From Coeds to Cumsluts
(Breast, slut, transform, piercing)

Chapter One

It all started on a Monday night in a Denny's restaurant. Four college freshman, Amanda, Jessica, Lucy, and Megan, sat in the non-smoking section, finishing off dinner. The check arrived, and Jennifer reached for it. "This one is one me," she said.

Amanda eyed her arch-rival warily from beneath blonde-brown locks. Jennifer's jade eyes were cold, but for Lucy and Megan she flashed her pearly smile. The pearly beautiful fucking smile that had won her the Homecoming Queenship, beating out Amanda by just ten votes. "But I'm smarter," she reminder herself. "I was valedictorian, and she was only salutorian." High school grudges die hard, even at University.

The valedictorian's self-esteem deflated a notch when she Jennifer take out a hunk of cash from a new Nine West purse and count out a quick thirty dollars. "Where'd you get all that cash, Jen?" Amanda asked.

"Coursework's been pretty easy, so I started working," Jennifer replied.

"Working? What are you doing, selling drugs?!" Lucy mumbled between chews of Megan's french fries. Lucy was the fat girl in their group, though she'd have been quite thin in any crowd except one that included Amanda and Jennifer.

"Well... I'm dancing. At a nightclub."

Megan choked on her coke. "Oh my fucking god, you are a stripper aren't you!"

Jennifer flashed her pearly smile again. "Puh-lease. It is exotic dancing!"

"So your selling your body to buy us dinner, Jen? Nice. Work that body," Amanda said nastily.

"Whatever, Amanda. I'm making enough that I won't have to take out loans. The money is great. It is for *me*, anyway."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Amanda demanded.

"Well I think Homecoming last year proved who's more popular with guys, Amanda." Jennifer said, and then raised her eyebrows. Megan and Lucy nodded, she had definitely scored a point with that one.

"Sure, yeah, whatever. You're lucky I don't have a job at that strip club. You'd be making peanuts." Amanda laughed, trying to recover points.

"Why don't you try it, then? The place is called Club Erotica. The manager's name is Owyn. Come be an exotic dancer. I bet you don't last two nights." Jen smiled and looked at her two cohorts. Heads bobbed. Oh, she was winning points tonight.

Amanda got up angrily. "Maybe I will!" she shouted as she stormed off.

Chapter 2

Amanda was wearing black leotards that showed off her sculpted legs to their best effect, and a short pink halter top that revealed way too much tummy. It was the closest she had in her wardrobe to 'slutty'. Valedictorians, after all, are *not* sluts. But she figured that's what this fellow Owyn would want to see. Of course the sneakers weren't slutty, but she'd have to dance and so sneakers were the right footwear.

Owyn Matthews, sitting across the table in the back room of Club Erotica, was in his late 20s, muscular, with a black goatee and a pierced eyebrow. "So, Mandy, this is how we work here at Club Erotica. We charge an admission fee at the door. You pay us $50 a night to dance on stage. You get tips from the clientele. Anything beyond the $50 fee is yours. Dance well and you'll make money. If you don't give the clientele what they want, you'll owe me money. Is that clear?"

She nodded. "Very clear, Mr. Matthews. Oh, and my name is Amanda."

"Now, frankly, Mandy, I don't think you'll cut it. We had another one of you college girls come join us last week, and she had a great smile, nice tits. She's doing well. You, I'm not so sure about."

She looked as if she'd been slapped. "But...but... I want to be a stripper. I want to make lots of money, Mr. Matthews." I want to make more money than that bitch Jennifer, she thought.

He eyeballed her from behind the table. "Ok. Fine. You wanna be a good stripper, here's what you do. For starters." He handed her a business card. It said Maria's Full-Service Salon, and listed an address and phone number. "You go see Maria and tell her you want the works. That'll go a long way towards improving your chances."

"The works. Right."

"Your first shift is Saturday night." He waved dismissively at her.

"Great. Thanks, Mr. Matthews. You'll see. I'll be a great stripper. Way better than that other college girl."

She was almost out the door when he raised his voice. "One more thing. I don't ever want to see you in sneakers again. What are you, sporty spice? Buy yourself some fucking high heels."

Chapter 3

Saturday afternoon, Amanda strutted into Maria's in her new black patent-leather platform pump stilettoes. She didn't have the walk down quite yet, but she was improving. The saleswoman at Ritual had assured her these were popular with 'exotic dancers' and Amanda could see why. The high heels changed the way she stood, the way she walked, showed off her legs and her butt and her breast. Too bad they were so uncomfortable.

Maria's Salon was dimly lit and smelled of make-up, perfume, nail solution, and cigarette smoke. Maria, as it turned out, was a smiling Hispanic women in leather pants, wearing a lot of make-up and with nails like daggers. She stubbed out a cigarette when Amanda came in, and promptly guided the young coed to a chair.

"You must be Amanda," she said. "You are here for the works, right? Well, let's get started!"

It started with the Jessica, the nail technician, applying some form of acrylic extensions to her fingernails. While the acrylic was setting, the hair stylist, Pamela, took over to dye her hair. While the dye was working its magic, Maria herself started to work on Amanda's face, waxing her eyebrows and applying what seemed like an awful lot of make-up to her eyes, lips, and face. Then Jessica came back and started to polish her nails, and Pamela washed the dye out of her hair and went to work on styling it. Finally, Maria pierced her earlobes twice more. It all happened fast, and Amanda was swept into the process, never quite managing to protest.

Finally it was done, and they turned her around in the chair to see her new look. Her hair was platinum-blonde, almost white, and styled in a high-maintenance, slightly trashy, look. Her eyebrows had been waxed down to a glamorous thinness, and her face was made up with dark evening colors, her lips painted large and wet.

"How long until this hair dye washes out?" Amanda asked.

Maria laughed. "Ha, ha, very funny. When is the bleach going to wash out. Ha. Listen, come see me in a few weeks as it grows out and I'll do your roots. We'll re-touch your nails then, too."

Amanda looked down at her hands, which now sported 1/2" long talons painted in a French Manicure. "Oh, I'm going to just take these off after I dance," she said.

Maria chuckled again. "You crack me up. Do be careful though. The acrylic is pretty tough but its not entirely indestructible. Take care of them, though, and they're as good as permanent."

Amanda suddenly caught up with current events. "The hair and nails are permanent?! I can't go to class looking like this!" But when she stared at herself in the mirror, at her glamorous eyes, her painted lips, the new earrings, the nails, she knew she looked incredibly hot. Way hotter than Jennifer. It wouldn't be so bad to go to class looking like this. This was her chance to show that bitch up...

Chapter Four

Jennifer was infuriated. Her shift was over and she was counting her wad of bills and it was clear that it was not going to be anywhere near what that valedictorian-turned-stripper was earning. Damn her. She had to go and get a makeover. Jennifer knew it was all for spite. Whatever Jennifer did, Amanda had to do better. Like in school. Amanda was always #1 and Jennifer was always #2. The *only* thing she had was her looks, and now that fucking bitch was taking that, too.

"Well, I won't stand for it!" she shouted at the nearest person, which happened to be a pleasant if geeky-looking fellow in blue jeans.

"Yeah! Damn straight!" the geek responded. He had no idea what this very, very hot stripper was talking about, but he decided it was important to agree with her. "Don't take that shit!"

