judith and me
by homer vargas (vargas111@yahoo.com ); revised by trey gallant
(m/f, mc)

chapter 1: grace

"my god! what a piece of ass on that woman!" i thought as i looked out from my patio. although grace archer must be past forty, her figure didn't show it. or rather, it did. she was plump in all the right places! i had been watching my sexy new neighbor leave the house in her skimpy nurses' uniforms since she moved next door a few weeks ago. her large, jiggling rack seldom failed to send me off to work horny or back to my room for some relief. on weekends i had seen her in frilly, translucent blouses that made it impossible not to stare. and the mini skirts she wore - a little trashy, but damn they were hot! i couldn't keep from looking at her beautiful ass and those bazookas. i got a hard on almost anytime i caught a glimpse of her.

right now i was guiltily watching her hang out her laundry: lacy bras and high french-cut panties, not the sorts of things that most middle-aged women wore. this morning she had on a pair of tight pink short shorts and a bright yellow halter i hadn't seen before. the halter displayed those marvelous full breasts and the shorts hugged her tight round ass in a way that stiffened my prick as usual. no doubt about it, mrs. archer was one hell of a stacked woman.

suddenly, to my embarrassment, she caught my eyes on her and blew me a kiss before wiggling her hips back into her house. the rest of the week i had the impression she knew i was watching and that she was deliberately putting on a show for me. although embarrassed at my attraction to this sexy older woman, i couldn't get her out of my mind.

when friday night rolled i was alone; sarah, my girlfriend, insisting that seeing each other once a week was enough and it was to be saturday this week. i had a few beers and turned in early. that night i dreamed about her. i saw grace standing by my bed in a short black dress rubbing her tits and touching herself between her legs. i tried to get up to make her go away, but i seemed paralyzed. then, very deliberately, she let the dress fall away. she was naked except for panties and heels. grinning, she slipped out of them and into bed with me, offering me one of her luscious breasts to kiss.

i didn't remember much else, but when i awoke very late saturday morning, i could see i must have had a hell of a wet dream. the bed was a damp mess and i felt totally drained as if i had come several times in my sleep. i tried to put the strange dream out of my mind, but it seemed always to be there.

i set about straightening the house, doing the laundry and catching up on business and tried to think about my date that night with sarah. it was annoying not to be able to get this sexy older woman out of my mind. even to compare the two was ridiculous. my fiancee was slim and pretty, a lawyer who did work for my firm occasionally. we were obviously right for each other. sara was sensible and orderly and was going to be a perfect wife. we would have sex once a week on friday night -- lights out. she would decide when the best time was for each of our exactly two [CENSORED] to be born. i had given up on getting her to go out for a romantic evening or a night of dancing. at 25, she was too old for that, she said. sara was sweet and oh so sensible, but i couldn't shake the raw sexuality mrs. archer exuded.

later, just as i was getting ready to leave to pick up sarah for our date at the opera, i heard a knock on my door. to my dismay, i found a grinning grace archer there with a big plate of stuffed jalapeno peppers, ready for a "visit." considering my uncomfortable attraction to her, i was not eager to let her in. besides, i really didn't have time for her right then. still, i found with the memory of that dream still on my mind and i couldn't close the door on her.

she greeted me with a kiss on the cheek and a too-tight hug as she sashayed in, looking around as if she were going to buy the place. planting herself on my couch, she began downing the stuffed peppers, talking a mile a minute. i sat as far away as possible on the love seat across the room hoping i could get rid of her as soon as possible.

nevertheless, i couldn't ignore her display of cleavage while we talked. soon i realized she had her skirt hiked up as well, and i could see she wasn't wearing any panties. i tried to control myself, but i couldn't keep from looking up her skirt, or into her blouse. the more i looked, the more difficult it became to follow what she was saying. i was getting so horny just looking at this woman i couldn't think about anything except wanting to play with those titties and run my hand up under her dress.

attempting to defuse the situation, i offered her some tea. "don't you have any beer? dos equis would be fine." she grinned. i didn't beer of course, of course, sarah didn't approve of me drinking beer, but against my better judgement, i produced a couple of scotches. "how about another slug and some more ice for mine, honey?" she grinned, handing me her drink as i was about to sit down again.

when i returned from the kitchen, grace was parked on the love seat, my drink was sitting on the end table. i could hardly take it back to the couch without being obviously rude, so i wedged myself into the little space grace had left. this left me pressed against a large, soft and very sexy woman.

as we sipped our drinks, i began to realize what a big mistake it had been, letting grace into my house, and worse, to have a drink with this over-endowed female. i supposed it was my excitement, but the alcohol hit me hard! i tried to make small talk, but i was having increasing trouble concentrating on anything but grace.

suddenly she broke off, smiled at me, and said, "do you like my boobies, david?"

"excuse me?"

"oh, don't be shy, she coaxed. "you know what i mean. you have been drooling at my titties for a half hour, boy. it's kind of cute the way you glance away occasionally, trying not to look, but your eyes keep being dragged back. i have to conclude you enjoy looking at a woman's breasts, especially a girl like me who really has something to look at!" there was mischief in her eyes.

"please forgive me, mrs. archer," i began. it's just that ..."

"oh, don't apologize," she interrupted, breezily. "and i've told you to call me grace. it's a very natural reaction. the drink has probably gone to your head, poor baby, and i *am* sitting quite close to you." she giggled a little and snuggled a little closer. "is it your fault that a couple of naughty buttons of my blouse are undone, giving you a nice peek at my big round boobs? you are a healthy young man; it's only natural for you to be getting horny."

"well, yes, but still i shouldn't ..."

"don't be silly, david. it happens to men all the time when i show 'em these jugs. i kind like it when a man can't keep his eyes off my bosom. in fact, i want you to keep on looking at my titties while i open my blouse a little more," she said softly, unfastening a couple more buttons. "i want you to keep you eyes fixed on my big, round tits, david. you could gaze at them forever. tell me you like to look at my tits."

"i like to look at your tits, mrs. ... grace" i repeated, before i could stop myself.

"very good, david," she smiled. "you are doing just what i told you to do. you are looking at my tits. you called me 'grace.' you said just what you were supposed to. you like doing what you're told, don't you? you even admitted you liked to look because i ordered you to say it. you like obeying me, don't you, david?"

"yes, ma'am." i heard myself say. god! why would i admit that?

"that's right. now just keep looking, you can't help looking at my big, pretty tits ... because you want to obey me." she had lowered her voice to a gentle, rhythmic flow of sound. "of course, i like it even better when you peek up my skirt. you were peeking at me from across the room, too, weren't you?"

"yes, ma'am." i murmured, "but ..."

"of course you were, you naughty boy. i've got on a really short, sexy skirt and i hiked it a little to give you a nice view. you couldn't keep your eyes off my crotch. would you like to see some more?"

"yes, ma'am."

"now be careful," she teased. "you should realize that peeking at my crotch will just make you hornier, but you like me to make you horny, don't you?" she coaxed.

"yes, grace," i barely breathed. i wasn't thinking too clearly now.

"of course you do, sweetie," she whispered, shifting and turning to expose herself even more. "it feels good to let me get you horny. i want you to be horny, baby. a horny man does what he is told and that is going to make things a lot more fun for both of us."

by now, i guess i was just staring, stupefied. "well, don't waste my time just eyeballing me, my young friend. these titties are itching for some action. why don't you get these puppies out of my blouse. get yourself a couple of handful of tit and start working me over. i think you'll like what happens when a man gets his hands on my boobs!"

i started to protest but suddenly she took me into her arms and was kissing me. part of me knew something was badly wrong! i shouldn't be doing this, not with her, and not now when sarah was waiting for me, but somehow i couldn't keep my hands off her body.

everything was so fuzzy. first i was just kissing and feeling her up, but then before i knew it, she had me sucking and kissing those wonderful tits until i couldn't think straight. even while i was sucking those luscious nipples, she hiked up her skirt and guided my free hand between her legs. "put your hands on me down here, darling. you're working my tits up real good, but i've got another toy for you to play with. uiii, yes! right there! stick your finger in my cunt. tickle my clit, lover. i'll show you how to make a girl happy!"

foggy as i was, i was amazed; her pussy was already wet! before i knew it, even while i was just feeling her breasts, i think, she unzipped my pants and started massaging my cock. and all the while, she kept talking, talking so softly that i couldn't make out most of what she was saying. it drove me wild. i was dazed, carried away with lust.

after having me finger her to several orgasms, she drew my face down between her legs, something sara would never have allowed me to do, much less initiated. i don't know how long she held me there, nuzzling her pussy and tonguing her clit, drinking the juices that oozed out each time she came, but i never wanted it to end. finally heard her say, "all right lover. you've worked on me long enough, darling. it's time for us to sack out."

all thought of sarah had fled. grace must have just led me upstairs, to my bedroom. my memory is rather hazy, but i think she sat me down on the bed and started taking off my clothes for me. "you poor horny baby," she whispered and kissed me again. "grace made her baby work so hard to turn her on. and he did such a good job. his hands got her nipples hard and his tongue gave her wonderful cums. he's going to be an awesome lover! grace is feeling warm and soft and so ready for long night in bed with her stud. but in arousing her, poor baby got terribly aroused, too, didn't you sweetie?. now he deserves to relax and leave everything to grace. grace is going to make love to her baby so good."

it was like a [CENSORED]! part of me fought the desire for her, fought against losing control, but when she pushed me down to mount me, i was too aroused even to want to resist any more. "good boy, my good horny boy," she cooed and crawled astride me. she was so big, once she was on me, i couldn't push her off. i had never been fucked with a woman on top. i felt helpless under her weight, powerless. but it was wonderful, even as i felt control of myself slip away. my body was hers to do with as she wished. she took my prick and slid it in her pussy and rode me for a long time, never ceasing to talk to me in that soft, sexy voice that i could not quite understand, but which i loved hearing.

grace got herself off more times than i could count. at last she let me orgasm. as i exploded into her, she cradled my head to her bosom, placed a nipple in my mouth and let darkness fall around me

from then on my life was turned upside down. grace came over every night so we could make love. -- who am i kidding? - she came over to fuck. i had never been so hot for a woman. sometimes during the day i would have fleeting thoughts about sarah. i knew i should return her increasingly irate calls, but it just kept slipping my mind. all i could think about at work was getting home so grace could screw me again that night. she was a wonderfully randy bitch who couldn't seem to get enough, and she awoke in me that voracious passion of a younger man for an older woman.

if she was already at my house when i got back from work, i knew how she would be waiting for me, dressed in a parody of her nurse's uniform and eager to get laid. she would engulf me in her arms and guide my hands up under the pantiless micro-shift. as i fondled her bare ass, she would kiss me and whisper teasingly, "oh lover, baby, you seem so tense and frustrated. are you horny because you haven't had your personal nurse for too many hours? i'd better give you some of medicine to relax you. dinner can wait, darling."

at that point food was the farthest thing from my mind.

"you need some immediate relief, don't you? i know how to soothe away those tensions, remove those frustrations. you need my special way to make a man unwind! come upstairs to bed, honey, and i'll give you a nice, easy roll in the hay."

she wouldn't let me prepare dinner until she had served me the appetizer from between her legs and i had been screwed silly at least once. and as soon as i had finished serving and cleaning up after the meal, she would call me to the couch where we would make out while watching an erotic video to "make sure you're in a raunchy mood," she'd giggle. then when i was horny out of my mind, she would always take me to bed and put me to sleep like the first night: riding me to orgasm that knocked me out.

my recreational habits were jerked around 180 degrees. my (and sarah's) season tickets to the opera lay unused. grace preferred hockey and screamed like a maniac when a fight broke out. between fuck sessions at home she liked to watch wrestling on tv. on weekends she dragged me up and down the east coast to see stock car racing and tractor pulls. on the positive side she also insisted i start a rigorous exercise program at the local gym, "because i want to make sure you stay hard," she laughed.

i was somewhat disturbed by the powerful obsession i felt for grace and my sudden loss of interest in other women -- sarah had finally dumped me when i never called her. still, i was too busy getting laid day and night by this insatiable woman to be able to worry much about it.

things might have gone on like that for i don't know how long, if the hospital had not sent grace out of town on training for a few days. she seemed a little apprehensive about leaving me, but she told me just to relax while she was gone and rented a bunch of porno movies for me. "watch one every night and think about me while you wank," she had giggled after she made love to me the morning she went away.

the first night, that's exactly what i did. grace's instructions were ringing in my ears when i got home that evening. immediately i went to the vcr and slipped in the tape she had selected for me. almost immediately my eyes were glued to the screen and my cock grew hard as a rock. an old movie from the days when porn flicks had plots, it showed a group of white explorers in africa who are turned into breeding slaves by a tribe of big-busted women. as the movie ends, the queen of the tribe is lolling between two smiling women with large pregnant bellies who are slowly masturbating. the even more pregnant queen has an expression of sheer ecstasy on her face as the leader of the explorers is kneeling between her legs eating her to orgasm.

wow! grace really know how to push my buttons! i went to sleep that night with visions of the queen/grace fucking me silly. unfortunately for grace, the fare the next night was your typical xxx movie, several men and women fucking in various position and rooms of a house without much rhyme or reason. i had a good come, but nothing like the night before.

by the third night for the first time in months, i was thinking more clearly. i really didn't want to watch another film like last night so i decided to catch up on personal business. i sat down with my bank statement. to my shock, i noticed that for the last three months my software royalties had been transferred to grace's account. it dawned on me that i had not been spending any of my own money recently. grace always bought the groceries-- she was practically living over at my house now -- and when we were out shopping, even for clothes for me, she was the one who paid -- with my credit card. i even remembered the amused looks she got from some of the saleswomen and the "eat your heart out" wink she had given them. the only money i spent was a few dollars grace gave me every morning for the metro and lunch.

what was going on? first my sex life, then my personal life, and now finances had been taken over by my horny neighbor. and i certainly couldn't remember ever agreeing to any of this, certainly not to turning all of my income over to her. the words "sex slave" popped into my mind. i could vaguely recall grace grinning down at me as she fucked me, saying, "you want it, sweetie? you want to be my little sex slave, don't you?"

this was more than embarrassing; it was terrifying. i realized i had a problem and had to get help and i knew i had better get it now, before grace got back and fucked away this window of lucidity. i went to my computer and began searching on the internet for local psychologists. a flashing banner caught my eye: dr. j. roth -- specialized in psychosexual obsessions. just what i needed. i called for an appointment.

to be continued in chapter 2: judith

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judith and me
by homer vargas

chapter 2: judith

[revised with input from trey gallant]

i showed up for my appointment with dr. roth on time, but i still had to wait. fortunately, there was entertainment. the receptionist was sitting in a way that allowed me to see up her short smock every time she crossed and re-crossed her pretty legs. eventually, i was waiting alone. when a very well-dressed man with a rather spacey look on his face finally came out, the receptionist told me that the doctor was ready to see me.

the doctor may have been ready to see me, but i wasn't ready to see the doctor, not this one! to my amazement, "j. roth" was a woman. and what a woman! even without her 5" spike heels, she would have equaled my 5' 11'' stature. and she was big in other ways, too. you might say she had a coke bottle figure --the 64 oz. size!

she smiled seeing my astonishment as i stood speechless trying to take in the sight. the doctor wore a proper power suit, but the tailored skirt stopped about a furlong above her knee, and the expensive silk blouse showcased more than concealed a set magnificent mammaries.

