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    Satan in High Heels
largebreastfan - Sabrina
      Satan's Cheerleaders
Anonymous - One of those sexploitations flicks that came out in the late '70s. I only saw the last half on broadcast TV, which makes me believe either there was no nudity or it was edited. The big boobs belonged to the cheerleader's chaperone/adviser, who manages to get groped by one of Satan's underlings and raped by the sheriff played by John Ireland (oh, how the mighty have fallen!). The cheerleaders weren't badly endowed either. Yvonne De Carlo also appears in this opus magnum, but perhaps a decade or two too late for one to be considering her assets.
    Savage Beach
Imaginos - Andy Sidaris directed.
    Savage Messiah
Uncle Pugsy - Features Helen Mirren running around totally nude in all her Rubenesque splendour; a sight to make strong men weep.
    Savage Nights
Busty Romane Bohringer appears topless in two sex scenes. She also looks great coming out of a swimming pool in a bathing suit.
    Savage Streets
Tagman18 - Debra Blee bra shot (w/Linda Blair)
Anonymous - In the first ten minutes, Suzee Slater and her boyfriend are attacked by a gang. They pull her boob tube top down and fondle her huge melons.
      Savannah Smiles
Carol Wayne
    Save Me
Anonymous - Lysette Anthony attracts Harry Hamlin trying underwear on in a lingerie store. Later on she shows him a silicon-enhanced woman (Ashley Rhey) taking off lingerie behind a two-way mirror. There is plenty of brassiere cleavage from Anthony in a sex scene in Hamlin's car, and later during a good side shot while they have sex in his bed. We see her bosom most clearly though when she leaves a hot tub. After a stripping game she is seen topless and seemingly oiled up as she and Hamlim have sex by a fire.
Argyle - There are small-time actresses who take small parts in big films to give some credibility to their careers, which I think is what happened here. Angela Aames is a "Woman at Babylon Club", appearing way in the background in a few shots of the dance floor. (Angela can only be seen in the widescreen version.)
    Scary Movie
Boobwatch One - While running from a killer, Carmen Electra takes the time to writhe sexily through some lawn sprinklers.
  Scary Movie 2
j-baller - There's a small scene with a chick who's quite busty, or at least appears so in the small tops they put her in. I think her name is Kathleen Robertson. Anyways, there's a Charlie's Angels-type fight scene, and she gets thrown into a wall, but just before she hits, she pulls a cord and inflates her breasts. It's short, but still nice to see on the big screen. (1:08)
      Scary Movie 3
Craig Mercer - Definitely getting back to basics a la Carmen Electra's cameo in the first installment, the intro to this installment has Pam Anderson at her biggest. Her whole sequence is unbelievable, like they added something extra digitally. Also check for a fabricated Anna Faris boob closeup a couple minutes later.
colt13 - The most impressive chest? Pam Anderson. The 2nd? Camryn Manheim. Also, for those of you looking for a James Bond moment from Denise Richards, you won't get it. In fact, because of her character, you won't see much more than her face. Funny, politically incorrect movie.
      Scavenger Hunt
Carol Wayne
Roger Ebert - The director, Raja Gosnell, has a thing about big breasts. I say this not only because of the revealing low-cut costumes of such principals as Sarah Michelle Gellar, but also because of the number of busty extras and background players, who drift by in crowd scenes with what Russ Meyer used to call "cleavage cantilevered on the same principle that made the Sydney Opera House possible." Just as Woody Allen's Hollywood Ending is a comedy about a movie director who forges ahead even though he is blind, Scooby-Doo could have been a comedy about how a Russ Meyer clone copes with being assigned a live-action adaptation of a kiddie cartoon show.
Shae Marks
  Screaming Mimi
Nicklaus - Anita Ekberg jiggling in a kinky striptease.
Argyle - No nudity (1958 release, after all), but watching her shake it all about is highly intoxicating. Lots of tight tops.
      Screwball Hotel
pierre - Corinne Alphen
Seevie - in the bowling alley
squidsucker - This little Roger Corman produced Porky's rip-off features some of the best big boob jokes I've ever seen.