Jennifer smiled at him. "Yeah! I won't!" And she stormed off to see Owyn. The geek, by the way, did not get any pussy that night, but he did later brag to his friends that Jennifer and he had "talked."

Jennifer burst into Owyn's office without knocking. She caught her manager with his pants down. Amber, the stripper that was blowing him at the time, stopped immediately when she saw that Jennifer had come in full feminine wrath.

"Aw, why'd you have to go and ruin a good suck," Owyn said. "Christ."

"Listen, Owyn. I know you must have had a hand in our friend Amanda's little 'makeover'... she didn't look that sexy before she started working here. What's the deal."

"Amanda? Who? Oh, you mean Mandy. Yeah, she asked me for some advice on looking better. I sent her to Maria. She does good work, eh?"

"I want to talk to Maria, too," Jennifer said.

Chapter Five

The classroom was a din of noise and confusion as students hustled to find their seats in the tumultous few minutes before the professor began lecturing on the importance of Nietzsche to the postmodern movement. All thoughts of Nietzsche had vanished from the minds of Lucy and Megan, however, when they saw their friend Amanda.

"Oh my god! What's with the new look, Amanda? It must be hard as hell to type with those nails!" exclaimed Lucy.

Amanda brushed a strand of platinum-blonde hair out of her eyes, flashing her long nails in the process. She was dressed conservatively, but there wasn't much she could do to hide her hair, nails, and earrings. "Well, you're right, it is. But I took a new job and..."

Megan giggled. "Oh, I get it. You're a stripper now, too! Jennifer is going to be *so* pissed when she sees how hot you look!"

"Do I look good?" Amanda said.

"In a trashy kind of way," said Lucy. "I'm sure the guys at the club love it... I don't know if your parents are going to be too thrilled, though."

"Ssssh, ohmigod you can't tell them. My dad would kill me. This is just to prove a point, anyway... I can't have Jennifer-"

"Can't have me what?" said her rival. The three girls turned as one, and their eyes went wide when they saw Jennifer. Like Amanda she was conservatively dressed, yet had a radical new look. Her formerly brown locks were now dyed a deep burgundy, her fingers were tipped with 1/2" dark purple nails, her eyebrows were waxed to glamorous thinness, and her ears were now each triple-pierced.

"You- you- copycat!" shouted Amanda. Heads in the classroom turned, hoping to see a catfight between the two hot girls.

"I know its rough to keep being second place, *Mandy*... by the way, I made $1500 in tips last night. How did you do?"

"I did...fine. Fine. I made plenty of money." But not $1500, she thought bitterly.

Chapter Six

"Owyn, this is Amanda. Yeah, hi. Listen, thanks for your advice about Maria, it really helped. But I want to do better. What do you suggest?.... a piercing-of what?! Oh, yeah, I suppose I could do that.... You think a navel ring would help? Yeah? Ok. Can you recommend a piercer? Hang on, let me get a pencil... ok... Steve at 'Modern Looks,' got it. Thanks, Owyn. You're the best."

She hung up the phone and mulled it over. "A piercing is awfully permanent," she thought. "But on the other hand, this is just a bellybutton ring, that's like standard-issue for a sorority girl these days. Hell, I probably would have gotten one even if I didn't have to beat Jennifer in this stripping thing..."

Having convinced herself that it was the right thing to do, she pulled on her new pair of hiphugging leather pants and a black halter top, then threw a white blouse on top. The leather pants had been $600, the first risque thing she'd bought in a while. But why shouldn't she dress a little risque? She had a great body, hell, a body people paid money to see. And she could afford it now.

Modern Looks was a clean and well-run establishment just a few blocks from the university. It catered primarily to sorority girls coming for tummy piercings, but some wild photos on the walls showed that the piercers also served a more radical clientele.

The girl behind the jewelry counter was of Amanda's age, and had short spiky blonde hair and at least half-a-dozen facial piercings. She eyed Amanda warily.

"Uh...Owyn said I should see Steve."

"Oh, you're one of Owyn's girls. Whaddya want? Clit? Nipples?"

"Bellybutton?" Amanda said meekly.

The girl behind the counter laughed. "That's how it always starts. I'll get Steve."

As he was sitting her down on the piercing bed, Amanda realized that Steve was quite good-looking, once you got past the huge ring hanging from his septum. He was also quite skilled, and the piercing was quick and relatively painless. Amanda was the proud bearer of a golden hoop in her navel.

"Thanks so much, Steve. This wasn't nearly as bad as I expected."

"No problem, Mandi. My pleasure. I hope you'll come back when you need more work done." He smiled from behind his bull's ring.

"Oh, I'm not getting any more work done," Amanda said.

"I've heard that before," he replied.

Chapter Seven

Amanda had just finished her shift. Owyn had been right; the bellybutton ring was definitely making a difference. For whatever reason, the guys really went in for that sort of thing. She noticed-in her analytical, valedictorian sort of way-that there was a direct correlation between how far the girl had gone towards making herself look like a slut, and how much money she made as a stripper. Guys, it seemed, really really liked it when a woman made herself into a fucktoy.

She looked up from her musings to see Candi, one of the strippers, walking over to her. Candi was clearly modeling herself after Jenna Jameson, though she didn't quite have the beautiful facial structure. Still, she did well, and was definitely one of the "in" crowd. She'd always been sort of nasty to Amanda, though.

This time it was different. "Hiya, Mandy. Welcome to the sisterhood!" Candi said.

"What sisterhood?"

Candi laughed. "The sisterhood of strippers...the slut club. When a girl gets pierced to make more money as a stripper, she's in." She took out a pack of Virginia Slim cigarettes and put one in her mouth, then offered the pack to Amanda.

"Oh, no thanks, I don't smoke."

"Yeah, I've noticed. I see you with that ill look on stage everytime a customer blows smoke in your face. Honey, you're a stripper *have* to smoke." And she pushed the pack at her.

"Well...I guess one cigarette won't hurt." She drew out a Virginia Slim with red fingernails and gingerly placed it in her mouth. Candi lit it for her with a silver lighter, smirking as Amanda choked on the smoke.

A few minutes later, Jennifer rounded the corner to the bar to see Amanda standing with Candi and several of the other popular strippers. While she watched, Amanda took a long drag on a cigarette and exhaled, while the other strippers laughed good-naturedly. Jennifer froze, anger coursing through her body. Then she turned away before Amanda could see how upset she was.

Chapter Eight

It was a Friday night and the Club Erotica was jammed with hot, sweaty, horny men. Jennifer stalked out on stage in a tight black dress and sky-high heels, moving like a panther, til she was at the pole. She began to swing on the pole, rubbing it between her legs, slowing inching her dress up bit by bit.

Suddenly she swung off the pole entirely and spun, ripping her dress off with one hand to reveal a gleaming silver navel stud in a taut stomach just above a freshly-shaved pussy sporting a silver ring. The boys went wild, and five and ten dollar bills suddenly appeared in greedy, grasping hands all across the stage.

Off stage, Amanda nervously clutched a cigarette in one hand and fumed. "That bitch one-upped me again. Not only does she have a navel ring but now she's got one in her pussy, too." She took a long drag on the Virginia Slim. When she looked up, Jennifer was giving her a triumphant stare.

"Damn it, she's not going to beat me!" Amanda swore.

