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  The Dallas Connection
Tagman18 - Andy Sidaris directed.
Coyote - Julie Strain, Julie K. Smith and Shae Marks
    Dance with the Devil aka Perdita Durango
Craig Mercer - A bizarre Mexican Satanist flick with Rosie Perez in her most badass role, always dressed in skimpy black with matching hair. Oh yeah, Perez has really nice tits as well... who knew?
    Dancing at the Blue Iguana
Anonymous - Kristin Bauer (topless at 1:30 and 1:38)
      Dangerous Curves
GTech - I only saw a tiny bit of this flick, but it has a Latino chick in this beauty contest that you only get short glimpses of. She appears to be at least a D cup, maybe DD.
    Dangerous Liaisons
Anonymous - This is the Stephen Frears screen version of the Choderlos de Laclos novel, set in the 18th Century. Here, in her role of the scheming aristocrat Marquise de Merteuil, Glenn Close wears a corseted low-cut dress throughout most of the movie; in that effect, Close bears sexy swelling cleavage of her breasts heaving over her neckline. Such scenes include an early scene in the beginning of the film where the Mertuil meets with Valmont (John Malkovich), who kisses the noblewoman's breasts atop her exposed cleavage.
23skidoo - There is also a memorable topless appearance by Uma Thurman.
      Dangerous Love
Argyle - Angelyne has a cameo.
      Daring Game
Zoop - This is a pretty entertaining 1968 Ivan Tors action/adventure starring Lloyd Bridges and featuring one of the few movie appearances by the magnificent Marie Gomez. She shows up about 45 minutes into the movie, and only sticks around for a few minutes. She is basically kidnapped by one of our heroes, but very quickly succumbs to his charms and willingly agrees to help him obtain some information. In the next scene she's dancing and drinking with a bunch of horny soldiers -- a sexy dance in a tight blouse that shows off her fantastic figure to great effect -- and gets the info her new boyfriend is looking for. That's about it, unfortunately. But damn, she looks good.
    Day of the Warrior
Coyote - Directed by Andy Sidaris. Starring Julie Strain, Julie K. Smith, Shae Marks and Tammy Parks.
    Deadly Messages
Craig Mercer - Kathleen Beller, the awesome, raven-haired, petite, D-plus-cupper, is a woman plagued by blackouts and dementia after using a Ouija board. Some expert underwater shots of her dark-bikinied, Olympic-sized boobs in an Olympic-sized pool (0:35).
  Deadly Weapons
Howard Miller - Remembered solely as the first movie starring Chesty Morgan (also known as Chesty Gabor because of her supposed resemblance to members of the Gabor family). Morgan became semi-famous in the '70s because of a topless photograph of her titled "Spirit of 76," which, it was implied, was the size of her tits. Her breasts do hang down to her waist in the photo, but I doubt she actually measured that much. What is without doubt is that her tits (that's really the best word for them) were real. Unfortunately she also had a big gut and a large, shapeless ass. Anyhow, the plot of the movie has her happily living with this really ugly guy who has some mob connections. He gets bumped off and Chesty comes up with a unique revenge - she corners the killers one by one, drugs them, then smothers them with her breasts. The last killer manages to shoot her at the end of the movie, but as the film fades out she's crawling over to him with breasts at the ready. The budget for this film was about $1.99 and it looks it. The acting is uniformly awful, except for Harry Reems (the fellow who taught Linda Lovelace fellatio in Deep Throat) who plays one of the unlucky killers. The film does include a clip of Chesty's striptease act, which actually ain't half bad. It must have made money (how could it not?) because it spawned a sequel. Recommended only for lovers of cow-like tits.
  Death Game aka Mrs. Manning's Weekend, The Seducers
Argyle - Colleen Camp jumps up and down topless.
Tagman18 - Barbi Benton
    Deathstalker II
Tagman18 - Monique Gabrielle
    Decision at Sundown
Nicklaus - Karen Steele
    Deep Down
Tanya Roberts nude
      The Delicate Delinquent
Craig Mercer - Contains a memorable scene featuring a buxom young woman who is subject to harrassment by the local punks. The best thing is that it was so unexpected and is an excellent document of the extreme bullet bra look of the period. (0:35)
    Delinquent Schoolgirls aka Carnal Madness, Bad Girls
Southern Shore - Rare film appearance by big bust magazine model Roberta Pedon. Has a significant role in the film, and there are great scenes of her doing jumping jacks with breasts bouncing, wrestling in mud, and also swimming in a pool.