JJ - Raven De La Croix has a nice long scene as, what else, a stripper and makes the whole movie worthwhile.
Argyle - I know it was supposed to be a "rip-off" of Porky's, but quite frankly, I found it a heckuva lot more watchable. It has a charm not found in other films of this genre, and the only reason I can think of for this is that it was written by a female, co-star Linda Shayne. The plot involves four horny high school guys who've been victimized in various lecherous pranks by the school prude, Purity Busch (no kidding!). They band together in a pact to deflower Ms. Busch before Homecoming. Speaking of Ms. Shayne, she certainly deserves an honorable mention for 1) her sense of humor in playing a character named Bootsie Goodhead, 2) her offer of "More milk?" to new boy Tim while waitressing and 3) her spectacular tits-under-glass drive-in scene when main character Tim slams the van door on her. As mentioned Raven De La Croix has a memorable striptease. ("She's defying the laws of gravity!" utters Howie the nerd as he calculates with his slide rule.) But for me the real find in this flick was the actress who played Myrna (Kim Cayer). She's the buxom brunette who in a number of scenes cups her breasts and urges her "girls" to keep growing. She has her bikini top briefly ripped away when Howie falls backward off the diving board and grabs the nearest thing he can, and the view is not disappointing. Pity it wasn't a longer shot. She's also in the group shot of the girls' gym class doing their exercises ("I must, I must, I must develop my bust... the bigger the better the tighter the sweater, the boys depend on us!") Seriously, if you were too young to have seen this one back in the prehistoric '80s, you ought to do yourself a favor and watch it. IMO, it ranks up there with H.O.T.S. as one of the best in the T&A genre.
    Secret Games 2: The Escort
Tagman18 - Sara Suzanne Brown
    Secret Pleasures
AdonyZ - Nikki Fritz
      Seduce Me: Pamela Principle 2
Tagman18 -
      Sense and Sensibility
Anonymous - Based on the Jane Austen novel. It's not at all a bad movie, though it's rather slow moving, especially for those who like more fast-paced and louder flicks. Nothing sensual here, nor are there any nude scenes. Just that in a few scenes women wear period-style decolletage dresses. Most notable for cleavage is a brief shot of a woman hitting a rug or something from the first-story window of her house; the other is near the end when one of the main characters holds a discussion with another woman displaying a load of cleavage out of her decolletage, almost looking like her breasts could come ripping out of the dress's fabric. This same scene even has a camera shot from below at the women, and you can still see the second girl's mountainous breast-flesh peeping out, heaving up and down with her breathing. Of course, you have to endure watching this film to catch this scene, which is not as fast-paced as Dangerous Liaisons or Amadeus, nor are there as many cleavage shots, nor anything softcore/hardcore. Still, it's an OK classic film.
Tagman18 - Andy Sidaris directed.
  The Seven Minutes
Russ Meyer directed.
      Seven Times Seven
Nandhu - In this movie a girl appears topless with only two ribbons covering her tits.
    Sex, Lies, and Videotape
Lightfoot - Laura San Giacomo
      Sex Lives of the Potato Men
According to The New York Times, this movie features a "terrifying, zeppelin-bosomed older woman."
23skidoo - Features buxom Delia Sheppard in an intentional Jayne Mansfield-style role as a woman who arranges to kill off her sugar daddy husband. The Amazonian Delia appears topless in several scenes and in supersized bras in others.
    Sexual Roulette aka Carnal Risk
Seelie - Several augmented women getting plenty of screen time in little or no clothes.
        Shadow Dancer
Tagman18 - I know Cara van Landingham personally - she dances in NJ.
    Shadow of the Vampire
Anonymous - GREAT breast scene a little more than half way in... Catherine McCormack displays her juicy, all-natural melons for 30 seconds-or-so during a scene in which she is writhing around on a bed, laughing hysterically (supposed to be on a drug binge or something).
      Shamus aka Passion for Danger
Anonymous - During this thriller Burt Reynolds wastes some time seducing a very busty bespectacled girl played by Kay Frye in an empty bookstore. She's won over by the line: "You didn't get a body like that overnight." No nudity unfortunately, but plenty of shots of her tight sweater.
  Shattered Innocence
Craig Mercer - This 1988 telepic stars the jumbo-boobed '80s teen star Jonna Lee (Making the Grade) in the true story of a busty midwest teen corrupted by Hollywood's sleazy porn industry. Jonna's sweater rupturing rack presses through even the most layered '80s outfits she sports. The best parts are in the first half hour when she's shown bouncing in a cheerleader outfit, her first encounter with the modelling agent, and her first photo shoot. This must be seen to believed!
    She's 19 and Ready aka Sunnyboy und Sugarbaby
Argyle - Unbilled Dolly Dollar has a cute little scene in this late-1970s German teen sex comedy. She plays a waitress in a disco who is enlisted for a gag. One of the guys evidently has a crush on the girlfriend of his buddy, so he whispers something in Dolly's ear, slips her a couple of bills, which she stuffs in her cleavage, and then she promptly approaches said target and spills a drink on him. Of course, this provides a nice motive for Dolly to bend over apologetically and clean, and if you've been following along, you know how the camera justs loves her cleavage. While he's in the restroom, our poor hero's pants mysteriously disappear! It's not much of a part in terms of length, but it sure is memorable!
Tanya Roberts nude
      The Sheltering Sky
Anonymous - There is an incredible woman (Amina Annabi) bare-breasted about halfway through the movie. She seduces the main male character (John Malkovich) and then tries to steal all his money when he's sleeping.
      The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw
Presto - Starring Jayne Mansfield. I think she looks better in this movie than any other. There is a scene where she sings "If the San Francisco Hills could only talk." Her bustiness is mostly due to wardrobe, but they did a great job in this movie.
    Showdown in Little Tokyo
Seelie - There's a blond (Renee Griffin) who gets her head cut off right near the beginning who's both beautiful and stacked.
23skidoo - Elizabeth Berkley doesn't have much up top (take that as you will), but we do get to see busty Bobbie Phillips as one of the strippers.
        The Shrimp on the Barbie
Tagman18 - Carole Davis' strip scene.
      The Silence of the Hams
Heather-Elizabeth Parkhurst
      The Silencers
Chili Palmer - Matt Helm movie with Stella Stevens
Anon - It's been a while since I saw it, but I recall Bridget Fonda in a doctor's office contemplating an implant operation (which she later decides against). Doc shows her a computer simulation of what she'd look like with bigger bazonkas. Bridget then taps the keyboard a couple more times to view an EVEN BIGGER version of herself. (0:40)
    Sins of Desire
Tanya Roberts nude
  Size 'Em Up
Short film about an athletic teenager (Lindsay Felton) having to deal with her growing breasts. Also stars Julie Brown and Stella Stevens.
      Ski School
Chili Palmer - features Shannon Whirry and a few other nubiles taking it off at a ski resort. Actually, a very funny movie, one you can actually watch with the sound on and not fast forward (classic slobs vs snobs at a resort). Dean Cameron rocks!
    Ski School II
23skidoo - Playmate Wendy Hamilton appears topless several times in her role as a "nude painter." Very nice.
HUNK - The only vision attracting your eyes in this worthless flick is that of Anna Nicole Smith's 48-inch (or more) sized mammaries.
Boobwatch One - Busty Hollywood legend Mamie Van Doren has a brief appearance as a hosptial patient who asks volunteer Jason Schwartzman for a topless sponge bath. The breasts are enormous on the 70-year-old Van Doren, and Schwartzman does his best at hoisting them up to sponge underneath. She even asks him for a nipple suck, and Schwartzman is quick to oblige. (0:34)
    Slap Shot
JewFunk - There are two great breast moments: 1) The first is when Paul Newman meets up with an opponent's wife (Melinda Dillon) in a hotel room after a game. She's seen sitting up in bed with a very nice rack and huge nipples. She then talks about how she left her husband because she's a lesbian. 2) Also featured throughout the movie are two busty blondes (Janet and Louise Arters) often featured braless, jumping up a down, in tight pink sweaters. There's also a busty waitress at one point and much breast talk and revealing clothing. It's also a movie that every self-respecting guy should watch.
    Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity
Anonymous - This little cheese-fest stars a fairly busty Elizabeth Kaitan (Cayton in the credits), the now-famous Brinke Stevens, and a rather flat-chested Cindy Beal. The story: Two female prisoners on a space ship escape their captors, steal a ship and crash on a wilderness planet with only their bikinis to protect them. They find a castle and are welcomed by the owner. He of course loves hunting humans. Lots of violence and jiggling later, he is defeated and the heroines are safe.
      Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers
Anonymous - So filled with tits and tit shots it's impossible to describe all the scenes. Just check them out.
      Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland
Anonymous - There is an amazing big-breasted babe who hooks up with a guy old enough to be her dad. After she gets killed in the movie, the killer says, "It's a good thing I killed you now because in a couple years you'd be sagging something awful."
      Sleeping Beauty aka Sípová Ruzenka
kultkultkult - This Slovakian movie features some good cleavage. Avoid the (flat) female main actress and concentrate on the queen's maidens/noblewomen busy keeping the dogs. One of them shows it big.
    Sleepy Hollow
gonZo - With Miranda Richardson as Lady van Tassel (best in the final scenes) and the very, very special Lisa Marie as Lady Crane in 2 or 3 mouth-watering dream sequences...
Tagman18 - Debra Blee topless rape scene
    Slumber Party Massacre II
Argyle - Kimberly McArthur
    Slums of Beverly Hills
Not only are Natasha Lyonne's breasts on display in this coming-of-age comedy, they also play an important role in the story. (The nude closeups, however, are more than likely a body double.)
      Snakehead Terror
debra872 - "Amber" (Chelan Simmons) is really well-endowed, and wears several tight T-shirts. Yummy!
So-so exhibition of Pamela Anderson's fun bags, featuring several topless scenes.
    Snowboard Academy
Peaks - Terrible film, but it stars Brigitte Nielsen at her biggest. She has a scene in a Jacuzzi wearing a small white bikini, but the best scene is when she unzips her jacket, showing her awesome chest in another bikini to some lucky guy.
    Some Like It Hot
Hipdadiddy - Marilyn Monroe was pregnant during the filming (later miscarrying, poor girl), which temporarily thrust her usually overrated pair into the Jennifer Connelly category, at least. And how Billy Wilder ever got that dress past the censors of 1959...! It's probably the closest we'll ever come to seeing Marilyn topless...
Boobwatch One - Julie Strain, Kristi Ducati, Rochelle Swanson, and Toni Naples provide the big breasts in this softcore, supernatural thriller. The opening sequence of a nude Strain casting an evil spell is particuarly hot.
    Sorceress II: The Temptress
Cheap sequel has plenty of naked breasts, including those of Julie Strain and Julie K. Smith. The highlight of the film, however, is when a spell is cast upon Trasy Broussard by one of the bad guys. Under the spell, she strips for him; then she kneads, squeezes, and massages her big tits, and begs "take me."
    Sorority House Massacre II
Anonymous - This movie contains an extensive shower scene with a full frontal nude busty chick (Stacia Zhivago), in which the camera constantly zooms in on those relics. In addition all the other girls of the sorority get to show their two good reasons for starring in the movie.
skip - There is one scene where they are in a diner and the waitress is leaning over showing some very nice cleavage.
  Speak of the Devil
Contains a scene where a girl's breasts grow.
Chili Palmer - starring Robert Culp and Gig Young featured them as paranormal investigators going after the devil on earth, who tempts them with various nubile lovelies. Incredibly racy for an NBC-TV movie! (Ahh, the 70s.)
        Speed Zone!
pierre - Very brief sighting in as Jamie Farr as an Arab sheik talks to an amazing woman who describes herself as a bodybuilder.
moviewiz2000 - A supernatural thriller which was very underrated. There is a sex scene with Kelly Preston and her boyfriend which is hot. Then at the end of the film there is a scene with her in a see-through-white-nighty-looking thing, dancing around for several minutes, then gets naked head to toe.