Chapter Nine

Amanda and Lucy wound their way down the city streets from campus towards Modern Look. Lucy was in bell-bottom blue jeans and a fuzzy sweater; Amanda was wearing the skin-tight leather hiphuggers and halter top that had recently become her favorite outfit. Her golden belly ring gleamed brightly in her smooth stomach.

"Why are you dragging me along to this place, Amanda? Its sooo not my thing."

"I need company. I'm really nervous about this."

"So why are you doing it? I can't believe you're going to get all these piercings."

Amanda reached into a vinyl purse and took out a cigarette and a small black lighter. A moment later, she was smoking as they talked. "Listen, if that slut Jenni thinks she's going to get more tips than me, she's quite mistaken. I'll show her who's more popular with the guys."

"You smoke, now, too?"

"Have you ever tried it? Its actually pretty nice. Relaxing."

"Stripping, smoking. You are going to be so dead meat when we go home for Christmas."

Amanda blew a long stream of smoke. "Whatever. I'm just doing this for now, till Jenni admits I'm better. Anyway, here we are."

They walked into the Modern Look. Steve was waiting for her. "How's it going, Mandi? Ready for this?"

"You betcha...but I brought a friend to hold my hand just in case." Her painted lips smiled and she motioned to Lucy, who was trying hard not to looking uncomfortable.

This time around, the piercing process was a bit more painful-which was to be expected, considering how much work she had done: Both nipples now displayed shiny gold rings in them, her tongue was adorned with a stud, and her clit now had a tiny gold ring as well.

Steve smiled at her. "Mandi, you look fucking hot. The guys are going to go wild for you."

"Yeah, thass right," she mumbled, her pierced tongue slurring her speech. "Less see Jenni top this."

Shaking her head, Lucy escorted her sore friend back to campus. Neither of them noticed Jennifer and Megan walking in the direction of Modern Looks.

Chapter Ten

Jennifer's 4" stiletto heels clicked loudly on concrete as she and Megan made their way from campus to Modern Looks. She was wearing a tight black micromini and a burgundy leather jacket that matched her hair.

"Leaving aside the jacket for the time being--aren't those shoes a bit too much, Jennifer?" Megan asked.

She gave a half-smile, lipstick gleaming. "Its for work...I try to wear heels all the time now, to improve my poise and style. Before you get used to heels, its impossible to dance gracefully in them."

"Isn't it uncomfortable, though? Those are so high."

"Well, it was at first, but now its fine. Actually its getting to the point where flats are less comfortable for me than heels," Jennifer replied.

"No shit...hey, is this place?" Megan said, pointing to the Modern Look sign.

"Sure is," Jennifer said, heels clicking loudly up the steps.

Steve had just finished sterilizing the needles when they reached the back room. "Oh, Jenni, good to see you again. I'm just about ready." Jennifer gave him a quick peck on the cheek in greeting. Then she sat herself down on the table and removed her blouse and bra. Her young C-cup breasts hung firmly, nipples perky from cold or excitement.

A few minutes later it was done. Silver barbells now adorned each nipple, a steel rod pierced her tongue, and a tiny diamond gleamed in her left nostril.

"Looking good, Jenni," the piercer said.

Megan was suddenly outraged. "What are you talking about! She looks like a slut!" She turned to Jennifer. "What are you doing? What are your parents going to say? What's next, a pierced clit?"

"I already have my clit pierced, Megan. You should try feels soooo good." She licked her lips and smiled at Steve. Then she looked at Megan again, and her eyes were steely. "Anyway, this is just to prove a point. Why don't you bitch at Mandi. This is all her fault."

Chapter Eleven

Amanda sat miserably at the bar in Club Erotica, smoking a cigarette and watching Jennifer strut all over the stage like some sex goddess. "She walks in heels like they are slippers," she thought. "Its so unfair."

She took a long drag on her cigarette, her eighth of the evening. "At least I'm more popular with the other strippers," she reassured herself.

After finishing her cigarette, she headed into the backroom to get ready for her shift. She heard Candi's voice from just around the corner.

"Oh come on, Jenni, take a cigarette. You are the best new stripper we have, you *have* to be a smoker!"

"Well, ok-just this once," Jennifer replied.

Amanda couldn't believe it. Every thing she did, Jennifer always one-upped her. Better looking, better tips, and now she was even going to be more popular with the other girls. She took a deep breathe and anger flooded her body. She clenched a long-nailed hand and started to round the corner. The bitch was going to pay!

Owyn's hand on her shoulder stopped her. "Hey now, my little pussy. No need for a cat-fight."

"Lemme go, Owyn! I'm going to teach Jenni a lesson!"

"You think fighting her is going to 'win' your letter contest?" Owyn said.

She glared at him. "What would you know about Jenni and me anyway?"

"I know you hate her. I know your hatred of her is what fuels your passion to be a good stripper. Am I right?"

Amanda nodded.

"Well, listen. The thing to do isn't to attack her. You want to beat her at this game, right, not just beat her up."

"Yeah. Yeah, that's right."

Owyn smiled, moving in for the kill. "Well, what you need to do is start working some extra evenings, the Monday through Thursday shifts..."

"Oh, I can't. I have classes and-"

"Monday through Thursday customers are very hardcore, very loyal. You want to succeed, make big tips, don't you? You got to work the weekdays."

Amanda closed her eyes and thought of school. Her first class wasn't til 9 AM. She'd still be able to get 4, 5 hours of sleep. She could handle it. She was, after all, smarter than Jennifer. "Ok, I'll do it."

"Great. Come in this Monday then."

Chapter Twelve

Jennifer was fuming. She paced back and forth in front of Owyn's desk, stilettoes clicking loudly with each step.

"I can't believe you gave her extra nights! She's not half as good as I am! Don't you realize that bitch is just a copycat? She even went and got her nose pierced, just because I did!"

Owyn looked up at her with a sneer. "Jenni, if I recall, she was the first one to go to Maria's for a makeover, not you. So who's the copycat?"

"Fuck you, Owyn! Fuck you. Fine, side with Mandi." She turned to go. Owyn watched her butt wiggle in its tight spandex casing for a bit, then called out to her.

"Jenni...Jenni... who says I'm on her side. What do you want from me?"

"I want extra shifts, too. Yes or no?"

"Yes, yes..., no problem."

Jennifer trounced out of the room, glowing with happiness that the strip-club manager had given her permission to sell her body an extra four evenings a week.

Chapter Thirteen

9:55 AM, Wednesday morning. Amanda was moving as fast as she could in the 5" stiletto boots. Wearing heels all the time had been uncomfortable at first, but she'd realized it was a necessity if she was going to learn to achieve the grace and poise that Jennifer had. She was getting used to it, now, but she still couldn't run fast. The tight black hot pants and tight shirt weren't helping her to run, either.

She knew she dressed like a slut these days, but she didn't really care. Between class and working at the club every night, she barely had time to keep her stripper clothes clean, let alone wash a whole separate set of 'conservative' clothes. It wasn't like she looked bad in her stripper clothes-hell, she looked hot! Anyone who had a problem with how she looked was probably just jealous. Few people could do what she did, earn the money she could.

She was out of breathe by the time she got to her Philosophy class. It hadn't been that long a run. Maybe it was all the smoking. "I have to keep it under a pack a day," she thought.