"welcome, mr. black. may i call you david? have a seat and tell me a little about yourself." she sat down behind her desk and opened a file folder. she began with the standard medical-type questions: name, address, age, previous medical history, that sort of thing. abruptly, she closed the folder, looked me right in the eye, and said, "alright, david, now tell me why you really came to see me."

stunned, i complied. "i'm in a real fix, doctor roth. i think i'm the victim of the woman who lives next door to me. a few weeks ago she, ... i, i seem to be under some kind of spell. i can't get her out of my thoughts and i don't know why i am so obsessed with her. i have been giving her money, but i don't remember when or how. i know i am spending all my time with her, but i don't remember everything that we do together...."

the tone of my speech became more anxious, tense, and just a little short of hysterical, as i proceeded. i had not realized myself how distraught i had become about this situation. "david, david. calm down." dr. roth interrupted. "you seem a little tense. do you feel nervous about putting yourself in the hands of a woman psychologist?"

"oh, no," i said, too hastily

"then lie down on the couch," she smiled reassuringly, "and i'll help you to relax."

"all right," i agreed hesitantly. she brought her chair out from behind her desk and set it next to the couch. she moved to the wall switch and dimmed the lights, then returned to her chair beside the couch. a projector threw swirling colors onto the ceiling. she took my right hand in both of hers, and said, "now we are going to work on controlling your breathing. i want you to inhale when i tell you and time your breathing in to my count. then you will hold your breath while i count and then exhale slowly while i count. when you have exhaled each time, i will say, 'relax,' and you will repeat it to yourself. you don't have to say it out loud. do you understand?"

i nodded. i did not trust myself to speak. at only arms length, her obvious charms were overwhelming, and her perfume was a fragrant fog all around me. "that's right," she said, her voice dropping to an intimate purr. "in-hale ... three ... four ... five .... hold-it ... three ... four ... five....ex-hale ... three ... four ... five ....relax. "

"relax," i said to myself, adding, "three...four...five."

"very good, david. very good. now again, more slowly, more relaxed. in-hale...three...four...five...six.... hold-it ... three...four...five...six....ex-hale ... three ... four five .. six....relax." she repeated this over and over, each time slowing down and extending the count. i lost track of how many times she took me through this until i heard her say, "wonderful, david. that's good, very good. you are an excellent subject. how do you feel now?"

"umm. better," i confessed. it was amazing. a few moments before, i had found myself on the verge of hysteria. now i felt so comfortable i was almost drowsy.

"are you still nervous about working with a female psychologist on this problem," she asked in a velvet voice.

"no. no, not at all," i replied. actually, although i was more calm now, she still made me uneasy, sitting so close, bending towards me. it was an effort to not look up her dress or down her blouse's vee-neckline. and she was still holding my hand.

"david, you're not being completely truthful," she smiled warmly. "like most men, you are a little bit afraid of me. i'm a big, sexy woman, and i'm wearing clothes that make you look at me. i think this short skirt and my low neckline intimidate you. perhaps you are worried that now that i have you down on the couch, you would become aroused, and i would notice it. after all, the lights are dim. we are alone, and no one will interrupt us. are you afraid i might take sexual advantage of your relaxed, vulnerable state?"

"yes, dr. roth," i admitted.

"well, given what you say you have been through, you are right to be concerned. it appears that it would be very easy to manipulate your mind to take advantage of you. but don't worry, my young friend. i never have sex with a man against his will. believe me, i don't go to bed with a man until i've got him very, very willing. if i make love to you, i'll make sure you really want it first. so just put those fears out of your mind."

at some point during this conversation, i don't know exactly when, judith had pulled her chair even closer, and had begun stroking my leg just above the knee. gradually, her hand worked its way to my crotch. "now are you ready to tell me everything about this woman and your obsession with her?"

"i'll try."

"i'll help you." she smirked and began a slow massage of my crotch.

"oh ... doctor! please, don't do that!"

"why? don't you like it?"

"god, yes!" i gasped.

"you're supposed to," she said. "just relax and enjoy the sensations."

"but...it makes me so .... it is getting me aroused."

"i'd be worried if your were not." she smiled. "you're going to tell me about a sexual experience. i want you to experience the arousal you felt then."

"but doctor..."

"don't resist me, david. this is for your own good. trust me. let go and give in to your feelings. you must be completely open with me. let go of your inhibitions. i want you to become sexually aroused. sexual arousal makes a man docile and obedient. doesn't my stimulating you sensually make you feel like doing anything i tell you to do?"

"oh...yes, doctor," i sighed.

"of course you will, anything i tell you. you trust me and you are going to let me help you. now take a slow, deep breath ... just like before. hold it ... and let it out slowly. as you exhale, your eyes will close. you are feeling relaxed, and you will tell me everything about this woman who you fear is sexually exploiting you."

"yes, doctor," i sighed as her hand slowly put me into a wonderful, dreamy mood.

"for the last several months, i've been seeing an older woman, a neighbor of mine. i seem to be completely obsessed with her."

"and what is the problem: that she is older or that you are obsessed with her?"

it was hard to think, much less talk, but i heard my voice answering for me. "my obsession. i'm signing over my paycheck to her, and i didn't even remember doing so. i don't see any of my friends my own age anymore. i have nothing in common with the woman except sex. i don't even remember much of what grace and i do in bed; i seem to fall asleep every time we ..."

"grace?" dr. roth interrupted gently. "is that her name? grace...?"

"yes, doctor," i responded to her unspoken question. "her name is grace archer."

"why the randy old...," judith murmured to herself. "this is getting interesting. i think you had better tell me how this relationship began."

i tried to explain how i had been ogling grace for several days and her catching me looking.

"then what happened?"

"for several days, nothing," i recalled. "then, the next saturday, i was just about to leave the house to pick up my girlfriend, when grace came over to visit."

"and...," she coaxed.

"i don't know why i even let her in, i didn't have time," i went on, almost babbling. "sarah was waiting for me, but when i opened the door, i couldn't seem to stop her," i admitted lamely.

"who is sarah?" judith asked.

"she was my girlfriend at the time," i explained. i went on to tell dr. roth about sitting on the sofa with grace, talking with her, unable to keep my eyes off her. how the drinks seemed to hit me harder than i was used to. how things got so out of focus, and i began first fondling then eating grace out and finally how we ended up in bed, how she virtually raped me, and how i lost consciousness when i came. "...and that's all i remember," i finished

"hmm. didn't that seem odd. you were about to go out with your girlfriend, and yet you invited in this neighbor you hadn't met?"

"i couldn't say no. maybe it was because she was wearing the same little black dress as in the dream," i explained.

"dream? what dream, david?" judith interrupted, a little more urgently this time. "you said something that may be very important. i want you to relax and try to remember everything you can about that dream. everything."

"yes, doctor," i sighed, sinking even further into that dreamy, fuzzy-minded state as dr. roth stroked my hand. things were becoming so clear now, memories that i hadn't recalled, but instead of generating the anxiety they had when i first became aware of them, when i decided to call dr. roth, they seemed distant, unattached to me.

"it was friday, the night before her visit. i seemed to wake up, and saw grace standing over me. she was wearing a short sexy black dress and was touching herself. i couldn't seem to move or speak. then, very deliberately, she dropped the dress and slipped into bed with me. before i could do anything she offered me her luscious breasts. in my dream, i was unable to resist. i took her succulent tits in my mouth. instantly her nipples grew hard as rocks as i kissed and sucked them."

"go on," judith encouraged.

"by instinct my hands found her wide firm ass and began kneading it while she began playing with my prick! i was getting more and more excited, about to come. i thought she was just going to jack me off, but she just nestled my head on her breasts and spoke softly to me, and the dream seemed to fade away. then it seemed to come back. she was still nursing me at her breast and playing with my cock. she stopped, tranquilized me with a kiss, and crawled on top of me."

"effortlessly she took my prick in her hand and guided it up inside her warm moist cunt. slowly at first, she started to ride up and down on my cock. she was fucking me and i was powerless to stop her. i had never before been taken by a woman against my will. i had never before even let a woman get on top of me to fuck. but in this dream i seemed to have no choice. grace was too heavy; i hadn't the strength to get her off of me and soon found i didn't even want her off."

"it was heavenly having her on me, being overpowered and fucked by this big sexy woman. the pleasure was so intense, i couldn't think. i loved what her pussy was doing to me. my body responded totally to hers. i was being raped, but i didn't want it to stop. she rode my prick expertly, getting herself off time after time. each time she came, i felt my cock bathed in hot rich cunny juices. i felt overpowered, helpless, violated! she was using me to sate her own considerable lust. and every second of it was ecstasy! then at last she started riding me faster. her canter became a trot and then a gallop! she was beginning to make me come! i felt the orgasm build and build until at last i exploded inside her. she continued riding me, slower now, until i was drained."

"when she felt my prick gradually go limp at last, she rolled off me and nestled my head on her breasts again, and spoke softly to me until the dream seemed to fade away."

"that was very important, david. see how much you can remember when you let me relax you?" judith said. "now, you've said you don't remember what happened after she came to your house the next day. let's try to work on that. i want you to relax again and try to remember more, not about the dream, now, but about that night grace seduced you. you knew she was an "inappropriate" woman for you, yet you were feeling very horny. remember how horny you were, just like you are now. she had you in bed. her pussy was going up... and down... up... and down.... like my hand on your cock now. it was so relaxing, david. you closed your eyes and let her fuck you... fuck you... to sleep..." my eyes were closed, and judith's voice seemed to come from far away: "tell me what happened next."

"i vaguely recall that she woke me up several times and said it was time for me to have more."

"that's right," she encouraged me. "she let you wake up a little, then put you back to sleep. go on..."

"each time," i continued, "she gave me her tits to suck until i was hard again, then she got on top of me and fucked me until i passed out from the orgasm. i seem to remember her talking to me as she fucked me. it all seemed unreal, like the dream i had the night before."

"so when i woke up the next morning and found her in my bed, looking down at me and smirking, i was momentarily confused."

as i spoke, i seemed to be reliving the moment...


"what are you doing here, ma'am," i blurted out.

"can't you tell, silly boy? and don't call me 'ma'am' although i am old enough to be your mother. i've been making love to you, so you will call me grace, for now. your prick spent a couple of busy nights in and out of me, and did i give you a romp!" she laughed.

"a couple of nights?" i said, more confused than ever. hadn't she just come over the afternoon before? how long had i been out anyway?

"last night," she said coyly, "and the night before."

"my dream!" i exclaimed. "so the dream was real!"

"the wildest of wet dreams, young man," she answered, leaving me more confused than ever.

"of course," i mused, trying to sort it out. "but how could you fuck me without waking me up?"

"now how would i fuck an unsuspecting young man?" she smiled as if posing an academic question "that would be easy. first i would sneak into his bedroom and place a tranquilizer patch that i took from the hospital on his arm while he was asleep. next, while the drug took effect, i'd play with myself to get good and horny and to make my pussy wet and ready for the action to come," she giggled. "then i would drop my dress and cuddle up with him. by then he would be too doped-up to object to having a strange sexy woman in bed with him. i'd let him suck my tits to keep him busy. i'd be working on his dick until he had a nice, big boner. then i'd climb on him and ram that lovely stiff organ of his up inside my slippery pussy. i would get myself off a few times and then make him cum inside me until he was temporarily drained."

i was more confused than before, if possible. was she talking about what she could do, or had done? last night, or the night before? i couldn't seem to think straight.

"sexual satiation puts a man to sleep the right way," she continued, not giving me time to sort it out. "so i could take off the now unneeded patch. after that first orgasm, i had a better way to keep you under control but your cock well employed. any time i felt you starting to get restless, i let you suck my tits again. my breast calmed you down and stiffened up your prick for me the way i like it. then i put your prick back in me and rode you to an orgasm that made you pass out again. we had two long, hot busy nights."

"but why me?" i gasped.

"why you?" she laughed. "because i needed to get fucked and you were handy," she grinned. "what better reason could a horny woman have for sneaking into the bed of a sleeping man and making love to him all night. look at me, david. you should be able to tell that a woman with tits and hips like mine has been used to getting lots of sex all her life. i developed early. at thirteen i was jailbait and dying to get laid. i had much bigger tits than y older sister and it wasn't hard to put the move on her 16-year-old boyfriend in the back seat of his car. i told him he could play with my tits the way i had seen him try to do with my timid sister. but i wasn't timid. while he fumbled my breasts inexpertly, i unzipped his pants and worked on his cock until he was hard. i had to show him how to put it in me, but i got fucked three times that night and i haven't stopped since."

"for the last thirty years, i've almost never spent a night with an empty pussy," she continued, proudly. "i've had scores of lovers putting their cocks between my legs to try to keep me satisfied. my third husband was the best, putting it to me several time a day! if he had told me about his heat condition, i would have gone easier on him. but, rest his soul, he died happy. since then, i haven't been able to get screwed nearly often enough. oh, i seduced the parson who came over to offer sympathy, and i have gone down on a couple of patients at the hospital, but it had been too long since i had a regular supply of prick for my cunt. i was going crazy from the dearth of man-meat!"

"then, a few nights ago, i caught a glimpse of you through your bedroom window, undressing. i felt my panties get wet and the revelation came. 'look at all that hard young prick right next door and going to waste tonight!' i said to myself, ruefully. 'there is the tool that could solve your pussy's problems for good. seduce the owner of that baby, give him a really good lay, and you can make him stick it up in you anytime you need it. i got so horny lying therein bed drinking and dreaming about holding you naked in my arms with your long thick prick snaking all the way into me, i had to use my dildo to get some relief."

"so when i saw you ogling my tits and ass that morning, i knew you were my pigeon. i was sure you would be thinking about me, fantasizing about sucking my big tits, dreaming of my going down on you with my big ass. all i had to do was get in bed with you just one night and i could make you like it so much i'd turn you into my private fucking machine! and now i have what i need. your hard young prick is going to solve my pussy's entire problem. and i am going to make sure you enjoy pleasing me."

"mrs. archer!" i exclaimed, flabbergasted. "you can't do ... oh! ..."

"hush," she said tenderly and kissed me, taking hold of my cock and starting to massage it deliciously again. "i told you to call me grace, i can make you screw me any time i want to be screwed. and since i haven't had you in me for several hours, i want it now! i want to feel your big, pussy-pleasing prick filling up my cunt again. oh look at the hard-on you've got lover. this is too much!" she laughed. "what an easy fuck you are. what a marvelous cunt pleaser you're going to be! just telling you how i seduced you last night got you horny. you need to get laid all over again."

"grace, stop!" i pleaded.

"are you sure you want me to stop?" she grinned as her hand encircled my penis. "you've got a big problem here. you are showing signs of intense sexual craving, david. i diagnose this beautiful hard on as an attack of chronic cunt deficiency. you need a lot more sex than you've been getting, young man. fortunately, i can do something to alleviate your immediate discomfort. when i see a man in this condition, i prescribe a good roll in the hay. and the treatment begins by getting you really hot. i want you to suck my titties."

"just go to work on my tits again for a few minutes until they are hard as rocks and my pussy is juiced up nicely. then i'll administer a dose of my special medicine that will give you a short respite from your craving for sex. but i have to warn you, there is no permanent cure for a man with your problem. you'll have to keep coming back to me again and again for additional treatments."

the languorous power of her hand stroking my prick made further resistance unthinkable. "oh, mrs. ..oh, grace," i moaned in surrender as i sank into her voluptuous body. my obedient mouth found her nipples.

"ah...that's so nice, just the way i like it," she said shortly, her voice thickening with lust. "you are sucking your mistress's titties good, so much better when you're awake, just like i knew you would. yes!! i'm getting such a lovely buzz on. i'm glad your ex-girlfriends have taught you how to play with a woman's breasts to make her horny and hungry for your cock. you really do know how to work a woman's tits. you're getting me so hot! turning me on like a pro. keep it up, sir! oh, lord, do i want it! you've got my cunt wet and itching for that big pecker of yours. oh, shit! i want it now and i want it bad!" her voice rose.

"you've got me hot, young man, hot to fuck. and now, for setting me on fire, you're going to get a big reward. you get to be the fireman whose big long fire hose gets to go into my red-hot cunt to extinguish the blaze. best of all, you don't have to do a thing. you get to lie back and let me do all the screwing. you like it like this. from now on i will take charge of your sex life and make you love it! it'll be so easy, david. you like the way i fuck you. pussy goes up...and down...up...and down....it's so relaxing, david. you are going to close your eyes and let me fuck you...fuck you..."

"no, grace," i protested. indeed, i did love the way she was turning me on, but i was afraid i was getting in over my head. then it came to me! "grace, what are you doing? you trying to hypnotize me!"

"i'm not trying, darling, i'm doing it ... again. i put you in a light trance the first time after we made love, night before last, while you were dazed and vulnerable. post hypnotic suggestion made sure you would let me in last night. i hardly needed the scopolamine i slipped into your drink while you went for ice. i had you in a medium trance even as we talked. now you are going under again for me. each time i fuck you, it's going to get easier to put you under my control, the control that you will come to love. now hush, baby, and let me continue."

"no, no," i moaned vainly.

"very good, david. you are fighting me. i want you to fight me! the more you struggle, the more helpless you will feel when you succumb, when it feels too good to resist more. you are getting weak, sinking into my power. close your eyes, david, and let me fuck you. you're going to fall asleep in my arms, david. you will fall into a deep sleep and when you awake, you will need sex ever so desperately, every few hours, sex you will be able to get only from me. you will forget all about the little chickees you used to bring over here. you won't need or want other women. you'll get all the sex you can handle from me! i'll keep your prick fully occupied, david."

"no ... how?" i murmured as i felt myself fade.

"i'm a nurse. i worked for a psychiatrist and i have been trained enough in hypnosis to handle a man like you. i've got inside your mind. after last night, i understand your desires completely. i know your weaknesses and how to take advantage of them. i know how to turn you on, david, whether you want to be or not. like many men, you have a secret desire to be dominated by a woman. with me, you are going to get your wish big time!"

"no, grace, no!" i protested, but more weakly now.

"yes, domination, my love, my poor, weak, horny baby. now just relax while my cunt goes up and down on your cock and makes you very sleepy. forget all about last night and this morning. forget everything except how good it feels to let me fuck you ... fuck you ... fuck you to sleep..."


"it was just like the night before," i found myself explaining to dr. roth, "she rode me to a mind-blowing orgasm that made me pass out. and that is all i remember."

"you didn't pass out just from the orgasm," dr. roth commented. "what i've helped you remember her saying was correct: each time she brought you to climax, she was putting you into a deeper hypnotic trance, what we call 'fractionating'. hypnosis is the way she holds you in her power until you are thoroughly conditioned. this sounds like a classic case of seduction and female domination. i think grace archer is well on the way to putting you in sexual bondage. horny young men are particularly vulnerable to falling under the control of a wily older woman who has kept her figure. she knows so much about pleasing men, a young guy just doesn't have a chance."

"sexual bondage?" i quavered.

"it seems obvious from what you have told me," dr. roth replied. "and from what i know about her. one more question," she hurried on before i could digest the implications of this last remark, "do you still have relations with other women?"

"no," i admitted. "at first i still thought about sarah occasionally, and even wanted to call her. but grace was always with me, and there was never an opportunity to see her. she broke it off eventually, but it didn't matter. now i don't have the desire for anyone else."

"hmmm. not even now?" she teased. "then you are totally enslaved. do you know why she choose you as her ...victim?"

i felt my cheeks redden. "well, she lives next door," i said, choosing to ignore the implications of her first question. "i guess i was convenient."

judith arched her eyebrows. she really did have the most expressive eyes. "anything else?"

"she says she likes my prick," i mumbled. in spite of my hyper-relaxed and responsive state, i found i was still profoundly embarrassed.

"oh?" judith roth seemed to sit lean a little closer, more intent. "what does she like about it?" she purred insinuatingly.

"she says..," i gulped. "she says it is so long and thick. she says she loves the way it goes deep inside her and fills her pussy up."

"really?" judith said with interest. "i think i should examine this woman pleasing organ of yours ... strictly for professional reasons, of course."

my mind spun. why did she ask that? why wasn't i stopping her? but for the life of me, i could not think of a single reason why she should not look at my cock. well... to tell the truth, i couldn't seem to think at all. "do you want me to pull off my pants?"

"oh, that won't be necessary, david. just relax, and let me take care of it. i'll just unbutton you at the waist..." she grinned, matching action to words, "...and unzip your fly... and pull down the trousers.... oh my! you do look good in shorts," she said admiringly. "a nice firm belly with strong muscles." she trailed her fingers lightly down my abdomen. "and you have a nice big bulge there between your legs where a woman likes to see one," she smirked, as her hand moved from my lower abdomen to my crotch again. "i can understand why ms. archer was first attracted to you. having a man next door with the kind of equipment you have would make any woman start to scheme about getting you between her legs."

as judith said this, she began massaging me more vigorously. "i'll have to examine this more closely," she said as she pulled down my shorts. "god, yes!" she gasped, now visibly excited. i'll bet she enjoys this!" judith hissed to herself.

"oh, baby! do you ever have the equipment to fulfill that lucky bitch's needs! the mature woman, you know, is at the height of her sexuality. she has intense desires for sex and she needs frequent and vigorous intercourse to keep her cravings under control. many men en her own age are well past their sexual peak and can't give her enough sex to satisfy her, so naturally she turns to younger men for the physical love she requires. your youth, and strength, and size, and vigor must please her very well."

"oh, yes. she brays and screams uncontrollably when we have sex," i murmured.

"of course she does. how many times a night does she get you to service her?"

"i don't really know," i admitted. "after the first time, i'm in sort of a fog. she sort of half wakes me up and makes me suck her tits. i think this gets me hard, and she rides me again."

"yes, of course. she is still aroused after her first orgasm, and doesn't need any more foreplay. she just wants more of you and another climax." judith now began directly stroking my penis. "let me see how responsive you are." within seconds her gentle but insistent touch had given me a full erection.

"just as i supposed," judith said smugly. "you are aroused very easily. you are clearly an over-sexed young man, too easy to turn on for your own good. grace archer makes you want it and uses your need to control you. you are in big trouble, my friend. you can never get free from a witch like that without help."

"can you help me, doctor?" i begged.

"i believe i can," she smirked. "but it will require a long series of treatments. this lecherous woman has you almost totally in her control. she has twisted your sex drive so that you crave domination. you need to be under a woman's control in order to have sex. loosening the powerful grip she has on your mind won't be easy, but i believe i can help you if you are willing to start right away."

"please do, doctor," i begged her. "will the treatments be difficult?"

"it will take time," judith asserted. "but i will succeed if you'll just let me have my way with you." i paid no attention to that phrase

"but will the treatment be painful?" i asked in trepidation.

"oh, no! in fact, i'll see to it that you will enjoy them very much. just close your eyes and relax. this doesn't hurt, does it?" she asked and began to work my prick still more vigorously.

"ahhh...no, doctor," i moaned. "in fact it feels wonderful ... but ... you are making me feel so ... so horny. if you keep at up, you will make me ... want .... well, i won't be able to control myself. i'm starting to want to be fucked. you're making me want to fuck you, just like she does ... but you're my *doctor*?"

"don't worry, david. it happens fairly frequently to men who come to see me. a man lies there on that couch and looks up at my breasts, or peeks up under my skirt, and it is natural for him to start becoming aroused. it is dark in here and he knows he is alone with me. he feels weak and vulnerable. he knows how easily i could seduce him and no one would know. he begins to fantasize about my taking advantage of him."

"many men, in fact, get turned on just thinking about having a sexy, powerful woman like their doctor make them have sex. it's easy to see when a man wants to be seduced. if he's cute, and looks like he has the right stuff to make it fun for me, too, then i provoke him until he's panting with lust. then before he knows what has happened, i hike up my skirt, climb on him, and give him some relief. of course, i usually have to charge double for sessions in which i provide such 'special' service," she grinned. "many men come to me for no other reason. they enjoy having a masterful woman put them down and fuck them silly."

"in your case, however, turning you on is actually the beginning of your therapy," judith asserted. then she stood up. "i want you to watch me carefully while i strip," she instructed, removing her jacket and beginning to unfasten her blouse. "seeing me in bra and panties will arouse you intensely, david. you are going to become very excited, and then i am going to screw you ... really good. having intercourse with me is the beginning of your treatment."

"but doctor," i protested weakly. "this is just what grace does to make me fuck her!"

"of course she does," she replied. "all woman do the same things to men when we want them to fuck them. there haven't been any new ways of turning a man on invented recently," she chuckled, as she finished opening her blouse and pulled it free of the waistband of her skirt.

"but why do you have to fuck me?" i pleaded.

"to free you from grace's shackles," judith explained, "i must take stronger control of your mind than she has." she slipped off her blouse and draped it languidly over the chair. my eyes were riveted to her voluptuous figure. "i will put you in a hypnotic trance that will make you do anything i say."

"i won't let you do that, doctor," i objected.

"yes, you will, david. i am going to use a drug on you that will destroy your mind's defenses against my control, and so permit me to help you. it is a powerful drug that will put you to sleep, into a deep sleep," she explained as she loosened her skirt and let it fall to the floor. she paused and struck a pose, her thumbs thrust under the waist band of her panties. "shall i start giving you your medicine?" she asked ,coyly.

"i don't know, doctor," i gasped. i seemed to have some trouble breathing while looking at her. "is it a new and dangerous drug?"

"oh, new it is not," judith laughed. "women have been using it to make men succumb for eons. it is dangerous, however. men know and fear its power." as she spoke, she slowly drew her panties down and stepped out of them. "it is a drug which can become a habit, a drug that can make a man a slave to the woman who gives it to him." she moved nearer to the couch, swaying in rhythm to her voice, which had become a low sing-song chant. "but when a woman offers a man a dose, he can't help taking it. men let women drug them because they enjoy too much the way we administer it," she grinned as she crawled on top of me.

"we give you the drug with our pussies, david," she intoned slowly, sensuously and rhythmically. "we secrete a mind controlling hormone from between our legs. it seeps in through your penis when it penetrates into my cunt," she continued as she slid my prick into her pussy. "it gets into your blood and flows to your brain," she whispered and began to ride me. "it makes you do what i say. you *like* this drug, david. you will come back for it again and again. when i finish making love to you, you will want me more than you want grace archer."

a suspicion began to creep into my befuddled mind. "but then i'll still be in bondage, only to you rather than her?"

"that's her problem," judith dismissed my question, without changing the tone or cadence of her voice. "soon you will hardly remember her name, but *i* will have a hard-dicked young lover. after all, i am a mature woman just like grace. i, too, have a voracious sexual appetite, which nice young prick can help satisfy."

"but doctor," i whispered in feeble protest "you...tricked...me!"

"'all's fair in love and war,' my pet, and this is both. besides, i don't believe you are so sorry i tricked you. look at the shape of the woman you're going to be getting," she continued, caressing her ample curves as she rocked back and forth on top of me to the primeval beat.

"from the moment you came in i could see you were weak and vulnerable, but scrumptious, an ideal target for a dominant woman. it was only a matter of time before one found you. some are truly evil; grace is not the worst. but don't worry, my darling. i'm going to take good care of my big boy. one of those bad women could hurt you if mommy doesn't protect you. but from now on this beautiful prick of yours will be safe with me. i have a soft warm place in me to keep you safe and happy. starting now, you'll be my big boy!"

judith totally dominated my sensory universe. i could see only her, hear only her voice, feel only her body astride mine, her pussy devouring my cock. "you will loose desire for your neighbor, for any other woman, david. from now on you fuck only me ... only me..." she began riding me faster, more insistently. "no other woman can make you come, david. your orgasm belongs to me! surrender, darling, surrender it to me!"

i must have had a huge smile on my face when i erupted inside her and sank into that soft dark world of nothingness.

to be continued in chapter 3: all my problems solved?

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homer vargas

judith and me
by homer vargas

chapter 3: all my problem solved?

for the next few weeks i thought life couldn't get any better. dr. roth, judith, had freed me from the vulgar grace archer and made me her new lover. i didn't care if she called me her "big boy;" she did know how to keep a boy happy! we held hands when she took me to the theater, poetry readings, or concerts, "grown up" occasions, she called them, teasingly. and afterwards we walked arm in arm into the restaurant for a candle-lit dinner, bringing smiles to people seeing a "mis-matched" couple so obviously in love. judith was also a wonderful dancer and a busty older woman in a mini skirt with a younger partner always turned heads at her favorite latin clubs. at home we cuddled on the couch and she necked with her "boyfriend." she read novels to me in bed and i told her sexy stories. oh, and did i mention, she fucked my brains out morning and night?

i should have known it was too perfect to last. one friday night i let myself into her house only to find judith already home and cooking, usually my job. she wore a pink something that didn't hide much of judith. the best silver was on the table and a bottle of wine was chilling. "what's the occasion?" i asked as she took me in her arms and kissed me hungrily.

"oh, mommy has a little surprise," she replied mysteriously. she slipped her hand down onto my fast-hardening cock. "and something tells me you are going to like it!" she giggled later, when the grilled swordfish with capers, steamed fresh asparagus and wild rice was gone and a second bottle of wine just a memory, judith took my had and led me off to bed earlier than usual. i was feeling delightfully woozy and let her undress me and put me to down before she slid under the sheets with me.

soon i was drowsily nuzzling judith's delicious tits and she was casually playing with my cock getting me ready for our first fuck of the night when she stopped. "david, my love, don't you hate the pretense, having to make sure no one sees when you come over here or having to leave my house before dawn? think how much more conveniently we could make love if we lived together openly."

"yes," i murmured insincerely, quite satisfied, in fact, to have this beautiful, horny woman who gave me all the sex i needed, but with no obligations, "but wouldn' work. 'n affair with younger man could ruin your reputation," i slurred, hardly able to think of anything but the wonderfully hard breast i was worrying.

"around this town it would," she agreed. "but we could run away together. i have a large nest egg and i could re-establish my practice anywhere. we could go somewhere warmer and more relaxed. you could spend more time with your prick in me, trying to keep mommy satisfied," she grinned down at me.

"but whattabout my job? couldn't leave m' job." i mumbled, my mouth busy with her hard nipple.

she looked at me and smiled. "why not? writing software may be challenging, but the royalties are hardly munificent. i make enough money to take care of you. besides, ... i don't really like having you outside the house so much of the time. there are too many sexy young women in those high-tech firms. one of them might steal you away from me!" she was gazing at me like a prized possession.

"must be crazy!" i grunted. why was she trying to make me talk when all i wanted to do was work on the nipple that was getting nice and pointy.

judith just laughed. "a little paranoid, perhaps, but why take chances. you are too clever with my tits -- and between my legs -- to loose." she lifted my head and kissed me to get my attention. "no, darling, i've thought about this a lot," she grinned. "in fact, i have decided to keep you at home from now on."

"quit work and stay home all day? what would i do?" why wouldn't she let me get back to her titties?

her eyes twinkled. "well, there is dstv and you could write down some of those sexy stories you tell me and post them to emca," she grinned. "you'd have more time to work on your cooking and it would be nice if you kept the house a little tidier." she smiled mischievously as she saw my look of consternation. "but in fact, i have another project in mind that should keep you very fully occupied.

"fully occupied?" i asked apprehensively.

"yes, inexperienced as you are, i think you are going to have your hands full taking care of a baby."

"baby? what baby?" i exploded, suddenly wide awake.

"the baby i'm going to have, darling," she grinned. "your baby. our baby."

"what do you mean, 'our baby' judith? this is totally impossible. you can't have a baby!" i objected.

"oh? and why can't i?" she grinned. "i'm several years away from menopause yet. don't let these few gray hairs fool you, lover. i'm still a very fertile woman. if i hadn't been careful to stay on the pill, you would have knocked me up long ago. you certainly haven't been very careful about not shooting my pussy full of your potent young jism," she said in mock seriousness.

i was stunned. with previous lovers i had always been very responsible to take precautions, never fucking a woman without a rubber. i suddenly realized that for months now i had been fucking judith ...

"bareback," she grinned as if reading my thoughts. "but several weeks ago i stopped taking the pill. i have wanted a big family for a long time, but never though i could have one for professional reasons. now that i have found a wonderful man who i can keep at home to take care of the kids, there's no reason not to get started."

"you mean you are pregnant?"

"not quite," she smirked. "i probably don't have a bun in the oven just yet, but the oven's getting hot and waiting for someone to slip in the loaf for cooking," she replied, looking satisfied like a cat about to eat the canary. "i figure i'm near the middle of my cycle this weekend; my womb is ready to make a baby. i checked my temperature this morning and it was up. my pussy had the sticky secretion that shows i ovulated a day or so ago. and i'm feeling sexier than usual, if that's possible, which means my hormone levels are up, too. looks like i'm perilously ready to conceive, david. you're in bed with a dangerously fertile woman," she giggled.

"now if i got careless and let some horny boy put his big cock in me and shoot me up with a lot more than one charge of semen over the next day or so, bingo, i'd be one well knocked up lady!"

i shook my head in disbelief.

"and as my full time lover, david, you are get to be the naughty boy that gets this old girl 'in trouble.' and i am so much looking forward to your kind of trouble you will get me into."

i shook my head, but she whispered, nuzzling my ear.

"in a few minutes, darling you will make love to me wonderfully as you always do. in the next few days your prick will go in deep and please me over and over again the way i love. and each of those times while i'm lying there under you, writhing in ecstasy, coming and coming, your prick will be pouring my hungry cunt full of your manly young jism. by tomorrow morning, or afternoon, or night, or the day after, one of your sperm will wiggle his way up in me and fertilize an ovum. and you will have made me into a mummy-to-be, good and proper."

"no judith, no!," i protested in horror. "we can't do this!"

"why not, lover? worried that i'll cut you off when i'm pregnant? on the contrary, my sweet pussy-loving pet. you'll find out when a woman's body is busy making a baby, it makes her sexier and raunchier than ever. mommy'll be slow and dopey and want you to do her all the time, honey. you'll love having me make love to you even more when you have made mommy fat and pregnant, sweetheart. as my tits swell up and my hips get fuller you will find you want me to fuck you even more often. i'll keep you so sexed up my pet, you won't want to leave the house."

i was speechless.

"for the next nine months i'll let you do nothing but eat, sleep, and fuck mommy. believe me, i know how to keep my big boy's prick happy, even when my tummy sticks out too much. when i get too big for you to get in through the front door, we'll just reverse positions. with me squatting on top, i can still ride you to orgasm. my weight will make you feel deliciously helpless and dominated when i get you down. or i'll just haunch over and let you do it to me doggie fashion. you know you like to grab my tits and come into me from the rear! and then after you're un-zonked from a long afternoon in bed, i'll take you out walking and everyone will stare at us and at my big belly. i'll make you proud that you were man enough to get your mommy pregnant"

"i'm totally against this, judith! i'm not going to touch you," i said firmly.

"you are against this?" she laughed, rolling toward me and pressing her moistening pussy against my cock. "my big boy will do a lot more than just 'touch' mommy," she laughed. "you'll touch mommy when she wants to be touched and where she wants to be touched and how she wants to be touched," she said, placing her hand on my cock. "i'm going to get this deep inside mommy's cunt and make you cum into my warm fertile pussy, david" she taunted.

"i won't ... do it!" i said, almost out of control from arousal but fearful of loosing my independence.

"david, sweetheart!" she smiled indulgently. "when have you ever been able to say no to fucking me? you know i'm the one who decides when, where, and how often we have sex. your prick is my pussy's big slave boy. when mommy calls, he comes," she laughed. "i've decided you're going to stick it in me tonight and that's it! your prick is stiff, i won't have any trouble getting you to put it where i want it. no man can resist a woman rutting to get pregnant. come here, baby, let me get started."

"no, judith, no!" i was still protesting when i felt her arousal-slickened pussy slid down over my cock.

"don't worry, sweetie, mommy's not going to make you do anything you don't want to do. if you don't want to see me with a big belly, just don' t give me your baby juice. exercise a little self control and don't let my pussy get you too excited if you don't' want to make a baby in me." she grinned down into my grimacing face, enjoying her total control of me. "careful, homey, i think i feel you getting stiffer. don't come in me if you don't want to, if you don't want to fuck a pregnant woman for the next nine months."

as she leaned forward to whisper her teasing words she placed a nipple in my mouth. "what a shame if you had to compete with our baby for time sucking me. i'd make you wait, david until our baby was full before you could drink any of my sweet milk. so don't come, david. don't come ... yet!"

suddenly she grasped me tightly and rolled. helplessly, i let her maneuver me on top. "that's it, lover! let me lie beneath you for a change so all that lovely cum will gush down deep into me. leave your prick in here where i want you, baby," she demanded as she moved her hips under mine. "move that big long baby-maker around inside. oh, yes, like that! i feel you going deep! penetrate me good, lover! impale me with that beautiful cock! i want all ten inches of your mommy-maker to burrow all the way down into my juicy cunt. that's where your jizz is going to give me a [CENSORED]" she grunted as *i* started to fuck *her.*]

"my obgyn told me just how to have this baby," she cooed. "to get myself good and pregnant fast, she prescribed large and frequent injections of semen. she said to get a man to drown my pussy in his thick, hot cum, a good lover, preferably a sexy young man with a long thick cock. 'seduce him. make love to him until he's so hooked on sex with you, he will fuck you when and where and how you want him to. then throw away your pills and wait a couple of weeks.'"

that why i've had to postpone those delicious early morning romps with you these last few days while i took my temperature every morning and checked me vaginal flow waiting to see my temperature rise and my flow get sticky, showing i getting ready to conceive. without the pills to smooth out your hormone cycle i've been feeling more and more horny as that day approaches, too. 'that's why we like sex so much. it's mother nature's way of making us enjoy doing what we need to do to get knocked up,' she explained."

"'when you see the signs that the old mare is in heat and you're ready to be studded, take your stallion to bed for a few days straight and make him fuck you as he's never fucked you before! you want his sticky cum to flood into your cervix, so at least for the first time each night he puts his prick in you, i advise taking him while lying on you back. open your legs and let him pour it down you. but don't worry, if you lock your legs around him once he's in, you can still maintain total control. continue making him screw you four or five times a night for several days. i guarantee you'll flunk your first pregnancy test,' she grinned. 'then continue the treatment four or five times a day until i make him get out of my way for the delivery,'"

"judith! judith!" i was moaning incoherently as i thrust madly into her.

"that's what she told me, lover; i'm just doing what the doctor ordered. keep putting your prick in me, ... deeper. yes, like that! shoot me up with my first big charge of come of the night," she ordered as my penis reached the bottom of her slick waiting pussy. "come!"

it was all she needed. her legs held me in the saddle and her body took control. i felt her heaving slowly bringing me closer and closer to orgasm. i struggled to pull out, to cum harmlessly on her tummy, but her lock was too strong! her rhythmic writhing was too much. waves of pleasure began to wash over me and the orgasm built.

my fruitless struggle dissolved into complicity. i went crazy. i wanted to unload into her. i wanted to shoot her womb full of cum. i wanted to get judith pregnant and 'ruin' that voluptuous figure of hers. i wanted to see the bitch get fat and waddle around with her swollen tits and her tummy sticking out. i wanted to watch her grow slightly docile, as she became heavy with my [CENSORED]. i thrust my prick into her hot moist cunt harder and harder until i felt the explosion! defeated! my jism shot into her waiting cunt. still she didn't release me. her legs held me fast until i had pumped her full.

"good boy, david. good stud," she cooed, as i collapsed on her, practically comatose. "you gave me a good load of jizz. i can feel you hot sperm trickling down inside me. let it work on me for now. you go to sleep," she whispered as she cradled my head on her bosom. "take a little nap and rest up for next session while i work this pillow under my ass. i'm not taking any chances. you'll give me some more of that good medicine again later tonight."

the next morning she woke me up with a huge breakfast but soon after eating i began to fell very drowsy again. judith was grinning down at me and took the tray. "my big boy looks like he needs his morning nap. does he need mommy to help him get to sleep?"

"judith, what's wrong? what did you do to me?" i complained, knowing something was not right.

"nothing's wrong, baby. i just gave you something to make you sleepy. i want you to sleep with your wonderful prick in my sperm-filled pussy. come here and let me help you."

i was too out of it to resist. i hardly realized that as she soothed me with her breasts, judith was guiding my already hard cock into her wet pussy again. as i sucked sleepily i felt the muscles of her cunt softly massage my cock and soon i was pouring more baby juice into her as my consciousness drifted away.

when i finally straggled into work the following wednesday, my dismissal notice was waiting for me. judith had gotten her way.

over the next several weeks i got used to taking care of the house, running errands for judith, and my cooking did start to improve. judith, of course enjoyed showing me every night how grateful she was for my work. i had almost forgotten about the extended weekend that lost me my job until i woke up one morning to find an envelope by the bed. i untied the bow around it. inside was a paper from a home pregnancy test with a big blue "plus" on it and a note.


dear sure shot,

you did a fabulous job on me that weekend -- in every way! bull's eye the first time! i could almost feel the conception from the way your prick filled me up with thick cum the first night, darling, but i'm not complaining about the other four days. here's the proof of your wonderful cocksmanship. since you're going to blow me up like a balloon, i've gone shopping for maternity dresses. but don't worry! they will be short and sexy enough to make sure you stay interested in having a pregnant mommy to screw you. love, judith


soon i heard her at the door. when she walked in she was not wearing a maternity dress. her hair was cut short and had highlights. she was wearing a tight little mini skirt that made her look years younger. i had though i would be furious with her, but the display of her wide hips and big tits looked too good. i wanted to make love, not war. all i could do was whistle.

"glad you like it. i thought if i was going to have my young lover's baby i'd try to look the part of your sexy young mommy."

"you don't look much like a mommy yet, but you look young and sexy enough. if you weren't already knocked up, i'd make you a mommy all over again."

"sounds like fun," she giggled, "but you've been there, done that... for the time being. i'll take about four rain checks, though," she teased.

"the 'job' was done most unwillingly. what you did to me that night was statutory [CENSORED]," i teased back.

"yes, i guess it was. you were so afraid to make me pregnant, i had to force myself on you a little. i violated you, baby," she admitted with mock sympathy. "and you know what they say, 'the criminal always returns to the scene of the crime,'" she said grinning and skulking closer to the bed. "have you heard of the 'criminal instinct?' you're facing a serial rapist who enjoyed her crime so much she feels like violating her victim all over again."

"should i call a policeman?" i asked in mock horror.