Anonymous - Kirsten Dunst shows the outline of her big boobs and nipples under soaking wet clothes during the sequence where she is being assualted. It's raining really heavily, and the wet clothing really clings to her breasts. It must be cold as well because her nipples stick out like organ stops. Definitely worth a look.
spid - If you look at the crowd of students around the fight between Peter Parker and Flash Thompson, you'll see quite the busty extra standing near Peter's locker.
    Spies Like Us
Anonymous - Vanessa Angel, playing a lovely and buxom member of a Russian missile launch crew, exits her tent in the morning clad in a bra, panties, and a one-piece snowsuit that, thankfully, is down around her knees. As she stretches, Chevy Chase and Dan Aykroyd fight over the binoculars.
    Spirit Lost
Anonymous - Cynda Williams topless.
    Squeeze Play
Adrian Burns - A Troma Films attempt at sexploitation. There're a lot of breasts to ogle in this movie (there's a wet t-shirt competition!), but the chest to watch IMHO belongs to Jamie, played by Helen Campitelli. In one scene, Jamie's trying to catch a softball and it bounces off her marvelous mams complete with "boooiinggg" sound effect!
    The Stand
Laura San Giacomo's bra, in a scene where she is raped by the devil, can barely contain her huge, wobbling bazooms.
    The Star Maker
Anonymous - There are a couple of nude actresses in this movie, but the one woman whose image is really burned into my memory is Tiziana Lodato, who plays "Beata". This was the first film for this busty, brunette ingenue. Her character doesn't show up until the movie has gone on for some time, but she soon does three nude scenes. The first is happily full-frontal. Second is a brief topless shot, and finally, there is a love scene, with a bit more boobage.
      Star Trek: The Motion Picture
Anonymous - Sometimes ballyhooed as "The Motionless Picture", Star Trek 1 has at least some motion worth mentioning. Try to get the DVD--that's where I saw it best. When Admiral Kirk arrives at Starfleet HQ, there's a pair of women just reaching the upper floor of the terminal. One is notably zaftig and bounces and bobbles for a few seconds before walking ahead out of the frame. Note! This is from the remastered version--don't know about previous edits! The live action plate is in the middle of the screen. The shuttle is just about to land as our 23rd century bra-buster puts her jahoobs into warp 2, causing the fabric on her uniform to bunch up into fat wrinkles and then stretch tight when her load gets into motion. Whatever underwear they have in the future does allow for some jiggles. Not even Scotty could keep that heavy equipment from shifting around in the cargo bay. I canna change the laws of physics cap'n!
    Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi
Anonymous - Near the start, there is a most attractive green girl, not wearing a lot, dancing at the end of Jabba's chain. In the struggle her perky right breast escapes the costume just before she goes down the trapdoor. Have to use frame-forward on the video to see it clearly, but worth it to see tits in a family film!
23skidoo - Acclaimed Canadian movie stars voluptuous teenager Jessica Paré, who was either 17 or just turned 18 when the film was shot. At the end of a sex scene where her nudity is digitized out (it's a plot point, not censorship), her large breasts briefly become fully un-digitized and visible when a man spies on her in a bathroom (1:07). There are also numerous views of Jessica's deep cleavage in swimsuits and evening wear.
      Staying on Top
23skidoo - Made for cable softcore flick features several busty ladies, most noticably short-haired brunette Leila Hashemzadeh, who has a very tasty bikini scene showcasing her D-cups before getting it on in the shower. Has this woman made any other movies? This appears to be her only credit (at least under this name). This movie also has a couple of other busty brunettes (whose names I didn't catch), one in a lesbian scene and another who gets drilled in a bathtub.
  The Stepford Wives
Governor - There is a brief BE scene near the middle of the movie. The wives are implanted with nano technology, and the husbands have remote controls for them, and evidently one button controls breast size. In the scene Nicole Kidman, Bette Middler and some gay dude are attempting to visit a neighbor. The wife and husband are just finishing some very vocal sex. The trio let themselves into the house, only to hear what's going on upstairs. The husband and wife finish sex, and he dispatches her to the kitchen for some drinks. The trio hides, and stumbles upon this remote. As the wife (Faith Hill) is coming down the stairs, the guy pushes a button and the wife stops, then her breasts increase by about three to four cup sizes. The trio doesn't see what the remote does as they are hiding. They hear her footsteps and drop the remote and run out of the house. It's just an OK scene where the on-screen BE takes place in about 5 seconds.
