Daddy's Big Thingie
by Marcy Johnson
(As told to Jimmy Davis)
(M/f, BE, [CENSORED], preg)

I never used to feel like this--so HORNY I mean. It's like--all the time. All I wanna do now is have him up inside of me. I guess it's what they call addicted. That must be it--I'm addicted to it - his thingie. I like it when he sticks it in me and fucks me with it. If you could see me now, you could tell I like to fuck a lot. It's kinda obvious. I like it even more now that I'm so...well, I guess I'm getting ahead of myself huh?

It started a couple years ago--when Daddy got all hot and bothered over me - I was 12, I guess. Really, he started to notice me even before that 'cause of how I was, you know, BLOSSOMING. My boobs I mean. They started growing when I was only 10. And they just kept on goin'--I mean, they got bigger. In just a year, Mama said I went through 3 bra sizes. I needed bigger cups to hold 'em in. Seems like such a long time ago. I used to catch Daddy lookin' at me, you know, lookin' at how my boobs were growing.

They said I had the biggest tits in the whole school by the time I was 12--even bigger than the teachers. That's what the boys said. It sounded nasty when they talked about my boobs--you know - calling 'em big tits. I liked it after a while though--I liked the attention, and when they talked about my big tits I knew it made 'em excited. Debbie said you could tell cause of how they had these lumps in the front of their pants. Debbie is my best-est friend in the whole world, and she knew about those things.

I saw 'em staring at me when I walked down the hall--cause it made my boobs wobble under my sweaters. The boys would always stare--then the teachers started. Mr. Johnson got all red in the face one time when I caught him looking at 'em. He's the principal of our school--and He's not supposed to be staring at girls' boobs. I guess he couldn't help it. Just like Daddy can't help it. Debbie says lots of men are obsessed with big tits - and she knows about that stuff. She's got big ones--her tits I mean. Not as big as mine, but they're lots bigger than the other girls have. So she has guys lookin' at her all the time too.

Debbie says when you get as big as me, you stand out in a crowd. I guess it's cause most girls don't never get this big. Debbie calls me "Marcy the Moo-Cow" cause of how big my boobs are. I guess the name will REALLY fit when I start to, well, there I go getting ahead of myself again. I bet you wanna hear about me and my Daddy now, huh?

Like I said, I'd catch him lookin' at me when I started to grow these boobs of mine. He looked at 'em more and more the older I got and the bigger THEY got. Then when I was 12, stuff started to change. For one thing, after growing for two whole years, my boobs were HUGE! The doctor told Mama he never saw anything like it before - a girl my age getting to be that size. They had to get me a Double D-cup bra for my 12th birthday. It was tight on me after just a few weeks. That's when Daddy really changed.

I never noticed him that much before--I mean, I knew he looked at me--looked at my big chest - but I didn't really think about what it meant. And I didn't pay attention to what it did to him when he stared at my boobs. Not till Debbie told me about what happened to men when they got excited--and I learned more about sex and all. I couldn't believe my eyes the first time I like, really NOTICED him. Or maybe I should say the first time I noticed IT--his thingie I mean. I never knew a girl could do that to a man. I was the one who was staring then. I couldn't take my eyes off of it.

I remember the first night it happened--it was a night right before I started my period. My boobs would always get so huge then, you know, all swollen and stuff. I was standing in the kitchen, getting a glass of milk from the fridge. I was about to go to bed, and I was thirsty. Mama was at Grandma's and so Daddy and me were all by ourselves.

All I had on was a T-shirt and my panties--I got outta that tight bra Mama had me in. When my boobs are in that "condition" before my period--they get so big they stretch my t-shirts tight across 'em. And the cold air from the fridge made my nipples all hard--they're so big anyways--but then they were stickin' out even worse--they looked enormous, even to me.

Daddy came walkin' in as I shut the door to the fridge. I asked him if he wanted some milk too, and I saw he had this funny look on his face. He was lookin' down at me--right at my swollen boobs with my big nipples sticking out. He never answered me whether he wanted some milk, and I knew somethin' was wrong. Daddy kinda stuttered then. "Mm...Mar...Marcy you shouldn't walk around...shouldn't be in the kitchen in just your...honey you need to put some clothes on." Then he mumbled something. I think it was "Dear God in heaven."