She walked into the class. Everyone's heads were bent down over their desks, furiously scribbling. The professor sneered at her. "Perhaps a 9 AM mid-term exam is too early in the morning for you, Amanda? You'd prefer we rescheduled for 11 PM, perhaps?"

Snickers in the classroom. She felt eyeballs on her, the guys visually feeling her up, the girls scorning her. She realized her nerves had made her nipples erect, making their rings clearly visible through her tight shirt. She looked around for support. Lucy and Megan wouldn't look at her. Jennifer looked up from her seat in the classroom, brushed a lock of burgundy hair out of her face, and shook her head, as if to say, "can't handle it anymore, can you?" Then she blew her a kiss.

Amanda turned and fled, and didn't stop until she was outside of the academic building in the cool, fresh air. She reached into her purse and took out a Virginia Slim. Trembling slightly, she lit it, and then took a deep drag as the nicotine calmed her nerves.

She was going to fail Philosophy.

Chapter Fourteen

A week later, the grades on the Philosophy mid-term came back. Jennifer was trying to look nonchalant, sitting cross-legged and apparently at ease in her vinyl pants and black blouse. Only the constant squeeking of vinyl betrayed her nervousness to those around her.

The professor stopped at her seat and looked down at her. In a quiet voice, he said "Very disappointing, Jennifer. I thought you had a lot of promise at the beginning of the semester." He handed her exam.

"F", it said in bright red.

"Well, that's what I expected," Jennifer thought. "Its not like I have time to study these stupid greek piece of shit philosophers. I'm busting my ass 7 nights a week on stage."

She glanced up from her test to see Amanda eyeing her. Jennifer kept it together. She sent her rival a vicious sneer, and then tossed her head back confidently, as if to say, "I did fine.".

Amanda got the message. She looked away, devastated.

Jennifer smiled. "Yes! She's on the verge of quitting. I can't show weakness now. I've got to keep the pressure on her, got to get her to quit."

Chapter Fifteen

"I just don't think I can handle it anymore, Candi!" Amanda said. "I'm falling apart."

Candi popped bubblegum. "Shit, why don't you just quit school? You make better money as a stripper than as some anthro-ke-ologist or whatever."

"I can't... I'm the valedictorian of my school! Oh god, I can't take it."

Jennifer smiled nastily from her corner of the dressing room. Amanda was definitely on the verge of cracking. One more push, and victory would be hers. She got up to go see Owyn.

Candi reached into her purse. "Mandi girl, I have just the thing for you. Take this." And she handed her a small pill.

Amanda looked at is suspiciously. "What's this?"

"Just something to help you get your groove. Take it."

"Well, what the fuck!" Amanda said. She swallowed it down with a glass of water. "Thanks."

A few minutes later, things were getting a bit interesting for Amanda. It was like her senses were magnified. Pulling on her hot pants, the latex rubbing against her clit ring, she almost orgasmed on the spot. The lights seemed brighter, more beautiful. Sounds were powerful...

Owyn walked backstage, eyeing the hot, oiled bodies of his bitches. Jenni was next to him, looking beautifully trashy. "Girls, Jenni has volunteered to work the champagne room tonight for the bigwigs we've got coming in. I need one more girl to volunteer. And let me remind you... there *is* sex in our champagne rooms."

Amanda, who was by now rather high, raised her hand. "Like...I'll do it," she said.

Chapter Sixteen

Owyn set the two girls up with virtually identical outfits--open crouch fishnet body suits, rubber short shorts, rubber boob tubes, and clear plastic thigh boots with 6" heels and 1" platforms. The shorts had zippers that ran all the way from back to front allowing total access to the girls' privates. Amanda's outfit was black, while Jennifer's was white, to contrast with their blonde and burgundy hair.

Jennifer was nervous, a bit uneasy. She'd heard horror stories about the champagne room. Amanda, on the other hand... The blonde stripper was giggling and almost tipsy, tripping in her heels.

"What's gotten into her all of a sudden? An hour ago she was on the verge of quitting!" Jennifer thought to herself.

Inside the champagne room were 6 men, all dressed in very flash suits. They were sitting round a low table playing cards and drinking. The largest of the six men was a huge black guy. His back was turned to the girls as he peered over his cards.

Amanda didn't hesitate-she headed straight for the big black man, and put her hands in front of his eyes. "Guess who," she giggled, her voice like a little girls.

Jennifer watched as the man turned to Amanda and ordered her to sit on his lap. Feeling self-conscious, Jennifer tried to look and walk as sexy as possible as she walked over to another of the men, a well-muscled Italian.

"Would the big man like a drinkie with me?" she said, trying to imitate Amanda's little girl voice. The Italian grabbed at her ass as she pulled away and headed for the bar.

By the time Jennifer had returned with a drink, Amanda was in the middle of a deep kiss with the black man, while a friend of the huge black fondled Amanda's ass.

Jennifer moved in front of the Italian and started to rub her butt against his cock, then looked over her shoulder and licked her lips. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw that Amanda had had the zipper of her shorts pulled from front to back, revealing her smooth, pierced pussy.

Amanda was talking to the black guy, and Jennifer overheard his name-"Bill"-and his friend's name as well-"Mike." They were getting it on, Jennifer saw--Mike was now behind and below Amanda's ass, and he started to stroke her almost bare ass. Jennifer saw Amanda blush with pleasure as Mike's tongue wafted over her asshole and into her pussy.

Jennifer's man began moving his cock slowly up and down her butt crack and then reached his hands around to pinch her nipples. As the Italian grabbed at her tits, she slowly bent forward to encourage him to play with her ass. He pulled the back zipper down and Jennifer found she was now also fully exposed. His finger found her mouth and she began to suck it in.

"Hi, I'm John," the Italian guy breathed from behind. John pulled his finger out of her mouth, and the next thing Jennifer felt was the same finger applying pressure to her butthole. He pushed harder as he slowly inserted his finger into her very tight hole.

Amanda by now had 2 fingers inside her wet and swollen pussy and a tongue wriggling wonderfully in her ass. Jennifer heard her cry out for more tongue up her ass. Encouraged, she decided to do the same.

"More, up my bottom!" Jennifer cried. John responded by grabbing her arms and shooting a nasty look at Owyn, who had been watching the scene from the door.

"What the fuck is going on, Owyn? These are supposed to be two really nasty sluts and this one has pulled away when I want to play with her tits! Now she's telling me to put a finger up her bottom! I'll do what I want, not what she wants! Did you just get this bitch out of school or something?"

Owyn looked across at Amanda, who was slowly taking Mike's cock up her ass while simultaneously sucking on Bill's cock. She was doing fine at least. He moved in front of Jennifer and grabbed her roughly, dragging her away from John.

"You are a stuck-up bitch," he hissed. "And you are letting me down *very* badly!" He reached into his pocket and brought out a small glass vial. He broke, and stuck it under Jennifer's nose.

"Breathe in, you useless slut," he said. Jennifer inhaled the popper and felt her skin shrink and her muscles tense. Owyn broke another and she breathed again. John gave Owyn a grateful smile, and grabbed the burgundy-haired stripper.

Jennifer was man-handled across to the card table, and unceremoniously dumped on her back. John and the other 2 men moved towards her.