    Demon Rage aka Satan's Mistress
The Crawling Eye - A slow horror/ghost movie which features a housewife (Lana Wood) getting seduced and attacked by a horny spirit. With no gore or action Demon Rage is still surprisingly a must-see, if only for a fully nude Lana Wood whose large breasts and amazing oversized nipples are often on display. The opening scene of Lana running on a beach with her bouncing boobs popping out of her nightgown is quite a sight.
    Desert Passion
nm156 - Nicole Sassaman along with Missy Browning's huge (possibly fake) tan rack!
MaxBigfoot - I like the love scene with Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek (1:10). Ms. Hayek may be no Jayne Mansfield, but she does have a nice pair of firm, high ones, and they are nicely displayed in this scene. Besides that, she has one of the best sexy struts down Main Street I've ever seen (0:38).
      Destination Moonbase Alpha
23skidoo - The late Canadian actress Toby Robins, playing an alien pretending to be an old girlfriend of Commander Koenig's, displays some incredible cleavage and a surprisingly large pair (that or her push-up bra was working overtime). The term "cougar" was probably invented to describe her character in this made-for-TV film edited together from episodes of "Space: 1999". She was in her mid-40s at the time, but looks 10 years younger.
      Devil Doll
cabanaboy - Ventriloquist nonsense and Yvonne Romain's huge udders!
    Devil in a Blue Dress
Lisa Nicole Carson (Lovemaking scene at 0:19; no nudity)
    The Devil's Advocate
Anonymous - Try the end of the movie during a scene where Keanu Reeves is talking to Al Pacino and a red-haired girl (Connie Nielsen). As they're talking she takes off her dress and is totally nude. Her breasts are a very nice size.
    Diamonds Are Forever
Healthy-chested Lana Wood spills out of her dress as Plenty O'Toole in this Bond flick.
    Diary of a Sex Addict
Shannan Leigh
    Dinosaur Island
Seelie - Yet another one I haven't seen myself, but the review of it claimed it had "Enough breasts to justify renaming it Silicone Island." 'Course it also said, "This movie was so unbelievably bad that I was rendered speechless and scarred for life." Needless to say, I've been trying to get my hands on a copy for years.
    Diplomatic Immunity
Southern Shore - Fabiana Udenio, who teased us with her magnificent rack in Summer School and Hardbodies 2, finally comes through and shows off her sweater puppies in all their naked glory! (1:11)
    Dirndljagd am Kilimandscharo
Argyle - My German isn't what it used to be, which wasn't much, so if you're looking for an informed review of this 1983 German film, you won't find it here. However, Dolly Dollar was in fine form, even though this wasn't one of her "sexy" roles. I guess that's because it's pretty hard to keep her, um, equipment, covered up. Not that that was the intention. She appears in some sexy swimsuits and low-cut tops and actually has some decent screentime, though it's Bea Fiedler who gets the nude scenes. :-( One nice scene that should've been shot closer was of Dolly hula-hooping, which boggles the mind.
  A Dirty Shame
uruseiranma - I'd say that this movie has probably the best fake boobs since Jekyll & Hyde... Together Again. It turns out that Caprice Stickles (Selma Blair) gets hit on the head, and the concussion causes her to act in sexually-explicit ways. (In this film, knocks on the head cause all sorts of sexual behavior, with different results in each person. Caprice's result is that she decides to get monster implants.) The first we see of Caprice she's locked in the upper floor. Apparently she wants to go down to the local bar and perform. She wears a somewhat revealing fishnet stocking-like top during the first act. (BTW, her stage name is Ursula Udders.) Ursula has a huge fan in Fat F*ck Frank, a guy who we can tell is a definite breast man (it's revealed in his sculpture of gigantic tits). The next time Caprice appears is after Sylvia (her mother) has her concussion. Sylvia is now the more sexually-understandable mother, and after Caprice sheds her white and red top, they take off for the local bar in that torn pink number. And this is where you guys will want to see the film (I didn't think they'd actually do this myself): Once Caprice starts strutting, she eventually sheds her top and it's Fake Hooters for all! Of course they move with all the heft of latex, but still, not bad. One guy is even walloped between them. After the fiasco, a doctor is brought in. Caprice is given prozac, which causes her sexual inhibitions to tone down. During her change over, her breasts deflate and inflate several times. Of course, once the drugs take effect, the now "normal-minded" girl is shocked at her udders. For the next 20 minutes, Caprice is the good girl, and Fat F*ck Frank can't take much more, almost losing it when he hears she plans to get a reduction. But Caprice tells her reasons: back pains, rashes, etc. Luckily, this doesn't last long, and soon she's dancing on the rooftop with a tight t-shirt.
