

"OHHHHH Yessssss Mom."

"Better than your own hand?"

"Lots better mom...mmmmmmmmm."

He had his eyes closed enjoying the intense feeling when all of a sudden the hand was gone. He opened his eyes to see his mother stand up and slowly slide the bathrobe off of their shoulders. In only a second his beautiful mom was standing at his bedside naked. His eyes went from her breasts to the neatly trimmed fur patch between her legs. He could see the puffy lips and the moisture drops clinging to the hair.

"Is this what you think about dear?" His mom smiled as she sat back down and once again wrapped her hand around his cock.

Kurt thought he had died and gone to heaven as he watched and felt his mom jerking him off as she sat naked before him. Then to his disbelief she leaned forward and blew air on the head of his cock, causing him to groan loudly. He stared as if in shock as he watched his mom lean closer and her pink tongue came out and licked a drop of pre cum from the tip of his hard cock. But he almost screamed when she opened her mouth and took the whole head of his cock in. He could feel her tongue swirling around and around as she began bobbing her head up and down.

Karen was so in lust she had to have his tasty cum in her mouth, she wanted to slowly suck him and make it last for them both, but the young boy was not used to such intense pleasure, and arched his back and thrust his groin up to her face as he released.

Each spurt from his cock was matched with a loud, "AAAAAAAAHHHH," from him. And each spurt was matched with his mother's "MMMMMMMMMMM," around his shaft as she swallowed spurt after spurt. It was at least twice as much as she had seen him shoot the day before. It seemed to last forever before his cock gave a final lurch in her hot, soft mouth and just began oozing.

The young woman stayed with her son's cock until there wasn't anymore to be had. She even squeezed the shaft and forced more into her mouth. Kurt felt the bed shake as his mother went into orgasm from her free hand at her wet pussy.

Even after she kept his cock in her mouth, and to her delight, she felt it start to soften, then reversed and got stiffer than before it seemed to her. Kurt could only stare as his mom straddled his hips and poised her wet hairy slit right over his new erection. Then he groaned as she dropped down and took him fully into her wet pussy.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh Kurt you feel soooo good in meeeeee!"

And the young mother went into another climax as she felt her son's penis lurch inside of her and shoot yet another load of his seed deep into where he had originated from.

Something told her that this was just the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Kurt had the same feeling as he watched his mother, slip his cock out of her pussy and once again take it into her mouth!