At the other end of the room, Phil, who had been drinking at the bar, decided it was time to join in. He walked over to Amanda, who was being simultaneously fucked in the ass and mouthh, and moved into position to get his cock inside her cunt.

By now, Jennifer's clothing had been ripped off, and she was naked except for her boots and the torn remains of her body suit. The two men held her ankles while John fed his cock into her ass. Her stomach muscles were screaming and her back hurt as the cock rammed home. She looked over at Amanda, and knew she had to do take it. "I have to beat that fucking bitch."

Don, who had been holding her ankles for John, came around and stuck his cock in her mouth. "Take my cock all the way you stupid cunt," he groaned. She opened wide, and he pushed deep.

Meanwhile, Bill had also startd to fuck Amanda's mouth. Amanda felt spit and pre-cum mix in her mouth and slowly slide down her check. Mike kept heaving his cock up her ass, and Phil was now sliding his cock slowly in and out of her cunt.

Amanda's mind came and went. "I love these strangers... I love everyone in the room. Even Jennifer!" she thought to herself. She looked over to a straining Jennifer, who was doing her damnedest to look like she was enjoying the brutal mouth fucking she was receiving.

"OOoouuummm, mmmmm" she groaned, trying to make the men happy. Don pulled out of her pussy, and Jennifer gasped "Oh yes baby you make love so good'! Don looked at her for a second, and then brought his hand down with a sudden crack. Her face was suddenly red and swollen. "I don't ever make love you stupid fucking whore, never, I fuck silly little bitches like you, fuck 'em, you understand, cunt?" he screamed.

Jennifer started to say she was sorry but Don's cock was replaced by Stan, the last remaining client's. Stan was huge; it literally felt like he was tearing his way into Jennifer's cunt. Owyn arrived just in time with another vial of amyl. Jennifer breathed in to scream, and her pain was washed away with her mind for a minute or two.

Amanda, meanwhile, had swallowed her first load but the ecstasy was starting to wear off. 'Fuck me, honey," she slurred at whichever man was using her cunt now. Then her ass was slapped hard as a new cock entered her asshole...

A short while later, the men departed. Amanda was lying on the card table stomach down. She could feel the cum drip out of her stretched and sore cunt. Her mouth tasted horrible as she belched up the strong cum flavors left by Bill and his friends.

"Candi...I've got find Candi...I need another dose of that shit to make me feel so good again," she thought. Amanda knew the e had saved her. The sex had been so nasty and hardcore... she would have to ask Candi what normally happened to the girls at these champagne thingies.

Jennifer was rubbing her face where that bastard had slapped her. What did she say wrong? Her asshole was still flexing and moving in its own rhythm. She must be better at this shit next time--she had to prepare.

Amanda's eye met Jennifer's as they tried to move from where they were dumped at the end of the evening. Amanda was the first to break the stare. "I've got to find Candi," she mumbled.

Jennifer stretched and felt the cold cum in her hair. Her first thought was for a cigarette. She smiled as Owyn flipped his lighter and handed over a cigarette, like a little white cock for her to suck on.

Over Owyn's shoulder she could see Amanda talking to Candi. They were laughing and looking now and then at Jennifer. Amanda's head flipped back as she swallowed down another dose of e.

Jennifer looks desperately at Owyn and he smiled viciously. "Mandi made you luck like a catholic school girl. You better do better next time."

Chapter Seventeen

Amanda smiled at Lucy from across the table. Lucy was fat and frumpy, but she was an old friend. It was important to make time for her. This was going to be a fun dinner.

"So, like, we haven't hung out in a while, Lucy!" Amanda said.

"Yeah, well, I guess you've been spending all your time with your stripper friends, Amanda," Lucy said.

"Aw, I'm just working. I'm going to tough it out till the end of the semester. I know Jenni can't hack it anymore. I was so much better than her in the... Anyway, I've got the evening off. Do you want to go clubbing tonight? We'll pick up some boys..." She raised her sculpted eyebrows suggestively.

"Clubbing? It's a Tuesday night. We have 9 AM class."

"Oh forget class. God. You are probably still a virgin. Come on, have some fun. You're only young once ya know."

"Actually I wouldn't go clubbing even if we didn't have class."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Amanda didn't pick up on the nasty tone that had been building in Lucy's voice.

"Don't you get it? I hear what happens at that club you work at. Its embarrassing to be seen with you. You look like a slut, you smoke like a chimney, and... you do drugs and fuck men for money!" Lucy was almost shouting.

"Sssshhhh," Amanda glanced around nervously. "Its not like that."

"Tell me how it is then," Lucy said tightly.

For a moment the two girls stared at each other. Then Amanda looked away, her eyes falling on her pack of Virginia Slims. She lit one up. "You wouldn't understand."

Lucy stood up. "Yeah, I guess it's a slut thing, huh." She started walking away.

"Well fuck you, Lucy! Fuck you! Who wants to hang out with a fat loser like you anyway!" she shouted. Lucy didn't turn around. After a few minutes sitting by herself, Amanda got out her cellphone.

"Hello, Candi? Its Mandi. Wanna go clubbing tonight?... Great... definitely, bring some Ecstasy... I'll see you there."

Lucy had already been forgotten.

Chapter Eighteen

Jennifer was laying on her stomach in a black catsuit, high-heeled feet kicked up behind her, long-nailed hands holding a cigarette as she watched her video rental for the evening - "Best of XXX Hardcore".

She'd been embarrassed by her performance in the champagne room last week. She'd vowed it wouldn't happen again. There were rules for success in pleasing men, she'd learned, and she needed to know these rules if she was going to beat Mandi in the champagne room tonight. Hence the porn video.

The woman in the video lit up a cigarette and walked towards the male lead. Jennifer noted how she walked in the heels, feet one in front of the other so he butt swayed magnificently. She watched how she smoked, treating the cigarette like it was a cock, something to suck on joyously. Jennifer got up and tried to imitate.

"Fuck Barbi! Fuck Barbi! Fuck your slut!" the woman in the video said.

"Fuck Jenni! Fuck Jenni! Fuck your slut!" Jenni repeated, imitating the woman's high-pitched voice.

She fast-forwarded to watch as "Barbi" brought her head down on an enormous cock. She watched her facial expressions, how she made her lips into an O and then slid them over the cock, until it was deep into her throat.

Jennifer put the tape on pause and reached over to the huge dildo she'd bought the day before. She touched up her glossy purple lipstick and then brought her mouth to the dildo, imitating the woman... deeper, deeper. She had to work on her gag reflex...

When the video was over, she got up and went to the bathroom and carefully, very carefully, took the butt plug out of her ass. It had been in for a few hours, and now her hole was large, inviting. She rubbed it with lubrication, and then headed over to the Club. She made sure to bring the Ecstasy with her. If Mandi was going to use drugs to get an advantage, so would she!

Chapter Nineteen

Art History 101, Wednesday 11 AM. Lucy and Megan, sitting far away, were taking notes studiously. But Amanda never sat with those losers anymore. Mostly she was surrounded by guys, checking her out. She wasn't sure why she came to class anyway-maybe just to get new clients? As soon as the professor started speaking about the importance of Hittite contributions to Mesopotamian sculpture, Amanda's eyes had glazed over.

"That shit isn't art," she thought. "Now love-making, that's an art." Then she corrected herself. "Not love-making. Fucking. I have to learn the vocabulary."