Daddy was shaking, I could tell. And his forehead was all sweaty-like. I looked down from his face then. He had his pajamas on, and when I made it down to his crotch, I got the shock of my life. It looked like his whole thigh was bulging out. There was something inside the leg of his pajamas that was big as my arm--pushing out the material--like a tent. The end of it was poking out right near his knee--big as my fist. It was his THINGIE. I knew it from what Debbie told me--but I never saw one before then and I didn't think they were that BIG.

He noticed me looking at him then and he was all red. But his thingie got even bigger. I was curious about what Debbie told me--I wanted to see if it was true. "Daddy, did I do that to you?" I pointed at his big thingie and looked up at him. "Did that happen cause you're lookin' at my boobs?" He looked real embarrassed--his head was hanging down--but he couldn't quit looking at me I guess--right at my big swollen tits. And his thingie kept growing. I couldn't believe it.

Daddy was stuttering again. "Mm...Marcy honey they're..." I don't know what made me do this then--I guess it's cause I was really proud of 'em. I put my milk down on the kitchen table and pulled my shoulders back--then I, like, stuck my big tits out a far as I could. I saw my nipples busting out the front of that T-shirt and I smiled down at 'em. Then I looked up at Daddy.

"They never got THIS big before Daddy. I've been growing--and now I'm about to start my period. They get even bigger when that happens. See?" I pulled that tight T-shirt up over my boobs - they plopped out and slapped together right in front of Daddy. They were so swollen they looked like they would burst. I mean, I was EE-NORMOUS!

I couldn't believe what I was doing. Daddy's mouth dropped open and I thought he was gonna die. He finally said somethin'. "Oh Marcy, don't do this to me baby. Dear God what are you doin'..." I walked towards Daddy then and I reached out to touch his thingie. It was really really HARD! "Whadda you mean Daddy?--I'm not doing anything. I can't help it that my boobs grew like this--don't you like 'em Daddy? Aren't they just HUGE? Isn't that what it means when your thingie gets like this? 'Cause you like my boobs?"

My curiosity got the better of me then. I wanted to see that thing of his-- you know - see how big it was. So I kneeled down and pulled his pajama bottoms down. His thingie sprang up and hit me in the face. I couldn't believe the size of it--Daddy was big as a baseball bat--fat and hard. It was all red and throbbing-like. Debbie said boys like it when you pull on their thingies--so I wrapped both my hands around the end of my Daddy's and I started tuggin' on it--you know--like stroking it. I could barely get both my hands around him cause of how fat it was. It was so much FUN!

I stood up and hugged Daddy then--I told him how much I loved him and I started playin' with his thingie again. "Daddy, I'm so happy I make you excited--It's my boobs, huh? It's cause I got such big ones huh Daddy?" I guess all that playin' with him was making somethin' happen. He got a funny look on his face again--kinda like he was in pain or somethin'.

"Honey you've got to stop that--Quit it Marcy--or you're gonna make Daddy..." Before he could finish, this STUFF came squirting out of his thingie. It was white and sticky--I know what it is now, but then I didn't know WHAT had hit me - a big glob of if had hit me right in the face!...And it kept coming out of him! Some of it landed in my milk on the table. I stood there with this squirting thing in my hands and Daddy grabbed it and pointed it at my boobs--he squirted the stuff all over 'em! All over my big boobs. Some of it missed and hit my shoulders and arms--it went all in my hair and then it got all over the fridge.

Daddy had both his hands around it then--kinda pumping up and down on it - and he was moaning and stuff. "Marcy, you're making Daddy CUM." I stood back and just stared at him while he did that. He didn't seem to care where the stuff went then--it looked like he just wanted to get it out of his thingie. He got some more of it on my face, and then on my boobs again. I was a big sticky mess with that stuff all over me. It looked like he was feelin' better after a while, and the stuff wasn't spurting out as strong.

I went over to Daddy then and I kneeled down in front of him and kissed the end of his thingie. Debbie says it drives the boys wild when you do that--and I wanted to drive Daddy wild--I really don't know why--I guess it was just cause I knew I could. Right after I kissed it, I licked on the end of it a little--and then Daddy squirted a big fat mess of it on my face again--I thought it was all gone! But there was LOTS of it left!