      Dirty Work
DJ>_"I'm pretty good at this" - Saturday Night Live alum Norm Macdonald has a flashback of himself as a kid. His Aunt Jenny (Christine Odom, an older woman with mean boobs) smothers his face with her big tits. Good scene.
Craig Mercer - This Fat Boys vehicle has one cute comedic shot of Troy Beyer (Let's Talk About Sex) jogging on a treadmill, then pans down to show her bobbling breasts, complete with Hanna-Barbera boing sfx. Not huge but memorable. Possibly the ideal comedy boob gag. (0:45)
    The Divine Nymph
Uncle Pugsy - The delectable Laura Antonelli was not only a capable and intelligent actress, she was not at all reluctant to shed all her clothes, which she did in just about every movie she made. The fact that she had a magnificent natural rack didn't hurt one little bit. In this movie, which is very hard to find, she reclines nude for about two uninterrupted minutes.
  Do or Die
Andy Sidaris directed.
linktv - Some actual living person, male, actually gets to rub his naked body all over Pandora Peaks' naked body while acting out screwing. NAKED... UNDER A WATERFALL... WITH PANDORA PEAKS! It's a sight that makes you wonder: Maybe there is a god?
Coyote - Ava Cadell, Roberta Vasquez
    Do the Right Thing
Craig Mercer - Rosie Perez's breasts instinctively dominate any movie or scene she's in. Director Spike Lee represented, though in two shots that give full attention to each breast. "Thank God for the left nipple..."

  Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze
Argyle - Robyn Hilton has a small part in this mid-1970s sci-fi/adventure as Captain Seas' moll, and in one scene her impressive cleavage is peeking out through the opening in her dress jacket.
    Don't Make Waves
Chili Palmer - Sharon Tate, Claudia Cardinale
    The Doom Generation
Anonymous - Rose McGowan topless... need I say more?
    Doppio Delitto (Double Murder) 1977
Ursula Andress
    Dorm Daze
colt13 - Danielle Fishel and Jennifer Lyons.
  Double Agent 73
Captain Kickback - Smell the polyester. Prints and plaids together! I can understand why Chesty Morgan is constantly removing her top: to get out of all that polyester.
    The Double-D Avenger
Howard Miller - This is a made for tape curiosity from William Winckler Productions. I'm not really sure who the audience for this is susposed to be other than big fans of Kitten Natividad and other over-the-hill Russ Meyer stars. In addition to Kitten the film has Haji and Raven De La Croix, and some lesser known and somewhat younger women. The plot has Kitten, a successful bar owner, discovering she has some lumps on her voluminous tits. Her doctor (De La Croix) offers no medical hope for a cure, but suggests she try to find the ledgendary Crocksella plant in the wilds of South America because it is rumored to have miraculous healing powers. She finds the plant with the help of a black amazon woman (Lunden De'Leon) and discovers that in addition to curing her cancer it has given her super powers. She puts on a very silly looking outfit and wages a war with the owner of a local strip club for reasons that aren't clear to me becuse the dialogue was so bad I'd turned the mute switch on by this point. I'm a big fan of Kitten as well as the other old timers in this opus, but this is embarrassing stuff. On top of everything else this movie CONTAINS NO NUDITY! Which has to make you wonder, what's the point?
Here's an e-mail from The Double-D Avenger director/writer/producer William Winckler!