"by all means, if he's big and handsome. that way i can do both of you." she laughed. soon the ridiculous mini-skirt was on the floor and judith was on top of me again. "the first step in a successful [CENSORED]," she grinned, "is to find the right victim. i always select a good- looking young guy with a big hard dick and a weakness for chubby women."

"you sound like a professional."

"i am. shall i give you lessons in being raped?"

"will i need them?"

"you will if you ever try to refuse sex with me again!" she growled. "first, when a woman approaches you with that hungry look in her eye, you must look her over. if your attacker has big boobs and well rounded hips like mine, you will realize that you are already starting to get horny. there is no way you can resist her. you might as well resign yourself. you are going to succumb to her superior strength and skill. one way or another, she is going to bed you. the best you can do is make sure she gets hot, too, to maximize your own fun."

"i see" i said stroking her ass like an eager pupil.

"when she takes you in her arms and kisses you, close your eyes as you kiss her back. open your mouth to let her tongue invade your mouth. cooperate as she unzips your pants and pulls out your prick. let her lay you back gently and mount you," judith said, demonstrating as she talked. "let her know you won't resist her."

"oh, i won't resist!" i moaned sincerely.

"of course you won't, baby! now you allow her to stimulate you to a maximum erection. a smart victim will suck his attacker's tits while she manipulates his prick to achieve deep penetration," she said as she skillfully guided my erect member into her vagina. "this will make her hurry to fuck you." i felt her pussy's warm moistness grasp my manhood.

"now that her crime is almost consummated, all you can do is relax. a powerful, evil woman has you completely in her power. you must yield to her. allow the rapist to get her pleasure from you. she wants to ride you until she has gotten off several times." she grinned down as she started to slowly ride up and down on my prick. "how do you like being raped, david?"

"oh, judith" i moaned. "take me! i want to be raped. fuck me! [censored]me!" she needed no such permission. thrusting her clit against my dick, she came time after time.

"finally, now that your attacker has satisfied herself," judith gasped, "she must make sure you can never testify how the violation occurred. she must make you forget everything, drown your mind in pleasure, suffocate your memory with sex," judith said as she rode me faster, pushing me closer and closer to orgasm. "she has ravished you; your strength gone, you feel very sleepy. even if you wanted to, you could not fight off the desire for sleep. but you don't want to. she makes you want to sleep. you let her fuck you... to sleep. fuck you... to sleep. fuck you..." an orgasm as black as night closed over me.

to be continued in: chapter 4 - "our new home"

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judith and me
by homer vargas

chapter 4: our new home

when judith started to show, we split for points south. as judith predicted, it was easy for her to start her practice over in the new city. i had never realized how much money she had until i saw the huge condominium by the bay she bought us. it was beautiful and i was getting quite a bit of writing done and posted to assm, emca, bearchive and a few others. it was fun decorating the nursery, starting to by baby clothes and playthings. i didn't mind taking care of the house all day, knowing that judith would come home to fuck me to heaven every night. and she lived up to the other promises she made, too; it seemed the bigger she got the more she wanted to make love to me. the pregnancy was passing in a delightful blur of sex.

judith was so gorgeous! i had always thought pregnant women were beautiful, but to see this smart, sexy, powerful woman filling up with my baby made my heart overflow with pride. i had loved judith's breasts since she used them on me in her office. now i was insane with lust to see how the increased blood flow and production made the nipples of those marvelous poonts darker and erect much more often and to know they were growing rounder and fuller to nourish the baby i had put in her belly.

ah, that belly! daily i watched it grow rounder and smoother. judith's large body was not being stretched out of shape to accommodate our[censored]-- stretched into shape was more like it. and how i loved lying between her legs, looking at her vagina and all the little folds around it, most often engorged and seemingly ready for sex at any moment. she said it made her feel wonderful; i knew it made her taste wonderful! judith was designed for making babies and she was enjoying the task immensely. sometimes during long lazy fucks, she would tease me about filling her so full of sperm she could store it and as soon as this baby was born she would use it immediately to start on another.

not only was judith beautiful, but unlike many pregnant women, she knew she was beautiful and didn't mind flaunting it. she began wearing maternity clothes as soon as she had anything to show and she chose the clothes to exaggerate her condition -- frilly blouses and short skirts. every morning i watched her lay out ever larger and more revealing bras as her nipples and other things swelled. the microfiber panties she liked looked really small but over the weeks they stretched to unbelievable sizes.

judith said some of her friends wore regular panties, bikini not thong when they were pregnant, and just kept the front waistband pulled down underneath their belly. when judith tried this, she didn't like the somewhat baggy feel, like the panty was going to fall down. she was carrying low and it just did not feel right to her. it bothered her when it slid below her hip bones. now thongs! judith loved thongs, not minding that the strip of material up the rear. they rode high on her hips, higher even than her french-cut panties. damn she looked good in them -- and out of them! of course, i was partial.

she said wearing maternity panty hose made her very hot, and she didn't mean sexy. if she had to wear anything, she chose thigh highs, no garter belt needed. they had wide lacey elastic bands at the thigh and held up nicely, letting her 'breathe.' some days she let me help her slide them on. when i was really lucky she would let me make her late for work even though that meant having to help her on with the stockings all over again.

i was so proud to be seen in public with her attracting stares from men and women alike. she loved to lie around the pool in the later evening sun letting me rub cocoa butter on her, not just on her belly, but all over. she said pregnancy could dry your skin. i couldn't feel any dryness, but i loved taking the precautions. i could, however, feel the envy in the eyes of every man who saw us. "why him and not me?" i could almost hear them thinking. and i knew she must make other women envious, too. one day i found out just how much.

"oh, baby, this is too good!" i felt the laughter jiggling her bloated boobies. she started kissing me hungrily one evening almost as soon as she got in the door. "got to re-examine this," she continued to chuckle as she put her hand on my quickly stiffing cock.

"uh, that feels good," i sighed.

"you're telling me!" she snorted as she quickly dropped my sweat pants to the floor and eyeing my cock. judith had decided long ago against my wearing shorts of any kind. "just had to check out the prick that's responsible for another woman getting pregnant."

"what are you talking about, judith?" i protested. "i haven't been near another woman. you know that. i love you, only you!" i was almost crying to think she could accuse me of this. "i ..."

she stopped my pained babble with an open mouthed smooch. "calm down, baby, i know, i know. i said 'responsible'" she was still almost laughing, but i didn't see anything funny. "come over to the couch and i'll tell you all about it," she consoled.

taking me by the hand she led me to the couch and settled her self nicely against me. "this should help you relax while i explain." tenderly she opened her blouse, unclasped her brasserie, and placed her breast into my mouth. calm and release washed over me and instead of simply hearing her words, i seemed to see what she was narrating like the voice over of a documentary.


i think i've told you my office shares the floor with shari clarkeson. it's kind of handy to have your gynecologist next door when a gal is a pregnant as you've got me. well today i had ducked into the little toilet we share. we have public ones for the patients, but we have a little one just for us doctor girls. i had just finished peeing -- you know how our claudette is making me pee all the time -- when i heard shari at the door of the stall. "judith, hurry! i've got to goooo!" she wailed.

i did the dab and pulled up my skirt. shari already had hers down to her ankles and almost ran over me getting in to sit on the toilet. she didn't even close the door. i was fixing my lipstick when i heard her start to gush. "this is your fault, you know!" she said.

"what are you talking about, shari?" i asked, not turning around.

"oh come on, judith. i saw you appraising me suspiciously. 'skirt getting a little tight, hmmm. not really so flat chested any more, hmmm. needs to pee urgently, hmmm.' well, you're right, judith. i'd been intending to tell you. i'm knocked up."

"you, pregnant, shari? you said you had told carlos ..."

"yeah, famous last words. 'i *deliver* babies, i don't *have* babies.'" she quoted herself back to me. "well we had a little accident. or rather *i* had a little accident. carlos has been wanting to get me pregnant since the first day we played hunky orderly drills horny young doctor down at the hospital. of course the irony couldn't be greater. dr. sheri clarkeson, ob., gyn, whose main function in life is to write prescriptions for contraceptives so girls can get laid without getting pregnant, can't take the pill herself. so every time i want carlos's lovely latin log in me, i have to make sure he is well sheathed in latex. i buy 'em by the gross."

"so how's that my fault?" i grinned, seeing that shari wasn't really mad.

"don't you remember your check up about three months ago? you were my last appointment that friday. part of it was being in the middle of my period, which always makes me horny. seeing you lying there on the examining table with that big round belly pointing up at me was like an accusation. and the smell of sex. lord, judi, you've got the wettest vagina of any woman i've ever seen; the whole room smelled like a pussy."

"sor-ree, shari. i hadn't had david around to lap it up for me since morning and i was already thinking about getting home to him," i replied in defense.

"well that and everything else, i guess it just set off the alarm bells of my biological clock. i was so horny driving home i was tempted to get myself off in the car. i figured that i needed a half hour with my vibrator to calm myself down before carlos arrived. just my luck if he wasn't already there, craggy olive face, smiling green eyes and all, waiting for me at the door. damn he looked good! before i could stop him, he had me in his arms kissing me and digging his fingers into my ass. he knows how that turns me on. 'oui, slow down, baby,' i pleaded, but he wasn't buying."

"'you've missed?' he asked and slipped his hand into my panties. "uu, i think so. your pussy, she is sooo wet."

"'wait a minute, carlos, honey, please'" i gasped. he already had a finger in me and it was getting hard to think."

"'why wait, mi amor? a pussy this wet needs to be fucked. do you want me to fuck you shari? do you want me to take you to bed and put my cock in your wet pussy and fuck you silly?'"

"'oh, carlos!'" i moaned unable to resist him any more. before i knew it i was on my back in my bed. he had my panties down and my skirt up around my waist and was shucking his clothes getting ready to pounce. 'i'll have to make him put on a condom,' i thought, proud of my presence of mind. i would have done it, too, if he had tried to fuck me immediately, but instead he went down on me. i've heard what you say about david, judith, but i don't believe there's a man anywhere who eats pussy better than carlos. he licked my thighs, he nibbled my bush, he inhaled me and told me i smelled like a woman. he didn't even touch my clit at first thought i was dying for him to. when i started squirming as the orgasm approached, he grasped my hips firmly and kept eating. and just when i though i couldn't take any more, he took my clit in his lips and gave it a light suctioning kiss."

"i exploded! i bucked and i screamed, but he held on tight. he wouldn't let me stop coming. i went crazy for cock. 'oh, carlos, baby, fuck me. i need you in me. hurry, baby!' 'baby' i heard myself say and remembered. 'but put on a condom, honey, you know this is a bad time for me.'"

"'it's a good time shari, mi amor. you know i want to give you a baby. please, shari?'"

"he wasn't playing fair. he had the tip of his prick at the lips of my pussy and was playing with my clit. i wanted him to fuck me so bad. 'please, no, carlos. i don't want to be pregnant'"

"he didn't remove his prick. if anything, he put it in me a little more. 'i want to fuck you shari. i want you to have a baby. i want you to be big with my baby. don't you want that? don't you want me to fuck you and put my baby in you.'"

"i couldn't hold out any more. i had to have him. i had to have him in me that second. i wanted to be screwed even if it meant i was going to get screwed. "yes, carlos, yes! just fuck m. fuck me, carlos!' i screamed in ecstasy. my well-lubricated pussy offered no resistance; with one stroke he was in me. i came again the moment i felt his full weight on me, knowing his naked prick was only inches from my unprotected cervix. then i really lost it. i don't know what got into me (well yes i do) but i started crying and begging, 'yes, carlos, knock me up, honey. i want to be big and fat and pregnant for you. shoot me full of your baby juice. i want to make a baby for you, darling.'"

"he was already aroused and pounding me hard, but when he heard me begging to bear his [CENSORED], he started snorting and thrusting. then he roared something in spanish and went rigid. i know it's impossible for a woman to feel a man's ejaculation, but i did and i came yet again when i felt it. that did it! i had just had three of the most intense orgasms of my life and i was out."

"when i woke up the lights were out and carlos was asleep but holding me close. amazingly, he had finished undressing me and even gotten me into a pair of sexy pajamas, which were getting messy as his sperm slowly leaked out of me. his dark hard body was nude as always. being held this way after sex was new. usually we rolled away from each other after a nice rut. i decided i liked it. i snuggled closer against him and went back to sleep."

"the next morning i awoke alone. 'typical for a man,' i thought, 'fuck 'em and leave 'em.' i had to bite my tongue. just then carlos walked in with a tray of croissants, passion fruit marmalade, eggs benedict, orange juice, and hazelnut amaretto coffee. "hungry, amorcito?" he smiled. remember, you have to eat for two, now.'"

"carlos darling, i got a little excited last night. you should realize that it's pretty unlikely i'll get pregnant from just one night of unprotected sex."

"'i know, mi amor. that's why i don't intend to let you out of this bed all weekend.'" he grinned lecherously.

"i didn't know what to say. i couldn't take my eyes off the handsome, smiling man sitting next to me as i wolfed my breakfast. i had to think this over. i had been out of control last night, but was i necessarily wrong to be? he clearly loved me very much. he was smart -- not in academic ways, but i saw how he could handle people (handle me!). the sex had always been great, but now i saw a tenderness and protectiveness in him that made my heart melt. and what beautiful babies we would make. i realized that i had decided."

"'carlos, what are you having for breakfast, darling?' i asked suddenly embarrassed to realize that he had just been watching me with adoration."

"'tu,' he replied and took my tray with a grin. then he was in bed with me again and i surrendered to his strong arms. i wasn't surprised, nor was he, i guess, when he found the pajama top was no barrier to his lips on my breasts. nor did he have any trouble slipping a finger into my pussy. i was surprised a little how wet i already was just from the minutes of cuddling. i lay back and let him worship me for a while, feeling my arousal grow minute by minute. last night should have prepared me, but it was pleasant surprise when i felt his mouth leave my breasts, kiss its way lazily down my tummy and find my now soppy snatch. my legs with their own private memory of last night opened of their own accord and he burrowed his face into me.

"well, i don't have to bore you with a repetition of the night before. i'll just say that by the time i came in to work on monday (late) i had been screwed eleven times: twice on friday night, although i don't remember the second one, five times on saturday, three times on sunday (well, even carlos isn't superman) and once that morning for good measure. suzie took one look at the silly grin on my face and asked sarcastically, 'have a nice weekend, dr. clarkeson?'"