Daddy grabbed the back of my head, and he tried to push his thingie in my mouth--but it was WAY too big. Just a little of it made it passed my lips, and he squirted all this stuff in my mouth--I tried to swallow it but there was TOO MUCH! I had to spit a lot of it out--and it was running down my chin and drippin' all over my big boobs. There was a big mess all over the floor too.

Daddy told me we'd get in a lot of trouble if anybody ever found out about that--but I promised him I wouldn't never tell anybody. I was glad I could do that to my Daddy. I really liked having my big boobs--and it made me happy to know somebody else loved 'em so much--enough to do that all over me--CUM on me, I mean. It was exciting!

I wanted to do it again the very next night. Mama was still gone--so I put on this tight bra that pushed my boobs together, you know, made a bunch of cleavage. And I got this tank top that was like, way small. I looked like I would bust out of the thing--and my tits were just BULGING out the top of it!

Daddy was easy that night. He came home from work and found me dressed like that--sitting on the couch. He walked over and stood in front of me and let me unzip his pants. I pulled his thingie out and started to pump up and down on it with my little hands--I had him squirtin' that stuff on me in no time flat!

After Mama got back from Gramma's, I was like, so pissed. 'Cause I didn't have my Daddy to play with no more. But we found ways to sneak when she'd go to the store and stuff, and sometimes after she went to sleep. Daddy would go down in the basement and I would sneak down there - I'd play with his thingie till he squirted that stuff all over me.

That went on for like a year almost - and I was doin' it to some of the boys at school too--you know--makin 'em cum on me in the boys bathroom at lunch breaks and stuff. I was addicted to cum--I liked the way it felt hittin' me in the face--or when it squirted on my boobs. I liked it in my mouth too--it was sweet. I was doin' it with 5 or 6 boys I guess--the ones with the biggest thingies. They were all like seniors and stuff. The black basketball players were my favorites--they were HUGE! Almost as big as my Daddy.

After a while, the boys wanted to stick their thingies up inside me, you know, they wanted to fuck me. I talked to my guidance counselor about it, and he said I better get on some birth control, or else I'd get in trouble. Debbie said that meant I'd get knocked up, you know, pregnant.

So I did what Mr. Simmons told me to and I got me some pills from the Planned Parenthood place in our neighborhood. Then I tried it with some of the boys--not the biggest ones--cause I was scared their thingies would hurt too much. I really liked the way it felt--and I kept doin' it for a few months. It didn't hurt at all then--and I was ready for the black boys--or at least I thought I was! They got even bigger than I remembered! I guess it was 'cause of ME. The birth control pills made my boobs grow some more. I was already real big--but those pills made me GAR-GANTO!

I swelled up to, like, a Double E-cup bra! When they got hold of me, they went like, ape shit! They fucked my brains out and left me in a pool of nasty sticky black-boy cum. I went back to see Mr. Simmons after that to thank him for the advice he gave me. I told him I probably would've got knocked up with all the fuckin' I'd been doing.

It made him horny I guess--I had on a tight sweater and he could see how much bigger those pills made my tits. I'm sure that didn't help--you know? Anyways, it turned out he had a real big one--like Daddy's--only not quite as fat. And I just went ape over it--I ended up letting him stick it in me, cause I wanted to be ready for Daddy when I did it with him for the first time. Mr. Simmons felt so huge up in my pussy--and I knew right then what I had to have--I just LOVED the way somethin' that BIG felt inside me. He fucked me silly. And then he fucked me again. And every time, he would pull it out and cum all over my tits. I guess he was a little scared he might knock me up even with the pills and all.

I went back to see Mr. Simmons after school every day for a couple weeks--till I felt like I was ready for Daddy. I knew the night was right for it when I heard Mama talkin' to Gramma. She was leaving to spend the weekend with her. Daddy and me got drunk that night to celebrate--and I guess we drank a few too many beers, cause we both passed out and nothin' happened.

When we woke up, we were in the TV room--I was on the couch and Daddy was on the floor right next to me. I looked down and saw his thingie all hard in his pants leg--GOD it was big. It made me so HORNY--just lookin' at it! I was ready for it--and I'm never any hornier than when I get up in the morning-'specially since Daddy let me start drinkin' beer and all - I get like, REAL horny when I have a hangover.

