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Movies in red contain breast expansion.

When known, the time of a specific scene will be indicated in blue. For example, (1:15) indicates that a scene takes place about 1 hour and 15 minutes into the movie.

Nicklaus - A foundering lingerie company hires five of the biggest-titted women on the planet to advertise its bras. LOL! Look for Dolly Dollar, Teresa Ganzel, Jennifer Richards, and Corinne Alphen of Penthouse fame.
  California Hot Wax aka Bikini Carwash
reinactor - Incredibly lame, but had many scenes of busty babes washing cars, especially during the opening credits. In particular, a pair of twins (no pun intended) with some nice D-cups: Carla and Carmen Morrell.
  Call Me Bwana
Nicklaus - Anita Ekberg bulging her tight black sweater.
Argyle - One of the greatest lines in cinematic history occurs in this Bob Hope comedy that guest stars Ekberg as a Russian spy. When she is assigned the mission to beat Hope to a lost space capsule, her commander looks at her, as she takes off her jacket, and says, "I can think of no other woman in the world who is... so well-equipped for this mission." No kidding.
    Camp Blood 2
Check out the pierced nipples on the big, fake tits of Lisa Marie Bolick.
    Camping Cosmos
Lolo Ferrari
  Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death
Seelie - What I like best about this movie is walking into video stores and asking the woman behind the desk if they carry it. It usually takes them a little bit before they believe it's really a movie. Especially if they don't carry it.
Captain Kickback - Adrienne Barbeau and Playboy Playmate Shannon Tweed as a professor.
  The Cannonball Run
Presto - Adrienne Barbeau tries to get out of a speeding ticket by lowering the zipper on her overalls.
Anonymous - Valerie Perrine is the female officer who pulls Adrienne Barbeau. Vickie Reigle is the carhop whom Jaime Farr asks for "two milks."
    Cannonball Run II
skip - There is one scene where two women (Catherine Bach and Susan Anton) are bent over looking at the engine of a car. The position of the zippers on their overalls provides a nice cleavage shot. (1:07)
    Captain Pantoja and the Special Services aka Pantaleón y las visitadoras
AdonyZ - This movie is about a Peruvian army and how the soldiers get some sexual relaxation with the "visitadoras," a special team of beautiful women. Watch for busty Colombian Angie Cepeda.
      The Car
Anonymous - About halfway through this movie, there's a busty (D cup maybe) school teacher trying to save her children from the evil town-terrorizing car while wearing one of those awesome tight '70s shirts. It's been a while since I saw it, so I'm sketchy on the details... except about the tits. I definitely remember those.
      Car Wash
Boobatch One - Melanie Mayron, pre-nose job and with quite a few more pounds than during her "thirtysomething" days, fills out her T-shirt nicely as the car wash's cashier.
  Career Opportunities
Presto - This movie has a guy trapped in a discount store overnight with a gorgeous big-boobed girl (Jennifer Connelly). At one point she rides a mechanical horse.
    Carnal Knowledge
Howard Miller - In addition to being one of the best movies ever made it contains, a rare nude scene by Ann-Margret. She purposely gained weight for this role, and almost all that weight went to her breasts. In her first scene (0:44) she's wearing a dress with a scooped out front and her breasts look enormous, with blue veins and everything. The actual nude scene (0:50) is brief, but it is full nudity in good light. I was 21 years old when this film came out, and I can't overemphasize how awesome she looked to me on the big screen. I'd never much cared for her looks before this film, but after I made it a point to catch all her movies in hopes of a repeat experience. Alas, she never appeared to such good effect again.
  Carry On Girls
Anonymous - Contains the following scenes: 1) The scene on the railway platform has the first appearance by the stunning Dawn Brakes (Margaret Nolan). She is wearing a low-cut red T-shirt with her big, natural boobs on prominent display. This is shortly followed by a scene in the train compartment when Peter Potter (Bernard Bresslaw) falls face first into her deep cleavage, tearing her T-shirt in the process. A nice scene for big bust fans. 2) The scene in the hotel lobby when Margaret Nolan's character walks in, with her T-shirt still torn and a generous amount of skimpy white bra over large bosom visible. There are some great shots of her bust, especially when she bends over. 3)The scene where Margaret Nolan is sitting on a horse wearing a skimpy silver bikini, before getting involved in a catfight with Barbara Windsor. Some very worthwhile boob scenes, including a brief side-view topless shot. 4)The scene where the beauty contestants are lining up on the stage, and the randy old admiral (Peter Butterworth) is spying on them with a telescope. Margaret Nolan bends over and the camera zooms in twice on her cleavage. Pause button at the ready! 5)The penultimate beauty contest scene, where sneezing powder is sprinkled over the stage. Margaret Nolan is wearing a revealing one-piece swimsuit, and she sneezes, causing her buttons to burst. In an effort to cover her up, Sid James attempts to do her buttons back up, and obviously cops a feel in the process!
  Carry On Henry
TheZookie_007 - This has one of the best scenes of the British Carry On film series. Henry VIII chases a "fox" (a busty wench), and then catches her in a silo.
Argyle - Margaret Nolan is the "prop" in a very funny scene in which her breasts are jiggled, complete with cartoon-like sound effects.
Sickboy - Chesty Morgan (yes, that Chesty Morgan) and Donald Sutherland (yes, that Donald Sutherland) are in the throws of passion. I've never been able to see the movie, because I can't find it anywhere. I read about it in some book called 'Sex in Film'.
St Stephan - Lest anyone else despair of finding this video, let me enlighten you: Fellini cut that Chesty Morgan sequence. The clip exists - I have seen it, quite unexpectedly, on a late-night programme on French TV, and it is devastating (to Sutherland and to us) when she opens her habit to reveal those elephantine breasts (even if you're not too keen on her, it's an unforgettable scene). It's a crying shame that it was cut.
There is a very short scene with a very buxom Susanne Benton in a very tight-fitting WAC uniform (0:40).
    Caught Up
TheZookie_007 - There are a number of scenes of Cynda Williams getting it on with various characters, and she (or her body double, if she had one -- I doubt it) shows off her DDs to great effect. Most of these scenes had her completely naked.
      The Cell
Anonymous - Check out the DVD version where J-Lo goes into the mind of a withdrawn perv, and before she's too long in, she is grabbed by a huge-titted, topless giantess, picked up and carried away. Brief, but memorable.
    Cellblock Sisters: Banished Behind Bars
Tagman18 -
    Cemetery Man
Palomine - This one features Anna Falchi quite a lot. Though her exotic features don't really do much for me, she is quite busty for a mainstream actress, and the overhead POV when she falls back (un)dead is beautiful. Her breasts move around wonderfully on her chest and are easily visible.
  Chained Heat
Tagman18 - Linda Blair nude & raped, and an extremely full-bosomed prison guard.
    Charlie and the Great Balloon Chase
Argyle - There's a great pair of pairs in this TV movie from the 1981. Adrienne Barbeau gets quite a bit of screen time, in some fairly form-fitting tops, though the real gem is an unbilled 20 second appearance by Angela Aames. Yes, she plays another bimbo type -- a gang moll giving the big boss a manicure. It's gratuitous eye candy, but boy, is she yummy. What you can't see in the vidcaps is the motion (jiggle) that can be discerned while Angela files away.
zepher - Erika Eleniak in bra & panties and sex scene.
    Chasing Papi
editor - Sofía Vergara uses her ample assets in almost every scene.
    Cherry, Harry and Raquel!
evilkirk - The opening scene of this Russ Meyer movie with Uschi Digard lolling around in an orange bikini on a yacht is unreal. The scene with crooked sheriff Charles Napier burying his girlfriend (Linda Ashton) in the sand and then unburying her, tits first, is pretty hot too.
  Cherry Hill High
Contains a breast expansion scene.
  Chesty Anderson, USN
Tagman18 - Joyce Mandel bursts her Bra!
Southern Shore - Uschi Digard is featured, as well as Erica Gavin, Russ Meyer's starlet from Vixen.
Argyle - Dyanne Thorne is a busty nurse.
Mastophilus - While the movie stands up extremely well on its own merits, it is a must-see for all cleavage fans. Queen Latifah will simply stop your heart! The best view of Her Royal Highness Latifah is about 2/3rd's of the way in, where she and Catherine Zeta-Jones are listening to the radio in prison. Seriously, it defies description.
      The Chicken Chronicles
Raven De La Croix
      Chopping Mall
Angela Aames
    Christmas Vacation
Rick Levinson - Check out the department store scene near the beginning of the film. The very sexy lingerie countergirl is Nicolette Scorsese.
    Christopher Columbus: The Discovery
23skidoo - Best known for Tom Selleck as the King of Spain. Less known is the appearance of a beautiful native actress named Tailinh Forest Flower who appears topless and bouncy in several scenes as an Indian girl. She's quite well-endowed, and there are a number of lingering shots of her.
    Circle of Friends
23skidoo - Minnie Driver adjusting her boobs in a revealing dress. (0:24 - 0:32)
      Circus of Horrors
cabanaboy - The highlight here is a great scene of Yvonne Romain simply walking in high-hells and a low-cut dress. Her bust jiggles and bounces magnificently.
  The City of Lost Children
Anonymous - There is a very brief scene where a green mist goes through the city and there is a very large-chested woman that it encounters for a few seconds. (1:06)
    City of Women
ubu - Fellini's penchant for buxom women (bless his soul) is amply documented in his many films. The lissome and well-endowed brunette in this film is called Donatella Damiani. She is literally a dream-woman.
      The Claim
Anonymous - In this movie about a California Gold Rush town, about 38 minutes in is a scene in a house of prostitution. The madam is calling for Mary to service a customer, and a nude Mary walks out, sporting a spectacular hourglass figure and firm but realistic looking D or DD breasts. Unfortunately she's on the screen for just five seconds or so. I don't know the name of the actress but would like to know her other credits.
Virginia Madsen
      Class Act
Craig Mercer - Kid 'N Play's one non-House Party outing is corny but has four notable busts. The first is Kid's face-first collision with the massive bust of the school administrator (Simply Marvalous) (0:08). Similar to the collision in Last Resort. The second belongs to Damita (Alysia Rogers), a buxom main love interest; she gets the most screen time. The third, biggest and best belongs to the uncredited woman in the blue dress from the club scene (0:32). She is unbelievably proportioned and filling out a blue spandex dress while Kid says that when he looks at her he thinks of "schussing down the slopes of the Blue Ridge Mountains." Finally in the track and field scene, keep an eye out for the busty Latina extra who distracts Kid as he crashes into some girls running hurdles (0:37).
    Class of Nuke 'Em High 3: The Good, the Bad and the Subhumanoid
TheZookie_007 - With Lisa Star as "Trish." She's at least a D cup, and she keeps showing her bust off, in clothes and without, throughout the entire film. Lovely!
    Cloud Dancer
Tagman18 - Colleen Camp has a topless bathing scene with Joseph Bottoms.
Colleen Camp's impressive breasts spend their considerable on-screen time pushed up high and bouncing around in a French maid's outfit.
Anonymous - Pam Grier
    fy. Cola, Candy, Chocolate
Argyle - Dolly Dollar
    The Comeback Kid
Argyle - Angela Aames stars as a baseball "groupie" a la "Morganna The Kissing Bandit" in this made for TV flick starring John Ritter as a washed-up minor league baseball player and Susan Dey. The scenes with Angela are brief, but memorable. Nice dancing scene at a disco, with the expected gyrations and jiggles, though you have to be quick to catch them. The last time we see Angela in this flick she's standing sideways to the camera (gratuitous profile shot by ABC "T&A"-V so we get a nice idea just how big-busted Ms. Aames was. I know she was no Chelsea Charms, but jeez, in an era of natural breasts in media, she was a legitimate D-cup doll). Ritter appears to be a pretty lucky guy--working with Suzanne Somers, Aames, and Markie Post in his career.
      Coming to America
DJ>_"I'm pretty good at this" - There is a funny montage of Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall at a New York nightclub searching for a suitable bride for the prince. During the scene, a Vanessa Del Rio-looking chick with a low-cut top and big boobs sucks on a straw as she tells the fellas that "she's into the GROUP thing." Yowza.
During a scene where Schwarzenegger and a bad guy are fighting it out in a motel, they inadvertently crash through the door to the next room, where busty Ava Cadell and some guy are having sex. In the ensuing confusion, there are some fleeting shots of Ava's impressive, exposed rack. (0:45)
    Common Law Cabin aka How Much Loving Does a Normal Couple Need?, Conjugal Cabin, Big Six
Howard Miller - This, along with Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!, is my favorite Russ Meyer movie, and I've seen them all. I think that as far as cast, acting, directing and story go, Meyer hit the perfect balance here and has never quite done it again. The only drawback is that there is no actual nudity because Meyer made this film for the drive-in market. However, it's still sexy as hell. The basic story has a drunken ex-sailor living on a squalid ranch in the Arizona wilderness with his big-breasted girlfriend (Babette Bardot) and his equally well endowed 16-year-old daughter (Adele Rein). To make money they rent out the place to tourists, and as the story begins a group of three arrive: a mousey doctor (John Furlong), his swollen-breasted wife (Alaina Capri), and a shifty policeman who has about 52 teeth (Ken Swofford). It turns out the cop is on the run with a fortune in stolen evidence and tries to take over the ranch first with money, then sex, then murder. Four of the cast members are rubbed out during the course of the film and the violence is realistic, not cartooney as it became in later Meyer movies. Ok, it's a better than average movie for the genre, but what about the tits? All three female members of the cast are huge, but the standout is Babette Bardot. Supposedly a cousin of the more famous French sex kitten of the '50s, Babette made few movies and concentrated more on stage appearances. She does a fire dance on a cliff wearing nothing but a grass skirt that allows a quick flash of nipple (0:20), and later dons a form fitting red bikini that must be seen to be believed (0:31). Shortly after that she takes off the bikini for a swim just in time to get raped by the cop. In addition to her huge udders, Babette has a face and personality that make her seem not quite real. Meyer called it the "cupie doll" look. Somewhat like Kitten Natividad, but more so, and without breast implants. So, I'd say this 1967 film is worth a look just for the amazing Ms. Bardot, and it is fairly widely available for purchase or rental.