"i was too happy to be offended. i had things to do. by noon i had registered for spanish classes, (carlos and the[censored]-- i had a feeling there were going to be a lot of them -- were going to have no secrets from mommy), reserved a hall for the reception, and found a bilingual priest to marry us. needless to say, when i did the pregnancy test a few weeks later, it was so positive i was surprised it didn't blink in neon letters, 'baby!' 'baby!' i just hope daddy does not mind giving away a daughter whose belly will arrive at the altar so much before she does."

shari had finished puling up her skirt and was standing by me smiling. "oh shari, i'm so happy for you," i said and kissed her. "you really took the bull by the horns."

"well, i'd say the bull took me by the horns, but thanks. i do have a question, though."

"you're the doctor. what can i tell you?"

"i haven't seen it in any of my medical books; i'm wondering if i'm abnormal. did you get ... you know ... more ... amorous after you were pregnant?'

"i sure did. and hornier, too," i laughed. "second trimester is play time, big time. morning sickness is gone and you can really enjoy your man. seeing your round tummy will drive him crazy. sometimes i feel sorry for david because of all the sex i demand, but, like carlos, he has a talented tongue."

"that's a relief. i just seem to want it all the time. does it get any worse?"

"it just gets better, honey! david makes me come harder and more frequently now than before. everything is aroused and engorged. orgasms are intense almost to the point of being painful. my womb clenches up into a hard ball, a little uncomfortable but not enough so to make me stop" i grinned.

"yeah, it's same with me and carlos, but what about during the day? i can't go home for a quickie every day at lunch. i come in here," she stopped and grinned at what she had said, "but it's not the same. i'm a little squeamish about using my vibrator with the baby so close; i don't want to 'shake things loose,'" she grinned.

"honey, when it comes to orgasms, quality is more important than quantity. two or three big "o's" at noontime is way better than popping off between each patient," i said.

"but how do get the big ones alone?"

"did i say i was alone?" i teased.

"oh," she said, her face growing cold. "i see. *you* have male patients, too."

"oh, shari, i'd never do that to david," i replied seriously.

"then how?" she inquired.

"why don't you ask suzie," i replied smugly.

"suzie? and you? i don't believe you."

"what time does she "leave" for lunch today?" i asked.

"about 1:00 p.m."

"come through here into my office about five minutes after she leaves today and you'll see you hot little receptionist's blond mane buried between my legs. but don't look for the smile on my face. i'll have mine down eating her sweet puss."

well she did and the look on shari's face was priceless. and it only got better when suzie moved aside and motioned for shari to take her place on me while she went to work on her boss. i have to tell you, we didn't see many patients this afternoon"


my erection was painful by the time judith finished recounting her day; she had been rubbing me gently as i nuzzled her luscious tit. she looked down and grinned. "well, i see you liked my story; why don't you call for a pizza and we'll find something to do until it arrives. i want a early night. we're getting a visit from the condo membership committee tomorrow."

"that's nice," i said distractedly, being more interested in the "something to do until it arrives" than in the "visit from the condo membership committee."

"oh, it's not going to be nice," judith laughed, "but it should be fun."

to be continued in: chapter 5 "the membership committee"

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judith and me
by homer vargas

chapter 5: the membership committee

the next morning i started to awaken judith my favorite way, eating her to a couple of soft, rolling orgasms. that usually meant she would want me slip in and give her a "refill" of semen because she might have "run low" over night and she wanted to make she "stayed pregnant." (she was wonderfully nasty, the way she teased me) today, however, as soon as she was awake enough to feel what i was doing, she pushed me away. i was hurt until she pulled me up beside her and kissed me. "i don't want to feel 'too' good today," she said mysteriously.

the pregnancy had slowed judith's frantic pace, but this morning she was up and about with unusual energy. as i was finishing preparing the pecan pancakes with blueberry syrup, grapefruit juice, melon balls and french-roast coffee, judith came down already showered and dressed. i was surprised at the choice of apparel, a black, full-length skirt with large yellow and violet flowers. the white blouse was buttoned high at the collar. the gold loop earrings had been replaced with her diamond tacks. for judith, this was demure, almost prudish, as she generally favored clothes that flaunted her ample figure.

after breakfast she told me to change out of my chinos into my "whites."

"but that was a party costume." i objected.

"run along, david. today is sort of a party and you are my houseboy. i want you to look the part." when i returned in uniform, she looked up from the four cups she had laid out on the serving tray. i saw an approving glance. i hoped it meant she intended to make all this up to me the way she knows i most enjoy.

precisely at 10:00 the door chimes rang.

"we are from the membership committee" announced the tallest of the three women when i opened the door. "ms. roth is expecting us."

i ushered them into the living room and went to call judith, feeling the disapproval in their eyes burning into my back. the spokeswoman, besides being tall, was also the most elegant of the three, wearing a business suit. her black hair had a few streaks of gray. she appeared in her mid forties but was slim and obviously took care of her self. to her right sat a younger, shorter, stockier redhead. she was pretty and must have been a bombshell before being defused by too many bon-bons. on the other side was a trim, still younger, oriental woman, quite pretty and, though it was almost hidden by her conservative dress, quite curvy.

"good morning and welcome" said judith when she breezed in and took a seat facing them. "i don't believe i have had the pleasure. i was expecting a visit from the membership committee, harvey wainwright, leonard prude and timothy lyons," she said pointedly. "how may i help you?"

"i'm estelle wainwright. this is ima prude." estelle nodded toward the chubby redhead, "and this is noe tan-lyons. we were, ... delegated to speak to you. our husbands though, in light of the topics, we should discuss this among women."

"'topics we should discuss?'" judith smiled. "i take it, then, this is not a pro forma welcome."

"hardly, ms roth," estelle replied coldly.

"'dr.' roth or judith, please," judith replied with a forced smile. "may i offer you tea?"

"that really isn't necessary, dr. roth. this is not a social call."

"oh, tah! no reason to slight civility. -- david," she called me. "be a dear and serve our guests the tea i laid out."

"very well, thank you." estelle acceded, glaring at me. "dr. roth you may know that your purchase of this condominium remains probationary for six months and that the membership committee may recommend the potential buyers final acceptance be rejected for 'cause.'"

"i am aware of that clause in the contract. i also am aware that it is largely a formality."

"it has been used in the past," estelle replied icily.

"yes, i believe you revoked the contract of a gentleman who was found stockpiling light arms for the aryan nation after atf agents raided his apartment."

"the fact remains that several grave impediments have arisen to your remaining at worthy manor, dr. roth."

"the treasurer didn't find any 'impediments' when he cashed my check," judith remarked.

"this is not about money, dr. roth. it is about demeanor, about standards," estelle sniffed.

"and exactly what is troubling you, if i may ask, before you attempt to chuck me out onto the street? ah, excuse my rudeness. here is our tea. david, sweetie, will you serve."

ima had been getting increasingly fidgety during the verbal swordplay and was relieved to get a chance to speak. "well first, you and that young man!" she glared at me as i poured "you have him living here with you and you aren't even married!"

"do you mean mr. black? he is my employee," she smiled at me as i placed the cups of steaming tea before each woman. "he has his private quarters." i almost broke out laughing at judith's deadpan delivery. yeah, i had a room where i kept my books, my weights, and the computer where i wrote naughty stories. i sure as hell had never slept anywhere but in judith's warm arms.

"but the noises people report!" ima sputtered, gulping her tea nervously.

"and what noises are those?" judith asked serenely.

"well, the sounds of, of ... of a woman having ... sex!" she said, hardly able to say the awful word.

"really?" judith asked, raising an eyebrow, "and just what does a 'woman having sex' sound like?"

"well, you know, ... crying and moaning." estelle was frowning, seeing that ima was getting in over her head.

"oh?" judith asked innocently, "are those the noises *you* make while 'having sex?'"

"well of course not! leonard hasn't been able to get it up since ..."

"that's enough ima," estelle broke in to rescue the floundering mrs. prude. "dr. roth, your living arrangements are only one of the concerns of the committee."

"by all means let me know all the committee's concerns," judith replied ironically.

"well the way you dress. it's positively indecent," amy spoke. "those skirts, they are inches and inches above the knee. and around the pool, you practically go naked."

"i am not the only woman at the pool in a tanga."

"well, no, but, ... but ... you're ... preg ... uh, ... expecting"

"how observant!" judith smiled. "and what is indecent about that?"

"indecency is in the eye of the beholder," amy shot back.

"and your husband has been beholding more of me that you wish, is that it?" judith grinned.

any was taken aback and took a large sip of the now cooling tea.

"you know, of course, that you'll never make anything that 'flimsy' stand up in court as 'cause.'" judith said.

"you're awful!" amy cried. "when timothy comes in after seeing you, he's so... he wants to ...."

"thank you, amy," estelle interrupted. "there is no need to worry about court, dr. roth. there is another clause that equally makes you ineligible to own part of the condominium: your ... 'condition.' the bylaws do not permit families with [CENSORED] to purchase. you have only been here three months and from the size of that bel ... uh, and it is apparent you must have been pregnant when you applied."

"no one asked if i was pregnant." judith pointed out reasonably.

"well of course not! a woman of your age!" estelle was barely able to control her anger. she drained the tea in exasperation.

"of my age?" judith asked. "why i don't believe i could be older than you and *you* are certainly not too old to have babies."

"me? have a baby!" estelle could hardly believe her ears.

judith ignored her. "you know, ladies, this little discussion has been unnecessarily confrontational. i'm afraid we don't have enough in common to see eye to eye. i'm sure we would get along better if you would all just relax. we're all friends having a nice little all girl chat. it feels nice and cozy here, doesn't it? of course. when you are totally relaxed and your mind isn't putting obstacles in the way, you can all learn. you can all experience new things. isn't that right?

"yes, we can learn," ima said woodenly.

"yes, we can experience new things," droned any

estelle stared straight ahead. "what ... have ... you ... done ... to ... me?" she asked, struggling with herself.

"just put a little something in the tea to make you more open to suggestion, estelle. don't worry. it isn't harmful and you won't remember a thing. now just sit still and listen."

"girls, estelle has brought up a little rule-y problem that can't be solved just among us, we'll have to call an owners' assembly to deal with it, but these other little things, they are just a matter of perspective, aren't they?"

"matter of perspective" the three women recited in unison.

"and what does perspective mean? seeing things from another person's point of view. now take you, amy. you feel threatened by a sexy woman who shows what she's got and enjoys giving the boys a thrill. you shouldn't. with that dynamite little body of yours, you could do the same. and you will. i'll bet timothy has been trying to get you to dress like a woman for years, right. come on, you can tell us."

"oh, he is such a sexist pig," amy confessed. "he wants me to wear short skirts and high heels and makeup. he gives me jewelry and sexy pajamas but i always make him take them back."

"and you'd just love to wear them except ...," judith coaxed.

"well, yes, but i can't. if i dressed like that, i'd never get his mind off of sex," amy answered, confused by all the crazy thoughts that were swirling around in her head, suddenly wondering why she wanted to get her husband's mind off sex..

"married to a cute little piece of ass like you, dear, what else would be on his mind?" judith asked. "isn't that the point amy? don't you want to excite him? make him want to make love to you?"

"but he'd want to every night?" the dazed woman replied.

"of course, amy. night and morning and afternoon, too, if he's up to it. but that's exactly want you want. you love sex. you need sex. you enjoy flirting and teasing all men, but you especially want to get timothy hot so he will fuck you silly, right?"

"right!" amy agreed.

"good. well, from now on, you are going to make timothy a happy man. this afternoon you will ask him to take you to the mall and help you pick out some hot new outfits. and won't he be surprised when you insist on modeling them all for him. of course, when you two get back here later today and take a little sashay around the pool and through the public areas, people are really going to admire him for getting a sexy little piece like you to go without panties."

"no panties!" amy grinned "i'm going to be so hot!"

"indeed you are and tim is going to fuck you silly," judith smiled.

then she turned to ima. "leonard doesn't fuck you very often any more, right ima?"

"no," she admitted, looking down.

"do you think it could be because you've gotten flabby?"


"or because you're too conservative at lovemaking? maybe he has gotten tired of having to beg for a blow job. and what is so wrong with letting him eat you?"

"but those are such nasty, perverted things. why no decent woman ..."

"you are so right, ima. but, then, you are not a decent woman. why a decent woman wouldn't have her eye on gabriel the pool boy, would she?"

"but i don't ..."

"you don't go near the pool that you don't check the crotch of his speedos, do you?"

"no," ima responded, confused by the sudden feeling of attraction to the young man she had hardly seen.

"you know, ima, if you lost a few pounds, started working out a little, got in shape, i'll bet you could get gabriel in bed, easy. you'd enjoy that, wouldn't you, ima," judith grinned conspiratorially.

"get him to fuck me?" ima asked, her eyes lighting with lust.

"he'd be an awesome fuck, ima. he would have you ..."

"making noises like a woman having sex?" ima grinned.

"un huh," judith agreed. "and when leonard finds out, well, you'll know how to reconcile him."

"fuck his eyeballs out and let him eat me 'till his tongue falls off?" ima asked.

"oh, ima! you're such a clever, nasty girl!" judith laughed and looked over at estelle.

"estelle, estelle. you do have a problem with harvey, don't you?"

"yes. i had no idea when i married him he was such a neanderthal."

"oversexed?" judith asked sympathetically.

"that's not the worst of it. not a day goes by he doesn't bring up having [CENSORED] one way or another. he'd like nothing better than to keep me barefoot and pregnant all the time."

"that's terrible, estelle, good as you look in heels." judith smiled.

"that's not what i ..." estelle stopped as the image popped into her head of herself standing before harvey in nothing but fishnet stockings and a pair of red 5" pumps proudly presenting her husband with her beach-ball belly.

"how many [CENSORED] do you think he wants, estelle?"

"i don't ... er, ... two, maybe three." estelle knew something was very wrong here, but she couldn't figure out what.

"i shouldn't worry about that, estelle. once he sees how beautiful you are pregnant and finds out how horny it makes you, i'll bet you can get him to knock you up four or five times at least."

"do you really think so?" estelle replied, confusedly.

"throw your pills a way and cuddle up to him tonight and ask him how soon he thinks he can put the first baby in you. you may be pleasantly surprised. and when you need it, i'll recommend a great obgyn."

"oh, thank you, judith, thank you," estelle gushed.

"don't mention it.

"my, my, how the morning has flown. don't let me keep you unnecessarily, ladies. i know you all have things to do."

all three women nodded enthusiastically. as soon as the door closed behind them, judith collapsed in my arms, laughing. the uniform and judith's long dress remained on the living room floor all afternoon while we fucked like bunnies.

needless to say, amid the tittering over the sexy new mrs. tan-lyons, the scandal over ima prude's affair with the poolboy, and the shock of estelle's pregnancy, our purchase of the condo sailed through the membership committee without a hitch.

to be continued in chapter 6: friends

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judith and me
by homer vargas

chapter 6: friends

one afternoon around judith's eighth month she had some of her new friends over. she had me busy serving the drinks and canapes i had made, but i overheard them talking. "it sounds like the ideal arrangement, dear," one said enviously.