I crawled off the couch and got on top of Daddy. I started kissin' on him and rubbin' my pussy up and down on his leg--right on his big thingie-makin' it even HUGE-er. I sat up and pulled my T-shirt up over my bare boobs so they hung down in front of him--he woke up just then and saw me sittin' on him lookin' down at him like that. "Good mornin' Daddy," I said. "I think I feel somethin' hard between my legs--maybe my poor Daddy is horny, huh? Marcy's horny, too, Daddy--and this time I want that thingie of yours inside me. Daddy--I want you to FUCK me!"

I was really workin' my pussy up and down on him then--I could feel him getting harder--and BIGGER! I guess he was so horny and hung-over, he couldn't even think straight. We both lifted up some and he pulled his pants down so his thingie sprung free and stuck up between my legs. It was so big it was pokin' at the undersides of my tits as I sat on his legs lookin' down at him.

I'd had a lot of practice by then, so I got myself in position and lowered my pussy down on the head of it--Daddy was GIGANTIC! But it felt like, so GOOD. I let myself slide down on him--slow-like. Little by little, I got more of it up me. GOD it was wonderful, and so fuckin' HUGE! Daddy lost it then and started jamming it up me in long hard strokes. He had his hands on my hips, jerkin' me up and down on his pole like I was a Barbie doll or somethin'. A Barbie doll with great big TITS!

He was moaning like I never heard him before--like an animal. Then I heard that familiar sound when he was about to cum. And then I felt it--like it was up in my throat or somethin'. He let go up inside me like nobody ever had before. He didn't take it out like Mr. Simmons did--he put all his cum up in me--he kept pumpin' it in me like he wanted to get it in there real good. And it kept squirtin in me--more and more of it, and I kept movin' up and down on him with my pussy--I was all wet and gushy soundin'.

I fell into Daddy's arms after it was all over, and we sucked face till he got all hard again. Then he fucked me all over--AGAIN! Daddy couldn't leave me alone at all that day. He came in the bathroom while I was takin' a shower--he got in with me and picked me up and shoved his thing up in me again till he came in me. This was the third time, and it wasn't even lunch yet. Right after we finished eating, he yanked my shorts down and bent me over the kitchen table. He fucked me from behind until he came inside me AGAIN!

We got drunk again that night--I needed somethin' to ease the pain of all that getting fucked--'cause of how BIG that thing of Daddy's is. It felt good just to drink beer for a while--'cause of how sore I was. The next morning it started all over again though. When Monday rolled around, I remembered somethin'.

I had forgot to take my birth control pills! Starting that very morning that Daddy had dumped all that STUFF up inside of me! Well, it kinda threw Daddy into shock, and he left me alone for weeks--thinkin' maybe that he shouldn't put any more stuff in me than he already had.

It didn't make any difference.

The next month, I missed my period. I was hoping I was just late, but I kinda knew better. After a few weeks I started getting sick in the morning, and then after a few MORE weeks I started to notice some other stuff. I was G-R-O-W-I-N-G again. My boobs I mean. Just when I got used to them being so big--as big as I thought they'd ever get. Now I was knocked up - and the damn things were swelling up like BALLOONS! I went through 2 more cup sizes in just 2 months--and Daddy just lost it! He couldn't control himself anymore, and started fucking my eyeballs out every time Mama was gone somewhere.

Pretty soon, it was obvious what had happened to me. Mama found out the hard way. Even tough I was "dressing down" to try to conceal my bigger boobs, my tummy was startin' to show too. She walked in on me in the bathroom when I was about 4 months gone--and I was already stickin' out pretty good. Not to mention the TITS swellin' off my chest. I didn't have to say a word.

As luck would have it--Daddy came bustin' in at the very minute I was gonna make somethin' up. He looked at me, and he looked at her--worst of all--he looked guilty. Then she knew--without a word--she just knew. She left us that day--and she divorced Daddy a month later.

Now it's just me and Daddy. And the bigger I get, the more he wants to stick that thing up me and fuck me with it. I get horny just thinkin' about it. Daddy gets horny every time he looks at me--my tits aren't the only things that got big. My belly is so huge it looks like I got knocked up with a horse.

I'm 8 months gone now, and we're fuckin' like bunny rabbits - 3 or 4 times a day sometimes. I just waddle around the house now with these big tits Mother Nature gave me - and the swollen knocked-up belly my Daddy gave me.

I hope you liked the story of me and my Daddy's big thingie--Marcy would love to hear how you liked it--you can write me if ya want to at: