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    A porte chiuse
Argyle - Anita Ekberg
    Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
There's a scene towards the beginning featuring busty Playboy Playmate Rebecca Ferratti nearly bursting out of her tight top. (0:05)
      Adam and Six Eves
Nandhu - Many beautiful girls roaming topless in this one.
    The Adventures of Ford Fairlane
Craig Mercer - Known mostly for the busty "corpse" Lydia (Cindy Lehre) in the hearse that Ford commandeers in the funeral scene and various outfits worn by Lauren Holly. But has anyone taken note of the massively stacked extra, who shows up as part of the team of detectives lead by Ed O'Neill and Steve White? She's wearing a white police uniform blouse set to burst at the buttons and a dark skirt. She's so comically busty it's amazing that she gets no real screen time. I don't believe the camera ever even focuses on her unless her scenes wound up on the cutting room floor, another huge blunder in the career of Renny Harlin. Look for her walking behind O'Neill when they arrive at the radio station (0:25).
  The Adventures of Pluto Nash
Agent Dee - Besides having both Rosario Dawson (Valerie from Josie and the Pussycats) and Pam Grier, there is a brief BE scene where Eddie Murphy and Rosario are at a body shaping clinic where they use holograms to test different body types. Eddie asks the doctor to "give her more up here," and she blows up Rosario's boobs and her butt. Funny scene, and a funny movie. (0:30)
    Age of Innocence aka Ragtime Summer
Anonymous - In this (otherwise forgettable) film, Honor Blackman walks around for 5 minutes or so, topless and drunk. Very impressive; 20 or 30 minutes into the film.
When the airplane is experiencing turbulence, there's a shot of a plate of Jell-O shaking, followed immediately by a shot of two huge tits shaking in a tight shirt. Later, when the passengers start to panic and they're all running around, a faceless, topless woman with big breasts steps into the frame, jiggles around a bit, then walks off.
  Airplane II: The Sequel
TheDragon - Kitten Natividad bouncing in a Moral Majority T-shirt (1:14). Worth it!
  ...All the Marbles
Angela Aames topless.
    Almost Pregnant
rb - Joan Severance, Tanya Roberts nude
Number11 - Toward the beginning of the movie, there's the party scene where Mozart is sitting under a table with a very bosomy woman (Constanze Mozart, suitor-turned wife of Wolfgang, played by Elizabeth Berridge) showing lots of cleavage.
Anonymous - Busty Elizabeth Berridge gets topless in the director's cut!
  Amanda and the Alien
Rev. Monsoon - Alex Meneses
Tagman18 - Huge-breasted woman (Maria Antonietta Beluzzi) nearly smothers young boy.
Sickboy - A teenage kid making love to a stacked/fat middle aged woman. And a guy complimenting a woman at a black tie dinner. (The woman is HUGE/thin)
    Amazon Women on the Moon
St Stephan - A hilarious comedy throughout, with at least two lovely large-breasted women: Sybil Danning as the Amazon Queen (0:57), and Corinne Wahl who appears in the video rented out to Ray by Russ Meyer (1:12). As usual, all too short footage, alas.
Boobwatch One - Monique Gabrielle is a naked centerfold during the "Pethouse Video" sequence (0:05).
    The Amazons aka Le guerriere dal seno nudo
Anonymous - Starring Alena Johnston. This film has got exactly what you're looking for.
    The Ambushers
Chili Palmer - Matt Helm movie with Senta Berger, Janice Rule.
Voluminous - Near the very beginning of the movie there is a time-lapse pregnancy. It only lasts about two seconds, but goes through the whole nine months. The girl is rather close to Jennifer Connelly & her breasts do get larger! Maybe slow down the clip? (0:01)
    American Beauty
David Ash - Thora Birch bares her big 16-year-old breasts in a window (1:10).
      An American Werewolf in London
Anonymous - Three quarters of the way through the movie, David Naughton goes into a cinema to see his friend who is in limbo. Airing on the screen is big-tit softcore movie... numerous scenes involving the jugs.
Peaks - The actress in the porno film is Linzi Drew, reasonbly well known in the UK in the '80s.
    Among Giants
Uncle Pugsy - Rachel Griffiths, of Australian movie fame, appears starkers in this otherwise lamentable movie about love among the TV grid repairmen. She runs around in a subterranean space, displaying a spectacular set of naturally jiggling boobs (and, incidentally, a magnificent muff for students of the subject).
Anonymous - There is a scene where you can see a woman's chest wiggle and jiggle. Also, one of the male characters has a busty girlfriend.
    Andromina: The Pleasure Planet
Boobwatch One - Tons of great looking tits in this rather explicit softcore romp. But the most impressive set belongs to Shannan Leigh (aka Alexis Taylor). Watch for her sex scene at 0:33.
      Angel in My Pocket
Boobatron - Andy Griffith plays a preacher who comes to a small town with his family and runs into a scandal with a burlesque stripper. The stripper (Joy Harmon) was most memorable because she wore an outfit that had a Holland theme with a rotating windmill on each boob.
Seelie - Catya Sassoon. She gets several topless scenes, mostly shower scenes, but one's a fight. I've never seen her as big before or since.
        Angels in the Infield
Anonymous - There is a very quick BE in the middle of the movie, when a female angel possesses a ballplayer at bat and he grows breasts.
    Animal House
Tagman18 - John Belushi bouncing a ladder down the sorority house and spying as Mary Louise Weller undresses.
Boobwatch One - During the boys' road trip, Otter's date is busty one-movie wonder Lisa Baur. Her tits actually look better in the sweater she's wearing than they do naked.
    Animal Instincts
Tagman18 - Shannon Whirry
    Animal Instincts 2
Tagman18 - Shannon Whirry
jayjay88 - A Swedish film from the '70s starring Christina Lindberg. When I arrived in London there must have been 3 or 4 different films playing simultaneously with the wonderful Miss Lindberg. Not the largest of boobs by any means, but she had a waif look to her, very slender body and, by contrast, gloriously full and wondrously shaped breasts. A film would start with her looking like a sweet thing from the sticks dressed in baggy sweaters, then she would visit someone in the city and you would slowly become aware that she was hiding some astonishing titty flesh, and then finally all would be revealed and you could hardly believe your eyes... magical! Great Cinema!
      Anna's Dream
leaf - Lindsay Felton plays gymnast Anna Morgan. In the first half-hour, there is a flashback to the gymnastics accident that put her in a wheelchair. I'm still astounded that she agreed to the costuming for this scene -- the 34DD actress wears a scoop-neck (1-2" of cleavage) tight leotard, and there was clearly not much room for support, because she bounces a lot walking up to the parallel bars. She wears some fairly tight tops in the rest of the movie as well, but no more cleavage.
    Another 48 Hrs.
Peaks - Two guys on motorbikes comes crashing through a cinema screen that is showing Kitten Natividad pushing her mighty breasts together. (1:04)
      Antwone Fisher
iannyc2050 - There is a large-breasted Mexican girl sitting with a few navy boys during the bar scene about 50 minutes into the movie. She has all her clothes on, but they are still big.
  Any Which Way You Can
Capper - Near the beginning of the movie, Clint Eastwood is in a fist fight with this guy and has almost won when he gets distracted by a well-endowed lady jumping up and down. (0:07)

  Apocalypse Now
Colleen Camp
    The Apostate aka Michael Angel
Uncle Pugsy - Johanna Quintero is a Junoesque young lady with taut, full breasts, which are magnificent although probably not entirely her own. She preens and stretches before her eventual killer, who shines a spotlight over her nude body, lingering over her trimmed pubic area. (0:14)
    The April Fools
Lesbian Bob - features a brief but wonderful scene in a jungle theme restaurant where Yvonne D'Angers appears as a very large waitress. She was one of the first topless dancers in San Francisco, working at the same time as Carol Doda.
    Arabian Nights aka Arabische Nächte
Argyle - Plot: no idea. Looks like Cleo Kretschmer and her best friend Dolly Dollar getting mixed up with Middle Eastern magnates, to the consternation of Cleo's significant other, but who knows? Sighting: Dolly in several excellent scenes emphasizing her colossal all-naturals. Part of the impact is the contrast of seeing her entering a gym in a totally unrevealing shirt and in the next sequence seeing her popping out of a polka dot bikini. Awesome.
St Stephen - If you really want to know the plot, I remember it vaguely. Cleo is Wolfgang Fierek's girlfriend and Dolly is his ex-GF. Cleo gets annoyed at him and makes up with Dolly, and they pretend that Cleo has gone off to marry an oil sheikh. They send a postcard from Tunis and Wolfgang dashes off to North Africa to win back his babe. When he gets there he notices that the card is postmarked London, so he hies him thither, and after various adventures regains his lost love. Yawn. I actually drove out to a suburb of Vienna to catch this turkey, and was disappointed to see that the only worthwhile appearance of Dolly (meaning an appearance emphasizing her bosom) is the bikini scene you mention. In London she whips open her jacket to distract one of those Buckingham Palace guards, but we never see the front view, we just have to extrapolate from the guard's stunned condition. Scheisse! Very frustrating.
Craig Mercer - Obscure, campy, gothic horror starring Stella Stevens and Roddy McDowall. It prominently features a busty barmaid of the local pub, played by Wanda Bailey, in a few scenes and punchlines (0:27, 0:51, 1:10).
    Astérix et Obélix contre César
aigners - In the movie is a woman named Laetitia Casta. She is quite big, but that's not the good part. The good part in the film is when another girl (very flat) is dancing in front of Obélix and she morphs into Laetitia. Her hair gets longer and her boobs grow. It is not a cheap movie so the morph is very good quality.
Anonymous - Note: Laetitia Casta is the girl from the Victoria Secret catalogue. She's the girl with the slightly crooked teeth (although no one can tell since she hardly gives you a toothy grin) and French accent.
  Attack of the 50-Foot Woman
Tagman18 - Allison Hayes, translucently walking in a sheet bikini. After seeing that, what woman, short of SaRenna Lee, could possibly compare?
  Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfold
Coyote - BE of an unreal variety. Starring J.J. North and Tammy Parks.
    Au Pair Girls
Anonymous - If Gabrielle Drake being in this movie doesn't make it a must in the archive nothing does. However the other actresses, Me Me Lai (I'm not kidding), Astrid Frank and Nancie Wait are nice also.
    Auditions from Beyond
23skidoo - Made-for-video feature that combines interview footage, single-girl scenes, footage from other Surrender Cinema movies, and 'fake' auditions. Among the girls featured: Nikki Fritz, Ahmo Hight, Venesa Talor, and others.
      Auntie Lee's Meat Pies
Petra Verkaik
    Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
Captain Kickback - Fabiana Udenio as Allota Fagina, topless, in a hot tub. Grrrrrrrrrr. Also the second-best bad girl name (next to Pussy Galore). Also has Elizabeth Hurley and a very yummy Mimi Rogers.
    Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
Anonymous - Fans of cleavage and jiggle will enjoy one of the deleted scenes from this movie. In the actual movie, Gia Carides shows a lot of cleavage as Robin Spitz Swallows, but there's an amazingly hot scene cut out of the movie but findable in the deleted scenes selection on the DVD. In the scene, Austin and Robin shake hands, and he notices that it makes her boobs jiggle (close-up shot!), so he continues to shake her hand for an awkwardly long time. He shakes harder, which makes her boobs bounce even more (another close-up shot right in on her chest!) and he keeps going until he comes in his pants! I need a cold shower just thinking about it.
      Austin Powers in Goldmember
23skidoo - A very well-endowed extra can be seen in several scenes taking place on Dr. Evil's submarine. She is first noticeable during the bit where the globe falls on Dr. Evil's head (0:42). Look to the left side of the screen and you'll see a very busty woman in uniform. She is briefly visible in other scenes as well, sitting at a control panel. It could just be the cut of her uniform, but she certainly fills it out! Also in the movie a rather busty blonde (Donna D'Errico) takes part in a brief tits joke (1:10). Beyoncé Knowles offers impressive cleavage throughout, though she's not really in the big category. Fat Bastard on the other hand has the biggest cleavage I've seen in movies in a long time... and that is really sad!
Anonymous - Check out the babe with the huge ones in the scene where Austin had a party at his place. There is a babe with a blue top in the crowd. She is just huge. (0:14)
    Auto Focus
Bibifoc - Kitana Baker (0:46)
Boobwatch One - Immediately after Kitana's topless appearance, Greg Kinnear (as Bob Crane) narrates a montage of women's breasts: "I love breasts. Any kind. I love 'em! Boobs, bazooms, balloons, bags, bazongas, the bigger the better. Nipples like udders, nipples like saucers. Big, pale, rosy brown nipples. Little, bitty, baby nipples. Real or fake, what's the difference? I like tits. Who's kidding who? Tits are great!" (0:46) Later, during one of Crane's notorious sex taping sessions, a large, topless, blindfolded, top-heavy woman is featured (Kelly K.C. Quann). (1:06) Finally, an apparently inebriated Crane appears on a cooking show, and makes several inappropriate remarks about a buxom audience member in a revealing top (Shannon Murphy). (1:22)
    Babe Watch: Forbidden Parody aka Bikini Academy
rb - Rick Sloane
    Baby Blood aka The Evil Within
Uncle Pugsy - Emmanuelle Escourrou plays a babe that has been inseminated by the usual alien, etc. etc. Forget the movie; the point is that she has a fabulous set of natural nichons that swing, bounce, and jiggle with the slightest movement.
  Baby Love aka Roman Za'ir, Lemon Popsicle V
Argyle - This is the fifth installment of the infamous Lemon Popsicle series of films, which can probably best be described as the European version of Porky's. Dolly Dollar has a brief appearance as main character Benji's "Cousin Frieda", a coke-bottle-glasses-wearing, pigtail-sporting clutz of a girl. Initially, she's dressed in a conservative frock, but that gets peeled off once Frieda has a few spiked drinks at a party, revealing her sexy red undergarments. Dolly treats us to a bit of wild dancing, which allows those killer, large breasts of hers to wiggle and jiggle and bounce rather pleasingly for a few seconds. No nudity, but still very nice!
  Bachelor Party
Chili Palmer - Opening scene with Adrian Zmed and Tom Hanks undressing and posing with "mom" Angela Aames is one of the greatest of all time.
Boobwatch One - A completely naked Monique Gabrielle is sitting on a bed in front of Tom Hanks. While Hanks struggles with whether or not he should have sex with her, he imagines different people's heads superimposed on her body, giving him advice. When he imagines his brother's head, his brother says, "What, are you nuts? Look at my tits! They're perfect!" (1:08)
    Back to the Future Part II
Boobwatch One - When Marty McFly returns to the "alternate" 1985, he finds that the vilainous Biff has married his mother (Lea Thompson) and forced her to get huge breast implants. "Mom! You're so... big!" (0:46)
    Bad Boys
Agent Dee -
    Bad Boys II
Gtech - Has a nice topless shot or two of a "corpse"; she's probably a D/DD or so, but lying on her back they were quite full (and more than likely fake). Credits give her the name Jessica Karr; Internet search didn't turn up much of anything except that there was a chick with the same name that was supposedly in Playboy in one of the "college coed" pictorials. Could be one in the same, but I couldn't find any pics of her. For what it's worth, she was shown several times, a couple of nice close-ups with the slightest hint of jiggle/wobble.
    Bagdad Cafe aka Out of Rosenheim
Boobwatch One - Plumper Marianne Sägebrecht poses topless for artist Jack Palance (1:05).
  The Baltimore Bullet
Chili Palmer - One scene with James Coburn has him betting his partner whether or not the waitress who is serving them has real breasts or fake--that waitress is played by Joyce Gibson (oh, they're real, and they're spectacular).
  Barb Wire
Pamela Anderson Lee
  The Bare Wench Project
The WV Crippler - A knock off of The Blair Witch Project, it is about three girls, Julie K. Smith (largest), Nikki Fritz (next largest with big nips) and Lorissa McComas (the smallest, so to speak) in the woods in Maryland looking for the Bare Wench (Julie Strain). It has a great POV scene: They use the scene from Blair Witch where the girl talked into the camera saying how sorry she was for everything, but in this Julie K. Smith sits the camera to where you are looking up between her breasts. Great scene. (1:04)
    The Bare Wench Project 2: Scared Topless
More shaky cameras and big boobs.
Philipott - Features Marie Gomez, who's enormous overflowing breasts easily hang below her rib cage. She first shows up riding a horse. She dismounts, then proceeds to refresh herself over a barrel of water -- nice scene! We next see her in bed with Lee Van Cleef; very fleeting scene, not much showing. After that she crosses the river with him on a raft, and there are several scenes with her on the other side. You can definitely enjoy the size of her boobs under her clothing. Although there's no real nudity, the mass of her boobs is such that even under a shirt they are VERY impressive! The final scene as I remember is when she is back on the raft on the return journey standing feet astride, and her boobs show prominently under her clothing, below the rib cage and pointing well forward.
Seevie -
  Basic Training
Argyle - Features rather limited views of the luscious Angela Aames, but three parts stick out in particular. When co-star Ann Dusenberry moves in, Angela, clad in a tight pink top, hugs a cereal box. Love to be that cereal box. Later, dressed in a belly dancer costume, she displays some nice cleavage, and still later, fills out a wonderfully tight leotard in an aerobics sequence. Best shots are when she bends over!
      Basket Case 3: The Progeny
VitaminC - Carla and Carmen Morrell
  Battle Beyond the Stars
Seelie - The spaceship is the only thing with bigger boobs than Sybil Danning in this movie. For those who like the sort of thing, she's from a race with three or five sexes (I forget which it's been over 10 years since I saw this one).
    Beach Babes from Beyond
anon - Near beginning of the movie, a smarmy guy in a suit has a fantasy sequence involving himself, Nikki Fritz, and body oil. This alone is worth the rental cost.
    The Beach Girls
Tagman18 - w/Debra Blee & playmates. Debra Blee removes her bikini top at the end on the beach in front of a bonfire.
  Beach Party
SAMU - Has Eva Six in a tight, low cut, red and white striped swimsuit. as well as Annette Funicello in a tight thin white bikini.
TheZookie_007 - In the best scene IMO in the movie, Bette Midler sings a song about the invention of the bra. About 6 babes strut their stuff in some of the biggest strap-on boobs you can imagine. The black girl playing Aida is the best of the lot.
  The Beastmaster
Tanya Roberts topless. (0:35)
JohnnyB - Raquel Welch plays Lilian Lust and does a fine scene with Dudley Moore where he unbuttons a TIIIIGHT top and she helps with the button between her luscious breasts by breathing and arching her back at just the right time. Then the top comes off and she's wearing a push-up bra bikini that's just mind-blowing. Later she dances on a bartop as a go-go dancer. Also very nice.
      Belle époque aka The Age of Beauty
Anonymous - Maribel Verdú
  Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens
Presto - Must see Russ Meyer movie. The scene with Ann Marie in the open-weave white body suit is the best ever. No wait, the scene with Ann Marie in the bathtub is the best ever. Maybe it's the scene of Ann Marie in the see-thru shirt, I can't decide.
      Besos, besos y mas besos
Craig Mercer - Disturbingly hugely stacked Lina Marín as the "India" maid.
  The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
BreastCrazee - LOTS of Dolly Parton's deep cleavage!
St Stephan - Not worth it to get the film just for this, but if anyone happens to get it anyway: in the opening credits, as they go through the history of the whorehouse, at one point the camera pans across a large room full of whores and johns; leaning against a wall and smiling is this incredibly endowed woman in a corset. I think it's Kitten Natividad. She never appears in the film proper, and of course is not credited, but she is amazing.
Anonymous - The opening credits show a lady named Kay Parker. You may remember her as a famous big-breasted porn star of the '70s.
  The Betsy
Boobwatch One - Kathleen Beller, a busty favorite from 1980s television, gets completely nekkid in this trashy drama.
    Beyond the Valley of the Dolls
Presto - Cynthia Myers is the reason to see this Russ Meyer movie. Unfortunately a lot of the scenes do not show her bustiness. Look for a quick but awesome bra shot.
    The Bicycle Thief aka Ladri di biciclette
Hipdadiddy - Watch for the winner of the "Biggest Breasts on an Anonymous Extra Appearing in the Last Few Seconds of a Certifiably Great Movie".
      The Big Black Pill
Carol Wayne
    Big Daddy
Agent Dee -
    The Big Doll House
Pam Grier
  Big Money Hustlas
Anonymous - About 15-25 minutes into the movie, Kimberlee Chiapeti (aka Kayla Kleevage) plays the part of "Fat Tittie Kittie". She gets about 7 minutes of screen time and then she gets killed. However, she shows her jugs!!! A must see for big tit fans.
tina83 - About 24 minutes into the video there is a scene in a titty bar. The dancer in the white outfit is none other than BB Gunns. She looks fabulous.
    The Big Turn On
ubu - A cable-made erotic thriller with an implausibly convoluted plot (a man marries a beautiful exotic dancer but soon begins to suspect she's been unfaithful to him) but has two great things going for it: The ample, perky, and delightfully fake-looking tits of the one and only Shauna O'Brien are mercifully on display.
    The Bikini Carwash Company
Anonymous - Almost nonstop bare breast shots of Kristi Ducati, Playmate Neriah Davis (listed as Neriah Napaul) and Sara Suzanne Brown. It's absolutely incredible and one of the all-time best.
    The Bikini Carwash Company II
Tagman18 -
    Bikini Hoe Down
Typical straight-to-video soft porn: cute girls with decent racks. Highlight is the four-girl outdoor shower sequence.
    Bikini Hotel
The WV Crippler - Stars J.J. North, with special guest apperance by Julie Strain, but the highlight is 5-10 minutes into the movie featuring Fantasia shoving a guy's face into her massive cleavage. She has only 30 seconds of air time the whole movie.
        Bikini Summer
VitaminC -
      Bikini Summer II
Tagman18 - Jessica Hahn (but she's not nude in it)
    Bikini Summer III: South Beach Heat
Heather-Elizabeth Parkhurst nude
  Black Mama, White Mama aka Women in Chains
Capper - Pam Grier
    Blame it on Rio
Anonymous - Check out Michelle Johnson's magnificent mammaries in this awful film. (Topless at 0:20 and 0:27; completely nude briefly at 0:57.)
  Blazing Saddles
Nicklaus - Robyn Hilton as the dim-witted red-headed secretary of Mel Brooks. Just love it when Brooks yells "Hello boys!" into her cleavage.
  The Bliss of Mrs. Blossom
squidsucker - Inflating bras. Need anymore be said? Plus there are few nice bra modeling scenes.
    Blood from the Mummy's Tomb
Anonymous - A Hammer film that is Valerie Leon cleavage from start to finish. She is unbelievable in this film. There is not a moment of screen time for her that does not center on her more-than-ample cleavage.
    Blue Thunder
Chili Palmer - When Roy Scheider takes the new chopper out for a shakedown flight, he hovers undetected over an incredibly huge-busted hooker (Patti Clifton) trying to tempt a john. The camera zooms straight down into her mega-cleavaged bust. A must see for the big boob fan.
    Boardheads aka Beach Movie
Anonymous - A really lame movie with that guy Balki from "Perfect Strangers" (Bronson Pinchot). Anyway, this movie is some find. First Traci Bingham from "Baywatch" fame and Victoria Silvstedt are in it. Then Loretta Swit aka "Hot Lips" Houlihan shows up, flashing her bombs about 10 minutes into it. I never knew she had such a great chest; no nudity from her but a nice black-bra shot. Finally Teresa Ganzel shows up, and she looks great in her one-piece swimsuit as one of the characters rescues her on the beach. Definitely worth a rent and capture.
    Boat Trip
VitaminC - If you can endure the predictable plot, lame jokes that get beaten to death... Well there is an up-side to this movie. You'd think a movie about two straight guys stuck on a gay cruise wouldn't have much babe potential, but you'd be wrong. Two words: Swedish Suntanning Team. Somehow they wind up on the boat and they are all tall, tanned and stacked. Oh, and Vivica A. Fox is in it and looking more curvy than ever.
    Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw
Southern Shore - Former Miss USA and Wonder Woman from TV, Lynda Carter is featured in two nude love-making scenes with Marjoe Gortner.
  Boccaccio '70
Argyle - Anita Ekberg was in one of three parts of the film, the segment called "The Temptation of Dr. Antonio". Essentially, it is the story of a man who finds the huge new billboard advertising milk (perfect casting) vulgar and offensive. In the surreal tale that follows, the billboard donna (Ekberg) comes to life to tease and torment the good doctor.
    Body Double
Boobwatch One - During the closing credits, a big-breasted body double (Ty Randolph) is brought in to replace an actress for a shower scene. (1:51)
    Body of Influence
Tagman18 - Shannon Whirry
Heather-Elizabeth Parkhurst
        Boeing Boeing
Nicklaus - Christiane Schmidtmer
    Boogie Nights
BreastCrazee - Heather Graham might not have big tits but she is smokin' in this movie as Rollergirl.
PacAmania - There is a very short scene where Summer Cummings and Skye Blue are in a hot tub.
      Bordello of Blood
goat's milk - Has hordes of great, big silicone jugs. Oddly, Erika Eleniak's aren't shown.
Argyle - In this tale of sleeze and corruption in Hollywood (plot sound familiar?), Angela Aames has a bit part as a party guest named "Starlet Suzi". AA at her most beautiful. Nice cleavage. Also a shot of Angela preggers (since another female character could not have a child, the "gorgeous" Angela was chosen to carry it--good choice!)
    Boy on a Dolphin
Craig Mercer - Shows Sophia Loren at her wettest and most buxom. Shot in Italy before the Hollywood code could strap her down, she completely blows away Jacqueline "Big Set" Bisset's wet t-shirt diving scenes in The Deep. Loren's pasta swollen T&A are fully visible through her soaked, thin cotton costumes, as she portrays a young woman searching for the sunken statue of the title. Out of print for some 15 years, the price of the tape, much like Loren's bustline, has swollen and expanded to $500.00 as apparently HBO/Cinemax has the only Laserdisc and will only show it at odd hours of the day.
      Breakfast at Tiffany's
23skidoo - During the famous 5 and Dime shoplifting sequence, we get a couple of quick side views of a striking brunette cashier with HUGE jugs. Obviously no nudity or anything explicit, but quite a pleasant surprise. (1:16)
    Breast Men
23skidoo - Aside from assorted beauties with augmented tops (this is a movie about implants after all), a highlight is huge Lisa Marie (Tim Burton's squeeze) as an early patient. There is a spectacular view from above of her cleavage during a party scene (1:04). It's hard to tell if she actually needed any padding for this! There are of course numerous other big-busted ladies featured in the film, fake and natural, including Julie K. Smith (1:07).
23skidoo - I haven't seen this 1996 documentary, which was widely available on video, however I am told that big-boobed strippers Tawny Peaks and Rachel Rocketts appear in it to talk about their enhanced physiques.
      The Bride
Anonymous - With Sting and Jennifer Beals. Watch for throw-away shots of the circus performers... in one, a woman with immense breasts emerges from a tent, walking very carefully to keep her balance with all that weight on her chest. An otherwise unmemorable flick.
      Bringing Down the House
Anonymous - Big-busted Queen Latifah stars in this comedy, and there is one scene where she teaches Steve Martin how to have sex, and she tells him to grab her tits. After that, she gets on top of him and humps up and down while her boobs bounce up and down. (0:54-0:56)
    Broadcast Bombshells
Anonymous - Amy Lynn Baxter
    The Brothers
Craig Mercer - A drama/comedy where Tatyana Ali, who filled out considerably before our eyes on "Fresh Prince", plays Morris Chestnut's liberated, underdressed and overdeveloped little sister. The scene is her graduation party. You'll notice her after your eyes first touch the yellow halter and fall into your lap. (0:25, 0:32)
Boobwatch One - In the same scene, Jenifer Lewis shows some serious cleavage as Tatyana's mother (0:25). And later, Aloma Wright stars as the mother of Bill Bellamy and Sean P. Young. She's an all-around large woman, if you take my meaning (0:29).
    Bruce Almighty
Boobwatch one - Jim Carrey is endowed with God's powers for a week. Jennifer Aniston, his girlfriend, says to him one morning, "I woke up this morning, and I felt like, like my boobs were bigger. I mean, do they look bigger to you?" He feigns ignorance while she struts her breasts around trying to convince him. (The BE, such as it is, occurs off-camera.) (0:46)
Panzuriel - I couldn't help but salivate at Catherine Bell's fantastic breasts whenever she was on the screen. She's simply stunning. If you are a fan of Miss Bell, you simply have to see this movie. (Miss Bell appears at 0:11, 0:14-0:15, 0:49, 0:53-0:55, 1:03, 1:05, 1:07, 1:13-1:15, and 1:34. She's shows the most cleavage at 1:05.)
H_man - Catherine Bell was preggers during the filming. During one of the apparently daily wardrobe refits to accomodate her expanding bosom, she reportedly said, "But these aren't my breasts!"
Anonymous - Heather Collins
  But I'm a Cheerleader
Strider_Hien - Stars Natasha Lyonne, who played the lead in Slums of Beverly Hills. The movie's about a cheerleader accused of being gay and sent to a correctional-straight-camp. Two worthy scenes: The cheerleader is kissing her boyfriend in his car, but all she can think about is one of her teammates bouncing up and down (0:02). Later, she's on her way to the camp and her car passes by a school bus full of cheerleaders. One of them is hanging out the window, and so are her huge breasts! The girl in question had to be a good G-Cup (0:09).
Nicklaus - A foundering lingerie company hires five of the biggest-titted women on the planet to advertise its bras. LOL! Look for Dolly Dollar, Teresa Ganzel, Jennifer Richards, and Corinne Alphen of Penthouse fame.
  California Hot Wax aka Bikini Carwash
reinactor - Incredibly lame, but had many scenes of busty babes washing cars, especially during the opening credits. In particular, a pair of twins (no pun intended) with some nice D-cups: Carla and Carmen Morrell.
  Call Me Bwana
Nicklaus - Anita Ekberg bulging her tight black sweater.
Argyle - One of the greatest lines in cinematic history occurs in this Bob Hope comedy that guest stars Ekberg as a Russian spy. When she is assigned the mission to beat Hope to a lost space capsule, her commander looks at her, as she takes off her jacket, and says, "I can think of no other woman in the world who is... so well-equipped for this mission." No kidding.
    Camp Blood 2
Check out the pierced nipples on the big, fake tits of Lisa Marie Bolick.
    Camping Cosmos
Lolo Ferrari
  Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death
Seelie - What I like best about this movie is walking into video stores and asking the woman behind the desk if they carry it. It usually takes them a little bit before they believe it's really a movie. Especially if they don't carry it.
Captain Kickback - Adrienne Barbeau and Playboy Playmate Shannon Tweed as a professor.
  The Cannonball Run
Presto - Adrienne Barbeau tries to get out of a speeding ticket by lowering the zipper on her overalls.
Anonymous - Valerie Perrine is the female officer who pulls Adrienne Barbeau. Vickie Reigle is the carhop whom Jaime Farr asks for "two milks."
    Cannonball Run II
skip - There is one scene where two women (Catherine Bach and Susan Anton) are bent over looking at the engine of a car. The position of the zippers on their overalls provides a nice cleavage shot. (1:07)
    Captain Pantoja and the Special Services aka Pantaleón y las visitadoras
AdonyZ - This movie is about a Peruvian army and how the soldiers get some sexual relaxation with the "visitadoras," a special team of beautiful women. Watch for busty Colombian Angie Cepeda.
      The Car
Anonymous - About halfway through this movie, there's a busty (D cup maybe) school teacher trying to save her children from the evil town-terrorizing car while wearing one of those awesome tight '70s shirts. It's been a while since I saw it, so I'm sketchy on the details... except about the tits. I definitely remember those.
      Car Wash
Boobatch One - Melanie Mayron, pre-nose job and with quite a few more pounds than during her "thirtysomething" days, fills out her T-shirt nicely as the car wash's cashier.
  Career Opportunities
Presto - This movie has a guy trapped in a discount store overnight with a gorgeous big-boobed girl (Jennifer Connelly). At one point she rides a mechanical horse.
    Carnal Knowledge
Howard Miller - In addition to being one of the best movies ever made it contains, a rare nude scene by Ann-Margret. She purposely gained weight for this role, and almost all that weight went to her breasts. In her first scene (0:44) she's wearing a dress with a scooped out front and her breasts look enormous, with blue veins and everything. The actual nude scene (0:50) is brief, but it is full nudity in good light. I was 21 years old when this film came out, and I can't overemphasize how awesome she looked to me on the big screen. I'd never much cared for her looks before this film, but after I made it a point to catch all her movies in hopes of a repeat experience. Alas, she never appeared to such good effect again.
  Carry On Girls
Anonymous - Contains the following scenes: 1) The scene on the railway platform has the first appearance by the stunning Dawn Brakes (Margaret Nolan). She is wearing a low-cut red T-shirt with her big, natural boobs on prominent display. This is shortly followed by a scene in the train compartment when Peter Potter (Bernard Bresslaw) falls face first into her deep cleavage, tearing her T-shirt in the process. A nice scene for big bust fans. 2) The scene in the hotel lobby when Margaret Nolan's character walks in, with her T-shirt still torn and a generous amount of skimpy white bra over large bosom visible. There are some great shots of her bust, especially when she bends over. 3)The scene where Margaret Nolan is sitting on a horse wearing a skimpy silver bikini, before getting involved in a catfight with Barbara Windsor. Some very worthwhile boob scenes, including a brief side-view topless shot. 4)The scene where the beauty contestants are lining up on the stage, and the randy old admiral (Peter Butterworth) is spying on them with a telescope. Margaret Nolan bends over and the camera zooms in twice on her cleavage. Pause button at the ready! 5)The penultimate beauty contest scene, where sneezing powder is sprinkled over the stage. Margaret Nolan is wearing a revealing one-piece swimsuit, and she sneezes, causing her buttons to burst. In an effort to cover her up, Sid James attempts to do her buttons back up, and obviously cops a feel in the process!
  Carry On Henry
TheZookie_007 - This has one of the best scenes of the British Carry On film series. Henry VIII chases a "fox" (a busty wench), and then catches her in a silo.
Argyle - Margaret Nolan is the "prop" in a very funny scene in which her breasts are jiggled, complete with cartoon-like sound effects.
Sickboy - Chesty Morgan (yes, that Chesty Morgan) and Donald Sutherland (yes, that Donald Sutherland) are in the throws of passion. I've never been able to see the movie, because I can't find it anywhere. I read about it in some book called 'Sex in Film'.
St Stephan - Lest anyone else despair of finding this video, let me enlighten you: Fellini cut that Chesty Morgan sequence. The clip exists - I have seen it, quite unexpectedly, on a late-night programme on French TV, and it is devastating (to Sutherland and to us) when she opens her habit to reveal those elephantine breasts (even if you're not too keen on her, it's an unforgettable scene). It's a crying shame that it was cut.
There is a very short scene with a very buxom Susanne Benton in a very tight-fitting WAC uniform (0:40).
    Caught Up
TheZookie_007 - There are a number of scenes of Cynda Williams getting it on with various characters, and she (or her body double, if she had one -- I doubt it) shows off her DDs to great effect. Most of these scenes had her completely naked.
      The Cell
Anonymous - Check out the DVD version where J-Lo goes into the mind of a withdrawn perv, and before she's too long in, she is grabbed by a huge-titted, topless giantess, picked up and carried away. Brief, but memorable.
    Cellblock Sisters: Banished Behind Bars
Tagman18 -
    Cemetery Man
Palomine - This one features Anna Falchi quite a lot. Though her exotic features don't really do much for me, she is quite busty for a mainstream actress, and the overhead POV when she falls back (un)dead is beautiful. Her breasts move around wonderfully on her chest and are easily visible.
  Chained Heat
Tagman18 - Linda Blair nude & raped, and an extremely full-bosomed prison guard.
    Charlie and the Great Balloon Chase
Argyle - There's a great pair of pairs in this TV movie from the 1981. Adrienne Barbeau gets quite a bit of screen time, in some fairly form-fitting tops, though the real gem is an unbilled 20 second appearance by Angela Aames. Yes, she plays another bimbo type -- a gang moll giving the big boss a manicure. It's gratuitous eye candy, but boy, is she yummy. What you can't see in the vidcaps is the motion (jiggle) that can be discerned while Angela files away.
zepher - Erika Eleniak in bra & panties and sex scene.
    Chasing Papi
editor - Sofía Vergara uses her ample assets in almost every scene.
    Cherry, Harry and Raquel!
evilkirk - The opening scene of this Russ Meyer movie with Uschi Digard lolling around in an orange bikini on a yacht is unreal. The scene with crooked sheriff Charles Napier burying his girlfriend (Linda Ashton) in the sand and then unburying her, tits first, is pretty hot too.
  Cherry Hill High
Contains a breast expansion scene.
  Chesty Anderson, USN
Tagman18 - Joyce Mandel bursts her Bra!
Southern Shore - Uschi Digard is featured, as well as Erica Gavin, Russ Meyer's starlet from Vixen.
Argyle - Dyanne Thorne is a busty nurse.
Mastophilus - While the movie stands up extremely well on its own merits, it is a must-see for all cleavage fans. Queen Latifah will simply stop your heart! The best view of Her Royal Highness Latifah is about 2/3rd's of the way in, where she and Catherine Zeta-Jones are listening to the radio in prison. Seriously, it defies description.
      The Chicken Chronicles
Raven De La Croix
      Chopping Mall
Angela Aames
    Christmas Vacation
Rick Levinson - Check out the department store scene near the beginning of the film. The very sexy lingerie countergirl is Nicolette Scorsese.
    Christopher Columbus: The Discovery
23skidoo - Best known for Tom Selleck as the King of Spain. Less known is the appearance of a beautiful native actress named Tailinh Forest Flower who appears topless and bouncy in several scenes as an Indian girl. She's quite well-endowed, and there are a number of lingering shots of her.
    Circle of Friends
23skidoo - Minnie Driver adjusting her boobs in a revealing dress. (0:24 - 0:32)
      Circus of Horrors
cabanaboy - The highlight here is a great scene of Yvonne Romain simply walking in high-hells and a low-cut dress. Her bust jiggles and bounces magnificently.
  The City of Lost Children
Anonymous - There is a very brief scene where a green mist goes through the city and there is a very large-chested woman that it encounters for a few seconds. (1:06)
    City of Women
ubu - Fellini's penchant for buxom women (bless his soul) is amply documented in his many films. The lissome and well-endowed brunette in this film is called Donatella Damiani. She is literally a dream-woman.
      The Claim
Anonymous - In this movie about a California Gold Rush town, about 38 minutes in is a scene in a house of prostitution. The madam is calling for Mary to service a customer, and a nude Mary walks out, sporting a spectacular hourglass figure and firm but realistic looking D or DD breasts. Unfortunately she's on the screen for just five seconds or so. I don't know the name of the actress but would like to know her other credits.
Virginia Madsen
      Class Act
Craig Mercer - Kid 'N Play's one non-House Party outing is corny but has four notable busts. The first is Kid's face-first collision with the massive bust of the school administrator (Simply Marvalous) (0:08). Similar to the collision in Last Resort. The second belongs to Damita (Alysia Rogers), a buxom main love interest; she gets the most screen time. The third, biggest and best belongs to the uncredited woman in the blue dress from the club scene (0:32). She is unbelievably proportioned and filling out a blue spandex dress while Kid says that when he looks at her he thinks of "schussing down the slopes of the Blue Ridge Mountains." Finally in the track and field scene, keep an eye out for the busty Latina extra who distracts Kid as he crashes into some girls running hurdles (0:37).
    Class of Nuke 'Em High 3: The Good, the Bad and the Subhumanoid
TheZookie_007 - With Lisa Star as "Trish." She's at least a D cup, and she keeps showing her bust off, in clothes and without, throughout the entire film. Lovely!
    Cloud Dancer
Tagman18 - Colleen Camp has a topless bathing scene with Joseph Bottoms.
Colleen Camp's impressive breasts spend their considerable on-screen time pushed up high and bouncing around in a French maid's outfit.
Anonymous - Pam Grier
    fy. Cola, Candy, Chocolate
Argyle - Dolly Dollar
    The Comeback Kid
Argyle - Angela Aames stars as a baseball "groupie" a la "Morganna The Kissing Bandit" in this made for TV flick starring John Ritter as a washed-up minor league baseball player and Susan Dey. The scenes with Angela are brief, but memorable. Nice dancing scene at a disco, with the expected gyrations and jiggles, though you have to be quick to catch them. The last time we see Angela in this flick she's standing sideways to the camera (gratuitous profile shot by ABC "T&A"-V so we get a nice idea just how big-busted Ms. Aames was. I know she was no Chelsea Charms, but jeez, in an era of natural breasts in media, she was a legitimate D-cup doll). Ritter appears to be a pretty lucky guy--working with Suzanne Somers, Aames, and Markie Post in his career.
      Coming to America
DJ>_"I'm pretty good at this" - There is a funny montage of Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall at a New York nightclub searching for a suitable bride for the prince. During the scene, a Vanessa Del Rio-looking chick with a low-cut top and big boobs sucks on a straw as she tells the fellas that "she's into the GROUP thing." Yowza.
During a scene where Schwarzenegger and a bad guy are fighting it out in a motel, they inadvertently crash through the door to the next room, where busty Ava Cadell and some guy are having sex. In the ensuing confusion, there are some fleeting shots of Ava's impressive, exposed rack. (0:45)
    Common Law Cabin aka How Much Loving Does a Normal Couple Need?, Conjugal Cabin, Big Six
Howard Miller - This, along with Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!, is my favorite Russ Meyer movie, and I've seen them all. I think that as far as cast, acting, directing and story go, Meyer hit the perfect balance here and has never quite done it again. The only drawback is that there is no actual nudity because Meyer made this film for the drive-in market. However, it's still sexy as hell. The basic story has a drunken ex-sailor living on a squalid ranch in the Arizona wilderness with his big-breasted girlfriend (Babette Bardot) and his equally well endowed 16-year-old daughter (Adele Rein). To make money they rent out the place to tourists, and as the story begins a group of three arrive: a mousey doctor (John Furlong), his swollen-breasted wife (Alaina Capri), and a shifty policeman who has about 52 teeth (Ken Swofford). It turns out the cop is on the run with a fortune in stolen evidence and tries to take over the ranch first with money, then sex, then murder. Four of the cast members are rubbed out during the course of the film and the violence is realistic, not cartooney as it became in later Meyer movies. Ok, it's a better than average movie for the genre, but what about the tits? All three female members of the cast are huge, but the standout is Babette Bardot. Supposedly a cousin of the more famous French sex kitten of the '50s, Babette made few movies and concentrated more on stage appearances. She does a fire dance on a cliff wearing nothing but a grass skirt that allows a quick flash of nipple (0:20), and later dons a form fitting red bikini that must be seen to be believed (0:31). Shortly after that she takes off the bikini for a swim just in time to get raped by the cop. In addition to her huge udders, Babette has a face and personality that make her seem not quite real. Meyer called it the "cupie doll" look. Somewhat like Kitten Natividad, but more so, and without breast implants. So, I'd say this 1967 film is worth a look just for the amazing Ms. Bardot, and it is fairly widely available for purchase or rental.
    Confessions of a Driving Instructor
Cauchy - The Confessions comedy films are mainly rubbish, but this one is the best by far mainly due to Liz Fraser, who is a mature busty actress. She has three great scenes. Near the beginning she is wearing a low-cut top when cream is spilled into her cleavage. Robin Askwith tries to clean it up but only succeeds in covering the top of her tits completely. A nice touch afterwards is when she takes her fork and starts eating the cream from her cleavage, saying, "He's a funny boy." The second scene takes place in Robin's bedroom, and Liz is wearing a black corset with breasts squeezing out at the top. She has a hot water bottle for Robin. She admires herself in a mirror before touching her blond hair, and then she pushes her breasts up from below to show them off more. The sound effects are of watter bottles being moved about. What a pair of bedwarmers she's got! The last scene she has is the sex scene with Robin (it's softcore), and she has a bra and panties on. She never uncovers her breasts, but they are on display all the time.
      Conflict of Interest
Heather-Elizabeth Parkhurst
      Coogan's Bluff
YesMamm - Near the beginning Melodie Johnson bathes with Clint Eastwood in his shack before he goes to NYC.
      Cool Blue
Anonymous - Gloria LeRoy is featured showing off one of the largest natural sets ever...
  Cool Hand Luke
Boobwatch One - In what has become a classic breasts-in-movies scene, busty Joy Harmon washes a car to the delight/torture of the laboring prisoners digging on the side of a road. She is wearing a loose-fitting sun dress that gets wet and sudsy during the process. The scene ends with her soapy juggs pressed against the car window. (0:23)
Contains a BE scene.
      Corridors of Blood aka Doctor from Seven Dials
cabanaboy - In an all too brief scene, buxom Yvonne Romain is attacked and violated by no less than Christopher Lee!
      Cover Me
Shae Marks
Anonymous - Scene where James Spader goes to tattoo parlor includes monster set. Sorry, don't see Busty Tattoo Wench in credits!
    Creating the Perfect Man
Shauna O'Brien's big, round, fake boobs star in this silly sci-fi flick.
  Critters 2: The Main Course
Seelie - Has an absolutely wonderful BE/TG scene where an androgynous alien morphs into a Playboy centerfold, bursts out of chainmail, pulls the staple out of her stomach, then walks away bare breasted. Sadly, it gets eaten later on and even though it makes a second transformation we don't get to see much of it because the camera is focussing on the life-sized cutout of Freddie Kruger that it's trying to turn into. Grrr. I just realized that reads a little wrong: it's trying to turn into Freddy and one of the heroes puts the Playboy over Freddy's face and it turns back into the centerfold.
    Cruel Intentions 2
Anonymous - There's a nice, long shower scene with Sorell sisters (Annie and Alicia). (0:35)
    The Curse of the Komodo
Anonymous - With Glori-Anne Gilbert and Melissa Brasselle. At the beginning Glori-Anne goes for a topless swim, and all through the movie she wears slightly undersized clothes.