    Down Periscope
Anonymous - 3 crewman sneak, during the night, to where Lieutenant Emily Lake's (Lauren Holly) clothes are. They switch her clothes with smaller ones. The next day the whole crew is lined outside the docked submarine. Commander Tom Dodge (Kelsey Grammer) is talking to them but stops when he comes to Emily. He examines her clothes: Her pants are too short and are skintight on her. Her shirt is also tight and her breasts are pouring out of it. She has no white shirt on (like the rest) so her breasts are visible, and the shirt is so small, the top button can't be buttoned and the next button is almost ready to burst off her large breasts. There is a gap between that button and the next. Tom orders the "pranksters" to show themselves or everyone must stay at the ship. No one speaks up so he orders them back on the ship. Emily turns and walks slowly, careful not to break the button on her shirt, and she goes back on the sub.
    Dr. Alien
Seelie - Features Judy Landers dressed conservatively, no nudity. Still fun. I think there's an extra or two who are pretty stacked additionally.
    Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine
squidsucker - This one may not be out on video, but it certainly should be. A hammy Vincent Price plays a mad scientist who is making robot women in a plot to have them all marry rich men and then kill them. Frankie Avalon also stars as an inept secret agent. Think Beach Blanket Bingo meets Get Smart with a bit of those very good Edgar Allan Poe films Price also made around this time. Anyway, not only are there a lot of girls in gold bikinis strutting about, but the female lead (Susan Hart) really fills out her gold suit particularly well. I first saw this one on TV one Saturday afternoon when I was a small kid and to this day the image of her still stands out strongly in my mind. Added bonus, Diana Ross and the Supremes do a good job singing the opening title song.
    Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde
Anonymous - There's a good transgender/breast expansion scene in this film in which Dr. Jekyll (Timothy Daly) turns into the evil Ms. Hyde (Sean Young) while eating dinner and trying desperately to hide his swelling breasts.
  Dracula: Dead and Loving It
HUNK - In the middle of the flick, Lucy (Lysette Anthony) becomes a vampire, rises from her grave and meets Jonathan (Steven Weber) in Dr. Seward's house garden. She pleads, "Jonathan, let me kiss you." Jonathan hesitatingly says, "But, Lucy, I'm British." Immediately, Lucy shoves her breasts together, creating mind-boggling cleavage, and says, "So are these!"
  Dracula A.D. 1972
Presto - This Hammer horror film has a busty actress who is often tied down to an altar. The camera angles are great.
    Dracula Blows His Cool aka Graf Dracula beißt jetzt auch in Oberbayern
Argyle - Plot: Modern-day Dracula preys on models at a tourist hotel. Sighting: German busenwunder Dolly Dollar in a couple of brief uncredited scenes as a hotel guest, getting "necked" in one of them. Excellent cleavage in a stair-climb.
    Dream a Little Dream
23skidoo - Teen comedy from the late '80s, with Meredith Salenger showing off a surprising large, round pair. Lycra fans should check out what she's wearing during one dance sequence. We also get some nice cleavage during a scene where she's dancing with Corey Feldman.
      Dream Date
TheZookie_007 - The appearances of Cindy "Ivory" Newman (in a closet in the last few minutes of the film) and the marvelous late Michelle Thomas make this film most worthwhile. At one point, Michelle is drenched by a sprinkler system, which makes her beautiful boobs even more apparent -- but the fact that she was wearing crop tops throughout the whole film didn't hurt either!
  Dream Lover
Anonymous - The size of Mädchen Amick's tits relative to her body mass is superb if you like big, natural tits on very skinny women -- and the perkiness is out of this world. I would go so far as to say I have never seen such perky natural breasts on any other female human being.
Anonymous - Not a great movie - but the snack bar girl is definitely worth a download. GREAT RACK!
Pam Grier
  Dude, Where's My Car?
There are two breast expansion scenes in the movie. In the first, a group of sexy girls morphs into a single, bikini-clad giantess (1:10). In the second (at the end of the movie), our heroes' girlfriends (Jennifer Garner and Marla Sokoloff) receive alien necklaces that cause their breasts to grow (1:16).
    Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd
23skidoo - While I hate to say there is any reason to see this movie, in fact there is: Mimi Rogers in a bathing suit! The sequence is essentially part of a (literal) wet dream one of the idiots has. You don't see Mimi for more than a couple of seconds in the swimsuit, though she does have a hot moment where she snogs a girl who is at least 20 years her junior! (It's part of a make-out contest). It's possible she might appear elsewhere in a form-revealing outfit, because there is apparently a joke about the size of her breasts, but nothing revealing (at least according to Screen It!).

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