"it is," judith said. "i keep david home to look after the house while i look after my clients during the day."

"but at night when ms. working woman gets home, i hear her boytoy keeps the mommy-to-be very happy," another voice added lecherously.

"i know what part of him keeps her happy, too. doe he really have a 10-inch dork?" said a third voice. "you must go out of your mind when that monster slides into you."

"it's mutual," judith replied smugly. "he does have a very satisfying prick, but frankly, he is a genius with his tongue. of course, i keep him pretty well nailed down, too."

"i'll bet you do, as much as you like to fuck and be eaten," they all laughed.

"is it true he's actually your sex slave?. your adonis will do whatever you tell him?"

"i don't like the word 'slave,'" judith said, "but yes, he's completely in love with me. he goes nowhere and does nothing without my permission."

i was angry at this humiliating description of our relationship, but realized it was close to true.

"you can make him do anything, anything at all?"


"could you make him fuck me here in front of you and the others?" the voice continued.

"if i wanted to," judith replied matter of factly.

"i don't believe you. do it."

"you want david to screw you right here and now, ruth?" judith asked.

"have you even know of a time or place i did not want to be screwed?" the women all laughed again, knowingly.

"what do you say, june?

"sure, judith. i'd love to see ruthie dear getting her gears oiled right there on the floor. we know how much the poor thing needs it," she added a little spitefully.

"it will turn me on, terribly" agreed alicia. "but i've got a boyfriend coming over tonight. is he ever going to get a shock when i pounce on him!"

"very well, i'll do it. -- david," she called out.

i had been listening, but pretended not to hear. "david, *darling,* come in here," she called again with a voice i had to obey.

i walked in and stood close to judith. se took my hand. "david, i'd like you to get to *know* ruth," judith said. the choice of verb was not lost on me. "ruth is a dear friend. have a look at her. tell me honestly, do you find her attractive?"

i looked the woman over. she was perhaps a little younger than judith, and in fine shape. although not as voluptuous as judith even before she had me get her pregnant, ruth was good looking and wearing a fairly daring mini for a woman her age. i guessed she was hot. "yes," i answered truthfully.

"good, because ruth has a little problem. like all of my friends," judith grinned, looking around, "she is a pretty highly sexed woman. until several weeks ago she had a very satisfactory boyfriend, a young man whom she had giving her the regular reamings she needs. now they have broken up and since then ... well she hasn't been getting laid very regularly. as you can imagine just by looking at her, she's getting pretty desperate. she needs a man in her to give her a good fucking. i want you to help her out by making love to her this afternoon."

"why don't you come over and sit by me, handsome," ruth smirked. "i may want to devour you, but i won't bite."

"but judith?" i protested. "another woman? here?"

"why not darling? you've admitted she is attractive. ruthie needs some cock. we are all friends. the rug is thick and comfortable. i'm proud to show my friends the beautiful young man whose prick keeps me so well satisfied. ruthie's friends would enjoy seeing ruth getting what she needs from a stud in action. and you don't mind the audience, do you ruth?"

"if he's got a prick the size you say he has, judi, i'd let him fuck me on the fifty yard line of the orange bowl at half time!" ruth growled lecherously. the other women all tittered.

"no, judith, this is humiliating. i won't do it!" i protested.

"yes, darling, you will do it because she will arouse you." judith spoke softly and looked deep into my eyes. her voice seemed to come from inside my head. "you have looked at ruth with desire, david. you won't be able to resist her! you are gong to fuck ruthie because she is a very sexy woman and she's ever so hot to trot!"

there was an almost predatory gleam in ruth's eyes as she regarded me "ruth is out to turn you on; you will succumb to her, whether you like it or not," judith whispered. "you can't help yourself, darling. look at those big boobs. you can't take your eyes off of them, david." ruth had unbuttoned her blouse and was caressing her breasts.

"look at her long shapely legs. she is wearing her skirt short so she can make men stare at her. look, she is hiking her skirt so you can see more of her. you can't keep from peeking between her legs."

judith 's hand was on the bulge in my pants now. "ruth is getting you horny. her sex is working on you, david. she makes you want to fuck. your prick is getting hard, my darling. see how she has her skirt almost up to her crotch. she wants you, too."

"now go over and sit by her." then judith dropped her voice so only i could hear. "she's a very sexually frustrated woman, honey, who needs a man bad. i want you to give her the pleasure she has been missing. she thinks she is a dominant woman, but i want you to make a submissive out of her. make out with her. get her good and horny. toy with her until she looses control. then when you've got her good and ready, i want you to fuck her senseless."

"that's a good boy." ruth smiled as judith gently pushed me toward her. i went and sat down obediently by her side, unable to keep my eyes off her tits. she lightly placed her hand on my crotch. "oh, .... i like what i feel down here, david. i know just where and how to put this equipment to work. let's not waste time. i see you like my boobs. they seem to have you in the right mood. well, i don't have my blouse unbuttoned just to let you moon at them. why don't you get me out of my bra and start fondling me?" she said and took me in her arms. "i'm a hands-on, user-friendly woman," she laughed.

she didn't laugh long. as we kissed i reached in her blouse and unhooked her bra. it fell away easily and i took her big titties in my hands. she moaned softly and squirmed with pleasure as i began to massage her tits and tweak her nipples. "oh, darling! not so fast! what are you doing to my boobies? oh, i love it; it's beautiful," she gasped, almost fully aroused after only seconds.

"these breasts are so lovely, ruth, so big and sensitive" i said, obeying judith's instructions to arouse the woman and give her as much pleasure as she was capable of. "any man would be lucky to get his hands on a woman like you. i did not know you were so hot, ruth, such a totally easy female."

her eyes were closed and she lay back helpless in my hands. "feeling up these tits turns you on, doesn't it? your breasts are getting so hard, ruth. i am going to kiss these nipples, so erect and aroused. i'm going to play with you until i make you crazy for sex."

"oh, yes, david. you really do a job on a woman's breasts. i want to fuck you all night."

"no, ruth, you are not going to be able to fuck; you are going to get fucked. these beautiful, sensitive breasts, ruth, are on fire. you are too hot to do anything but receive pleasure. and i'll bet a woman like you is beautiful and sensitive down here too," i continued and pulled up her dress. "and you love for men to play with you, don't you, even though it only gets you hotter and more desperate for me to give you the release you need."

she moaned her assent.

i smiled as i slipped my hand under the waistband of her skirt, "why ruthie, you randy trollop. what is this i find when i put my had between your naughty legs? you don't have on any panties, you deliciously depraved hourie! you left your pussy open and undefended." i slipped a finger into her pussy and began wiggling it. "going bare makes me think you've just been hoping some man would get his hands onto your pleasure point, haven't you?. why, all a man has to do is run his hand up your leg and bingo! he's into your snatch."

she winced with pleasure when i touched her clit.

"you know what a man can do to you, when he touches you down there, don't you? you knew what could happen and you wanted it to happen and it's going to happen! oh, ruth, you're getting so wet down there. this pussy it ready for a prick! you want to be fucked!"

"judith! help me! make him stop. he's really going to fuck me!"

"of course he is, ruth, like you've never been fucked before!. that's what i've trained him for."

"i wasn't serious. i never dreamed he really would!"

"you said you wanted to get screwed. if you don't want him in you, you make him stop."

"but how can i? his fingers all over my clit feel so good, i don't want him to stop. he's going to make me aggggg!" she screamed when the orgasm hit her.

"then stop complaining, you silly girl. spread your legs, woman! get ready for that beautiful cock in your pussy and enjoy getting laid by a pro," judith taunted.

"look at that expression on ruth's face." commented alicia turning to june beside her as they watched me getting ready to put the wood to ruth. "that woman knows what she's about to get and she's in heaven! those hands of judy's stud must be magic. did you see how quickly he turned miss fat 'n sassy into a puddle of silly female desire? the woman went into a crazy rut almost as soon as he started working on her boobs."

"they don't call them our boobs for nothing, honey. if a man like him got his hand on my breasts, i'd be panting for his prick, too." june replied gaping.

"looks to me like you're panting for it anyway, june dear," alicia said, a mischievous smile spreading over her face.

"god, yes! the minute i saw him take out his cock i felt my panties get wet ...."

"you poor dear," alicia said with feigned sympathy as she put her arm around her friend. "you must be so horny. maybe you'd like me to help you get some temporary relief," she continued and started to unbutton june's blouse.

"alicia, what are you doing? stop pulling open my dress! get your hands off my ... ohhh!" june gasped as a bolt of pleasure shot through her.

"your tits? don't you want my hands on your pretty titties, june? seems to me you rather like it, you randy cow!" alicia smirked as poor june squirmed with pleasure.

"you really enjoy having your boobies pawed, don't you june, baby? look at the way these nipples stand up when i tweak you." june's breath came in gasps. "my, my, you are going into heat, june, baby. i bet i know something else you'd like me to play with. let me get you out of your skirt, darling," alicia ordered.

"no, stop!," june protested, but she complied, helplessly.

"that's right! open up for me baby and, so i can get my hand between your pretty little legs better. why june darling! your undies are sopping wet! your cunt is leaking and i haven't even touched you yet." that wasn't quite true. alicia was fingering june through her panties. "watching ruthie get laid has you climbing the wall. you must need to orgasm pretty bad. well, let me slip my hand in your pussy and help you out."

as alicia started to diddle june and quickly brought her to her first screaming orgasm, i concentrated on ruth. "don't be afraid, ruth." i said. "the fun is only now about to start. you are just starting to get nicely turned on. i've diddled you good until you really need to get laid. fingers are nice, but you need something longer and thicker between your legs to really satisfy you. you need a man-sized prick to penetrate your cunt and fill you full of fuck," i continued as i slid my prick into her wet, wet pleasure hole. "that's just what you're going to get."

"oh ... oh, yes! ... put it in me. i want your big cock in me. fucking feels wonderful, but ... but... please pull out before you come, please. i haven't been taking my pill. this is my middle week. if you shoot the jizz in me, you'll knock me up!"

"no wonder you are so attractive," i hissed. "there is nothing sexier than a fertile woman. and it explains why you suddenly wanted to get fucked so bad. i like screwing a woman who is ready to get pregnant. i'm going to enjoy knocking you up, my dear!" i said over her whimpered protests. "i'm going to get you pregnant just like i did judith."

"no, no!" she whimpered but the bucking of her hips belied her words.

"you're getting exactly what you wanted, honey," judith interjected. "you knew what day of the month it was when she asked me to make david screw you. "and if you're not on the pill, it can be no accident. you knew you'd be screwing around even without having your boyfriend to put it to you like clockwork. if you get pregnant now, it's because you want to be."

"of course she wanted it," agreed alicia, having finished finger fucking june to unconsciousness. "i think she got envious of you in your cute maternity dresses and decided she wanted to flounce around with her tummy poking out, too, and to hell what the other partners say."

"well, whether she wanted it or not, she's about to get it now," judith laughed. "when my stud unloads his balls in her he'll get her so pregnant she'll waddle like a duck. our ruthie is headed to the maternity ward. after all," judith smiled and patted her bulging tummy." look what he did to me in just one night."

"what a change for an aggressive, in charge corporate lawyer, eh?" remarked alicia. "look at ruthie, out of her mind in a helpless rut!"

"it just shows you what a cock of the proper magnitude can do to us, my dear. you can't blame her. you'd stay home fat, barefoot, and pregnant all the time, if that was the only way you could have that prick in you every night! fortunately, i get the cock, but he stays home." judith gloated.

"oh, yes, ruth, you like getting fucked, don't you?" i continued over their kibitzing. "you'd like to have your cunt full of cock. now tell me that you want me to pull my prick out of you. tell me you don't want me to keep putting it deep, deeper and deeper into your pussy until i come," i whispered as i continued fucking her.

"look at the size of that dork. he must tickle her tonsils every time he rams that tool in her," alicia giggled.

"reminds me how good it is to have him in me!" sighed judith.

"oh, yes, fuck me, keep fucking me good, but don't come ... but don't stop," blubbered ruth. "oh, but it feels so good. you're so big! i'm going to come! i'm coming! i'm coming! ai.... ai.... ai...."

"you will enjoy being pregnant, ruth. your tits will get bigger; your hips will get wider. you will be sexier and raunchier. you will have to get yourself a man quick and you won't be able to be very choosy. you will have to take the first man who can satisfy you. he may make you stay at home, but you'll do it so he can take care of you, especially take care of your need to fuck. unless, of course i stop," i said and slowed down slightly. "do you want me to make you pregnant?"

"no! noooooh, yes! just don't stop fucking! you can jizz me up. go ahead, i don't care! give me your cum. pump me full. blow me up with jism." she was totally delirious now. "i'll make babies for you, i don't care. get me pregnant! make me as fat as a sow. just don't stop fucking me! don't stop! ai..... ai.... ai!"

when she felt me unload, ruth's moans rose to a banshee scream that slowly dissolved into soft whimpers of pleasure as continued to pump ballful after ballful of jism into her ravenous pussy. then as my cum began filling her cunt, the tension of her terrible arousal relaxed. her eyes closed softly and she slumped unconscious.

-- o --

"well done, david. you really put it to her. you must have pumped enough cum into ruthie to keep her out for hours," said judith as i caught my breath. "she hasn't had a man screw her like that in a long time, i guess. when ruthie finally wakes up she'll be one contented lady."

"contented, my ass!" sniffed june who was now fully recovered from her seduction by alicia. "after the kind of screwing she got, she'll demand to be banged again, first chance."

"can she afford to have a baby at this time of her life?" i asked, now a little chagrined at what i had done.

"of course," judith replied. "she's rich as sin and heard the biological clock ticking. that's why she kicked out her boyfriend; he wouldn't do the deed. ruth has been pestering me for weeks to let you make her pregnant. if you didn't nail her this time, you'll just have to try again. all that 'please don't come in me, please don't make me pregnant' was just part of a little drama ruth dreamed up to increase her pleasure."

"but i'll admit it's given me a wonderful idea," june injected. "play acting has its advantages. i think it would be fun to be a horny housewife who goes down on a sexy but naive door-to door sales hunk. what do you say, david?"

"i'd say, 'no,' of course," i replied stiffly. "judith wouldn't like it and neither do i."

"says who? what about it, judy?" june asked.

"do i get to watch?" judith leered.