    The Curse of the Werewolf
ubu - This Hammer classic features a buxom, comely brunette (Yvonne Romain) in the role of a mute servant. No nudity of course, but adequate showing of a D-cup cleavage courtesy of that low-cut servant dress.
      Cyber-Tracker 2
kultkultkult - This movie features Peggy McIntaggart (Playboy's Playmate of the Month January 1990, 5'7", 36D-23-35) as a home serving and security artificial intelligence. While the plot stumbles forward, she is shown from hip upwards as a (cheap FX) shimmering hologram. The scenes are rare, but she brings her breasts (not X-rated) to a likely view. Peggy is only shown in the first quarter of the film, but she's worth a view.
  The Dallas Connection
Tagman18 - Andy Sidaris directed.
Coyote - Julie Strain, Julie K. Smith and Shae Marks
    Dance with the Devil aka Perdita Durango
Craig Mercer - A bizarre Mexican Satanist flick with Rosie Perez in her most badass role, always dressed in skimpy black with matching hair. Oh yeah, Perez has really nice tits as well... who knew?
    Dancing at the Blue Iguana
Anonymous - Kristin Bauer (topless at 1:30 and 1:38)
      Dangerous Curves
GTech - I only saw a tiny bit of this flick, but it has a Latino chick in this beauty contest that you only get short glimpses of. She appears to be at least a D cup, maybe DD.
    Dangerous Liaisons
Anonymous - This is the Stephen Frears screen version of the Choderlos de Laclos novel, set in the 18th Century. Here, in her role of the scheming aristocrat Marquise de Merteuil, Glenn Close wears a corseted low-cut dress throughout most of the movie; in that effect, Close bears sexy swelling cleavage of her breasts heaving over her neckline. Such scenes include an early scene in the beginning of the film where the Mertuil meets with Valmont (John Malkovich), who kisses the noblewoman's breasts atop her exposed cleavage.
23skidoo - There is also a memorable topless appearance by Uma Thurman.
      Dangerous Love
Argyle - Angelyne has a cameo.
      Daring Game
Zoop - This is a pretty entertaining 1968 Ivan Tors action/adventure starring Lloyd Bridges and featuring one of the few movie appearances by the magnificent Marie Gomez. She shows up about 45 minutes into the movie, and only sticks around for a few minutes. She is basically kidnapped by one of our heroes, but very quickly succumbs to his charms and willingly agrees to help him obtain some information. In the next scene she's dancing and drinking with a bunch of horny soldiers -- a sexy dance in a tight blouse that shows off her fantastic figure to great effect -- and gets the info her new boyfriend is looking for. That's about it, unfortunately. But damn, she looks good.
    Day of the Warrior
Coyote - Directed by Andy Sidaris. Starring Julie Strain, Julie K. Smith, Shae Marks and Tammy Parks.
    Deadly Messages
Craig Mercer - Kathleen Beller, the awesome, raven-haired, petite, D-plus-cupper, is a woman plagued by blackouts and dementia after using a Ouija board. Some expert underwater shots of her dark-bikinied, Olympic-sized boobs in an Olympic-sized pool (0:35).
  Deadly Weapons
Howard Miller - Remembered solely as the first movie starring Chesty Morgan (also known as Chesty Gabor because of her supposed resemblance to members of the Gabor family). Morgan became semi-famous in the '70s because of a topless photograph of her titled "Spirit of 76," which, it was implied, was the size of her tits. Her breasts do hang down to her waist in the photo, but I doubt she actually measured that much. What is without doubt is that her tits (that's really the best word for them) were real. Unfortunately she also had a big gut and a large, shapeless ass. Anyhow, the plot of the movie has her happily living with this really ugly guy who has some mob connections. He gets bumped off and Chesty comes up with a unique revenge - she corners the killers one by one, drugs them, then smothers them with her breasts. The last killer manages to shoot her at the end of the movie, but as the film fades out she's crawling over to him with breasts at the ready. The budget for this film was about $1.99 and it looks it. The acting is uniformly awful, except for Harry Reems (the fellow who taught Linda Lovelace fellatio in Deep Throat) who plays one of the unlucky killers. The film does include a clip of Chesty's striptease act, which actually ain't half bad. It must have made money (how could it not?) because it spawned a sequel. Recommended only for lovers of cow-like tits.
  Death Game aka Mrs. Manning's Weekend, The Seducers
Argyle - Colleen Camp jumps up and down topless.
Tagman18 - Barbi Benton
    Deathstalker II
Tagman18 - Monique Gabrielle
    Decision at Sundown
Nicklaus - Karen Steele
    Deep Down
Tanya Roberts nude
      The Delicate Delinquent
Craig Mercer - Contains a memorable scene featuring a buxom young woman who is subject to harrassment by the local punks. The best thing is that it was so unexpected and is an excellent document of the extreme bullet bra look of the period. (0:35)
    Delinquent Schoolgirls aka Carnal Madness, Bad Girls
Southern Shore - Rare film appearance by big bust magazine model Roberta Pedon. Has a significant role in the film, and there are great scenes of her doing jumping jacks with breasts bouncing, wrestling in mud, and also swimming in a pool.
    Demon Rage aka Satan's Mistress
The Crawling Eye - A slow horror/ghost movie which features a housewife (Lana Wood) getting seduced and attacked by a horny spirit. With no gore or action Demon Rage is still surprisingly a must-see, if only for a fully nude Lana Wood whose large breasts and amazing oversized nipples are often on display. The opening scene of Lana running on a beach with her bouncing boobs popping out of her nightgown is quite a sight.
    Desert Passion
nm156 - Nicole Sassaman along with Missy Browning's huge (possibly fake) tan rack!
MaxBigfoot - I like the love scene with Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek (1:10). Ms. Hayek may be no Jayne Mansfield, but she does have a nice pair of firm, high ones, and they are nicely displayed in this scene. Besides that, she has one of the best sexy struts down Main Street I've ever seen (0:38).
      Destination Moonbase Alpha
23skidoo - The late Canadian actress Toby Robins, playing an alien pretending to be an old girlfriend of Commander Koenig's, displays some incredible cleavage and a surprisingly large pair (that or her push-up bra was working overtime). The term "cougar" was probably invented to describe her character in this made-for-TV film edited together from episodes of "Space: 1999". She was in her mid-40s at the time, but looks 10 years younger.
      Devil Doll
cabanaboy - Ventriloquist nonsense and Yvonne Romain's huge udders!
    Devil in a Blue Dress
Lisa Nicole Carson (Lovemaking scene at 0:19; no nudity)
    The Devil's Advocate
Anonymous - Try the end of the movie during a scene where Keanu Reeves is talking to Al Pacino and a red-haired girl (Connie Nielsen). As they're talking she takes off her dress and is totally nude. Her breasts are a very nice size.
    Diamonds Are Forever
Healthy-chested Lana Wood spills out of her dress as Plenty O'Toole in this Bond flick.
    Diary of a Sex Addict
Shannan Leigh
    Dinosaur Island
Seelie - Yet another one I haven't seen myself, but the review of it claimed it had "Enough breasts to justify renaming it Silicone Island." 'Course it also said, "This movie was so unbelievably bad that I was rendered speechless and scarred for life." Needless to say, I've been trying to get my hands on a copy for years.
    Diplomatic Immunity
Southern Shore - Fabiana Udenio, who teased us with her magnificent rack in Summer School and Hardbodies 2, finally comes through and shows off her sweater puppies in all their naked glory! (1:11)
    Dirndljagd am Kilimandscharo
Argyle - My German isn't what it used to be, which wasn't much, so if you're looking for an informed review of this 1983 German film, you won't find it here. However, Dolly Dollar was in fine form, even though this wasn't one of her "sexy" roles. I guess that's because it's pretty hard to keep her, um, equipment, covered up. Not that that was the intention. She appears in some sexy swimsuits and low-cut tops and actually has some decent screentime, though it's Bea Fiedler who gets the nude scenes. :-( One nice scene that should've been shot closer was of Dolly hula-hooping, which boggles the mind.
  A Dirty Shame
uruseiranma - I'd say that this movie has probably the best fake boobs since Jekyll & Hyde... Together Again. It turns out that Caprice Stickles (Selma Blair) gets hit on the head, and the concussion causes her to act in sexually-explicit ways. (In this film, knocks on the head cause all sorts of sexual behavior, with different results in each person. Caprice's result is that she decides to get monster implants.) The first we see of Caprice she's locked in the upper floor. Apparently she wants to go down to the local bar and perform. She wears a somewhat revealing fishnet stocking-like top during the first act. (BTW, her stage name is Ursula Udders.) Ursula has a huge fan in Fat F*ck Frank, a guy who we can tell is a definite breast man (it's revealed in his sculpture of gigantic tits). The next time Caprice appears is after Sylvia (her mother) has her concussion. Sylvia is now the more sexually-understandable mother, and after Caprice sheds her white and red top, they take off for the local bar in that torn pink number. And this is where you guys will want to see the film (I didn't think they'd actually do this myself): Once Caprice starts strutting, she eventually sheds her top and it's Fake Hooters for all! Of course they move with all the heft of latex, but still, not bad. One guy is even walloped between them. After the fiasco, a doctor is brought in. Caprice is given prozac, which causes her sexual inhibitions to tone down. During her change over, her breasts deflate and inflate several times. Of course, once the drugs take effect, the now "normal-minded" girl is shocked at her udders. For the next 20 minutes, Caprice is the good girl, and Fat F*ck Frank can't take much more, almost losing it when he hears she plans to get a reduction. But Caprice tells her reasons: back pains, rashes, etc. Luckily, this doesn't last long, and soon she's dancing on the rooftop with a tight t-shirt.
      Dirty Work
DJ>_"I'm pretty good at this" - Saturday Night Live alum Norm Macdonald has a flashback of himself as a kid. His Aunt Jenny (Christine Odom, an older woman with mean boobs) smothers his face with her big tits. Good scene.
Craig Mercer - This Fat Boys vehicle has one cute comedic shot of Troy Beyer (Let's Talk About Sex) jogging on a treadmill, then pans down to show her bobbling breasts, complete with Hanna-Barbera boing sfx. Not huge but memorable. Possibly the ideal comedy boob gag. (0:45)
    The Divine Nymph
Uncle Pugsy - The delectable Laura Antonelli was not only a capable and intelligent actress, she was not at all reluctant to shed all her clothes, which she did in just about every movie she made. The fact that she had a magnificent natural rack didn't hurt one little bit. In this movie, which is very hard to find, she reclines nude for about two uninterrupted minutes.
  Do or Die
Andy Sidaris directed.
linktv - Some actual living person, male, actually gets to rub his naked body all over Pandora Peaks' naked body while acting out screwing. NAKED... UNDER A WATERFALL... WITH PANDORA PEAKS! It's a sight that makes you wonder: Maybe there is a god?
Coyote - Ava Cadell, Roberta Vasquez
    Do the Right Thing
Craig Mercer - Rosie Perez's breasts instinctively dominate any movie or scene she's in. Director Spike Lee represented, though in two shots that give full attention to each breast. "Thank God for the left nipple..."

  Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze
Argyle - Robyn Hilton has a small part in this mid-1970s sci-fi/adventure as Captain Seas' moll, and in one scene her impressive cleavage is peeking out through the opening in her dress jacket.
    Don't Make Waves
Chili Palmer - Sharon Tate, Claudia Cardinale
    The Doom Generation
Anonymous - Rose McGowan topless... need I say more?
    Dorm Daze
colt13 - Danielle Fishel and Jennifer Lyons.
  Double Agent 73
Captain Kickback - Smell the polyester. Prints and plaids together! I can understand why Chesty Morgan is constantly removing her top: to get out of all that polyester.
    The Double-D Avenger
Howard Miller - This is a made for tape curiosity from William Winckler Productions. I'm not really sure who the audience for this is susposed to be other than big fans of Kitten Natividad and other over-the-hill Russ Meyer stars. In addition to Kitten the film has Haji and Raven De La Croix, and some lesser known and somewhat younger women. The plot has Kitten, a successful bar owner, discovering she has some lumps on her voluminous tits. Her doctor (De La Croix) offers no medical hope for a cure, but suggests she try to find the ledgendary Crocksella plant in the wilds of South America because it is rumored to have miraculous healing powers. She finds the plant with the help of a black amazon woman (Lunden De'Leon) and discovers that in addition to curing her cancer it has given her super powers. She puts on a very silly looking outfit and wages a war with the owner of a local strip club for reasons that aren't clear to me becuse the dialogue was so bad I'd turned the mute switch on by this point. I'm a big fan of Kitten as well as the other old timers in this opus, but this is embarrassing stuff. On top of everything else this movie CONTAINS NO NUDITY! Which has to make you wonder, what's the point?
Here's an e-mail from The Double-D Avenger director/writer/producer William Winckler!
    Down Periscope
Anonymous - 3 crewman sneak, during the night, to where Lieutenant Emily Lake's (Lauren Holly) clothes are. They switch her clothes with smaller ones. The next day the whole crew is lined outside the docked submarine. Commander Tom Dodge (Kelsey Grammer) is talking to them but stops when he comes to Emily. He examines her clothes: Her pants are too short and are skintight on her. Her shirt is also tight and her breasts are pouring out of it. She has no white shirt on (like the rest) so her breasts are visible, and the shirt is so small, the top button can't be buttoned and the next button is almost ready to burst off her large breasts. There is a gap between that button and the next. Tom orders the "pranksters" to show themselves or everyone must stay at the ship. No one speaks up so he orders them back on the ship. Emily turns and walks slowly, careful not to break the button on her shirt, and she goes back on the sub.
    Dr. Alien
Seelie - Features Judy Landers dressed conservatively, no nudity. Still fun. I think there's an extra or two who are pretty stacked additionally.
    Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine
squidsucker - This one may not be out on video, but it certainly should be. A hammy Vincent Price plays a mad scientist who is making robot women in a plot to have them all marry rich men and then kill them. Frankie Avalon also stars as an inept secret agent. Think Beach Blanket Bingo meets Get Smart with a bit of those very good Edgar Allan Poe films Price also made around this time. Anyway, not only are there a lot of girls in gold bikinis strutting about, but the female lead (Susan Hart) really fills out her gold suit particularly well. I first saw this one on TV one Saturday afternoon when I was a small kid and to this day the image of her still stands out strongly in my mind. Added bonus, Diana Ross and the Supremes do a good job singing the opening title song.
    Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde
Anonymous - There's a good transgender/breast expansion scene in this film in which Dr. Jekyll (Timothy Daly) turns into the evil Ms. Hyde (Sean Young) while eating dinner and trying desperately to hide his swelling breasts.
  Dracula: Dead and Loving It
HUNK - In the middle of the flick, Lucy (Lysette Anthony) becomes a vampire, rises from her grave and meets Jonathan (Steven Weber) in Dr. Seward's house garden. She pleads, "Jonathan, let me kiss you." Jonathan hesitatingly says, "But, Lucy, I'm British." Immediately, Lucy shoves her breasts together, creating mind-boggling cleavage, and says, "So are these!"
  Dracula A.D. 1972
Presto - This Hammer horror film has a busty actress who is often tied down to an altar. The camera angles are great.
    Dracula Blows His Cool aka Graf Dracula beißt jetzt auch in Oberbayern
Argyle - Plot: Modern-day Dracula preys on models at a tourist hotel. Sighting: German busenwunder Dolly Dollar in a couple of brief uncredited scenes as a hotel guest, getting "necked" in one of them. Excellent cleavage in a stair-climb.
    Dream a Little Dream
23skidoo - Teen comedy from the late '80s, with Meredith Salenger showing off a surprising large, round pair. Lycra fans should check out what she's wearing during one dance sequence. We also get some nice cleavage during a scene where she's dancing with Corey Feldman.
      Dream Date
TheZookie_007 - The appearances of Cindy "Ivory" Newman (in a closet in the last few minutes of the film) and the marvelous late Michelle Thomas make this film most worthwhile. At one point, Michelle is drenched by a sprinkler system, which makes her beautiful boobs even more apparent -- but the fact that she was wearing crop tops throughout the whole film didn't hurt either!
  Dream Lover
Anonymous - The size of Mädchen Amick's tits relative to her body mass is superb if you like big, natural tits on very skinny women -- and the perkiness is out of this world. I would go so far as to say I have never seen such perky natural breasts on any other female human being.
Anonymous - Not a great movie - but the snack bar girl is definitely worth a download. GREAT RACK!
Pam Grier
  Dude, Where's My Car?
There are two breast expansion scenes in the movie. In the first, a group of sexy girls morphs into a single, bikini-clad giantess (1:10). In the second (at the end of the movie), our heroes' girlfriends (Jennifer Garner and Marla Sokoloff) receive alien necklaces that cause their breasts to grow (1:16).
    Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd
23skidoo - While I hate to say there is any reason to see this movie, in fact there is: Mimi Rogers in a bathing suit! The sequence is essentially part of a (literal) wet dream one of the idiots has. You don't see Mimi for more than a couple of seconds in the swimsuit, though she does have a hot moment where she snogs a girl who is at least 20 years her junior! (It's part of a make-out contest). It's possible she might appear elsewhere in a form-revealing outfit, because there is apparently a joke about the size of her breasts, but nothing revealing (at least according to Screen It!).
    Earth Girls Are Easy
Boobwatch One - Julie Brown shows some nice cleavage, especially during the muscial number 'Cause I'ma Blonde (1:13). And mega-tittied Angelyne shows up in the gas station scene with boobs spilling out of a revealing outfit (1:17).
multibrst - There is a brief scene with a four-breasted alien woman. (1:06)
Anonymous - The image of a young Victoria Principal in a really tight T-shirt taking off her jacket to show off her chest seemed awesome when I was a kid. In retrospect her mammaries are not quite so spectacular, but it's definitely worth a look.
  Easy Money
Rodney Dangerfield steps out onto his backyard porch and is surprised by a smiling, waving, topless and very busty Kimberly McArthur sunbathing next door (0:45).
      Ed Wood
23skidoo - Lisa Marie as Vampira in her first major movie, and her first work with future hubby Tim Burton. Incredible cleavage. As Martin Landau's Bela Lugosi says in the film: "I think she's a honey. Look at those jugs!"
Smitty - The best part is later in the movie, when Vampira attends a movie premier that's packed with wild teenagers. Hormones get the best of one younger boy, who runs up and squeezes Vampira's boobs. The next day Bela Lugosi admits his jealousy of that daring kid.
        The Eiger Sanction
Tagman18 - Brenda Venus opens her top to get Clint Eastwood up a cliff. God, she had magnificnet tits!
  Elvira, Mistress of the Dark
Anonymous - Littered with more boob jokes than I thought existed with plenty of gratuitous camera shots, these do not come close to the last dance/musical scene that has to be seen to be believed. She's got talent...that's for sure...
Anonymous - During the bowling alley scene, when she fakes stabbing that guy, the derelicts grab her from behind and pull her back. You can still frame through it and see some nip slip... awesome nips she has!!
    Elvira's Haunted Hills
Argyle - Well, it isn't Oscar-winning cinema, but Elvira's franchise of movies, TV and guest appearances is pretty sexy, you have to admit. Camp horror's queen of cleavage stars as a mid-19th century showgirl travelling through Carpathia on her way to perform in a French Revue. Naturally, she overnights in one of those Transylvanian castles, complete with mad doctor types and other evil villains and villainesses. A lot of great big boob jokes, as usual in an Elvira production, ("great rack" uttered as Elvira is being stretched out in the dungeon's torture room), but possibly the best scene is when Elvira walks behind a magnifying glass and faces the camera--yes, the magnifying glass is positioned right at point of her bust, and her magnificent cleavage is right out there in full display, only much bigger! I found that bit rather clever.
  Embrace of the Vampire
Anonymous - Notable for the frequent exposure of Alyssa Milano's then-oversized implants. She has since had smaller ones put in, but for those who like big tits on small women, Embrace is the definitive work!
  Enemy Gold
With Andy Sidaris, you're guaranteed action and tits. No exception here.
    The Entity
At one point, Barbara Hershey is pinned down to a bed, and her breasts are manipulated by an invisible force.
  Equalizer 2000
Zoop - This threadbare, humorless rip-off of Road Warrior (with Richard Norton as "Slade") has one thing going for it. Make that two things -- Penthouse Pet Corinne Wahl's amazing breasts. Her first appearance (~0:15) only shows off her bad acting and barely a glimpse of what's under her leather halter top. But later (~0:28) she has changed into a tight black tank top, her spectacular shelf on full display. No nudity, unfortunately, and sadly, she is never used as much as she ought to be, but it's worth it to see her try and run and shoot guns in her high-heel boots while carrying around that bouncing rack in front of her.
    The Erotic Misadventures of the Invisible Man
Anonymous - Has lots of bra busting, and pretty nice boobs for a softcore.
    The Erotic Mirror
Mistress Rhiannon has a small role.
    Erotic Possessions
Goldeneye - Shauna O'Brien's breasts in this movie were possibly the hottest implants I've seen--huge, very unnaturally (but not unattractively) shaped, impossibly gravity-defying and incredibly fake-looking. I don't always go for that combination, but they really, um... got to me, let's say. They were all big... and fake... and hot... there's not really a way to explain it. All I could think was "Oh my God, they look so fake!" with my jaw hanging open. Sorry... they really touched me. It's weird, I feel like I had a brush with the meaning of life or something.
Anonymous - Russ Meyer directed. This film contains footage of busty Althea Currier among others in a poolside sequence.
  Escape From New York
Anonymous - Adrienne Barbeau
      Europe in the Raw
Presto - I have seen posters and pictures from this movie but in one interview Russ Meyer said that this was simply a name that was tacked onto a variety of stock footage that changed over time and was sold to small theatres. More info welcome.
    Eve and the Handyman
Howard Miller - This effort is Russ Meyer's second narrative movie and is generally considered one of the important films in the history of sex on the screen. The "story" is minimal: a good looking woman (Eve Meyer, yes, that's Mrs. Russ Meyer) follows a bumbling janitor around for a day and then offers him sex. Yes. That's IT! That's all. Eve plays multiple roles, all of them involving women showing deep cleavage. She's a good looking woman but she does no actual nudity. Some anonymous models do appear fully nude for a microsecond but it's about as sexy as a Sears catalogue. There's lots of burlesque type drum and trumpet music which serves as a clue to when something is supposed to be funny or sexy (you have to take their word for it). There is no way possible for a member of a modern audience to realize what effect this film had on viewers over 50 years ago. Recommended for film historians and Russ Meyer completists only.
      Every Man Needs One
Carol Wayne
      Everybody Loves It
Anonymous - Features Althea Currier's massive cleavage in a nurse's uniform in endless camera shots. There is also a scene where her scrub top gets torn off during surgery.
      Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex
Boobwatch One - The movie is a series of comedy segments dealing with sex. In one of them, Woody Allen and Heather MacRae visit the home of a scientist who conducts sexual research. During a tour of his laboratory, the scientist shows them a woman lying under a sheet with a massive chest (1:07). "Each day for the past year, I feed her nothing but silicone," the scientist tells them. "She used to be flat-chested. Give me another year, and watch out!" At this point, his house guests realize the scientist is mad. They are forced to fight their way out of his house, which results in a fiery explosion. The laboratory is destroyed, but through the flames, a huge, mutated breast (about the size of a small house) comes crashing through the rubble (1:10). The breast wreaks havok throughout the small town, until Woody and the local law enforcement are able to capture it in a size 4000 X-cup bra.
    Evil Toons
Adrian Burns - GREAT scene of Monique Gabrielle (who plays the "shy" girl) staring at her breasts in a mirror.
    Executive Decision
TheZookie_007 - During one scene, the terrorist orders the co-pilot to go down to the avionics compartment. In order to do that, he has to ask some passengers to move. A blonde woman gets up to reveal that she is packing considerable heat under her blouse. Then in a later scene, Halle Berry goes back to see if the passengers are alright. An Asian chick gets into her seat, swinging her long hair as she does so. She also shows that her momma gave her something worth showing.
Tagman18 - Shannon Whirry
    Exit to Eden
Tagman18 - with Dana Delany. The scenes of her & Paul Mercurio are quite erotic.
goat's milk - The movie shows plenty of female flesh. Dana Delany's breasts are of noteworthy quality, but there are even better, much bigger ones in this movie.
      Exorcist II: The Heretic
Anonymous - I only saw this movie once, but 2 things I remember is the black chick, I think she played a prostitute in Africa, standing on the doorstep topless with a great pair of cannons. Don't know how far into the movie, maybe about half way. Other than those, the movie sucked.
  Fairy Tales
Argyle - Angela Aames appears as "Little Bo Peep", who's lost her sheep and doesn't...awww, you know the rest. Our hero the Prince, who can't "produce an heir" (ahem), comes (figuratively) across Bo Peep in the woods, and after she sings and dances for him, she strips and tries to help him out with his "problem." No luck. Nice breasts-smothering-face scene. Angela appears throughout the film as a guest at the "party" of the Old Woman Who Lives in the Shoe (brothel). She wears a scant little skirt and a bikini top with some lace trimmings, which allows for generous portions of cleavage throughout. During her song and dance number, she shimmies her bust back and forth, "stripper style," which can't help but produce a smile.
    Famous T&A
Uncle Pugsy - This compilation includes several out-takes of the buxom Phyllis Davis from Terminal Island. Phyllis appeared topless in a number of WIP (Women In Prison) B-movies, but is seen here totally naked joking with the camera crew between scenes. She has a magnificent set of natural jugs.
  Fandango aka Mona's Place
Argyle - Silly Western sexploitation film marketed largely on Shawn "Baby Doll" Devereaux's 42-inch breasts.
    Fangs of the Living Dead aka Malenka
tina83 - Anita Ekberg (enough said) and Diana Lorys. Lorys shows a lot of breast flesh spilling out of her black lace outfit.
  Fanny Hill
Russ Meyer directed.
    Fantaghirò (parts II through IV)
kultkultkult - A TV fantasy serial (aired around Christmas) featuring the divine Brigitte Nielsen as the Black Queen (Black Witch) showing amazing cleavage. Brigitte acts as the opponent to the Princess - so you get Brigitte's breasts, sex appeal and her witch power. Lots of good closeups make this fantasy flick a must-see. Caution: Although Brigitte officially appears in parts II through IV, the numbering is different in some video versions of the movies.
      Fantastic Voyage
Presto - I like the scene where antibodies cling to Raquel Welch's Upper Body, and the rest of the crew has to pull them off by hand. (1:23)
    Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!
Presto - The "good" girl in this Russ Meyer movie is the bustiest and is really cute in her bikini. Tura Satana is the bustiest bad girl (not what I call busty though).
Howard Miller - In addition to having one of the all-time cool movie titles, this was the first Russ Meyer movie I ever saw and was my favorite for many years. It was made for the drive-in market and so contains no nudity but plenty of violence. Three go-go dancers (Tura Satana, Lori Williams and Haji) are out looking for thrills when they come upon an amateur racer and his all-American girlfriend. A fight ensues between the racer and Varla (Satana), the most belligerent of the girls. She kills him with her bare hands and coerces the other girls into kidnapping the girlfriend (Sue Bernard). They find out about a crippled hermit who lives in the desert with his two sons and is rumored to have a fortune in cash stashed away, and decide to use the kidnapped girl as bait for the old pervert. In the ensuing conflict everybody's killed except the girl and one, maybe two, of the boys. I have a copy of this film on tape and with repeated viewings the flaws of this little gem become obvious. The first 20 minutes or so are rather dull and the go-go girls look ridiculous sitting in their sports cars with somebody pushing the bumpers up and down to make it look like they're driving. However, after they get to the old man's farm things pick up considerably. Veteran Meyer actor Stuart Lancaster is superb as the crazed hermit, and the tension between he and Satana is palpable as they play cat and mouse. Satana, with her all-black outfit and exotic looks, is a credible villain and she provides by far the best cleavage in the film. Williams looks good in hot pants, but Haji and Bernard don't contribute much. You might call this the Russ Meyer film for people who don't like Russ Meyer films as it can be viewed as an action melodrama rather than a sex movie.
    Fatal Pursuit
Tagman18 - Shannon Whirry
SAMU - Raquel Welch in a great bikini.
  Faust: Love of the Damned
powerplay1 - Contains an enormous breast expansion scene. Premise: Mephistopheles ("M" for short) is trying to keep one of his henchwomen (Monica Van Campen) in line, so he starts to make her chest grow. Initially she takes off the part of her outfit covering her breasts, and a morph scene shows them growing to Zena Fulsom size. It is then followed by a scene of her rubbing latex falsies (definitely Zena size). But "M" ends up taking it to extremes, making her butt grow, withering all of her appendages and leaving her head attached to gigantic (though extremely slimy and chubby) breasts and butt cheeks. (0:44)
      Female Chauvinists
zappfra - Big, busty models of the past Uschi Digard, Candy Samples and Roxanne Brewer show their ample wares. The movie starts off with Roxanne and her boyfriend hard at it when their flatmate turns up. They plan for Roxanne to join an all-girls-against-males sect, where most of the girls are big and busty. The highlight of the film is Roxanne riding a horse topless chasing her boyfriend, who also infiltrates the sect as a mute gardener. Poor acting, plenty of laughs and plenty of big busty topless action.
23skidoo - Made-for-video softcore sci-fi film featuring Venesa Talor and her twin assets. There are other well-endowed women in this film, but I don't know their names.
Uncle Pugsy - Among the busty blondes, Summer Leigh, who plays The Girl on the Wheel stands out (in every sense). As you can see from her vidcaps and vidclip, she looks really pumped up...
    Femalien 2
More of the same. Lots of exposed tits, some of them impressive.
    Fierce Creatures
Craig Mercer - Reassembles the complete headlining cast of A Fish Called Wanda. The two key cast members, Jamie Lee Curtis' legendary left and right that is, also resurface most notably from a light blue, low-cut minidress when she's seducing John Cleese in front of a lemur (?) cage. "They're so adorable... don't you just wanna fondle 'em?" Truly an eye-bugging moment.
    15 Minutes of Fame aka Sweet Revenge
The big, round, fake tits of Shauna O'Brien's are the highlights of this softcore flick.
      The Fifth Woman aka Den 5:e kvinnan
KultKultKult - Featuring Marie Richardson. She portrays a criminal investigator who is also the hero's lover. Many scenes with her are lovingly dedicated to her firm breasts - the camera work is especially good for this type of movie.
    Final Destination
Agent Dee - Kristen Cloke
    Finders Keepers, Lovers Weepers!
Howard Miller - I refer to this movie as Russ Meyer's chamber drama - it has a lot of talk and not much action confined to a limited location. Two burglars, one older and gay, one young and crazy, stake out The Red Carpet, a small but busy go-go bar. The owner is Paul (Paul Lockwood) a typical lusty Meyer hero/cock hound. Even though the awesome Kelly (Anne Chapman) is his devoted wife, Paul is too much of a dog to stay out of the local bordello run by the exotic Claire (Lavelle Roby). So, in a fit of pique Kelly goes to the bar and takes the place of one of the go-go dancers (0:37) and later fucks the hell out of Paul's bartender, Ray (Gordon Westcourt). Before you know it, everybody's back at the bar with guns and knives, and when the dust clears Paul and Kelly are the only ones left alive. Sadder but wiser perhaps? I wouldn't list this as one of the best Meyer films, but it holds up fairly well over time. When the action finally starts, it's fairly convincing and, unlike some Meyer films of this vintage, this film has plenty of nudity. However, the only outstanding woman on view is Chapman. She has a face like Audrey Hepburn and a body like Pamela Anderson with the implants. Her underwater sex scene with Ray (0:48) is considered a minor classic. I don't think she made many other movies, so this film is worth a look just for her. I'm not 100% sure of this, but Roby might be the first black person, male or female, to appear in a Meyer flick.
        First Knight
Anonymous - After Lancelot defeats Malagant's men and saves Guinevere (Julia Ormond), she rides with him on his horse and, though the scene has a lot of trees, you can still see her bouncing in the background.
    Fit to Kill
Imaginos - Andy Sidaris directed.
Coyote - Ava Cadell and Roberta Vasquez
  Flesh Gordon Meets the Cosmic Cheerleaders
Contains a breast expansion scene.
Peaks - Melissa Mounds offers her huge mounds on a plate!
  For Your Breasts Only
Argyle - A Russian spy spoof with Ann Marie in the TIT-le role.
    Fort Apache, the Bronx
Anonymous - Pam Grier as the hooker shows very impressive cleavage.
Philipott - Two further events: The girl who was the girlfriend of Paul Newman's partner when they were sitting down together, she seemed to have a fairly decent breast mass under her "dressing gown," heading towards her lap. May have been just an illusion but possibly worth checking. Secondly, in another scene when Newman and his partner are smoking a suspect out of his apartment, two girls come running out, the first unintersting but the second seemed to have something worth showing, VERY BRIEF scene.
      48 Hrs.
Titman - The cowgirl stripper in the bar scene when Eddie Murphy shows his stuff with only Nick Nolte's badge is Suzanne Regard. Great tits and silver dollar nipples.
Short film about a busty 45-year-old waitress (Linda E. Smith) who ponders breast reduction surgery.
  Four for Texas
JJ - Sinatra & Martin star with lots of help from Anita Ekberg and Ursula Andress.
Argyle - In this flick Anita Ekberg was at the peak of her voluptuousness, at least until fatness ensued in her later years. Her boobs look absolutely enormous in this movie, and, as opposed to Mansfield and others who wore padding to appear "ridiculously Junoesque" in size, Anita and her bod did it all by themselves. Just HUGE... a must-see for Ekberg fans.
    Foxy Brown
Pam Grier
    Frank McKlusky, C.I.
Craig Mercer - Two (4) major reasons to watch this awful movie. Joanie Laurer (Chyna) as a desperate secretary in a variety of fetish outfits (Amazon fans, she lifts a Jaguar at the end). Dolly Parton as Frank's busty June Cleaver-esque mother. Dolly's boobs look seriously huge in her costumes.
Boobwatch One - Yes, the makers of this movie obviously had a thing for breasts. Virtually every female character has big boobs or shows a lot of cleavage. Dolly shows up at 0:01, 0:07, 0:18, 0:32, 0:51, 0:54, 1:01, 1:04, 1:09 and 1:17, Joanie at 0:09, 0:33, 0:42, 0:47, 1:01 and 1:15. In addition, when Frank first meets his new partner Sharon (Cameron Richardson), he stares down at her chest and becomes fixated. The camera stares as well, and Sharon's dialog, as heard by Frank, becomes an unintelligible string of mumblings (0:28). Sharon later shows up wearing a deep-cleavage-revealing halter top (0:54-0:58). Finally, watch for a buff, super-stacked, blonde extra in a blue dress during a street scene; she's on the screen less than two seconds (0:56).
      Frankenstein's Great Aunt Tillie
Zoop - Truly one of the worst movies I've ever seen, but worth tracking down for June Wilkinson's eye-popping cleavage. The low-cut white dress she often wears is almost good enough to recommend this movie, but it's the astonishing Frederick's of Hollywood teddies she runs around in that makes this a must-see.
    Freddy vs. Jason
Features the considerable chest-talents of Monica Keena, Katharine Isabelle and Odessa Munroe.
      The French Line
SAMU - Jane Russell in does two dance numbers.
    Friday After Next
Gee - Anna Marie Horsford, who plays Ice Cube's mother, has a serious set on her!! WOW (0:19, 0:48, 0:53, 1:07)
Boobwatch One - Sommore shows some great cleavage as the new waitress Cookie. (0:19, 0:48, 0:53)
    Friday the 13th: A New Beginning
HUNK - Melanie Kinnaman - Her shirt gets wet, she has no bra on, & u can make out nice, firm 38 C's & centred nipple in what must've been the best wet-shirt shot since Monique van de Ven. Debi Sue Voorhees - The girl who shares Jason's last name. After having sex with her boyfriend in the woods, her b.f. gets up & walks off. We see a few secs of Debi sitting up, showing off her massive breasts. A very voluptuous hottie; it's a shame Debi hasn't been in many movies.
      The Frightened City
cabanaboy - Featuring the hugely talented Yvonne Romain and co-starring a young Sean Connery. British gangsters.
      Frogs for Snakes
23skidoo - Includes Lisa Marie, who spends much of her time spilling out of tight tops.
    From Dusk Till Dawn
Captain Kickback - The dance sequence of Salma Hayek is a showstopper. Rumor has it she gained 10 to 15 pounds for the role, and it makes her an over-the-top sex-bomb as she dances in her red bikini.
Isabel Sarli
  Full Body Massage
Anonymous - From what you've seen and heard, you might think this is just a soft-core, exploitation flick, an excuse to show off Mimi Rogers' phenomenal rack. Well, I recently had occasion to see Full Body Massage, and it's not what you might think. It's more like an NC-17-rated version of My Dinner with Andre: very talky, very deep, very philosophical. That doesn't mean, however, that we don't get to see Mimi Rogers' phenomenal rack. We do, and they are quite impressive. She has a massive pair of all-natural udders, at least a double-D cup. The best scene in the film occurs during a flashback when a masseur (identified in the film as gay) gives Mimi's boobs a good working over: he squeezes them, rolls his oily hands over them, kneads them like a pair of huge, squishy bread-doughs. Jeez. If that scene doesn't get a rise out of you, nothing will. Miss Rogers must have enjoyed the experience. She had a huge smile on her face the whole time.
  The Further Adventures of Tennessee Buck
About halfway through this movie, there is a scene where a topless woman with huge tits performs a tribal dance. Then later, nude Playmate Kathy Shower gets an oil rubdown from some tribal women.
      Futtocks End
Cauchy - Ronnie Barker is the Lord of the Manor complete with sexy maids and a lecherous butler, and some relatives come to stay for the weekend. It is hilarious and sexy. The main tit action is supplied by Hilary Pritchard who at dinner wears a very low-cut dress with a paper napkin in her cleavage. The butler is always trying to look down her front. A glass of sherry is spilled and lands on the stomach area of her dress. Ronnie is sitting nearby, and being the gentleman he is he takes the napkin from her cleavage and starts to rub her stomach. Of course his hand is moving her breasts up and down. There is no dialogue only sound effects. At this point the music turns to a samba as her breasts sway up and down and from side to side. Meanwhile, the butler is carrying a large tray with a jelly on it. He is standing next to Hilary while all this is happening and when the camera goes back to him the jelly has completely melted. Unfortunately it is impossible to buy this film. It was on TV recently (Channel 4 in the UK), but I missed it, and when I wrote to them about it they replied saying they had no plans to show it again.
      Gaily, Gaily
YesMamm - Melodie Johnson is in a very memorable scene with Beau Bridges where she deliberately bends down to display her full cleavage.
  Galaxy Quest
ubu - Sigourney Weaver struts her stuff and it's plentiful! She plays a buxom, blondish communication officer in the intergalactic TV show (spoofing Lt. Uhura) and shows abundant cleavage. Her imposing bust is the sole raison d'être for which her character is part of show, a point which the movie makes all too clear (much to her chagrin). One could tell by watching her many movies that Sigourney is busty, but I never saw her display her considerable assets with the cheerful abandon that she does here.
Anonymous - Sigourney Weaver is extremely flat-chested (see Half Moon Street and the end of the original Alien for examples). In Galaxy Quest it is just an illusion. In an interview for GQ she said something along the lines of "Thank God for the Wonderbra."
23skidoo - It might be worth noting that Petra Verkaik actually worked on this film as a body double of sorts. Photographs of her in a bikini were shot, and then Sigourney Weaver's head was digitally placed on the photo. There was supposed to be a scene in the film where Sigourney is asked to sign a copy of this photo (obviously a parody of Internet fakes), but it was cut from the film and not included on the DVD either...
    Ghost World
Cade - Thora Birch wears several tight, attractive outfits, but alas, no nudity. Still seeing her on screen, and her marvelous bust, is a nice alternative from the thin stick-models all too common recently.
Boobwatch One - Hey! Co-star Scarlett Johansson has some serious upper talent as well!
Buxom Lainie Kazan shows abundant cleavage in this box-office flop.
    Girl 6
Craig Mercer - Director Spike Lee's most universally panned and misunderstood piece focuses on the world of phone sex and gives the topic a tasteful and intellectual touch, as opposed to the countles low-budget comedies and Cinemax hump-fests inspired by this division of adult entertainment. The breast scene in question is a shocker during the opening minutes in which our heroine, portrayed by Theresa Randle, pops her top for a sleazy director (Quentin Tarantino) at a screen test. The shock is at how absolutely perfect, round and big Randle's breasts are and the amount of exposure they get.
    The Girl Can't Help It
squidsucker - It's dated and seems very tame for a sex comedy by today's standards. but in the fifties Jayne Mansfield's scene where she's walking down a city street to the music of Little Richard's title song in a way tight and low cut black dress was considered quite risqué. And watch where Jayne holds those two milk bottles (0:18).
Argyle - Not only the first real rock-n-roll picture (added bonus), it was directed by Frank Tashlin, who had a major thing for Jayne's tits, and it shows onscreen. He shot her from the side a number of times in this flick, emphasizing the rather cantilevered nature of her top shelf. Watching her clutch two full milk bottles against her bosom while complaining to Tom Ewell that no one thinks she's equipped for motherhood is the Mother Lode.
        Girl with an Itch
Nicklaus - Kathy Marlowe
    The Glass Cage
Anonymous - Charlotte Lewis wears a series of low-cut dresses throughout this. There are a few side views of her topless during a sex scene with Richard Tyson (about halfway through the flick), but she is lying on her back and the lighting is dark, so it only hints as to the volume and substance of her pretty large bust. Early on she performs a private strip for her boyfriend, and even though it's rapidly intercut with other things, she gets down to a very tight red bra and shows considerable cleavage. Lisa Marie Scott shows plenty of cleavage in various outfits and then strips on stage - her lovely breasts get a good display in a medium-long shot. Small-bosomed and skinny Maria Ford also gets naked. Towards the end of the film Lewis hires two nubile hookers who look like identical twins (actresses uncredited) to distract her boyfriend. There are all-too-brief shots of the "sisters" topless while caressing and dancing for him.
Anonymous - There are several brief breast shots in the montage scenes of girls fooling around poolside, but a stand-out moment is when auditionee Laura Albert takes off her T-shirt after insisting she'll only appear nude if she has lines. Her breasts are pretty big, but it's her pointed nipples that take the breath away. Later on, the fulsome centerfold model Teri Weigel shows a great deal of bikini cleavage rising slowly out of a pool, leaning over to seduce one of the "producers," and we can briefly see her topless (she quickly covers herself) when they are interrupted in a hot tub.
    God's Little Acre
TheZookie_007 - Remarkable not only for the appearance of Hawaii Five-O's Jack Lord, but also for the female lead, one Tina Louise. Good Lord! She was so petite and yet so busty, she seemed to be falling out of her tops throughout the movie.
    The Godson (1971)
Uschi Digard
    The Godson (1998)
Craig Mercer - Lisa London of H.O.T.S. fame, has aged well and appears at the very end of this 3rd rate ZAZ style parody as a busty secretary in a low-cut business suit. Her breasts aren't the source of humor in her cameo, but they are an excellent distraction from the fact that the movie isn't funny. Fabiana Udenio also appears in this movie, and her breasts (on excellent display in Summer School) do nothing for this movie.
Nicklaus - Margaret Nolan (aka Vicki Kennedy)
Captain Kickback - Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore. The greatest Bond-girl name ever. Also enjoyable for a profile that looks as if she is smuggling ICBM nose cones.
  Golf Balls!
Seelie - One of the women has the phrase "We >heart< Tips" on one breast with plenty of room to spare. She doesn't get nearly enough screen time though, and the leading lady is almost completely flat. There's also another well-built actress who works at a bar and gets a scene washing a golf cart in a bikini.
Anonymous - The "We >heart< Tips" woman is Amy Lynn Baxter (of Howard Stern Fame) and actually gets quite a bit of screen time as the secondary leading lady. She is the same woman who rides into the carwash on the golfcart and then gets out and starts soaping up.
    Good Cop, Bad Cop aka Black Dawn
north - The nightie Shauna Sand is wearing during her one scene at a strip club is just incredible. She must have just had a baby, because her breasts are MUCH larger than normal. She's very thin, yet huge on top in this scene. No nudity, but the cleavage is worth it.
        Good Girls Don't
rb - Rick Sloane
  Good Morning... and Goodbye!
Howard Miller - Minor Russ Meyer effort which raises the question: "Who was this movie made for?" There isn't enough action for it to satisfy the drive-in crowd, yet the only nudity is in the opening and closing few minutes (two Meyer signature scenes of busty women running through the forest in slow motion). The disposable plot deals with an older, wealthy gentleman (Stuart Lancaster) unable to keep up sexually with his younger, ridiculously huge-busted wife (Alaina Capri). So she runs around fucking everything in sight, but primarily the equally over-sexed local stud, Stone (Patrick Wright). The husband meets a wood sprite (a really silly looking Haji), and after spending the night with her is able to not only make his wife sing in bed but to also beat the shit out of Stone. Capri, who talks in an irritating Mae West voice, has no competition here in the breast department. Even though she doesn't do any real nude scenes, she puts on and takes off some impressively large brassieres. Haji spends most of the movie running around in an outfit left over from Sheena: Queen of the Jungle but she does look good in the brief ending nude scene. I'm not sure who appeared in the opening nude romp, and none of the other women in the film are worth mentioning. One last note: An incredibly young Don Johnson plays the boyfriend of the husband's daughter. Well, I guess everybody has to start somewhere.
      Goodbye Charlie
kultkultkult - Right before the opening credits is a dancing scene with a busty woman in a yellow dress (Playboy Playmate Donna Michelle); she shows some good cleavage jiggling (for 1964). Some scenes later she bends down a rail a bit. I was amazed how erotic these short scenes were. (0:00 - 0:04)
Tagman18 - Virginia Madsen
    Grandview, U.S.A.
