Huge Cock for My Wife
(M/F, size)

Huge Cock For My Wife 1

If you have been following my “Huge Cock For Me And Then My Wife” series you know how I met the guy, Jim, who after fucking me in the ass with his 12 inch cock helped me plan to get my wife to let him fuck her. Jim and I came up with two plans and the following is plan number 1.

For the first plan I talked to my wife about going to the bookstore to see the x rated movies so that we might buy one or two. I had ordered a couple of them by mail and we had watched them together. The movies had really turned her on so the suggestion of going to the bookstore was not that hard. She did state a concern about being in the bookstore where only men were but, I told her that I had seen a few couples in there previously. In fact this was true. But that is for another story.

My wife and I arranged a time to go to the bookstore after I first coordinated with Jim unknown to her. We went to the bookstore on a Friday night after having a few drinks first. I thought that best because she does tend to get a little looser and horny after a few drinks. We entered the store and proceeded to the area where it was dark because I thought she would be more comfortable if the other guys there could not easily see her as she watched the 25 cent movies. I was lucky in that I found the two viewers at the end of the row not in use so I put quarters in both of them and we began to watch separately. She was at the end one which she said made her more at ease because she could not be seen by the other guys, there actually were 8 viewers in the row and all but the 2 we were using were occupied. One of the guys there was Jim which, of course my wife did not know. As my eyesight adjusted to the darkness I gave Jim the high sign and he moved to the viewer next to me when the guy that had been there left.

At this time I suggested that my wife and I change viewers so that I could see hers and she the one I had been watching. After glancing over my shoulder at the movie I was watching, that showed a guy with a very large cock fucking this girl while she sucked another guy (but not as large as Jim), my wife switched with me. It was interesting to see how intent she became on the movie such that she did not object when I put my hand on her ass. She was wearing a short mini-skirt and panties which I could feel thru the skirt. As I was feeling her ass I slowly began moving my hand below her skirt which was easy because it was raised up due to her having to bend over to look at the viewer in order to see the movie. She again did not object until I got to here panty covered pussy which was becoming wet. As I was doing this I glanced over at Jim who had pulled his cock out and was slowly masturbating. When my wife noticed the pressure against her pussy she moved her right hand to push it away and said that we were in a public place. I whispered in her ear that we were in an adult bookstore watching movies that showed guys fucking girls like her. I then asked if she wasn't excited by the movie she was watching. She said sure and we could go home and fuck. But, told her to continue watching the movie for a while.

As she turned back to the viewer she noticed Jim and told me that the guy next to her was jacking off. I told her that was what most men came here to do and then asked if he had a big cock. She glanced at him out of the corner of her eye and gasped "My God he is huge, even bigger than the guys in this movie". I whispered to her asking if she would like to have a guy with a cock like that fuck her and she nodded yes. While I was asking her I slipped my hand under her mini-skirt and slipped my finger under her panties and into her pussy slowly. She was so engrossed in watching the movie and, at the same time out of the corner of her eye, Jim jack off that she did not object. I then leaned over and after a moment caught Jim's eye. He and I had agreed that we would not do anything more than jack off until I gave him the eye. After that he was to carefully join me in finger fucking my wife. Jim had been jacking off with his right hand which gave my wife a limited view of his cock but, as he slowly moved his left hand around behind her she was able to see the full length and girth of his massive cock. This caused her to gasp again and exclaim that he was even bigger than she had at first thought. At this point I removed my hand from her panties and directed Jim's in its place. My wife did not realize at first that the hand was not mine. It was only after Jim inserted his finger in her that she noticed the difference but, by then it was too late. She was so turned on that she simply gasped to that the guy next to her was finger fucking her.

At this point I was pretty sure that she wanted to be fucked badly and I reached around her and directed her right hand over to his cock and used my around hers to grasp it. I then began to jack him off with her hand. It was then that she uttered a groan as he apparently put another finger into her cunt. Two of his fingers were bigger than most men's cocks and her ass pushed back towards the finger fucking she was receiving. I removed my hand from hers but, she kept jacking him off anyway. Her moaning became a little louder and I was concerned we would be attracting too much attention especially as she gave all of the indications of cumming that I had become accustomed to over the years. However, the other guys there seemed to be too involved in their own movies at the time. I was concerned that she had cum because she never seemed to come afterwards when we had sex. She would continue only until I came and then would beg off for anything more.

Jim was not concerned by this and amazingly neither was my wife. She was obviously still very turned on as she continued to jack Jim off and did not object at all as we lowered her panties. She even stepped out of them as I got them to her ankles. Jim then stopped finger fucking her and turned her towards me, pulled up her dress and began rubbing his cock up and down her now empty slit from the rear. By then I had my own cock out and pulled her head towards it. Just as Jim pushed his cunt juice slicked cock into her cunt until the head was locked inside and she opened her mouth to say "unghh" I slipped my cock into her open mouth. She has always been a good cocksucker but, now she sucked my cock like a vacuum. Jim having gained some purchase in her cunt then began pushing into her inch by inch. It was clear that this was at first painful as she attempted to pull away from him but, with my back against the wall she had nowhere to go. By then Jim's hands were full of her breasts and he continued to push more of his cock into her until he was up to his balls. Jim then stopped for a second. It was clear that it had been hard to get all the way in but, my wife was finally getting used to the size of him and she began to suck me in earnest. Seeing this he pulled out and rammed back in two or three times before settling into a steady rhythm. I was so turned on by then finally seeing my wife fucked by such a huge cock that I filled her mouth with cum. Jim was far from finished however and kept up a steady pace. Pulling his cock almost out and then ramming back in to the hilt. My wife was now grunting like a stuck pig so I looked around and sure enough a couple of the nearer guys had their cocks out and were jacking themselves off as they watched Jim fuck her. I motioned to one of the guys who had a respectable fat 6 or 7 inch cock in his hand to come over and stick it in her mouth. As I let him by he squeezed my limp cock and did not let go as he pushed his cock into my wife's mouth

As I looked back at the other four guys who had been watching their viewers I noticed that they all had their cocks out and came over close to me to see the action. The guy my wife was now sucking continued to jack me off and this caused my cock to begin to harden. One of the other guys started to help him with my cock and, at the same time put my hand on his cock. Which I squeezed and began to jack off also. The guy my wife was sucking obviously began to cum as there were signs of cum dripping from around the edge of my wife's mouth. She continued to suck him off until he could not take any more. I then motioned the guy who I had been jacking off to take his place which he did. The guy that had just cum in my wife's mouth then dropped to his knees and began to suck my now rock hard cock. I knew that this would last a long time as I always took forever it seemed the second time around. It still felt good and I did not object when the other guys started feeling my wifeÕs tits and my ass. Before I knew it my pants were down around my ankles and one of the guy's was tonguing my asshole which really turned me on. His tongue was then replaced by one of the remaining guy's cock head which, though not huge, was big enough to cause a moments pain. Watching my wife continuing to get fucked by Jim and sucking her second strange cock caused the pain to lessen and I began to enjoy the sensations of being fucked and sucked at the same time. Something I had not been able to do before.

The next thing I knew my wife was cumming again and very loudly despite the cock in her mouth. This seemed to be the last straw as I came in the guys mouth who was sucking me and my asshole clinched and unclenched the guys cock there such that he came a second later. It was also clear that Jim was cumming as he grimaced in the manner I had become used to when he did. As he kept pounding into her the noises coming from her cunt were loud enough that I could hear. After this everyone cleaned up and my wife and I went home to talk about the final success of her getting fucked by a large cock. Although she liked it she was still resistant to any suggestions until I was able to set up another surprise for her a year later. This is another story.