"if you don't mind seeing another woman seduce your man."

"i don't have to worry. his prick always comes back to me."

"do you agree, alicia?"

"oh, hell. i am already at full boil from watching him go at ruthie and getting you off. i don't know if i can take any more. you guys are going to kill me. but ... what a way to go! sure."

"well, i refuse! you are all sick!" i protested.

"don't be so huffy, darling," said judith. "we're just girls that want to have some fun. and playing with big sexy boys is our favorite game."

"i won't do it, i tell you!" i protested more vehemently.

"excuse me for a few minutes, girls. i am going to have to take david to our room for a 'little talk.'"

"oh oh!" june hooted. "we know what kind of talking you're going to do!"

"i'll bet he'll come back with a big grin on his face when you finish him. can we watch?" alicia asked with a smirk.

"no, some things between a woman and her man are private. besides, i don't want you to know all my secrets for keeping him on a short string." she winked at the women and crooked her finger at me. "now come here, david."

i had no choice but to follow her to the bedroom. she closed the door. "i want to explain something to you, david."

"but judith, i ..."

she silenced me with a kiss and began pushing me backwards toward the bed "i think you will understand me much better on your back with your eyes closed and your prick up inside me, darling. you were skating close to defiance of my wishes. i think i need to deepen your conditioning just a little."

"judith, don't humiliate me this way, please!" i begged.

"in bed, david," she repeated and began to remove her clothes. "you must learn that you must do whatever i tell you. and the best way for you to learn that is to remind you that you that i can fuck you anytime i want to. you are so horny for me right now. so lie back, darling, and let me have your prick. when we have our little talk you, are going to be in a receptive mood!."

soon she was on top of me, her protruding, pregnant belly almost blocking my view of her swollen, bouncing tits as she rode me to heaven.

-- o --

when judith and i came out of the room a half hour later, i was sam, a health food salesman. i went out, stood on the big front porch [the hall] and rang the bell

"good morning, ms. beech," i said when june came to the door. "i'd like to talk to you about vita-life."

"it's mrs. beech, for all the good it does me," she snarled. "come in and tell me about vit-e-life," said june who had switched into a simple but very short frock, very sexy. the game no longer seemed so stupid.

"vit-e-life is a scientifically balanced complete food supplement. it is especially high in vitamin e and promotes muscle tone and overall vigor," i intoned.

"over-all vigor, huh? vitamin e? haven't i read something about vitamin e stimulating the masculine sexual performance?" june asked.

"uh ... yes," i replied nervously.

"in that case i should be interested. you see charles used to keep me pretty happy. he would always roll me every night. he could get me off time after time when we fucked. but recently he just doesn't seem interested in me. and believe me, i've tried to interest him. for example, i unbutton my front like this. [does it] seeing my tits used to really turn him on. or i lift my dress. [does it] time was he couldn't keep his eyes off me when i let him peek up my dress. maybe vit-e-life is what i need to get him fucking me again. tell me ... do you use vit-e-life?"

"well, yes, of course."

"then i want you to have a glass."

"we are not allowed to use the product while on duty," i protested, knowing that vit-e-life was mainly alcohol with a little tranquilizer to make the customer feel good. a glass of it would knock me for a loop.

"how am i supposed to know if the stuff works without a demonstration."

"but ... i objected.

"pour a glass."

she wasn't smiling a friendly smile. i had no choice but to comply.

"now drink it!" she growled and handed me a glass. again, i hesitated.

"aren't you supposed to please your customers?" she asked, coquettishly.

"of course," i agreed and took a sip. "but why are you so keen for me to take the vit-e-life?"

"i need to find out how charles will react if i start giving him vit-e-life. now drink some more. i want you to have a good dose."

"well, mrs. beech ..."

"when i get enough of it in him, will it make him sort of dopey and easy to control?" she asked, staring into my eyes.

"i don't know ..." i muttered, no longer thinking too clearly.

"and if i sit next to him like this and show him my tits," she said, opening her blouse, "will he stare at me and start getting horny?"

"i guess so," i replied. i was sure staring.

"good. i want my tits to get him horny so he will feel me up. will it do that?" she asked and, believer in the scientific method that she was, drew my hands to her breasts. "i love to have a man feel my titties, " she squeaked. "it makes me feel so sexy and ... it gets the man hot, too. will charles do this to me?"

"oh, mrs. beech," i moaned. the vit-e-life had hit me hard and i was now keen to get in bed with this willing female and began to fondle her vigorously. "you have big beautiful boobies, mrs. beech."

"oh, yes!" she sighed and gave herself up to the pleasure. "i'm getting so hot. call me june, darling. anyone who can feel up a woman like you can deserves to use her first name. i told you, the problem isn't with me. i get turned on easy, too easy. the problem is charles."

"it won't be for long," i snorted.

"you are very persuasive, sir. what else will my husband do when i give him vit-e-life? will he get into my pants?" she asked and guided my hand up under her skirt.

"i guarantee it, june."

"marvelous! when charles he sees me getting horny as i am now, i want him to get excited, too. i want him to pull up my dress, slip his hands up my legs and pull down my panties."

"like this?"

she moaned as i followed her prompting. "then what will he do?"

"spread your legs, you horny wench and you'll find out," i growled, now fully aroused. "once he's got his hands on your snatch, he will play with you, june. he will play with you like the tart you are until you really want to fuck."

"perfect, i want it now! put your prick in me."

"but i'm not charles."

"who the hell cares? you are here and you drank the vit-e-life. your prick is big and hard. you want to fuck and i want to fuck, so fuck me, you bastard! fuck me!"

so of course i did, or rather sam did, until june was braying like a stuck sow.

-- o --

"bravo!" exclaimed judith, alicia, and ruth when june in turn had been shot full of cum and had collapsed into unconsciousness. i, too, was panting with exhaustion.

"that did it!" exclaimed alicia. "i can't wait for my damned boyfriend tonight. i've got to have a piece of that man, now!" she declared, looking at me fiercely.

"well, i let ruth and june have their fun. i can't deny you as long as we all get to enjoy the show," conceded judith "what do you have in mind?

i looked at her and mouthed "n. o." but she ignored me.

"i'm too revved up to even feign being seduced. i feel like a predator," alicia snarled. "i want to sexually devour your man."

"well, that's the nice thing about young men," judith grinned. "you can devour them again and again and there's always more left." the three women laughed.

"no more! please," i protested.

"sorry, dear," judith smiled. "when lionesses are in council, gazelles don't get to vote. we'll call you when we're ready for you."

"judith!" i pleaded.

"don't worry, david. i understand our little problem. you'll soon be ready to go again. you are just tired, dear. fucking that tarty june took a lot out of you, poor baby. you are drained and weak," judith was again using that tone that forced my obedience.

"you just need some rest. just snuggle down there with our little fucked-out june. put your head on her breast and take a little nap." i felt a wave of drowsiness flow over me as i sank down against june's sleeping body. "take her titties, david. ... that's a good boy. sucking one of those man-pacifiers will help you relax ... and go to sleep." i felt june moan softly and stir to accommodate me as i slumped unconscious in her arms.

-- o --

when i woke up i was 13 and in bed with a thermometer in my mouth. dr. alicia came in dressed in a 'way too short smock. she leaned over me, dangling her boobs just inched from my face and smiled. "well, how does my big little boy feel today?" she asked and patted my face.

"good." i said. "when can i get out of bed?

"not until i say you can, young man. i want you to be a big healthy boy. for the time, i'm going to keep you in bed, davey. do you have any aches?" she asked as she began to rub her hands over my chest. "how does this feel?"


"yes, i imagine it does. you know, davey, sometimes a spell of fever can accelerate a boy's maturation. in just a few day you can go from a 'little boy' to a 'big boy.' i think it's time to find out if you are a big boy yet," she said and pulled back the sheets

"how can you tell?"

"oh, i can see that you have grown a lot and your shoulders are broad like a man's, but i really need to examine you down here, between your legs." she explained and she pulled up the smock i discovered i was wearing.

"just as i thought! you have gotten to be a big boy. look what you have been hiding from me, you naughty [CENSORED]!" she exclaimed and began to massage my penis. "this feels good, doesn't it davey?"

"oh, yes ma'am." i agreed.

"yes, you have gotten to be a big boy and big boys enjoy letting women touch them here. you are a little stinker not to have told dr. alicia sooner that your penis had gotten so big. and it's getting very hard, too. i should have given you this examination months ago. i'll bet i know something naughty you have been doing!" she grinned.

"no, nothing, doctor." i replied nervously.

"don't try to fool me, davey. i see semen stains on the sheets. when you are alone you put your hand down here and play with yourself, don't you?

"yes ma'am," i confessed.

"of course you do, honey, because it feels really good, almost as good as i am making you feel now, right?" she was fondling me deliciously.

"yes," i groaned.

"tell me what happens then, davey"

"oh, doctor, when i move my hand up and down over my thing ..."

"it's your penis, davey. or your prick or your dick or your dork or your tool. women have dozens of names for it because it's so important to us. go on."

"when i run my hand up and down on my prick faster and faster, it feel better and better until ...agggg!" i erupted into alicia's grinning face.

"that must have felt very good, didn't it?" she asked licking drops of sperm from her fingers.

"yes ma'am."

"what you experienced is called an orgasm, davey, or coming. the sticky white fluid that comes out of your penis when you orgasm is called semen. we also call it cum or jism or jizz or spunk or sperm. any you've go a lot of it.

"i'm sorry i made a mess, dr. alicia,"

"not your fault, honey. i didn't have my mouth open wide enough. a girl has to be very careful when she lets you put your prick in her because if she's not, your semen will make her pregnant. that's why your girlfriends, when you get a little older, will want you come in their mouths."

"really?" i asked, amazed.

alicia just smiled knowingly. "well, i see that you already know how to do one naughty thing with your prick. now i'm going to let you do something much naughtier and much more fun. you are going to put your prick into the pussy of a woman and cum in there."

"but i don't know how, dr. alicia."

"you don't need to know anything. you are going to do it with an older woman. she's the one who knows how to make you feel good when you put your prick into her. i think it should be someone who can come to visit you when you are in bed. can't you guess who?" she teased.

"dr. ...? oh, no!"

"who better, davey. i'm here and you are ready. i can give you such a good fucking." "but mom? dad?" i objected.

"oh, i made sure they won't bother us. i slipped a few drops of some special medicine in your mom's tea while we visited. it makes a woman ravenously horny. i stayed long enough to see her starting to put the make on your dad. you should have seen his eyes bulge when she spread her legs and hiked her skirt. i'm sure by now your mom has your dad down in bed screwing his brains out. in fact, she may be getting pregnant. that is what i intend you to do to me, davey."

"please, dr. i'm afraid."

"there is nothing to be afraid of davey. you are just a boy that has never had sex yet. your strong young prick has never been inside a woman and what a way to start! my husband can't give me a baby, but you can. just put it in me and make my tummy swell. it's something every man wants and needs and i can give to you. let me show you what you'll be getting," she said and dropped her short smock. she was completely naked.

"wow, dr. alicia. you look neat!"

"i feel 'neat', davey. see how the nipples on my tits are standing out rigid? that's what happens to a woman who wants to get knocked up. you see, just thinking about what your cock is going to do to me, makes me horny. feel me here," she said and took my hand between her legs.

"gosh, dr. alicia! you sure are wet in there!"

"that means my pussy is ready to get your baby juice in her. now let me get it from you."

with that she slipped under the sheets with me. "i will get on top, darling, because i want to do the fucking. you just relax and supply the sperm. first i'm going to put your cock into my pussy, davey," she whispered as i felt something warm and wet envelope my prick. "oh, yes! i've got you in me darling, so deep. your prick feels so good in me! now let me fuck you." and she began to ride up an down on my prick.

"oh, dr. it feels so good!"

"of course it does, davey. you're getting fucked by a woman who knows how to give it good to a man. it's natural to enjoy having your prick in a woman's cunt, knowing you are about to put a baby in her. and you feel good in me, too. ohmygod! you are so much bigger than i dreamed. your prick is so hard and it's going in me so deep. i'm going to have an orgasm, davey. oh, yes, yes! your prick is making me cum! so good! so good!"

for the next several minutes alicia just bounced up and down on me, babbling about wanting a baby and screaming from time to time. then she started riding me harder and braying. i felt an orgasm boiling up and came in her. we both fell unconscious.


when i woke up the doctor was gone. in fact, ruth, june and alicia were all gone. judith was looking at me with a sweet sexy smile. "you've had a hard day, darling. let go to bed." she must have seen my look of consternation. "just to cuddle. until tomorrow morning ..."



about six months later alicia, june, and ruth were over at the house again. judith had finished nursing claudette and i had put her down for a nap. judith had broken the news about our second baby on the way, but the three friends had other things on their minds. and they weren't as happy as the first time.

"my boyfriend is pissed off as hell!" exclaimed alicia. "he says i didn't warn him when i went off the pill and he isn't giving me a dime for the little bastard!"

"but you're giving him the stuff i told you?, judith asked.

"yes, every night."

"and he's still screwing you, isn't he?"

"well, yes. more than before," alicia admitted.

"just give it time. he'll come around. just make sure his prick doesn't spend too much time dry. if you still want him to, he'll marry you before the baby is born."

"and what about me?" ruth demanded.

"it was your idea, ruth. i warned you that you wouldn't want david to pull out once he was fucking you."

"i just never imagined ... at my age ..." ruth lamented.

"that you'd be having your first baby?

"that it would be so hard to find a new boyfriend, especially after i started to show."

"but you did. lots of men think pregnant women are sexy. and what's wrong with having someone your own age for a change? you're ok with robert, aren't you?"

"yes, he is as sweet as can be and a great lover, but won't the stuff wear off?"

"not as long as you keep fucking him. every time he comes in you, his obsession with you goes back to 100%."

"and after the baby is born?"

"you can make it permanent.

"how?" ruth asked.

"let him get you pregnant next time!"

"you've solved alicia's and ruth's problem," june spat, "but i'm the one you really fucked up!

"from the size of your tummy, june, dear, it's apparent *you* are the one who fucked up. it serves you right for trying to steal david from me. he told me about your coming over here when i was away. when i found out what you were trying to do, i let you have him for a few weeks, but i made sure you 'forgot' to take your pills while he fucked you." judith gloated.

"i know. i'm sorry, but when josh found out i was pregnant with another man's [CENSORED], he kicked me out before i could give him the drug that you let ruth and alicia use. what am i going to do?" she lamented.

"don't worry, june, dear. you can move in with us. david is doing a great job with our little claudette. he'll happily take care of as many babies as we want to give him!"

the end

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