Anonymous - There is a scene that shows a pretty good shot of Jamie Lee Curtis's breasts.
    The Granny
Spacoli - there's an awesome scene when this chick flashes her ultra-huge cans at this guy. I saw it when I was real young and it blew me away.
Tagman18 - that's Shannon Whirry - D-cup erotic thriller star with mouth-watering boobs.
Heather-Elizabeth Parkhurst
    Great Balls of Fire!
Craig Mercer - There is a significant sighting in this Jerry Lee Lewis biopic. To illustrate how out of control '50s tit culture was, look for the hugely-endowed Paula Person (in her only movie role) as Sam Phillip's sweater busting Amazon secretary at Sun studios. She's prominent in 3 scenes: 1) When "The Killer" shows up at the studio the first time and is greeted by her. He can't believe his eyes, neither can we. (0:12) 2) After celebrating the hit status of the single, the Sun records crew gathers and crowds around her a la Bachelor Party for a picture. (0:27) 3) After the shit hits the fan about his teen cousin bride, her father shows up at the studio with a gun. In this scene she rises from her desk and we see in addition to her big tits, she's an all-around BIG girl. Whoa. (1:02) Any historical accuracy to this documented anywhere? Any MOJO articles about Sun Studios' 50-inch busted secretary?
    The Great Bikini Off-Road Adventure
BreastCrazee - Avalon Anders is a tight little blonde hottie with perky implants. Plenty of thong shots in this one.
  The Great Houdini
Argyle - Adrienne Barbeau plays a prostitute who shacks up with the Great One in this 1976 TV movie. She displays some lovely cleavage in a couple of scenes.
Lots of nice chests in this skateboarding movie, including that belonging to BEA favorite Lindsay Felton.
    A Guide for the Married Man
Chili Palmer - Robert Morse gives extramarital affair advice to neophyte Walter Matthau, illustrated by way of vignettes. The first one features gap-toothed Brit Terry-Thomas and Jayne Mansfield, who spends the scene clad mostly in black lingerie. Ooh baby!
  The Gumball Rally
RED G. in Ontario - The highlight of the movie is at the very end when very buxom Linda Vaughn, of auto racing and Hurst shifter fame, distracts one of the drivers right at the finish line by stretching her tight white T-shirt to its limits... then runs toward the guy.... huge tits bouncing wonderfully!!! MY god!! (1:36)
Boobwatch One - In an earlier scene, a girl flirts with one of the drivers by pressing her medium-sized, sweater-covered breasts against the window she's cleaning. (0:59)
    A Gun, a Car, and a Blonde
Uncle Pugsy - Andrea Thompson hit the headlines in 2000 when she became a TV anchorperson and details of her sordid movie past surfaced. The fuss was about Manhattan gigolò, but in fact she had done a totally nude sequence with Billy Bob Thornton in this movie. It is a flashback sequence and therefore in black and white. She has a pretty impressive rack for her age (around forty when this was shot). It's hard to focus on the news when this is in the back of your mind.
Carol Wayne
As with all Andy Sidaris movies, there are plenty of beautiful breasts on display here. Cynthia Brimhall sports the biggest pair in this one.
      Guns, Girls, and Gangsters
Nicklaus - Mamie Van Doren -- Best bullet bra of all time.
  H.O.T.S. aka T&A Academy
Boobwatch One - The quintessential '70s T&A flick: lots of nudity, tight T-shirts, and big tits, including those of Angela Aames and Lisa London. Highlights include Angela skydiving topless into the dean's pool (0:20), Lisa's brief topless scene where you get to see those staggeringly massive twin zeppelins (1:22), and a football game played between rival sororities where items of clothing come off after each score (1:33). Love those topless huddles!
Argyle - Aames was memorable as Linda "Boom Boom" Bangs. During the opening credits, a sad-looking, rather flat-chested young woman--let's call her, the "before" girl--walks into a plastic surgeon's office. A few moments later, out strides Miss Aames--the "after" girl--puffing out her chest with new-found pride. Among other offerings, during the film she parachutes into a pool topless, distracts the Dean with her cleavage (when she bends over to serve him a drink and says, "take one"), bathes nude with a seal, gyrates rather nicely in a topless football game, and dominates the scenery at the obligatory wet T-shirt contest (emceed by Danny Bonaduce!).
  Half Baked
Smitty - There's a scene where Guillermo Díaz and one of Clarence Williams III's blonde henchwomen (C.J. Fidler) get in a fight, and when she finally pins him, her top has been half pulled down/over. It's great; all the action stops and everyone just stares in shock. Dave Chappelle yells out, "Now THAT's a titty!" and Jim Breuer yells out, "Fully man, that is an official FULLY." (1:13)
HUNK - PJ Soles is an incredibly cute girl with a nice rack. Late in this movie, you see brief shots of her cute, perky tits as she is screwing her boyfriend and later as she is being attacked by Michael Myers.
    Halloween III: Season of the Witch
HUNK - Stacy Nelkin opens the shower door & comes out to get a towel. You see her fabulous boobs hanging down through the glass door.
    Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers
Craig Mercer - Kathleen Kinmont plays the perfectly slim and stacked sheriff's daughter. Her full frontal scene where she strips (she wears a "Cops Do It By the Book" T-shirt and panties during most of the flick) for her boyfriend by a fireplace is amazing if you're looking to rent and capture. Her discreet scene is unbelievably more amazing: Her father shows up unexpectedly in the middle of the act and she scrambles to get dressed. Her back is turned from the camera, yet you can still see her huge boobs swinging left and right from the back and glowing from the firelight.
    Hamburger... The Motion Picture
skip - There is one scene where they show a close up of Randi Brooks' cleaveage drenched with sweat while she is breathing in and out very hard. A great scene. (0:40)
Craig Mercer - Has an incredible final scene involving an improbable sighting. However, be warned that this is the darkest of black comedies, although one of the best I've ever seen, and the circumstances of the said scene may strike a little too close to home to fully enjoy. That said, the choice of actress in the scene is a testimony to the brilliance of the director in its impact.
    Happy Gilmore
HUNK - Adam Sandler signs his autograph on the huge tits of one of his female fans (Jessica Gunn). (0:46)
    Hard Hunted
Typical Andy Sidaris fare with lots of gorgeous women in tight outfits, bikinis, and nothing at all. Ava Cadell's huge globes are a standout.
    Hard Ticket to Hawaii
As usual, there are plenty of beautiful breasts on display in this Andy Sidaris flick.
Tagman18 -
      Hardbodies 2
Tagman18 -
      Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man
Anonymous - Near the beginning of the movie when Mickey Rourke and Don Johnson are at the motorcycle club, there is a stripper (Bobbie Tyler) on a Harley, and you see every inch of her big, beautiful breasts.
  Having Babies
Argyle - This 1976 TV movie featured Adrienne Barbeau in some startlingly tight tops, including a horizontally-striped number that'll bug your eyes out.
    He Got Game
Craig Mercer - Ray Allen's performance as Jesus Shuttlesworth in this 1998 drama put him in bed with two of the most incredible co-eds in screen history. To drive home (in his own inimitable way) the fact that pussy is used to bait Blue Chip players to prospective colleges, director Spike Lee uses two huge-breasted Playboy-calibre white chicks (porn stars Chasey Lain and Jill Kelly) in a scene where Allen beds both of them at the same time. The grin on Allen's face says it all. Look out for this one.
      Hear No Evil
Raven De La Croix
  Heartbreakers (1984)
Boobwatch One - Busty Carol Wayne gets topless in this flick (0:46), but even more impressive is the sight of her giant, fleshy globes fighting to escape a black bra in an earlier scene (0:26).
Argylge - I first saw this on cable back in the late 1980s and was absolutely amazed at Carol Wayne and that uplifting black corset of hers. Now, Carol was the recipient of a lot of wisecracks, titters and sexual innuendos as Johnny Carson's sidekick in the "Tonight Show" Tea-Time sketches, but I don't think I realized the full impact of what she had until seeing the opening credit sequence of Heartbreakers. She looks absolutely enormous with her boobs pushed up, out and together by that corset. Coupled with her slender frame, it is really mind-boggling. There's a great sequence in which Carol talks to Peter Coyote while modeling for his fetish paintings. She demands that Coyote ask her about her life. When she does, she tells him she's from Kansas City, did "bad in school," and has a "great chest." When he agrees, she adds, "It's the most interesting thing about me..." If you have a good eye, you can get a nice peek at her cleavage all through this scene, as she turns subtly from side to side. Ironically, her worst scene is the one that gets all the press -- the nude scene. She looks great in the white bra, then somehow all gets ruined by the kinky ménage à trois.
    Heartbreakers (2001)
Southern Shore - Fans of Jennifer Love Hewitt will love this movie! No nudity, but she shows off more skin than all of her other films combined. Loaded with cleavage shots, bras peaking over low cut dresses and skintight outfits!
      Heavenly Bodies!
Anonymous - Russ Meyer's series of vignettes features Althea Currier, Ivana Nolte, Monica Liljistrand and a few other D-cup maidens.
  Heavy Metal
Palomine - At least two very busty cartoon gals.
Seelie - A great movie for many reasons. Not the least of which is John Candy's voice attached to a body that looks like Arnold when he was still on 'roids.
    Heavy Metal 2000
multibrst - There is a brief shot of a six-breasted dancer.
north - Sybil Danning has a great scene of her glistening cleavage, swelling up and down in her dress while breathing heavily.
    Hercules vs. the Hydra aka The Loves of Hercules, Hercules and the Hydra
Presto - Jayne Mansfield's wardrobe really makes her boobs stick straight out.
Argyle - Bad movie, great costumes for Jayne. Though she was obviously padded out for the part, it's still pretty neat to see how far she can stretch across screen. Rule of gladiator/mythology movies: you can only be Queen if you have the biggest chest.
    Hillbillys in a Haunted House
The Crawling Eye - This Country Musical Comedy is for bad B-Movie film fans only, and while it doesn't feature any nudity (it's rated G), it does at least feature the beautiful Joi Lansing, whose large breasts appear to be testing the button resistance of her tight and overstretched shirt. Also, if you can stick around until the films finale, Joi is seen in a boob-outlining silvery catsuit.
      The Hit
Doc Fetish - You must catch the first scenes with Laura del Sol (0:30), during which she is wearing a low-cut dress that flatters her enormous tits. After that they've got her covered up.
rb - Rick Sloane
    Holiday aka En vacances
Jessica Paré
    Hollow Man
Boobwatch One - An invisible Kevin Bacon unbuttons the top of a sleeping Kim Dickens and starts fondling her naked breast. It's quite a site to see what looks like a breast undulating on its own. (0:39)
Anonymous - Rhona Mitra
        Hollow Point
Seelie - Tia Carrere in a low-cut wedding dress; but the b(r)est scene is in a strip joint where a very gorgeous model gets nowhere near enough screen time. Sadly, according to the IMDB this is her only film appearance. Aside from the breasts, this one's really worth watching as it features Donald Sutherland and John Lithgow both playing psychopathic madmen out to kill each other. Very funny (especially Donald Sutherland) and surprisingly well written.
    Hollywood Hot Tubs
VitaminC -
      Hollywood or Bust
TheZookie007 - Anita Ekberg
    Holy Smoke
Anonymous - With Kate Winslet and Pam Grier. Ms. Winslet is nude pretty much throughout the movie. Worth the price of admission!
      Homer & Eddie
Argyle - Angelyne has a cameo.
Dr. Monsoon - This scene changed my life: A nurse saying "I don't know what's wrong, but my boobs are getting so big." She then unbuttons her blouse to show another nurse which elicits a gapping stare.
Mr Grives - In one scene the female lead has a dream that her breasts are enlarging. She goes to a doctor, and the doctor asks what she's had to eat. She says, "Just yogurt and dairy products." The doctor says, "No wonder."
Boobwatch One - The dialog of the (single) scene described by Dr. Monsoon and Mr Grives above is as follows: Woman 1:"You know, I don't know what's wrong. My boobs are getting so big." Woman 2:"Big?" "They're swelling." "Why are they swelling?" "I don't know. Look." "What have you been eating?!" "Just yogurt and dairy products. "Oh, no wonder!"
    Honeymoon aka Flitterwochen
Argyle - Plot: Newlywed couple's trials and tribulations during their honeymoon in Rio. Sighting: Tourist Dolly Dollar repeatedly causes tensions between the honeymooning couple. She poses glamour-girl style for the husband's pictures, parties hearty at Carnival, and most memorably, gets frisked at the airport by the security guard, who just happens to turn out to be the bride (Cleo Kretschmer).
    Honky Tonk Nights
Argyle - Some of you may wonder if, in my quest to uncover the biggest and best "breast" moments in screen history, I ever run across any complete and utter total crapola. The answer is a resounding "yes". I want to disclaim something right here and now. I would never, in a gojillion trillion zillion years, ever rent anything with the words "Honky Tonk" in the title if I wasn't d*mned sure it was going to have some major league tooters in it. I am going to repeat that just so that I get it on the record. No... "Honky Tonk"... unless.... colossal... yabbos. OK. Now that my conscience is clear, let me just say that this is on my top five list for worst movie ever. It is not without the considerable merits of Carol "44s" Doda, queen of the silicone revolution. In fact, she never looked more buxom than in this... umm... "flick". I always thought that "44 inch" billing she used after her silicone injections in the 1960s was way inflated, but something must have happened between those early post-injection photo spreads in Fling and Playboy and the time she made this movie in the 1970s, because... well... she looks huge here. Carol is "Belle", a stripper turned Kon-tree san-ger who starts sang-in' at a Georgia dive where the resident "star" doesn't have nearly the boobage, and the "audience" is more interested in Belle's t*ts. Lot's o' brawlin' and brewin'. And I'm pretty sure the transvestite "Dolly Parton" at any local karaoke joint could out-sing Carol in a heartbeat. But... as long as you aren't at all particular, and your fast forward button is working, you can get at least a little enjoyment out of this one if you're a Carol Doda fan. Don't say I didn't warn ya!
A topless and very busty Roxanne Brewer pops out of a big "Happy Birthday" box. She then hugs Robert Klein and shoves his head between her giant globes. (0:40)
      Hot Boyz
TheZookie_007 - There's one scene in which a college girl protests to cop Gary Busey that she was unjustly arrested at a party. She was hired to provide some dancing entertainment, she says, and proceeds to demonstrate. At a point she removes her top... goodness lands!
    Hot Dog... The Movie
rb - Shannon Tweed
      Hot Ice
St Stephen - Alyssa Alps is featured in this thriller; of course there's not much, about 5 minutes total in 3 appearances, but in two of those she's stripping and lap dancing, WOW! She's in her zaftig stage, but by no means fat, just BIG. Yum! The movie itself is a total turkey, but Alyssa is WOW! (Did I say that already?) Probably the best big-boob sequence I've seen in a mainstream, non-porn movie (except maybe for some of Russ Meyer's stuff; does he count as mainstream?)
    Hot Resort
Anonymous - There is one scene where a huge-busted woman (Dana Kaminski) displays her assets for a decent time.
  The Hot Spot
Boobwatch One - Busty Jennifer Connelly has a topless scene by a lake toward the end of this film.
  Hot T-Shirts
Argyle - This movie promises to be legendary, but apart from featuring future Penthouse Pet of the Year Corinne Alphen, this is a major league piece of worthless dreck. A wet T-shirt is pointless, isn't it, when it's covering an A-cup? Exactly. Corinne is the "ringer" that two rival teams of townie girls are trying to nab for the big wet T contest, only for a gal that's 3rd-billed, she has almost no part whatsoever. She's briefly seen first as a carhop brushing off offers to compete in the contest, then later showing up at the last minute to claim the big prize. Brief flash of nudity, but hers look a lot better--and bigger--in clothes, for some strange reason.
      The Hound of the Baskervilles
tina83 - British movie starring Dudley Moore. Memorable scene of Moore's face being wedged into Dana Gillespie's deep cleavage (0:48). Several other scenes with Gillespie and her cleavage (1:11, 1:18).
rb - Hilary Shepard-Turner and Deborah Shelton.
      I Got the Hook Up
Craig Mercer - A bizarre throwback to old school black comedies like Cotton Comes To Harlem and Uptown Saturday Night. The scene in question is the very first shot. Under the credits plays a candid scene of street life in New Orleans (actually L.A.). When there, on the horizon is a mammoth-breasted ghetto queen. It's unclear whether or not she even knows she's on camera. The closest thing to a candid huge sighting in mainstram film we'll ever get. There is also a roomful of big-busted strippers hidden away in John Witherspoon's hidden club.
      I Like the Girls Who Do aka Liebesjagd durch 7 Betten
Cauchy - There is a busty, blond, German actress who plays one of three roommates. The lead male has sex with all three. The blond actress is completely nude but it is a small part. She was also in Love Bavarian Style. Does anyone know who she is?
Anonymous - I think it could be Alena Penz!
    I Like to Play Games
Seelie - Lisa Boyle (not all that big, but not bad at all) in a bunch of leather straps under a trench coat working in an advertising firm.
  I Married a Strange Person!
Boobwatch One - Animated film centering around a man who gains supernatural-like powers. During one scene, in which he is having sex with his wife, he makes his wife's breasts grow beyond the size of their house.
Argyle - Don't go rent this movie because it has a BiM sighting. Go rent it because it is one great movie! It's the way thrillers ought to be made, IMO. However, this is the BEA, so you want to know about the t*ts. Rebecca De Mornay must have blossomed as she became thirty-, then forty-something because she looks utterly fantastic in this flick. Not a big part -- you'll see why if you rent the movie -- but it was a nice shock seeing her look so... um... so sexy... after all these years. Yum.
    Idle Hands
Palomine - This reasonably clever sendup of teen horror movies includes a memorable make-out scene in a car, where a young woman in Kiss makeup (Kelly Monaco) has her unusually ample and shapely breasts groped by an animated severed hand (the title character) thinking that it's her boyfriend. The scene's length and content (plus the fact that the movie is not too bad) definitely make it worth renting.
    Il Postino aka The Postman
ubu - The tall, dark, statuesque beauty of Maria Grazia Cucinotta is a standout in this charming love story between a shy but determined Italian postal worker (Massimo Troisi) and the fetching hostess of the village's inn. Cuccinotta's heaving cleavage is constantly and tantalizingly on display.
    Illicit Lovers
A ton of busty women get naked in this softcore flick.
    Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks
ubu - Dyanne Thorne
Anonymous - A young Tanya Boyd plays Satin, one of Ilsa's henchwomen and exploding assassins! The scene where she kills the Sheik is a great one. Fantastic body.
    Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS
ubu - Controversial, notorious, supremely tacky, tawdry show, but Dyanne Thorne sports an amazing rack in and out of uniform. Like it or not, when she is on camera, your eyes will focus on her protruding breasts. Back in the seventies, women of her dimensions were rare (she had some help from medical science to achieve such an impressive breats size, it seems--in some close ups, scars are visible). As Ilsa she plays the vicious, lustful camp commander who performs heinous experiments to prove that women can endure more pain than men. Male prisoners are pawns for her unbridled libido, but face castration if they do not measure up to her standards. She is equally nasty in the three sequels spawned by the success of this shock classic.
    Ilsa, the Tigress of Siberia aka Tigress
ubu - Dyanne Thorne
    Ilsa, the Wicked Warden aka Greta the Torturer, Greta, the Mad Butcher, Greta, the Sadist, Ilsa: Absolute Power, Wanda, the Wicked
ubu - Dyanne Thorne
    The Immoral Mr. Teas
Presto - Uncredited torso shot of June Wilkinson makes this Russ Meyer movie worthwhile.
Howard Miller - Well, this is it. The one that started it all for Russ Meyer. This cheaply made little nudie is one of the most important films in movie history because it pretty much began the modern movie sexual revolution. Hard to believe looking at it now, but you have to transport yourself back to the 1950s when nude females didn't show up on the movie screen in living color. Its extremely simple storyline has a delivery man (Bill Teas) getting a pain shot to have a tooth pulled. After the shot he gains the ability to see all the busty women inhabiting the film as if they weren't wearing clothes. Everything is very innocent and played for laughs (if only this movie had some). At one point toward the end (0:48) our hero goes fishing and runs into three of the women he's already seen earlier behaving like they're in an old nudist film, i.e. swimming, playing ball, etc., all the while showing off their ghostly white breasts and asses. There are some fair-sized tits to be seen, but Meyer hadn't yet learned how to present them at their best. A real antique of interest only to historians.
    In the Heat of the Night
Anonymous - Starring Rod Steiger and Sidney Poitier, it's an excellent murder mystery set in a small southern town and features a short scene where a very large-breasted piece of white trash (Quentin Dean) likes to undress at night for the benefit of patrolling police officers. For the voyeurs.
    The Independent
Mighty Lingster - It's a send-up of the T&A B-movie genre. Roger Corman has a cameo role, as does Julie Strain, Priscilla Taylor, Penelope Pumpkins, Fantasia, and Brittany Andrews.
      Indian Raid, Indian Made
Boobwatch One - Mega-titted Morganna is featured performing a native dance in this sex comedy.
    Inner Sanctum
Tanya Roberts nude
    Innocent Blood
togolane - Teri Weigel and 12 other babes play strippers in this horror-comedy.
      Inside Out II
Argyle - The Kitten Natividad segment called "Busty Gusty and Her Twin 50's" is very amusing. I saw it on Playboy TV years ago. It was a vignette, maybe 10 minutes long, which told the story of a young woman who "developed" to such an extent that she was literally pushed into a career as a stripper/entertainer. There were some amusing sight gags---one in particular was an old yearbook shot in which Busty's picture spanned two spaces in the yearbook, as her breasts extended into the next frame. After her career failed (the first of many times), Busty Gusty bought a night club and renovated it into a discotheque named "Titz-a-Poppin". The story ends tragically when Busty burns her (huge) bra at a rally in the '60s, and everything in sight goes up in flames. The final shot shows her tombstone, with a pair of tits on it. It was a spoof of those PBS documentaries ("...brought to you by the foundation for...").
    Into the Night
Sue Bowser
  Inventing the Abbotts
Lightfoot - there is a very brief topless scene with Jennifer Connelly
    It Happened in Athens
pierre - Repeatedly good scenes of Jayne Mansfield in a weird movie about the founding of the Modern Olympics (!)
    It Started in Naples
SAMU - Sophia Loren
    It Takes Two
Anonymous - There is one scene where Kirstie Alley and Steve Guttenberg go swimming, and when Kirstie leaves you can see her voluptuous figure. (1:07)
Anonymous - About 1/4 to 1/3 into the movie is a scene in a tavern in which a VERY busty woman is featured in one of those old-style push up corsets. Her massive cleavage is barely contained by it. She is seen later in the movie, but her chest is less prominent.
      Jackie Brown
Argyle - Pam Grier has the starring role in Quentin Tarantino's masterful screen version of the Elmore Leonard novel Rum Punch. Grier looks wonderful at forty-something, and surprisingly stacked in her stewardess uni, but recommending that you see this one for the t*ts is a crime. Jackie Brown is a drop-dead fantastic movie, with all of the pop and crackle you'd expect from a Tarantino script. I feel a little dirty putting this on the same list as Killer Sex Queens from Cyberspace, but you really can't cover up Pam Grier's figure. Rent the DVD and you get a bucket of trailers from Pam's 1970s sexploitation flick appearances.