Jenni had earned considerably more tips than her in the past few champagne room nights. It was as if she'd gone from catholic schoolgirl to hardened sex-goddess, with a whole new vocabulary, and a wide range of sex techniques. Amanda had finally figured out her secret when she saw Jenni browsing in the adult film section of the local video star. Jenni was learning from porn!

So of course, Amanda had taken to watching it now, too. She couldn't let Jenni have a competitive advantage. And it was actually pretty enjoyable. Take the film she'd watched last night. This blonde with big tits had been so hot that all the men dropped whatever they were doing and fucked her on the spot, everywhere she went. That was the sort of triumph Amanda was working for. And the blonde in the film had clearly been having a good time-she must have orgasmed a dozen times. The thought of all those cocks, in her cunt, stimulating her pierced clit... Amanda was suddenly wet. She reached a hand down between her legs to touch herself-

Her reverie was interrupted when the professor dropped her exam results on her desk. "F".

"When did I take an Art History exam?" she thought. Her mind was very fuzzy. She needed more sleep. It had been hard as hell to get up this morning. Who decided to start the day so fucking early? No one should be out of bed before noon.

She tried to go through her courses. "French, F. Art History, F. Psychology, F. Western Civ, F... I think I'm taking one other course, but I don't remember. Was it that really early morning one? With the German dude, Nittsy?" Why was her mind so fuzzy. Was it the Ecstasy?

She gave up thinking about it. She was probably failing that early morning course, too, whatever it was. Suddenly, she felt very sick to the stomach. Her parents were going to *kill* her. She needed to go outside for a smoke.

Outside, it was a bit snowy, but Amanda didn't have any problems navigating in her stiletto-heeled boots. She couldn't believe people made such a big deal about high heels. They were easy to walk in, if you made an effort. And the payoff was totally worth it. Flats were less comfortable than heels, these days.

A familiar voice jarred her. Jenni. On a cellphone, just ahead. Her arch-rival was wearing an expensive coat with gaudy black fur lining, leather pants, and high heels. "She looks pretty good, that bitch," she thought, in begrudging admiration.

As she walked past, she eavesdropped on Jenni's conversation. "Yeah, Mom, I'm not coming home for Winter Break... Why? Well, its cause I've been selected to be a teaching assistant. So I have to stay here to work with the professor... Yeah, it's a big honor. Thank you, I'm glad I make you proud. I'll miss you too..."

Amanda kept walking, staying cool outwardly. Inside, though, she was devastated. "Ohmigod she really is better than me...she's beating me in stripping and she's actually doing *well* in school. Ohmigod. Ohmigod. What am I gonna do? I'm failing all my classes and she's gonna be a fucking TA ohmigod."

She had to beat Jenni in something. She couldn't be second-best in everything. She had to be better than Jennie. If it couldn't be in grades, then in would have to be in stripping. A wild plan suddenly hatched in her mind.

Chapter Twenty

"Jenni, I am really glad you'll be working the Christmas break," Owyn said to her. "Your friend Mandi took the break off." He was lying, but Jenni was too busy painting her nails to notice it.

"Yeah, well, I didn't have a lot of choice, Owyn. I flunked all my classes. I can't go home, my parents would kill me."

"Oh? How did you convince them to let you stay here?"

She laughed, and blew on her wet red nails. "I told them I was a TA. Can you believe that?"

"You are a TA, Jenni.. Tits and Ass, that is. I'll see you tonight."

"Yep, see ya, sexy," she said, and hung up the phone. Glancing at her watch, she realized she was running late. Maria was expecting her at 2, and then Steve over at Modern Looks at 4.

Maria didn't mind that she was five minutes late. "Looking good, Jenni," she said. "We're all set for you here."

Jenni took a seat and Angela, the hair weaver, came out. Jenni had figured that since stripping was now her career, she might as well take it to the next level. One element of that involved lengthening her burgundy hair from its current length to halfway down her back.

While Angela was doing that, Jessica, the nail technician, went to work on her pinky fingernails-piercing each one with a small silver ring. She didn't have to type anymore, so why not?

She thanked Maria, and then it was over to Steve. She'd slept with Steve a few times these past couple weeks, nothing serious as far as she was concerned, but he'd been impressed enough to agree to do some work for free.

"Love the hair, Mandi. You are one fucking hot slut, you know that!"

"I try," she replied.

"So what do you want done?" Steve asked.

She showed him a drawing she'd found, of a twisting wreath of roses. "I want that tattooed around my upper left arm. And I want this-" a circular pattern of roses-"around my bellybutton. Oh, and I want a second tongue piercing."

"Wow, baby. That's some serious stuff. What's gotten into you?"

"Well, I dropped out of school. Got to focus on my career." She smiled, painted lips glistening invitingly. He smiled back, then went to work.

Chapter Twenty-One

Since she'd failed out of school, Amanda had lost her dorm room. Thus, she was recovering in an apartment Owyn had helped her find. It was in a sleazy section of town, where the rents were low. It was a very cheap pad--the whole apartment stank of sweat and cigarette smoke and there was even a mirror on the ceiling.

The apartment was pretty empty. She didn't have a lot of possessions, anymore-with no one to help her move and not a lot of time, she'd just dumped all her books and most of her old clothes into the trash. She'd kept the stuff she needed for work, and had managed to move her TV and her radio. Initially she'd been planning to move her computer but, well, the TV had been heavy enough and lugging that PC in her high heels had looked like it was going to be a lot of work.

"Oh well," she thought. "It only had every paper I've ever written on it. No big loss. Jenni's papers were probably better anyway. My strengths are in other areas. I know that now."

She looked up and saw her reflection in the mirror, sprawled out in the bed. Her feet were visible sticking out of the covers; they were strapped into special stretchers which Doctor Ferguson had said would help her wear higher heels. "You must wear these 24/7 for a week after your surgery," she remembered him telling her.

The doctor had done other work, as well, on her breasts, but it wasn't visible under the blankets. The surgery had been expensive, but the doctor had given her a discount because she was one of "Owyn's girls." Owyn apparently had sent him quite a few referrals in the past.

Deciding to have the surgery had been easy once she'd come to grips with the fact that Jenni was smarter than her. Apparently a lot smarter. She, Amanda, it turned out, was just another dumb blonde. Probably it had been luck, the whole good grades thing.

"That's why I did what I did. It was the right thing to do," she told herself.

Chapter Twenty-Two

Jenni lounged complacently at the bar in Club Erotica, enjoying a beer and cigarette. She wasn't working this evening but she liked to hang out with her friends and tease the regulars. Plus there was supposed to be some new "star" tonight and Jenni wanted to check out the competition. With Mandi gone, Jenni was top bitch at the Club these days, and, she admitted to herself, she missed the competition.

"Mandi was a bitch but she was fun to beat," Jenni thought.

Owyn was on stage, microphone in hand. Jenni felt like he was looking right at her when he shouted, "And now gentlemen, I'd like to introduce... the new and improved... Mandi!"

And then there she was in all her platinum-blonde glory, Mandi, new breasts jutting out, proudly fake, still adorned with gold rings but now twice as big. She was dancing on 6" spikes like they were slippers, touching her pierced clit, licking her lips with pierced tongue, sliding her oiled body up and down the bar.