    Stewardess School
Seelie - No nudity from Judy Landers, but quite a few shots of her in tight clothes.
Anonymous - There is a beautiful topless strip show by Leslie Huntly in the middle of the film.
    The Stöned Age
Anonymous - It's a movie like Dazed and Confused with metalheads... needless to say, there is this really hot chick in the movie (Renee Griffin), who get topless as well... Very, very good scene... I suggest you check out... Funny movie too...
Mr. Boobaholic - Contains a short scene with a real Big Bust gal, the question is only - who is she? The film stars James Spader, who plays a young candidate for the senate down in the Big Easy. He gets filmed with a hooker for blackmail purposes and as he tries to retrieve the film, about halfway through the plot, he visits a seedy downtown photo studio. A shoot is currently taking place and we get to see glimpses of an incredibly busty biker babe dressed in black leather and a corset which leaves her enormous boobs uncovered. After various positions she has to visit the ladies room and wow! there's a full frontal backward camera slide showing off her walk through a well lit corridor and the stupendously big boobs just sway and bob to and fro for more than 5 seconds! WHO IS SHE?
Anonymous - I think Mr. Boobaholic is referring to busty English actress Charlotte Lewis. She has appeared in quite a few movies, sometimes more clothed than others. She has also appeared in a Playboy shoot.
      Straight Talk
BreastCrazee - Dolly Parton
zepher - John Candy gets to mud wrestle with two babes.
Pandora Peaks as Urbanna Sprawl
  Stroker Ace
Linda Vaughn
Anonymous - Also has plenty of Loni Anderson's cleavage.
      Summer Catch
Boobwatch One - Obssessed with large women, Marc Blucas has a short, pre-sex scene with Susan Gardner that culminates with her big ol' breasts being shoved right into the camera. (0:43)
    Summer Job
Anonymous - Features an appearance by the enormously-breasted all-natural Fannie Annie.
    Summer School
Chili Palmer - Mark Harmon's "breakout" movie (ha!) features an Italian exchange student--Fabiana Udenio, the gal who played "Alotta Fagina" in the first Austin Powers.
  Summer Temptations II aka The Seductress
Shauna O'Brien and her impossibly round, fake globes are prominently displayed in this flick.
  The Sunshine Boys
Argyle - George Burns gives a clue as to the specialness of what is to come when he "orders up" the required bimbette for the doctor sketch he and his ex-Vaudeville cohort Walter Matthau are going to perform again after years of feuding. "Forty, forty-five," mutters Burns into the phone, and you can bet he isn't talking about Lee Meredith's age. Later, during the sketch rehearsal, Lee, clad in the tightest, lowest-cut and shortest nurse's uniform in history, assists the leering doc, played by Matthau. "Oh (cough)... I think I have a chest cold!" says Lee, bending over to give Matthau a face full of deep cleavage. "Looks more like an epidemic to me!" he retorts. Classic.
    Super Mario Bros.
nm156 - Luigi's date Daniella, played by Dana Kaminski, has a great pair!
Features mega-stacked legends Candy Samples and Uschi Digard.
      Superman III
The Guv'nor - Has got a few scenes with Pamela Stephenson's cleavage.
Presto - Very first scene of this Russ Meyer movie with Christy Hartburg as Super Lorna will knock you out. What a fantasy.
Anonymous - I think the sequence with Christy Hartburg at the service station in the beginning of the film is the greatest sequence ever filmed.
      Surf II
Carol Wayne
Anonymous - Kathleen Beller nude.
  Swamp Thing
Anonymous - Adrienne Barbeau
    Sweet Sugar
Nicklaus - Phyllis Davis
    The Sword and the Sorcerer
Anonymous - Cheesy flick, but there is a nude scene with a harem-type girl and an oil rub down scene with Kathleen Beller. Beller is also made to wear a dress that accentuates her cleavage.

(Movies people suggested, but that don't really have the breast content)