        Jacqueline Hyde
Contains a BE scene.
23skidoo - Carla Gugino has a couple of nude scenes showing off her large breasts. Unfortunately the context is that her character is raped -- however she is raped by two women, which is a twist you don't see very often. There is a particularly nice shot of her sitting in a shower, topless.
    The Jayne Mansfield Story
SAMU - Loni Anderson
  Jekyll & Hyde... Together Again
Boobwatch One - Bernadette Birkett comes away from a breast augmentation procedure with absolutely gigantic tits (see the vidcap and clip).
Craig Mercer - At the climax of the flick when Jekyll is transformed into Hyde during surgery, Cassandra Peterson (aka Elvira) is holding the instrument tray, and her uniform is open about to the waist. Hyde reaches for a scalpel and loses it when her boobs are shown in close-up (ala Bachelor Party and Joysticks).
    Joseph Andrews
Presto - I once saw a fantastic picture from this movie of Ann-Margret dressed as Lady Booby. I eventually managed to locate the movie, and I was a bit dissapointed that the cleavage did not seem as prominent as in the Playboy picture. Still, if you come across the movie, I think you will enjoy the outfit.
    Josie and the Pussycats
Craig Mercer - Rosario Dawson is Valerie, but Valerie was never drawn this big. Check her out in this movie, especially scenes in the "Loreal" hotel suite and the fight scene toward the end (1:20).
      Joy of Sex
unclekev - Colleen Camp wears some tight tops, really showing off her DD's.
squidsucker - A great, yet sadly quick scene where we see a hot dog wiener dropped into Becky LeBeau's impressive cleavage.
    Judas Kiss
ubu - Although Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson share top acting honors in this above average thriller, it's Carla Gugino's voluptuous (DD), protruding, heaving and bouncing cleavage that makes this movie unforgettable.
Boobwatch One - The very first scene features Beverly Hotsprings stripping down completely naked to reveal her large breasts and VERY dark nipples.
    Just Visiting
Anonymous - Bridgette Wilson's cleavage on the table near the beginning. Definitely worth looking into.
  Keiner hat das Pferd geküßt
Argyle - Dolly Dollar
  The Kentucky Fried Movie
Boobwatch One - During the Catholic High School Girls in Trouble segment (0:09), Uschi Digard's naked mega-tits are repeatedly shoved against a glass shower door.
      The Key aka La Chiave
Cauchy - Starring Stefania Sandrelli, who has many topless shots
    Kill Crazy
Danielle Brisebois nude
    The Killer Elite
Southern Shore - Uschi Digard (star of many Russ Meyer movies) plays a hooker in the opening party scene.
  Killer Klowns From Outer Space
Seelie - Not really an erotic scene, but two female clowns have a pretty impressive BE moment when they meet the heroes. Impressive not by virtue of technical skill, but volume and symmetry on what were pretty clearly balloons under their shirts. (1:08)
        Killer Looks
Tagman18 - Sara Suzanne Brown
      Killer Sex Queens from Cyberspace
Southern Shore - Danni Ashe is a virtual vixen (hooker) on the Internet. Unfortunately, if you download her, she comes alive and kills you! Also features B-movie scream queen Lorissa McComas.
    King Ralph
Argyle - You might be thinking that I'm crazy, but Camille Coduri, as Ralph's prostitute-turned-heroine girlfriend, sports a nice cleavage in the dinner scene.
Presto - There is a short scene with a busty waitress (Suzan Hughes) in a bowling alley. (0:11)
Boobwatch One - Vanessa Angel looks incredible through the whole movie, but her best scene by far is when she's trying to distract Randy Quaid while he's bowling. Her big tits are pushed up high in a white dress, and her nipples are SCREAMING through the fabric. (0:44)
TheZookie_007 - Vanessa Angel's boobs are struck repeatedly by Woody Harrelson in a fight. (0:59)
squidsucker - Yes Vanessa Angel, but nobody has yet noted that Morganna The Kissing Bandit has a good scene near the end of the movie when she runs out onto the bowling lane and gives Bill Murray a kiss. Murray then cops a feel of one of her giant silicone sacks. You really get a good, long camera shot of her body in this scene. (1:31)
    The Kiss
23skidoo - Busty teen Meredith Salenger in a wet, clinging, white swimsuit. Joanna Pacula also stars.
      Kiss Me Quick!
Anonymous - Has a bevy of C-cuppers/borderline D-cuppers. It contains an incredible stripping sequence with Althea Currier about 8 minutes into the film. Ms. Currier has great body!!!!
    Kung Pow: Enter the Fist
Features Jennifer Tung as Whoa, a woman with just a single, large breast.
  L.E.T.H.A.L. Ladies: Return to Savage Beach
Imaginos - Andy Sidaris directed.
Shae Marks, Julie Smith
  La dolce vita
JJ - this one stars Anita Ekberg in some very sensuous scenes including a solo dance
Sickboy - IMHO I enjoyed watching Anita Ekberg running up the stairs at the Vatican.
    La liceale seduce i professori
Zoop - Donatella Damiani is one of the stars of this Italian comedy, and she has one incredible scene. An older fellow enters a bedroom and wakes up a fully naked Donatella. He seems a bit surprised that she's there. She sits up in bed, her magnificent rack in full bouncing view while they have a short conversation. Since I don't speak Italian, I have no idea what's going on in this scene--and I don't care.
    La teta y la luna aka The Tit & the Moon
goat's milk - A great movie about a 10-year-old boy who fantasizes about breastfeeding. Filled with a wide variety of fantastic, natural, bare breasts.
    Lady in Waiting aka Hollywood Madam
Anonymous - After arranging a date with cop Michael Nouri on the phone, Shannon Whirry lies back in a bath with her chest completely above water. She reaches downwards and begins to groan and make expressions of erotic bliss while her wondrous globes are pushed together by her arms. There is also nice Nouri's-eye-view of her from the waist up when she's riding him in a later scene.
Argyle - Lady in Waiting has one of those generic adultery-->murder plots but has some nice moments with Shannon Whirry as well as a brief nude sequence with Sandra/Sandy Taylor/Korn, who was a Penthouse Pet and is probably most famous as being a repeat guest on Howard Stern's old WOR TV show. Shannon has a first rate entrance--the protagonist, a cop, sits with her in a bar and stares at her cleavage, looking up into her smirking face as she asks, "Can I help you?" Later, she in fact does have a topless scene lying down in the bathtub, and a couple nice sex scenes. What a body! Sandra Taylor appears briefly in the beginning of the flick, as a prostitute or fetish call girl of some sort who undresses in a motel room and then gets strangled.
    Lap Dancing
Chili Palmer - Straight-to-video movie with incredibly unreal club action, but look for megaboobed Fantasia in the background, among other chesty lovelies.
    Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
23skidoo - Angelina Jolie has confirmed she wore a padded bra to measure up to the video game heroine's measurements, but right after the opening fight with the robot, we get to see the sides of both her own breasts after she comes out of the shower. Very nice, but all too brief. Some nice bouncing action (faked or no) during some of the action scenes, too.
    Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life
23skidoo - Angelina Jolie apparently didn't bother with the padding this time around, which means the nice large rack we see bouncing around in a bikini and in a skintight silver outfit (with pokey nipples yet) is all her!
      Laser Mission
Nandhu - Debi Monahan's cleavage is wonderful. If only she'd done a topless scene...
    Last Orders
Anonymous - The movie, about bar buddies reminiscing about their recently deceased pal Jack (Michael Caine), has a flashback of Jack and his bride, Sally (Claire Harman), 36 minutes into the movie. She removes her bra and shows a pair of perfect C or D cups that look 100% natural and have very perky nipples. If she had a boob job, then she had the world's best boob job.
    The Last Porno Flick
Argyle - While the flick itself is really a parody of the "making of" a porno film (PG, no nudity), it is topical in that there are some healthy busts on scantily-clothed display, including Robyn Hilton's awesome cleavage. The nurse's uniform is particularly sexy, and Robyn fills it out spectacularly. Colleen Camp also has a small part.
      Last Resort
Craig Mercer - A complete waste save for two scenes featuring Lisa McDaniel, who dances under a banner reading "Worlds Biggest." When our heroes (played by the 2 Coreys) go deep sea diving, a tank malfuntion sends Haim into the stratosphere, flying around the beach where he makes a crash landing into McDaniel's giant breasts, causing an explosion and smearing foam (silicone-get it?) across Haim's face. The same gag occurs a few scenes later except McDaniel, now bandaged up, deflects Haim with her palm. Pathetic movie.
  The Last Road aka SpeedWay
23skidoo - The incredible Petra Verkaik has a small role in this film, but you get to see her parade around in cut-offs and take part in the only known nude love scene she ever filmed!
Tagman18 - Julie Strain nude.
Argyle - Particularly worthy are the scenes in which a topless Petra flags the drag race, and her love scene, in which her lover drives a "car" up through her cleavage as she giggles.
    Last Tango in Paris
HUNK - Marlon Brando plays an older man infatuated with a teenager (Maria Schneider) in Paris and has cozy nights with her. She has huge globes.
      Legal Tender
Tanya Roberts nude
  Leprechaun 3
Boobwatch One - Contains a disturbing scene where the leprechaun makes a woman's breasts, ass and lips grow to outrageous proportions before killing her.
    Let's Talk About Sex
Shane - This movie's about a girl who is going around and interviewing women about love, sex and relationships in the 90's. There are some rather attractive women in it but there are 2 that just rise above the rest. Although they are only on screen for probably under a minute, it's worth it. Of course I am talking about the brief scene (0:40) during a sequence of scenes of women showing their special "talents." The two HUGE-breasted women (Tawny Peaks and Rachel Rocketts) do various tricks with their breasts. Like having them wear glasses and holding things with their cleavage. So check the movie out. The movie itself is OK, some amusing parts and all of the main girls are good looking but one is rather nicely proportioned herself.
    Li'l Abner
Captain Kickback - Movie based on the Broadway musical, which was based on the comic strip. Lot of real short skirts and tight, push-up tops with low necklines. The best though is Julie Newmar (pre-"Batman" series Catwoman) as Stupefyin' Jones. Statuesque in a skimpy costume, C-cups(?), and legs that go on forever.
    Liar Liar
Stephen Goldhorn - Classic scene in the elevator: Jim Carrey: "New in the building?" Krista Allen: "Yeah, I just moved in Monday. Everybody's been real nice." Carrey: "Well, that's because you have big jugs."
anon - While this sci-fi film may not be the most action-packed, the gorgeous vampire/alien played by Mathilda May is completely naked in every appearance she makes. What more could you ask?
    Little Girls and High Finance
Argyle - Anita Ekberg
    Live and Let Die
Anonymous - Bond uses his magnetic watch to pull down the zipper on Madeline Smith's blue halter-necked dress.
      The Living Daylights
23skidoo - One for the real fetishists out there, featuring Amazonian actress Julie T. Wallace briefly smothering an old guy with her large chest (not fatally, in fact the guy doesn't seem to complain at all!). Russ Meyer would have been proud! (Though, this being a Bond film, she keeps her top on.) The film also includes a very brief side view of a topless Virginia Hey, later to star in the sci-fi series Farscape. (She's not visible in pan-and-scan videos.)
      The Long Ships
Anonymous - A Richard Widmark/Russ Tamblyn viking movie. Within the first 15-20 minutes of the film, Widmark discovers Tamblyn screwing a very busty wench (Jeanne Moody). The camera angles on her curvaceous form could have been better, but, we'll take what we can get.
      Look Who's Talking
Anonymous - When John Travolta takes Mikey (the kid) to the airfield, the girl behind the counter (Daliah Novak) has huge jugs under a tank top. Mikey looks at them and says to himself (via his inner commentary), "Wait a minute. These things come in different sizes? What are these? Jumbos?" Travolta notices Mikey staring and says, "I see you starin' at that. You must be thinkin' the same thing I am," to which Mikey responds, "Heh heh, lunch!"
Howard Miller - As far as sex in the movies is concerned this film ranks right up there in importance with The Immoral Mr. Teas. At the time Russ Meyer made Lorna all movies with nudity in them were "nudie cuties": no plot or recognizable characters and almost always a comedy. But for Lorna Meyer decided to follow the example of the Italian neo-realists, with shadowy black and white photography and lusty, realistic people. Meyer often said this film was his take on Giuseppe De Santis' 1948 classic Bitter Rice. The plot is as follows: a young couple has been married for a year and the wife (Lorna Maitland) is about to go crazy in their boring backwoods community. She loves her husband Jimmy (James Rucker), but when they make love she's left staring at the ceiling long after he's finished. He goes off to work at the salt mine (literally) and she goes to take a nude swim in a swamp (0:32)- one of the most famous scenes in all sex movies. She finishes in time to be raped by an escaped convict (Mark Bradley). Noticing how lustily he is while she's trying to fight him off, she decides she'd rather have him than the husband and talks him into letting her run off with him. Meanwhile Jimmy has had to beat the shit out of a drunken co-worker Luther (the wonderful Hal Hopper) who has made improper comments about Lorna one time too many. Luther apologizes to Lorna when they get home, which makes her feel real bad about allowing the convict to ambush her husband. She rushes to his aid and is killed in the attempt. God what a waste! Except for Althea Currier, who has a brief rape scene at the beginning of the film, Lorna Maitland is the whole show here as far as nudity and huge breasts are concerned. She is well up to the task and easily carries this movie by herself. This isn't my favorite Meyer movie but it could very well be the best he ever made.
    Lost and Delirious
23skidoo - Sexy teenager Jessica Paré, 18, who can best be described as a D-cupped version of Liv Tyler, plays a frustrated teen lesbian in this popular Canadian film. Her breasts are nicely seen during an erotic lovemaking sequence with Piper Perabo (0:28), and later you see them filling out a large, blue bra (0:54). Jessica spends most of the film in a schoolgirl uniform, which should make leg fetishists happy.
    The Lost Continent
SAMU - Has Dana Gillespie in a low cut bodice and leather vest with tight pants.
  The Lost Empire
BreastCrazee - Raven De La Croix is INCREDIBLE !!
SAMU - Angelique Pettyjohn
Argyle - It isn't High Cinema. Jim Wynorski's 1983 opus has a numbingly stupid plot, Scooby-Doo-like villains, and dialog that gives Shakespeare no worries. But, to its credit, The Lost Empire has babes. Big babes. Pneumatic babes. Kick-ass babes with luscious love melons. It's sort of a cross between Russ Meyer's Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! and "Charlie's Angels", without a social conscience. Not that that is a bad thing. The film stars Melanie Vincz (cop), Raven De La Croix (Native American high priestess with supernatural powers) and Angela Aames (ex con) as the titillating trio of crime busters. To foil some kind of master criminal plot by the evil Dr. Sin Do (no kidding) and his cult, which includes a lot of Ninjas and a gorilla, if you can believe it, the girls enter a "Superstars" type of contest on Sin Do's island paradise, with lots of other voluptuous contestants. I would say "I am not going to spoil the plot..." but that would be admitting that there is one, so suffice it to say that all ends well, after some delightfully cheesy end-game special effects. Along the way, we meet a number of other impressively-contoured actresses in smaller roles, including Debbie Blaisdell, aka porn star Tracey Adams, and an opening sequence in a jewelry store that lets you know what you're in for with the very first frame. Stir it all together, and you have one seriously "class A" exploitation flick. Why is it such a favorite, and a classic Breasts in Movies flick? Well, for starters, there's miles of cleavage between the three leads, who appear in a nice selection of sexy crimefighting-wear. There's Angela Aames' nude shower scene. There's Raven and Melanie locking a couple of drunk rednecks in the trunk of a car. There's Raven's topless sequence with a non-feathered boa. There's the mud fight between Angela and Angelique Pettyjohn. There's that gal in the jewelry store. There's the gorilla. There's Angela mimicking Tattoo from "Fantasy Island"... and on and on. Like I said, it unfortunately did not win an Oscar. Win some, lose some, I guess. But for T&A, it's one of the best. Heartily recommended, late at night, while horny.
    Love & Human Remains
23skidoo - Canadian comedy-drama from the early '90s features voluptuous and very large-breasted actress Ruth Marshall. We get to see her deep cleavage a number of times, and her large breasts are on display in a skin-tight workout outfit. We get pay dirt with two brief topless scenes that show her breasts are of at least Mimi Rogers-Jennifer Connelly caliber, if not bigger. Although we only get cleavage, she also has a very hot (but too brief) doggy-style sex scene later in the film. The movie also features a nice topless scene by Mia Kirshner, who was 17 or 16 at the time. (The director must have received special permission.)
Palomine - Not that great a movie (unless you are really into angst-ridden Canadian 20-somethings (portrayed by 30-something actors) of varying sexual orientation) BUT as suggested I was pleasantly surprised by Ruth Marshall. While I might not classify her as quite as impressively endowed as Mimi Rogers, she is buxom, natural, somewhat petite and has short dark hair (all good things IMHO). Her nude scenes aren't as long as I'd like (no surprise) but you do get a few decent glimpses of her unconstrained pillowy bosom.
      Love Bavarian Style
Cauchy - There is a busty, blond, German actress who plays the barmaid at the local hotel and has her cleavage showing to good effect in many scenes. Eventually she has a sex scene (softcore) where she does a striptease and exposes her breasts. She was also in I Like the Girls Who Do. Does anyone know who she is?
      Love Potion No. 9
Presto - Short scene of Petra Verkaik at a party. (0:52)
    Love Stinks
Boobwatch One - Lots of good talent in this film. Bridgette Wilson shows off plenty of her very respectable cleavage as Chelsea, French Stewart's love interest. Supermodel Tyra Banks' tits are certainly nothing to sneeze at. Shana Moakler has a minor role as a bubble-headed, big-boobed actress. And the pièce de résistance: Shae Marks shows up briefly wearing a black dress with tits just pouring out (0:40).
      Love Street aka Rue des plaisirs
KultKultKult - Features Laetitia Casta, but there is much more while the story unrolls: 3 older prostitutes recall their memories about a handyman launching the career of the prostitute played by L. Casta. Anytime the camera pans over these mature women, the big one in the middle flashes a quite nice, big and healthy cleavage. Yummy!
Jonna Lee
      Lunch Wagon
Sickboy - The black girl in this movie (Rosanne Katon) is incredible. Great scene of her running...
      Lust in the Dust
SAMU - Lainie Kazan, lots of cleavage.
    Macumba Love
Nicklaus - June Wilkinson dancing.
    Madame Sans-Gêne
KultKultKult - Sophia Loren portrays a washer-woman and displays a shapely bosom through a constantly wet peasant blouse - awesome! And she moves, breathes, runs and acts like a real proud woman. Don't miss it.
  Mafia! aka Jane Austen's Mafia!
This movie contains a scene where a young boy is sitting next to a young girl. The girl tells the boy to make a wish, and when he does, her breasts grow.
  Making the Grade
Craig Mercer - Blonde, wide-eyed wonder Jonna Lee stars as the preppy, Izod sweater-bending love interest. Watch for the love scene when she peels off her sweater and thrusts her DD's toward the sky. Brief but memorable.
Rick Levinson - Art house film by the guy who directed Il Postino. Il Postino co-starred Maria Grazia Cucinotta, while Malèna stars Monica Bellucci, Cucinotta's great rival for the "heir to Sophia Loren" stacked and sultry film diva competition. Cucinotta has the edge in the "firm and fully packed boobs" dept, but Bellucci may be the most sensuous actress working today.
    The Malibu Beach Vampires
Argyle - Angelyne has a small part as a "Barbara Bush Impersonator", which must be some kind of in-joke because she's wearing a tutu and carrying a wand with a star at the end of it. Truly bizarre.
    The Malibu Bikini Shop
Tagman18 - Debra Blee bikini
  Malibu Express
Left_Goldberg - In my opinion the best of a great big-breast filmmaker's classic films. All of Andy Sidaris' movies are worth renting (and then some) but this is my favorite hands down. Most of the girls are playmates and have that fantastic late 70's early 80's natural look. (One of the characters' names is "Khnockers" (Lynda Wiesmeier). Enough said.) Well worth seeing; everything a breast lover could want. Sidaris is second only to Meyer in my opinion, and this is before massive silicon girls played the lead (which is also great). Great film all around even has an interesting plot twist.
SAMU - Sybil Danning
Argyle - This is my favorite Andy Sidaris flick, bar none. I know the tits may have gotten bigger in Sidaris' later films (Shae Marks in Return to Savage Beach, etc.), but for my money, any time you can fit Kim "37-22-34 D-cup" McArthur, Lynda "36-22-36" Wiesmeier and Robyn "Hello boys!" Hilton into the same flick, you just have to take an evening and savor the experience. Kim (Playboy's Miss January 1982) and fellow Playmate Barbara Edwards play protagonist Darby Hinton's "neighbors" who repeatedly invade his houseboat to make themselves at home. How he can resist their charms is beyond me, but apparently he's dedicated to being a detective. Kim can be seen in a bikini, topless in a nice shower scene with Edwards ("I'm in love with the girl in the centerfold of Playboy Magazine... she's got to be the prettiest woman that I think I've ever seen...") and twirling a baton. Wiesmeier appears as a character named June Khnockers--with an 'h'--for good reason, seen slipping out of her race driver's uniform, briefly in a tight yellow T-shirt, and later topless in a nice chase scene. The latter ends with an amusing exchange between Lynda and the driver of a motor home who gives her a lift after she flashes him: "God bless you, sir!" she exclaims. "God certainly blessed you, ma'am," says the driver, as the camera starts on her canyonesque cleavage and slowly pans upward to her innocent smile. Finally, Robyn Hilton, best known as Mel Brooks' bimbo secretary "Miss Stein" in Blazing Saddles, plays a blond French maid named Marian here, displaying generous cleavage herself. I can't recall now, because I saw it as a teen, but I think this may have been the first movie I ever saw that had nudity in it, and it's always had a fond place in my heart.
Anonymous - Priscilla Barnes plays Miss Ivannah, the topless pshyic with three nipples. Not a bad rack and a fun shot. Also, Joey Lauren Adams takes her tops off for a sec.
    The Man Inside
Argyle - Incredibly obscure, and you may never find it, but if you do, buy it, rent it, whatever you can do to see it. Inch for inch, at least up until Four for Texas, Anita Ekberg may never have looked so busty as in this flick. In almost every one of her scenes, she's clad in some or other tight apparel and shot from the side. I mean, we get it... she has gigantic garbonzos.
    Man of La Mancha
ubu - Sophia Loren's breasts in a push-up corset.
    The Man with Two Brains
Lesbian Bob - Near the end of the movie, Steve Martin is desperately searching for a hot-looking woman to kill and put his girlfriend's brain into. Randi Brooks plays a prostitute with a Tweety Bird voice who unwittingly agrees to be injected with lethal Pane In The Glass window cleaner. She appears topless for only a couple of seconds. (1:12)
        Marked for Murder
rb - Rick Sloane
    Marriage on the Rocks
JJ - Starring Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin; has several sexy scenes featuring beautiful Joi Lansing.