The men in the audience were going wild, hundreds of dollars being tossed onto the stage. And Mandi was clearly into it, loving the attention, getting off on the wanton sluttiness of her job, her body, her self. One look at her eyes and Jenni knew that Mandi had given herself up to her new role.

"Well, fuck her. Stripping is all I've got left. If that bitch thinks she can get a little bit of silicone and suddenly she's going to be number one, she's got another thing coming."

She stubbed her cigarette out and went to go see Owyn. He'd know some good plastic surgeons, no doubt.

Chapter Twenty-Three

It was a Sunday afternoon and Mandi had an appointment at Maria's. She knew Jenni was off getting surgery at this very minute. If she was going to keep her competitive advantage, she had to act now.

When she got to Maria's, the place was the same as always-trashy d cor, a bit smoky, and filled with slutty-looking women.

"Mandi, OHMIGOD I love the new tits," said Angela, mincing over on her stilettoes to get a closer look. "Did Owyn send you to Doctor Ferguson?"

Mandi smiled. "Yeah...he does great work. I may go back to get them larger, what do you think?"

"Definitely," said Angela. The other girls nodded.

"I remember when you came in to see us for the first time, Mandi..." Maria chuckled. "You were like this doe-eyed baby. Now look at you. Just another nasty plastic slut, selling her body."

"And proud of it!" replied Mandi. "So you gonna get started making me nastier, or what?"

The salon sluts went to work. Angela wove her some extra hair, so that her platinum-blonde locks went down almost to her ass. Jessica lengthened her nails with acrylic extensions to a glamorous 3/4" each, and Maria pierced each nail with a small gold ring.

"These nails are going to take some getting used to," said Maria.

"As long as I can still smoke, dress, put on make-up, and give a hand job, I'll be fine," said Mandi, admiring her new talons.

From Maria's, she headed to see Steve. She'd heard rumors that Jenni had fucked Steve a few times, so of course she had too. The man was a great lay, what with that pierced cock of his. She remembered it clearly. They'd gone into the back room of the piercing parlor, and he'd shoved her face-forward onto the table, then hiked up her skirt. A moment later, he was taking her from the rear, pounding away. She'd loved every minute of it, had started shouting. When it was over, she licked his pierced cock clean. She'd still had cum on her face when she walked out into the waiting area past a half-dozen sorority girls coming for the navel piercings.

She had smiled at them. "Pierced clit. Its worth it."

There were no sorority girls at the piercing parlor today, just Steve and her. They'd already talked on the phone about what she wanted done, and after a brief chat, he went to work.

A few hours later it was done. On her right arm, Steve had tattooed a ring of barbed wire surrounding the words "Cum Slut." On her left ankle, a similar tattoo marked her as a "Nasty Whore".

"The guys at the club will go crazy over those, Mandi...," Steve said. "What else are you having done?"

She took the opportunity to light a cigarette. She did that every chance she got, these days. "I want my tongue pierced twice more. But before you do that... what do you say I suck that pierced cock of yours?"

"Sounds good to me... you nasty whore."

Mandi smiled, and licked her painted lips.

Chapter Twenty-Four

Jenni was ecstatic. Dr. Ferguson had done incredible work. She was literally a walking wet dream, a sex bomb. There was no way Mandi could compete with her now.

She looked in the full-length mirror on the wall of her apartment. A week in the foot stretchers had been as beneficial as the doctor had said-the 6" spiked heels were barely noticeable. Of course, flats were out of the question now, but Jenni had thrown out all her flats when she'd moved out of the dorms anyway.

Her eyes wandered upward. Her shaved, pierced pussy was just barely hidden by a vinyl micromini. Her midriff was bare, to show off her tattoo and piercing. And then there were here breasts. There was no trace of the naturally beautiful breasts that had once been her finest asset. No, now there were just huge, jutting DD-mounds of silicone, as plastic as the cheap rings hanging from her pierced nipples.

She moved her gaze to her face. Her make-up was as thick and trashy as always. Her eyebrows arched high, quizzically, her nose-stud gleamed, a dozen cheap plastic bangles dangled from her ears. This was all the same. But her lips... gone were the cute, sensual lips of the past; thick wads of collagen had given her a swollen cupid's bow. They were just what she had asked the doctor for-"cocksucking lips."

She ran her long-nailed hands, nail-piercings gleaming, through her thick, burgundy hair and licked her new cocksucking lips with her triple-pierced tongue.

"Jenni is a hot, nasty slut," she said to the mirror. "Let's see Mandi top this."

Chapter Twenty-Five

Mandi burst into Owyn's office, high heels tapping like a machinegun on his hard floor. She slid into the easy chair across from his desk and sat there for a moment, totally distraught.

"Um... can I help you, Mandi?" asked Owyn. "What's wrong?"

"Its Jenni. She looks... too good. How can I compete against that?"

He thought about it for a second. "Well, if you are serious about competing with Jenni, you need to go see Doctor Ferguson and ask him to take it to the limit. The works. Then Jenni'll have nothing on you."

"I...I can't. I know what that involves... Its too extreme."

"I see. Well, that's fine. You can be the #2 stripper here. I don't care, one way or the other."

"No! Its not that." She was flustered. "Its not too extreme. No... its just that I don't have any money."

"Eh? How can that be? You make great tips."

"I've been spending it all... on clothes. Cigarettes. Ecstasy."

"I see." Owyn looked pensive, thoughtful, for a second. Then he smiled nastily.

"I'll loan you the money."

"Really? You'd do that for me."

"Sure. Provided you sign a contract making me your exclusive agent, promoter. You know. So I can be sure I recoup my loan." He reached into his desk. "As it happens, I have one right here."

Mandi grabbed the contract and pretended to read it over. Her Ecstasy-damaged mind couldn't make heads or tails of it. Perpetual non-terminable agency relationship? Relationship to continue indefinitely following recoupment of loan? What the fuck did that all mean?

"This looks fine," said Mandi. "Have a pen?"

He handed her one. It was a bit hard for her to write with her pierced nails, but she managed to scrawl out a signature.

"Great! We're all set then," Owyn said. Mandi got up to leave. "Before you go, though, suck my cock."

"What?" said Mandi. She was clearly confused. Was he ordering her to suck his cock? She sucked cock for money but she wasn't some slave or something.

"You heard me. You want this surgery-you want to beat Jenni--you do as I say. Now come over here, and suck my cock." He slid down his pants, revealing a fully-erect 9" monster.

The blonde stripper got up and walked over to where he sat. She stood nervously by Owyn. "Get under the desk," he said. "And suck."

She did, taking his dick deeply into her throat, running her lips up and down his shaft, all the while licking his head with her pierced tongue. Her mind was reeling. When had she lost control?

"Oh, yeah...that feels great," he said. "You are one hell of a cocksucker. Oh, yeah...swallow it all down."

When she was done swallowing his load, he pulled his cock out of her mouth. A dribble of cum oozed down her chin. She was still crouched at the foot of his chair.

"You know what you are, Mandi? A slut. No, not just a slut. You are a cum slut. Say that."

"I'm a cum slut," she choked out, humiliated. It was one thing to joke about this with Maria and the girls. This was another thing altogether.

"Who's this 'I'? You're not an I. You're just a fucking object. Don't ever refer to yourself as an 'I'. Say, Mandi is a cum slut."

"Mandi is a cum slut," she said. Her eyes were wet; tears were coming, but she was trying not to let her humiliation show.

"A total bimbo who only lives to fuck."

"Mandi is a total bimbo who only lives to fuck." The tears started to drip down her cheeks.

Owyn sneered. "I don't want see fucking tears. Why are you crying? Who you are now, that's who you wanted to be. You *chose* this road. And you know what? You're damned good at it. You're a hot, nasty slut."

She blinked back the tears. Why was she so upset? Owyn was right. He was telling it like it was. "Mandi is a hot, nasty slut," she said huskily.

"That's right. What are you?"

"A fucktoy." She said. It was a commitment. "An object. A whore." With each word she uttered, something beautiful inside of her died and something nasty took its place. "Mandi is a trashy bimbo slut. Mandi is an object for men's pleasure. Mandy is just two tits and a cunt. Mandy is a bitch in heat. Mandy lives to suck cock."

Hot cum suddenly sprayed all over her face. She realized Owyn had been masturbating while she spoke. She used a long nailed finger to scoop it up and then licked it greedily. "Cum is Mandi's favorite food."

"I'll call Doctor Ferguson," said Owyn. "You're gonna be so fucking hot."

Chapter Twenty-Six

"What do you mean, she went back to see Doctor Ferguson?!" Jenni shouted. "That's not fair!"

Owyn shrugged. "What do you want me to tell you? She's in surgery now."

"What's she having done?"

He told her. Her eyes went wide.

"Ohmigod that's so extreme..." She paced around the room. "But what am I gonna do? I've come too far to let that bitch one-up me."

"So go have it done."

"Fuck, I can't...I don't have the money."

"I'll give you the same deal I gave her, if you want."

"What? What deal is that?"

"I'll loan you the money if you sign a contract... It'll make me your exclusive agent, promoter. You know. That way I can make sure you pay me back." He handed her a contract.

"Yeah, sure. This seems fair." The legal jargon meant nothing to her. She signed it clumsily. "Is that all you want?"

"Actually, there is one more thing..." He started to unzip his pants. It was time to make sure this cum slut knew her place.

When he was finished with her, Jenni was licking cum off her own face. "You know, Jenni, its been great to watch you and Mandi go from coeds to cumsluts. Really fucking great."

"Jenni is a bimbo slut. Cum is Jenni's favorite food," Jenni replied.

Chapter Twenty-Seven

Owyn came by Dr. Ferguson's clinic a few weeks later to pick up his new stars. Ferguson's big-titted receptionist bimbo was an ex-Erotica stripper, and she didn't give him any lip when he asked to see the doc.

Ferguson was glad to see him. "Ah, Owyn. You must be here to get your sluts. My finest work. Walk with me." They started to head towards the rear of the clinic.

"What procedures did you end up settling on?"

"Quite a lot, actually. I did some further work on their legs, for starters. Neither of them is going to ever wear flats again, that's for sure. They'll be lucky to walk in 5" heels. I removed two ribs from each side and liposuctioned their waists; I got both down to 18"." Owyn nodded, and the doctor went on.

"I used a series of implants in the breasts to bring them both up to 65GGG cups. Of course there was facial reconstruction as well. I added extra collagen in the lips to give them that perfect cocksucking look. Then I redid their noses and brought out their cheekbones, and implanted false eyelashes. Steve was good enough to come by and do electrolysis, permanent make-up, and the labia piercings."

"And their minds?"

"You had them in the right state of mind when they got here so no personality modification was necessary... but I kept them on the drugs the whole time anyway. The loss to IQ was sharp. They'll never again be anything but dumb bimbos, I'm afraid.

"Damn... its all covered. These girls are going to be fucking perfect."

"They *are* perfect, my friend," the doctor replied. "Look and see for yourself." And he flicked on a switch, revealing a scene from a wet dream.

Mandi stood leaning against the wall, legs spread wide, long-nailed hands against the wall for support. Her feet were encased in 7" heeled pumps that left her toes practically at points. She was wearing a black vinyl dress that showed off everything. Her breasts were like basketballs, their nipples adorned with enormous gold hoops, while her waist was tiny. Her face was perfect, with a small nose, high cheekbones, heavily made-up with dark, slutty colors. Her lips were fat and soft and slick with lipstick. Her eyes were vacant of anything except lust.

Jenni was on all fours, leather-clad ass sticking into the air, face buried in Mandi's pierced cunt. Her pendulous breasts were if anything larger than Mandi's, her waist almost as small. As the two men watched, she brought Mandi to orgasm with a long, triple-pierced tongue while fingering her pierced clit.

Out of the corner of her eye, Mandi saw Owyn watching her. With a smile, she reached behind herself to rub her own ass invitingly.

She didn't have to ask twice.

Chapter Twenty-Eight

Mandi Mounds and Jenni Slut had top billing at the Club Erotica every night of the week. On the side, they were doing some XXX porno work, and making great money--although they didn't see any of it. Their manager, Owyn, was "saving" it for them. Their loans from Owyn had long since been repaid, but they were just a couple of dumb bimbos, why not let him manage the money? He kept them well-supplied with clothing, drugs, and cigarettes, which was about all they cared about. That and cock-but they got paid for that.

The two cumsluts were lounging by the bar waiting for some champagne room clients when two college girls approached them. The first girl was slightly overweight and was dressed like an average Gen Y. To Mandi and Jenni, though, she looked like an overweight, underbreasted Puritan. Her friend was little better. Both had fresh, cute faces. They seemed vaguely familiar.

"Hi, my name is Lucy," the girl said. "And this is Megan. Could you go backstage and tell Amanda Royce and Jennifer Davis that some old friends from college are here to see her."

"There's no Amanda Royce working here," said Mandi. "Is there, Jenni Slut?"

Jenni exhaled smoke from her lungs. "No, sure isn't Mandi Mounds. No Jennifer Davis either. College co-ed bitches can't hack it at this place. Just nasty sluts like Mandi and Jenni." She took another drag on her cigarette.

"Hack it... whatever," Megan replied angrily. "Like guys want trashy bitches like you."

"Let's get out of here, Megan. I don't think Jennifer and Amanda are around anymore," Lucy said. "Besides, she's right. Look at her tips. She's what the guys want."

"Give me a break! I could make more money as a stripper than these two whores. I've got class!" shouted Megan.

Lucy grabbed her friend's hand. "No you couldn't. Now come on, let's go."

Megan pulled her hand away. "Just because you're fat and couldn't hack it, don't tell me I couldn't! What do you know!" She looked around angrily and then saw Owyn dressed in a dark suit by the back room. She hustled over to him.

"Excuse me, are you the manager of this place?" she asked.

"Yes, I am," he said, raising an eyebrow.

"I want a job!" said Megan. "I wanna show those two silicone bimbos what a real girl can do!"

"Why don't we talk about this in my office," said Owyn. "I can give you some advice." And he smiled broadly.

Lucy was left standing with Mandi and Jenni. She was fuming. "Fat! What the fuck does she know. I... I... I'll show her." For a moment she made eye-contact with the huge-breasted, wasp-waisted bimboes.

Jenni looked at Mandi and licked her fat lips. Mandi stepped forward. "Mandi and Jenni have a friend you should see who can help. Her name is Maria."