    Confessions of a Driving Instructor
Cauchy - The Confessions comedy films are mainly rubbish, but this one is the best by far mainly due to Liz Fraser, who is a mature busty actress. She has three great scenes. Near the beginning she is wearing a low-cut top when cream is spilled into her cleavage. Robin Askwith tries to clean it up but only succeeds in covering the top of her tits completely. A nice touch afterwards is when she takes her fork and starts eating the cream from her cleavage, saying, "He's a funny boy." The second scene takes place in Robin's bedroom, and Liz is wearing a black corset with breasts squeezing out at the top. She has a hot water bottle for Robin. She admires herself in a mirror before touching her blond hair, and then she pushes her breasts up from below to show them off more. The sound effects are of watter bottles being moved about. What a pair of bedwarmers she's got! The last scene she has is the sex scene with Robin (it's softcore), and she has a bra and panties on. She never uncovers her breasts, but they are on display all the time.
      Conflict of Interest
Heather-Elizabeth Parkhurst
      Coogan's Bluff
YesMamm - Near the beginning Melodie Johnson bathes with Clint Eastwood in his shack before he goes to NYC.
      Cool Blue
Anonymous - Gloria LeRoy is featured showing off one of the largest natural sets ever...
  Cool Hand Luke
Boobwatch One - In what has become a classic breasts-in-movies scene, busty Joy Harmon washes a car to the delight/torture of the laboring prisoners digging on the side of a road. She is wearing a loose-fitting sun dress that gets wet and sudsy during the process. The scene ends with her soapy juggs pressed against the car window. (0:23)
Contains a BE scene.
      Corridors of Blood aka Doctor from Seven Dials
cabanaboy - In an all too brief scene, buxom Yvonne Romain is attacked and violated by no less than Christopher Lee!
      Cover Me
Shae Marks
Anonymous - Scene where James Spader goes to tattoo parlor includes monster set. Sorry, don't see Busty Tattoo Wench in credits!
    Creating the Perfect Man
Shauna O'Brien's big, round, fake boobs star in this silly sci-fi flick.
  Critters 2: The Main Course
Seelie - Has an absolutely wonderful BE/TG scene where an androgynous alien morphs into a Playboy centerfold, bursts out of chainmail, pulls the staple out of her stomach, then walks away bare breasted. Sadly, it gets eaten later on and even though it makes a second transformation we don't get to see much of it because the camera is focussing on the life-sized cutout of Freddie Kruger that it's trying to turn into. Grrr. I just realized that reads a little wrong: it's trying to turn into Freddy and one of the heroes puts the Playboy over Freddy's face and it turns back into the centerfold.
    Cruel Intentions 2
Anonymous - There's a nice, long shower scene with Sorell sisters (Annie and Alicia). (0:35)
    The Curse of the Komodo
Anonymous - With Glori-Anne Gilbert and Melissa Brasselle. At the beginning Glori-Anne goes for a topless swim, and all through the movie she wears slightly undersized clothes.
    The Curse of the Werewolf
ubu - This Hammer classic features a buxom, comely brunette (Yvonne Romain) in the role of a mute servant. No nudity of course, but adequate showing of a D-cup cleavage courtesy of that low-cut servant dress.
      Cyber-Tracker 2
kultkultkult - This movie features Peggy McIntaggart (Playboy's Playmate of the Month January 1990, 5'7", 36D-23-35) as a home serving and security artificial intelligence. While the plot stumbles forward, she is shown from hip upwards as a (cheap FX) shimmering hologram. The scenes are rare, but she brings her breasts (not X-rated) to a likely view. Peggy is only shown in the first quarter of the film, but she's worth a view.

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