    Mars Attacks!
23skidoo - Lisa Marie as the Martian chick gets to show off an impressive (clothed) chest -- yes, it's augmented for the role, but trust me, 99% of it is her (0:59-1:06). Also, another actress wears a skimpy Egyptian costume (0:41, 1:30-1:32, 1:36). Pam Grier co-stars, but doesn't reveal anything.
kultkultkult - The "Cleopatra Cocktail Waitress" is Alexandra Smothers. She gets far too little screen time but blows the other actresses away in her awesome Egyptian costume.
  Me, Myself & Irene
Presto - A bunch of guys in a barber shop spot a busty mom (young and pretty Shannon Whirry) and start hooting and hollering (0:16). Jim Carrey's character is very reserved and tells them to, "Take it easy. She's a mom," and they laugh at him. Later he snaps and starts doing wild things, and he ends up nursing on her boob (0:21). It's played for laughs but is very realistic. You just see him locked on to one tit and sucking like crazy.
  Mean Mother
Argyle - A 1973 Blaxploitation film starring "Clifton Brown" (aka Dobie Gray). Unusually for a small film such as this, the cast had some pretty major babes, including Bond girl Luciana Paluzzi and Tracy King, in addition to boobalicious Robyn Hilton, who'll never live down being cast as Mel Brooks's buxom dimwit secretary in Blazing Saddles. Robyn only has a brief part, but it sure isn't a small one. The first time she appears on screen is a close up of her chest. She plays a gang moll who feigns being a stranded motorist on her way to the beach. "Can you help?" she coos in a baby doll voice, while batting her eyelashes. As Dobie gets under the hood (of the car, people), she pulls a gun on him ("maybe you should try the distributor"). Well, after some excellent shots of Robyn and her cleavage, Dobie turns the tables and wrestles the gun away from her, then forces her to strip at gunpoint--actually, he helps her off with her bra, and that's darned gentlemanly of him, if I do say so myself. There's an unabashedly great exchange when Dobie first happens upon her on the road--she's explaining how she got stranded, as the camera focuses on him just staring at her breasts... Pretty neat stuff.
Tagman18 - The camping trip, and Cindy Girling lies down in the canoe and tells Spaz to "keep us in the sun; I want to even out my tan" as she adjusts her top, and Spaz just LOSES the oar, but keeps stroking.
  Meatballs Part II
Argyle - It wasn't a very good movie, and in contrast to many I've seen since, it pales by comparison, but this scene stuck in my mind for a long time--Misty Rowe of "Hee Haw" fame and Archie Hahn getting squeezed together between two school buses. IIRC he says "I know a place where the four of--I mean, the two of us can go and..."
  Meatballs III
squidsucker - There's a part in the movie about a wet T-shirt contest featuring a near-sighted young gal who looks like she's trying to shop lift a pair of cantaloupes under her shirt. Ya also get a few shots every now and then of Shannon Tweed in a bikini, but no nudity from her.
    Meatballs 4
Anonymous - One fantastic looking Asian girl (Christy Thom) who has boobs that will make you drool. They are, shall we say, nice, soft-looking oversized pillows! VERY VERY NICE!
        Meridian aka Kiss of the Beast
anon - In this warped Beauty and the Beast inspired movie, the characters played by Charlie Spradling and Sherilyn Fenn are drugged, then in a dream-like sequence disrobed and, well, taken advantage of. I wish the stunning and voluptuous Charlie had more camera time during this part; she's dreamy!
  Microwave Massacre
Marla Simon's breasts get some great screen time, especially while bouncing up and down during the opening credits.
  The Midnight Hour
Argyle - Jonna Lee
      Midnight Madness
Anonymous - The busty waitress is one of the best! (Donna Garrett)
  Midnight Tease II
anon - Strippers become murder victims in this flick (boo, hiss!); the most notable of them being the sexy Julie K. Smith, who you'll get to see dance twice.
    The Millionairess
SAMU - Sophia Loren
        Mind, Body & Soul
rb - Rick Sloane
    Miracle Beach
Lots of good looking women in this beach flick, some in bikinis, some out of them. Watch for Miss Great Britains (Michelle Grassnick) in all her topless glory (1:00). (Make sure you've got the R-rated version!)
Palomine - Similar to Paprika but falls short. The protagonist Miranda, played by the voluptuous Serena Grandi is certainly well endowed and easy on the eyes, but she's no Deborah Caprioglio I'm sorry to say. As with other Tinto Brass films, the erotica stops short of actual penetration, but there's plenty of nudity (both male and female), jounce/jiggle, erections, etc. Perhaps it's the director's thing, or reflective of the film's European nature, but there does seem to be a fascination with body hair (especially on women) and body functions. Not so much as to be a turn-off to most American tastes, but don't say I didn't warn you.
    Mirror Images II
Anonymous - An essential part of any Shannon Whirry collection, this time she lets the guys touch her extraordinary breasts. And they do. In the final sex scene her lover squeezes them together, pushes them upwards, and she briefly sucks/kisses/licks them - a classic. Also features her seducing her quite well-stacked psychiatrist (Kristine Kelly) into some breast-on-breast fun. The excellently-bosomed Sara Suzanne Brown plays a bra-less hooker in one nice scene.
moviewiz2000 - Kelly Preston is the total focus of this coming-of-age film set in the 1950s. The main character is obssessed with her, but he is a geek, so his cool friend helps him get her. He first feels her chest through her top in the beginning of the film, then later there is a scene where he has his hands down her pants and wrips off her panties. It's a very funny scene. Then they have sex while the dog watches, and there are several great shots of Ms. Preston's tits, ass and bush.
    The Model Solution
Kimberlee Castaic's and Kitana Baker's big, fake tits are stand-outs.
      Molly and Lawless John
Presto - Features a nice couple of scenes with Cynthia Myers.
  Mondo Topless
Howard Miller - Definitely one of Russ Meyer's minor efforts. This pseudo-documentary is supposed to be a look at the topless dancing scene in swinging '60s San Francisco. The film stars Babette Bardot, Lorna Maitland, and Candy Morrison, all of whom fit in the humongus catagory. Unfortunately, it also features about a half dozen other girls who are no better than average and gives them as much screen time as the mammary queens. This is hard to explain since Meyer's mission has always been to populate his films with the biggest breasts available. He also has the irritating habit of quick cutting between the girls for no particular reason - and the '60s dancing and music both seem rather silly now. (To tell the truth, most of the girls aren't very good dancers.) On the other hand, the film does feature full nudity, with Morrison being especially impressive and Maitland not far behind. Curiously, Bardot actually suffers from being able to let it all hang out. She's still much larger than average, but she's one of those women (like Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield) whose bosom looks bigger in clothing than it does out of them. It's interesting that during part of her interview Bardot says she's not allowed to touch her breasts during her stage act because it would be deemed too suggestive. Anyone who has gone to a strip joint lately knows things have certainly changed since then. I don't think this is an easy tape to find, but I'd certainly recommend renting it if you can, rather than buying.
23skidoo - Rose McGowan in a cleavage-baring cat fetish costume! Meow! (0:13, 0:19, 0:54, 0:59, 1:00)
Boobwatch One - At one point Monkeybone dresses up like Marilyn Monroe, takes his ears off, blows them up like balloons, and attaches them to his chest as big ol' tits. (0:14)
Anonymous - Keep your eyes peeled for the lovely Bianca Nacson as the character "Susan" who shows off her spectacularly ALL-NATURAL endowments in a make-out scene (only to get killed by the monster... Boo! Hiss!). No nudity (Again... BOO! HISS!) but still she looks way hot.
      Monty Python's The Meaning of Life
Anonymous - In one scene, a man has been convicted of "gratuitous sexist jokes in a moving picture" and has been allowed to choose the manner of his execution. Apparently, he chooses to be chased off of a high cliff (that I think is somewhere in Ireland) by roughly a dozen topless women wearing matching red, yellow, or blue helmets, knee pads and elbow pads, and an article of clothing that has barely enough fabric to be considered a thong. The absolute highlight of scene is a sequence in slow-motion that culminates in a zoomed in (and still slow-mo) shot of one of the girls breasts bouncing up and down. Then at the end of the movie, there's a song and dance number featuring a Broadway-type line of girls (some of whom were in the previous scene I described) with exposed (but fake) breasts.
    More Than a Miracle
SAMU - Sophia Loren does a scene of a dishwashing contest. It starts with her in a beautiful, orange, low cut dress, full makeup, wig and huge earrings. During the contest she is bent over the wash basin in the best display of her cleavage ever. She's scrubbing the the hell out of the dishes and the water is splashing all over her chest and her cleavage is jiggling like crazy. She gets so wet, jiggly and bent over I think you can see a nipple for a frame or two. The scene lasts a good long time too. It is IMHO the best non-mature-audiences-only cleavage jiggly scene in movie history.
    Mother, Jugs & Speed
Peaks - Starring Raquel Welch: Guess who she plays? Yes, Jugs! And her Jugs look great in some tight sweaters. This movie also boasted a weird mixture of actors, Bill Cosby, Larry Hagman and Harvey Keitel, plus Raquel of course.
    Motor Psycho aka Motor Mods and Rockers, Rio Vengeance
Howard Miller - This movie qualifies as a remake of Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! only with a male rather than female gang. Three rejects from a Roger Corman movie tool around the desert on little Japanese motorbikes (NOT motorcycles, motorbikes) beating up men and raping women. They beat up and rape the wife of the local veterinarian, who takes off after them in his Toyota Land Cruiser. Meanwhile the boys kill a traveler and shoot his wife and take off in HIS Land Cruiser. The doctor picks up the wife (Russ Meyer vet Haji), discovers she only has a flesh wound and continues after the punks. By the time the movie is over one tough has been shot, one has been stabbed and one is blown up with a stick of dynamite. I wish I could say this is as good a film as Pussycat but I can't. There's a real "been there, done that" feel about it and the sight of the motorcycle bums with their legs dragging the ground on their tiny motorbikes is too funny to take seriously. This is another of Meyer's made for the drive-in efforts, so no nudity. Full-busted Arshalouis Aivazian looks good in a bikini at the beginning of the film, as does a slightly smaller Holle K. Winters as the doc's unfortunate wife. Haji's as active and animated as usual and her tight, deep-cleavaged dress shows off her figure well. The outstanding find in this film is Sharon Lee. She appears in only one scene (0:14) as a rich horse owner making a try for the vet while his wife is being assaulted back home. Sharon seems to have a few miles on her face, but her breasts look impossibly huge in a full body suit. I remember seeing this film years ago at a theatre and thinking to myself that these must be the biggest breasts in the world. Two other points of interest: Russ Meyer himself has a rare speaking part as an insensitive policeman who interviews the doctor after the rape. And I do believe this 1965 movie marks the first appearance of what was to become a late 20th-century film cliché - the crazed Vietnam veteran. The main villain goes nuts in the desert and thinks he's back in the jungle, with little military drums sounding in the background and everything.
  The Mountain of the Cannibal God aka Slave of the Cannibal God
Anonymous - Ursula Andress changes her shirt in one scene and is painted in another.
Howard Miller - This Russ Meyer film could be viewed as a sequel to Lorna: it's in black and white, it's about poor white trash, and Lorna Maitland is in the cast. This time the action takes place in Spooner, Mo., not Cajun country, at the height of the Depression. A young drifter from Detroit (John Furlong) takes a job at the farm of kindly but sickly old Luke (Stu Lancaster). Luke's got a mighty purdy niece named Hanna (Antoinette Christiani) who lives with him, and she has a mean as a snake husband named Sidney (Hal Hopper). Sidney likes three things: fucking, fighting and drinking, and not necessarily in that order. By the end of the movie he's pretty much pissed off all the townspeople, so they invite him to a lynching - his own. That's just about it as far as story goes. Furlong makes a decent, likable hero and Hopper is easy to hate, although by the end he comes off as almost pitiful. Some interesting things about the nudity here. Meyer seems to be trying a "natural" approach, and although there are plenty of breasts and butts on view, they're kept within the context of the plot. Maitland has a couple of brief but welcome nude scenes (0:26, 0:56) as does Rena Horten (0:35, 1:02) as the title character. Another full-busted character called Sister Lucy is raped and killed by Sidney near the end of the movie (1:23), but I didn't get her name. A bit overblown in parts, but not bad Meyer.
    Mulholland Dr.
Byz - While a rather artsy, disjointed movie, the lesbian love scene between Naomi Watts and Laura Elena Harring made me feel like this movie wasn't three wasted hours of my life. Laura Elena Harring's breasts push a full C, if not a D, and they're shown off very well in the film. I didn't get minutes seconds and frames, but it happens about halfway through the movie. Laura looks marvelous, and while Naomi is rather small-breasted, her nipples look wonderful. The lesbian scenes are wonderful.
  Mulholland Falls
Lightfoot - You can see Jennifer Connelly naked (or at least topless). (0:03, 0:17, 1:10)
Boobwatch One - Even more impressive than Ms. Connelly's topless scenes (which are actually scenes of people watching a black-and-white film of her making love) is the scene where she wears this incredible, bust-accentuating green dress. (0:31)
    Murder Can Hurt You
Nicklaus - Connie Stevens with olympian-sized pads in her blouse, portraying a Dolly Parton rip-off. She boasts of having the "two biggest hits in Hollywood"...
      Murderers' Row
Chili Palmer - Matt Helm movie with Ann-Margret.
      My Favorite Year
Boobwatch One - Lainie Kazan's cleavage is truly extraordinary, especially during the scene at the dinner table (0:50).
    My Tutor
BreastCrazee - When the guys go to the whorehouse for their high school "graduation presents" and one lucky bastard gets Kitten Natividad as his lady for the night. Her tits are HUGE and her tight black dress shows amazing cleavage...
    The Naked Detective
Boobwatch One - Big breasts dominate the screen in this softcore flick, including those belonging to Julia Parton, Carolyn Renee Smith, Taylor St. Clair, and Camille Donatacci.
    The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!
Boobwatch One - While trying to get out of Vincent Ludwig's apartment without being seen, Lt. Drebin (Leslie Nielsen) steps out onto a ledge high above the street, and inadvertantly surprises a well-endowed woman wearing nothing but a bra and panties.
    The Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear
Boobwatch One - When the police question a buxom sex shop worker showing a lot of cleavage (Gina Mastrogiacomo), she asks indignantly, "Is this some kind of bust?", to which Lt. Drebin (Leslie Nielsen) responds, "It's very impressive, yes."
    Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult
BreastCrazee - Anna Nicole Smith's amazing cleavage.
    Naked Souls
Pamela Anderson
      Naked States
iannyc2050 - The girl from St. Paul Minn., huge naturals! So great! It's about 35 min. into the movie.
    Naked Warriors aka The Arena
Pam Grier
  National Lampoon Goes to the Movies aka National Lampoon's Movie Madness
Cute and busty Teresa Ganzel in a rare topless appearance.
multibrst - It is basically a low budget '80s horror movie where a witch escapes the witch hunters of early colonial America to reemerge in the 1980s. The witch sucks the life force out of her victims and then breastfeeds the life force, in the form of white liquid goo, to her evil minions. She has more than two minions who wish to feed upon it though. Thanks to her six breasts, this does not prove to be a problem.
  Nick Danger in The Case of the Missing Yolk
The Surgeon - This movie is extraordinarily odd, but has one monster redeeming feature: The full commercial for Boobie Chew Bubble Gum plays at the end of the movie. The commercial is seen during the movie by a female character watching TV, then at the end you get to see the whole thing full-screen. It's a commercial for bubble gum which increases breast size when a girl chews it. Lots of expanding girls in bikinis. The breast expansion is pretty low-budget, but there's LOTS of it. Nobody gets any bigger than a big C, that I can remember, but it's probably the longest breast expansion feature in existence.
      Night Angel
Boobwatch One - Our hero is walking through a house of horrors, and one of the "exhibits" is Susie Sparks' and her legendary all naturals. She's not on the screen long, but as the camera passes by, she hoists up her mighty globes to reveal faces on their undersides (as if each of her tits were really a human head). (1:00)
    Night Calls: The Movie, Part 2
Maria Ford, et al.
    Night Eyes
Tanya Roberts nude
      Night of the Demons aka Halloween Party
Boobwatch One - There's a strange scene in this violent horror film where a possessed Linnea Quigley shoves a tube of lipstick into her breast through her nipple.
  Night Patrol
The WV Crippler - An old slapstick film co-starring Linda Blair. Kitten Natividad plays a pot-smoking hippie and gets a little attention in it. It's funny when the cops come in and say, "This is a bust." She comes running out going, "No, this is a bust," and bounces her chest up and down.
    Nina Takes A Lover
Palomine - Laura San Giacomo looking very voluptuous while trying on several bathing suits (0:40)... worth it if you're a LSG fan as I am.
  9 to 5
BreastCrazee - I almost faint everytime that lucky bastard Dabney Coleman gets his face shoved between Dolly's beautiful tits!
      Ninja Academy
Ares God of War - There is a large-breasted woman (Dee Coppola) in a dream sequence about halfway through the movie.
Naut - Julia Ormond was pregnant during the filming, and her tits had grown absolutely huge-as you can tell throughout, but especially in the sex scene (0:35).
  Not Another Teen Movie
Capper - Cerina Vincent as topless foreign exchange student Areola. (0:11, 0:39, 0:54, 1:03)

  Not of This Earth
Seelie - I don't remember it too well, but if you all thought Monique Gabrielle from Deathstalker II was worth including than this one is as well. It's got a fair number of hookers who get killed but I don't really recall what they look like.
anon - There may only be one scene in this 1988 remake where Traci Lords is actually nude, but plenty of others where she's wearing sufficiently skimpy clothing (a blue bikini, for instance). Additional women, including Ava Cadell, also briefly appear topless.
Argyle - Becky LeBeau performs a goofy, nearsighted, topless birthday strip-o-gram.
    Nude for Satan
Uncle Pugsy - In this udderly ridiculous movie about vampirism and the occult, Rita Calderoni's boobs are the only redeeming cultural feature. For reasons completely unconnected with the plot, she mercifully feels impelled to take a shower.
        The Nutty Professor
Mr. Boobaholic - With Lisa Boyle, Alexia Robinson and Athena Massey all in very tight dresses at a restaurant with Eddie Murphy and later in his bed.
    Nutty Professor II: The Klumps
Franco - I had no idea Janet Jackson looked like that, and they used her assets well. Also there was a cameo by our favorite... Nikki Cox, along with other wonderful busty women and scenes.
The1Dragon - In the ever-present "Bond Annoys Q by Playing with His Gadgets" scene, Bond uses a camera to focus in on the very full cleavage of a Q-branch worker. The camera gets an extreme close-up and even backs in and out a few times. An awesome scene in a mainstream movie. Bond is a tit-man, who knew!
cronk - There is a Nurse Brigitte (Kimberly Brooks) in this film that has a scene where she examines a young camper who feigns an injury for the purpose of ogling the nurse. She gladly shows marvelous cleavage and wears a bra underneath her uniform that causes her breastflesh to tantalizingly ooze out of the cups, giving our young friend more than he can handle.
  Off The Mark aka Crazy Legs
Adrian Burns - An early movie of Terry Farrell (known to most as Jadzia Dax from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine). In this movie there's a flashback scene showing her character, an up-and-coming track star, winning a race via her chest blossoming at a strategic moment.
    On the Border
Anonymous - Rochelle Swanson
      Once Upon a Time in the West
Ronald - Claudia Cardinale stars as the very comforting widow.
    100 Girls
Anonymous - A college kid tries to find a chick he had sex with in an elevator when the power went out. Katherine Heigl has a great shot leaning over the kid with her boobs flopping around. (0:45)
Boobwatch One - This movie also features Ivana Bozilovic, the girl who cheats on tests by writing the answers on her breasts. (0:16, 0:24, 0:39)
    100 Rifles
Boobwatch One - Raquel Welch wears a revealing slip during a scene with Jim Brown (1:11). Then towards the end of the movie, she washes herself under a railroad water tower to distract some Mexican troops on a train (1:27). Her soaked shirt clings to those massive tits as she rubs them down for a good cleaning.
  One Million Years B.C.
Tagman18 - Raquel Welch in a fur bikini throughout the movie. Need I say more?
    Operation Condor 2 aka Armour of God
TheZookie_007 - In one scene Jackie Chan is fighting with a black girl in a catsuit, and he punches her straight on her boobs. Nice slow motion shot of the punch, and her boobs rebounding.
      Operation Petticoat
Craig Mercer - Possibly the only mainstream movie where the plot hinges on a main characters big tits. The tits in question belong to Nurse Dolores Crandall (buxom actress Joan O'Brien) who fills out her uniforms fairly easily. A number of jokes in the film concern her bursting the buttons on her blouse and her requiring clear passage through the submarine corridors. *SPOILER*-but the biggest gag comes at the end when they jettison her bra to halt friendly fire. Check it out.
  The Opposite of Sex
Boobwatch One - Christina Ricci's covered breasts get some quality screen time here. In one scene toward the very beginning, she tugs at her nips through her top to try to get them to perk up.
      Out of Time
Craig Mercer - Tight, tight, tight suspense flick starring the considerable assets of leads Eva Mendez and Sanaa Lathan, plus a brief incredible bonus random rack that shows up at the hour mark.
    The Outlaw
Boobwatch One - Jane Russell's full figure caused quite a stir when this movie came out in 1943.
      P.O. Box Tinto Brass aka Fermo posta Tinto Brass
Palomine - A series of erotic vignettes tied together by Tinto himself (and his buxom assistant, who looks so much like a former GF of mine it's uncanny). Sort of the Italian equivalent of the softcore mush that airs most nights on Cinemax or Showtime, but considerably more erotic. Despite it's mid-90s vintage, implants appear nowhere that I could see, and Tinto's prediliction for buxom, full-figured ladies continues unabated. Quite watchable... and worth renting even though D is about as big as they get here.
    Pandora Peaks
Howard Miller - It's been many years since the last Russ Meyer movie was released. I'd been hearing for a long time that the old master was working on another opus for direct to tape release. First it was to star Melissa Mounds, then it was to introduce a new "natural" star from Eastern Europe. In the meantime this tape was released in 2000 with no fanfare. It starts out as a Meyer autobiography but ends as an updated Mondo Topless for the new millennium. In addition to Ms. Peaks the film features Leasha, Tundi and oldy goldy Candy Samples. The tape features the renowned crystal clear Meyer photography, and each woman is huge and shown at her absolute best. Unfortunately, Meyer continues with some irritating habits he picked up in his last few movies (the overly quick cuts, the overdone bells and whistles sound effects) which he seems to think are clever and funny but which are not. Ms. Peaks is an astounding figure, not so much for her torpedo like breasts but for her astonishingly tiny waist. She is Little Annie Fanny come to life. Tundi, a German natural, also gets lots of exposure, though not with the variety of outfits Peaks models. The other women get considerably less time, but it was great to see the ageless Ms. Samples, a contender for all-time greatest.
Palomine - A frothy Italian sex comedy for adults from Caligula director Tinto Brass, Paprika is set in Italy of the not-too-distant past, and the main character (Paprika, played by the stunning Deborah Caprioglio) is the new girl at the local bordello. Even without subtitles (I don't speak Italian, regretably) the plot is pretty simple: Paprika's erotic trials and tribulations at the brothel and elsewhere. Most shocking (for some) I suppose will be how delightful women looked before implants and StairMaster-equipped personal trainers were the norm for young actresses. Deborah Caprioglio is reminiscent of Fawn Miller, or perhaps Patti Farinelli (if she'd indulged in a bit more pasta) and is simply feminine desire personified on two (shapely) legs. She's wearing little or nothing at all for most of the film, and is a pleasure to watch (especially in motion). No exaggeration is needed to say that she makes even the "biggest" of today's young actresses and pop singers (including JLH, JC, SMG, BS and CA) look flat-chested, anorexic and even boyish in comparison. Essentially softcore entertainment, Paprika stops short of actual penetration and is, IMHO, amusing and entertaining... the camera work is competent and the score complimentary if you care about such things. I suspect however, that after witnessing Paprika in the flesh (oh, such abundant flesh!), you'll be hard-pressed to remember much else (no pun intended). If you can find it, it's definitely worth renting.
  The Party
Boobwatch One - Buxom Carol Wayne has a small role as one of the party guests. Her best scenes are when she's sitting next to Peter Sellers at the dinner table (0:39, 0:44, 0:47). The pink dress she's wearing does a great job of showing off that deep cleavage.
    Pee-wee's Big Adventure
Boobwatch One - Cassandra Peterson (aka Elvira) has a brief scene as a biker chick.
    The People That Time Forgot
Anonymous - Starring Dana Gillespie, a lady with ample cleavage in a very small "cave-girl" outfit.
        Phat Beach
Number11 - one of the leading females is fairly busty, and there are some other busty-bikini-clad babes that appear throughout the movie.
    Phone Booth
Gee - There's a nice cleavage shot of Paula Jai Parker playing a hooker. It's worth a peep!!
    Picasso Trigger
Imaginos - Andy Sidaris directed.
Coyote - Roberta Vasquez (kinda disapponting though)
  Picking Up the Pieces
Boobwatch One - Good stuff in this silly flick, which revolves around a severed hand that can perform miracles. First, there's Maria Grazia Cucinotta, the female lead of the picture, who's always wearing clothes that wonderfully reveal her impressive twin assets. Second, and most importantly, there's a BE scene. A woman asks the hand for "big chi-chis," and her breasts grow from an A-cup to a super-round D-cup, to the joy and amazement of onlookers (0:43). Later, we see those "chi-chis" naked (0:50). And finally, there's actually some PE in this movie. The shortest man in town asks for a huge penis (0:30). Later, he pulls out his new dick for the town doctor to see (0:50). It's about three feet long, so it looks like he's unreeling a hose. Then, at the very end of the film, he reveals his penis (wrapped in tight underwear) to some very impressed female townspeople.
    The Pigkeeper's Daughter
Anonymous - If big-busted farm girls are your pleasure, then this is the film for you. The "mother" of the girls is the bustiest of them all. Her cleavage is displayed from all angles.
    The Pink Motel
VitaminC -
      Planet of the Apes
23skidoo - Bosomy Canadian supermodel Estella Warren wears skimpy outfits in this Tim Burton remake, but doesn't get a lot of screen time. HOWEVER, be sure to check the behind the scenes footage included on the DVD which includes quite a lot of footage of her deep cleavage, as well as a brief flash of her rear end that proves she wasn't wearing underwear under that costume! Burton regular Lisa Marie has a cameo as a sexy ape, but is too well-covered to reveal her curves (the couple broke up after making the movie, so this is likely her final cameo in one of his films).
    Platinum Blonde
tgiFriday - Not sure why "blonde" is in the title because the main star (in the third of three vignettes) is an unbelievable brunette with big fake orbs of pleasure named Shannan Leigh.
Boobwatch One - Shauna O'Brien's fantastically fake tits are also featured (in the first vignette).
    Play Time
23skidoo - Cameo by Julie Strain near the end of this surprisingly explicit made-for-cable feature that includes many sex scenes and topless shots of Monique Parent, Jennifer Burton and others.
    Play-Mate of the Apes
Sharon Engert and Anoushka.
  The Playgirls and the Bellboy aka The Bellboy and the Playgirls
Argyle - OK, it's utter tripe. I mean, no Oscars, no Golden Globes, not even a People's Choice. It's got to be listed on any semi-official "worst movies of all time" list. Seriously, anyone who watches this one without the fast forward button pressed to the floorboard is in serious need of something to do. But... it has June Wilkinson and her twin wonders! Plot: none to speak of. Appears to be sewn together out of two distinct movies--one color, one BW--neither of which has any sort of distinction in any way. Something about an amateur detective who daylights as a hotel handyman. June is a guest who (I think) runs some kind of cross between a troupe of whores/"models" and a porno movie ensemble. I didn't turn the sound up, so I don't really know for sure. Rating: this one owes me some stars...
    Poison aka The Neighbor's Wife
Peggy Trentini
    Police Academy
zepher - Sergeant Callahan (Leslie Easterbrook) yum yum.
    Police Academy 3: Back in Training
The Guv'nor - Leslie Easterbrook with her tight white shirt in the gym.
    Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol
While giving a "water safety lesson," Leslie Easterbrook jumps into a swimming pool wearing a T-shirt and no bra. When she comes up, that T-shirt can't hide her fabulous melons and spirited nipples. She asks, "Who's gonna save me?" prompting the dozen or so male students to frantically come to her aid. (0:34) Later in the movie, there's another Easterbrook moment when she sticks her chest our triumphantly after pinning an opponent in a wrestling match. (1:07)
    Police Academy 5: Assignment: Miami Beach
A couple of Leslie Easterbrook moments. In one scene, two young boys sitting next to her on a plane stare at her chest. In another, her big tits barely clear a limbo stick.
    Police Academy 6: City Under Siege
Early in the movie, busty Leslie Easterbrook exercises in a tight outfit, to the delight of male members of the gym. Later, we see her in a low-cut jogging suit.
  Popcorn and Ice Cream
Argyle - Dolly Dollar has a small part as a love interest of Jonny (Zachi Noy), slipping off her transparent nightie and smothering him with her fulsome boobs. There's an EXCELLENT (though really brief) shot of Dolly running down the hall after Jonny, wherein her all-natural, bouncing breasts look absolutely enormous! They are!
  Porky's II: The Next Day
squidsucker - I know the breasts are balloons filled with fake vomit (trust me, see the whole movie and this will make better sense) but watching that cute little brunette girl outrageously jiggle and slosh them around is a hoot. (1:22, 1:29)
      Predator 2
Anonymous - About halfway through the film there's a scene on a train where a particularly top-heavy teen gets hassled by a group of troublemakers.
Argyle - I couldn't tell you what this one is about, but Playboy centerfold Lynda Wiesmeier guests as a virgin having "sex" (by herself, even!) with one of the protagonists. A funny scene, in that this real-life sex symbol icon plays such a sexually naive girl onscreen. At the crucial moment, she drops back, nude on a bed, and starts moaning while her date looks on, perplexed. There are about 4 short glimpses of Lynda over a 2-3 minute period, and some good shots of her breasts rolling from side to side. Seeing it reminded me how buxom (and CUTE!) she really was.
    The Pride and the Passion
23skidoo - This was a 1957 megabomb epic that nonetheless featured Sophia Loren's cleavage in many scenes, most notably a bathing scene (which turns into a pretty hot - for 1957 - love scene with Cary Grant), and an erotic dance sequence in which her boobs bounce around quite nicely (0:20).
        The Princess Academy
Anonymous - BE scene where the woman from Texas uses an inflatable bra under her sweater to distract one of the administrators. Short scene but pretty good. Inflatable balloons used.
    Prison Heat
Anonymous - As well as more than one totally nude scene (including a shower scene with other endowed women), Lori Jo Hendrix's magnificent breasts are exposed, handled and sucked when she takes her top off, has it ripped off and is forced to remove it in several long, major scenes.
    Private Obsession
Tagman18 - Shannon Whirry (A personal ***** Fav!! - don't miss it!)
  Private Parts
David Ash - Bikini scene where Howard asks a woman to take off her top and be photographed.
Gorgeous porn star Jenna Jameson appears completely nude in this flick. Also, towards the end, there's a breast expansion scene in an airport where Howard Stern imagines a woman's breasts growing.
    Private Resort
Tagman18 - w/Leslie Easterbrook of Police Academy fame (0:06, 0:09, 0:14, 0:43, 1:04, 1:10) and Hilary Shepard (0:35).
    Private School
Tagman18 - Phoebe Cates in a bikini and Betsy Russell's mammorable topless horseback ride!
Lynda Wiesmeier
      Problem Child 2
HUNK - Junior goes out to dine when he finds his school headmaster on a date with a girl with big bosoms (Carla Kneeland). Just love it when Junior throws something at her boobs and her date gropes inside her dress to retrieve that.
  The Producers
Argyle - Lee Meredith, whose real-life measurements were reported as 39-24-36, plays an ultra-dumb, blonde, "Swedish," bimbo secretary named Ulla. When Gene Wilder asks, "What is she going to do here?" Zero Mostel replies, "Ulla, go to work," whereupon, Lee sashays over to the record player, cranks up a song, and starts go-go dancing! Lee, dressed in a lovely, mustard-colored, bell-sleeved miniskirt-dress, shakes it all very inappropriately, and we immediately understand Mostel's motivations in hiring her.
      The Professionals
Philipott - Features Marie Gomez, who's enormous overflowing breasts easily hang below her rib cage. Her scenes are one where she is dancing Mexican style but from a distance (1:05). Then there are shots of her riding with her bandido lover (not on the same horse). Then there is a gunfight, and she dismounts to try to help her lover who is wounded, and there are lots of cleavage shots as she crawls around all sweaty in the dust (1:39). She finally ends up dying in the arms of Burt Lancaster (1:47), lucky fellow!
Boobwatch One - Busty Claudia Cardinale wears something low-cut in each one of her many scenes.
    Promises! Promises!
Anonymous - Thrusting her 40-inch rack every which way (cavorting on a bed, toweling off after a shower), Jayne Mansfield reveals the celebrated tits that made her THE Hollywood tit queen of the fifties. She sucks back her stomach and breathes deeply, famous rack in full view. It was the first time (1963) a big name star bared her boobs in a "regular" movie. Produced late in her career, it was as if Mansfield was driven to provide posterity with visual evidence of the magnificent mammaries that made her a legend in her own time. (Unfortunately for her career, the strategy may have backfired!) In several scenes, she poses with arms stretched overhead, boobs perched tightly. Surprisingly, under such stretching, the twin bazookas almost disappear! (Her legendary boobs may not have been all they were cracked up to be!) Nevertheless, she was one sexy woman!
    Prozac Nation
Boobwatch One - Includes Christina Ricci in a long-awaited topless scene.
Tanya Roberts nude
    Purple Rain
Anonymous - Prince's love interest (Apollonia Kotero) takes off all her clothes right in front of him and goes skinny dipping in the lake. (0:21)
    Quigley Down Under
Philipott - Starring Tom Selleck as a long-range sharpshooter for hire in Australia, has some very nice clothed scenes with Laura San Giacomo where her breasts are very tastefully in evidence under her clothing.
Anonymous - Amazing scenes of Ann-Margret. You see her boobs swing all the time (!) if my memory serves me well...
rb - Lynda Wiesmeier
    The Rapture
Mimi Rogers nude
  Raw Justice
BreastCrazee - Pamela Anderson
      Real Men
Craig Mercer - Now this was a weird ass movie. A surreal Jim Belushi, John Ritter, cold-war, buddy flick that makes very little sense, yet you keep wondering where it leads next. I won't reveal the gag behind the big-boob scene as it's a major spoiler. I will say the blouse-busting, golden-age mams involved belong to no other than the aging Dyanne Thorne, busty star of the infamous Ilsa sexploitation franchise of the '70s and one of the many bra-busting co-stars (along with Shari Eubank and Alexis Love) of the legendary, impossible to find Chesty Anderson boob comedy of the same era. I'll also remind you to turn down the sound during the scene in question. This is important to your enjoyment of the boobs. (0:44)
  Red Heat (1985)
Capper - Linda Blair
      Red Heat (1988)
Philipott - In the scene where we're introduced to James Belushi's character, he's in a car with some guys at the end of a stake-out, and he sees this really hot chick crossing the road towards them. She leans her back against a lampost, showing her boobs under clothing in all their glory. I'd love to know who she is...
      Reflections in a Golden Eye
Anonymous - A really bizarre movie for its time, based on a Carson McCullers novel. I havn't seen it for years, but there is at least one memorable shot of Liz Taylor, bursting out of her bra. She's standing on a staricase dressed in riding gear. As she taunts her (I think) husband about his poorly surpressed homosexuality, she rips open her blouse, exposing her very ample bosom.
      Relax... It's Just Sex
Anonymous - Cynda Williams topless.
      Repo Man
Boobwatch One - Two busty, blonde "repo wives" (Janet Chan and Angelique Pettyjohn) corner Emilio Estevez at a party (1:10).
This movie includes a scene in a gym where a woman, dressed in spandex, is working out on a fly press. As she pumps the weights, her breasts grow bigger and bigger...
Anonymous - As Leslie Nielsen is lecturing, a well-endowed member of the class is rubbing her thigh suggestively at him, hitching her skirt up. He pauses, and says, "Young lady, could you please pull down your dress?" (referring to the skirt). She says, "Okay," and drops the top to reveal her huge boobs. Later, Nielsen is standing outside a women's locker room. The door opens, and a smiling topless girl waves and says hello, causing his pacemaker to go crazy.
    Requiem for a Dream
Palomine - Tho' she's not really seen fully topless, Jennifer Connelly's impressive rack (for a skinny girl) is featured fairly prominently in several scenes. In some, it's clear that there's no bra beneath various skimpy tops. At one point, she is seen looking in the mirror wearing only a small top and nothing else (0:19). Some fur is visible, tho' not in a salacious way; this is a "serious" film and not a teenage T&A vehicle. Still, JC's body certainly looks pleasing to the eye (again, for such a skinny girl).
    Revenge of the Nerds
Tagman18 - Wormser (the kid) standing between two Rubensque, huge-breasted Omega Moos, turning his head each time as he talked and looking straight at their boobs, then mugging to the camera. (0:43)
Tagman18 - Dolly Parton
    Ride Lonesome
Nicklaus - Karen Steele
north - It has a beautiful girl (Judith Godrèche) wearing those old style (not sure what era) dresses, which push up the woman's cleavage... amazingly. (0:28, 0:35, 1:04, 1:07, 1:16, 1:23, 1:32)
Anonymous - While Malcolm McDowell is in a hot tub, Shannon Whirry strips (off-screen) and then walks into view, all of her magnificent charms on display. She joins Maclaren in the water; then enter Lisa Marie Scott, Playmate turned actress, who has a gorgeous set of medium-large breasts. She poses topless at the edge of the tub for a while and then joins them for a kiss. To our and Maclaren's disappointment, Shannon then leaves and the scene ends. Much, much later in the film she has a sex scene which involves some nicely shot breast action.
Two topless, busty women (Nicole Richard and Lucia Sullivan) hug and kiss on a send-up of The Jerry Springer Show (0:15).
    Riverboat Mama aka Muddy Mama
Anonymous - RoboCop enters a nightclub, and as he is walking through the crowd, there is very brief shot of a topless woman with humongous jugs dancing on the left hand side. (0:57)
    The Rocketeer
Anonymous - Jennifer Connelly is featured prominently as the Rocketeer's girlfriend. There are lots of great shots of her capacious bosom in the film, but the mother of them all occurs in the middle of the movie when the villain, Neville Sinclair (Timothy Dalton as an Errol Flynn-type), takes her for dinner to the South Seas Club (a Brown Derby stand-in). Who should they meet but W. C. Fields? Sinclair introduces his date to Fields. "Charmed" says Fields, as he takes her hand in his own and the camera cuts to a close-up, head-shot of Jennifer Connelly's truly beautiful, smiling face. Then, in a completely gratuitous shot designed solely to appeal to every breast-obsessed, adolescent male in the audience, the camera pointedly dollies downward. We lose Jennifer Connelly's head, and our gaze comes to rest on her enormous chest now filling the screen from neck to navel. "Doubly charmed," leers the lecherous Fields as Miss Connelly's massive mammaries fill the screen, the camera lingering long and lovingly on the sight of her remarkable twosome. Now that she's an Oscar-winner, it's probably the best close-up shot of her famous chest we're ever likely to see. (0:52)
    Romeo and Juliet
Goldeneye - Franco Zeffirelli's version of R&J features Olivia Hussey's stunning beauty and her heaving corseted breasts. (Check out the balcony scene for some clothed magic.) Love the "morning after" scene where there are fleeting glimpses of topless Juliet to be had.
      The Rosebud Beach Hotel
unclekev - Colleen Camp: Bra shots..and other tight clothes.
    Satan in High Heels
largebreastfan - Sabrina
      Satan's Cheerleaders
Anonymous - One of those sexploitations flicks that came out in the late '70s. I only saw the last half on broadcast TV, which makes me believe either there was no nudity or it was edited. The big boobs belonged to the cheerleader's chaperone/adviser, who manages to get groped by one of Satan's underlings and raped by the sheriff played by John Ireland (oh, how the mighty have fallen!). The cheerleaders weren't badly endowed either. Yvonne De Carlo also appears in this opus magnum, but perhaps a decade or two too late for one to be considering her assets.
    Savage Beach
Imaginos - Andy Sidaris directed.
    Savage Messiah
Uncle Pugsy - Features Helen Mirren running around totally nude in all her Rubenesque splendour; a sight to make strong men weep.
    Savage Nights
Busty Romane Bohringer appears topless in two sex scenes. She also looks great coming out of a swimming pool in a bathing suit.
    Savage Streets
Tagman18 - Debra Blee bra shot (w/Linda Blair)
Anonymous - In the first ten minutes, Suzee Slater and her boyfriend are attacked by a gang. They pull her boob tube top down and fondle her huge melons.
      Savannah Smiles
Carol Wayne
    Save Me
Anonymous - Lysette Anthony attracts Harry Hamlin trying underwear on in a lingerie store. Later on she shows him a silicon-enhanced woman (Ashley Rhey) taking off lingerie behind a two-way mirror. There is plenty of brassiere cleavage from Anthony in a sex scene in Hamlin's car, and later during a good side shot while they have sex in his bed. We see her bosom most clearly though when she leaves a hot tub. After a stripping game she is seen topless and seemingly oiled up as she and Hamlim have sex by a fire.
Argyle - There are small-time actresses who take small parts in big films to give some credibility to their careers, which I think is what happened here. Angela Aames is a "Woman at Babylon Club", appearing way in the background in a few shots of the dance floor. (Angela can only be seen in the widescreen version.)
    Scary Movie
Boobwatch One - While running from a killer, Carmen Electra takes the time to writhe sexily through some lawn sprinklers.
  Scary Movie 2
j-baller - There's a small scene with a chick who's quite busty, or at least appears so in the small tops they put her in. I think her name is Kathleen Robertson. Anyways, there's a Charlie's Angels-type fight scene, and she gets thrown into a wall, but just before she hits, she pulls a cord and inflates her breasts. It's short, but still nice to see on the big screen. (1:08)
      Scary Movie 3
Craig Mercer - Definitely getting back to basics a la Carmen Electra's cameo in the first installment, the intro to this installment has Pam Anderson at her biggest. Her whole sequence is unbelievable, like they added something extra digitally. Also check for a fabricated Anna Faris boob closeup a couple minutes later.
colt13 - The most impressive chest? Pam Anderson. The 2nd? Camryn Manheim. Also, for those of you looking for a James Bond moment from Denise Richards, you won't get it. In fact, because of her character, you won't see much more than her face. Funny, politically incorrect movie.
      Scavenger Hunt
Carol Wayne
Roger Ebert - The director, Raja Gosnell, has a thing about big breasts. I say this not only because of the revealing low-cut costumes of such principals as Sarah Michelle Gellar, but also because of the number of busty extras and background players, who drift by in crowd scenes with what Russ Meyer used to call "cleavage cantilevered on the same principle that made the Sydney Opera House possible." Just as Woody Allen's Hollywood Ending is a comedy about a movie director who forges ahead even though he is blind, Scooby-Doo could have been a comedy about how a Russ Meyer clone copes with being assigned a live-action adaptation of a kiddie cartoon show.
Shae Marks
  Screaming Mimi
Nicklaus - Anita Ekberg jiggling in a kinky striptease.
Argyle - No nudity (1958 release, after all), but watching her shake it all about is highly intoxicating. Lots of tight tops.
      Screwball Hotel
pierre - Corinne Alphen
Seevie - in the bowling alley
squidsucker - This little Roger Corman produced Porky's rip-off features some of the best big boob jokes I've ever seen.
JJ - Raven De La Croix has a nice long scene as, what else, a stripper and makes the whole movie worthwhile.
Argyle - I know it was supposed to be a "rip-off" of Porky's, but quite frankly, I found it a heckuva lot more watchable. It has a charm not found in other films of this genre, and the only reason I can think of for this is that it was written by a female, co-star Linda Shayne. The plot involves four horny high school guys who've been victimized in various lecherous pranks by the school prude, Purity Busch (no kidding!). They band together in a pact to deflower Ms. Busch before Homecoming. Speaking of Ms. Shayne, she certainly deserves an honorable mention for 1) her sense of humor in playing a character named Bootsie Goodhead, 2) her offer of "More milk?" to new boy Tim while waitressing and 3) her spectacular tits-under-glass drive-in scene when main character Tim slams the van door on her. As mentioned Raven De La Croix has a memorable striptease. ("She's defying the laws of gravity!" utters Howie the nerd as he calculates with his slide rule.) But for me the real find in this flick was the actress who played Myrna (Kim Cayer). She's the buxom brunette who in a number of scenes cups her breasts and urges her "girls" to keep growing. She has her bikini top briefly ripped away when Howie falls backward off the diving board and grabs the nearest thing he can, and the view is not disappointing. Pity it wasn't a longer shot. She's also in the group shot of the girls' gym class doing their exercises ("I must, I must, I must develop my bust... the bigger the better the tighter the sweater, the boys depend on us!") Seriously, if you were too young to have seen this one back in the prehistoric '80s, you ought to do yourself a favor and watch it. IMO, it ranks up there with H.O.T.S. as one of the best in the T&A genre.
    Secret Games 2: The Escort
Tagman18 - Sara Suzanne Brown
    Secret Pleasures
AdonyZ - Nikki Fritz
      Seduce Me: Pamela Principle 2
Tagman18 -
      Sense and Sensibility
Anonymous - Based on the Jane Austen novel. It's not at all a bad movie, though it's rather slow moving, especially for those who like more fast-paced and louder flicks. Nothing sensual here, nor are there any nude scenes. Just that in a few scenes women wear period-style decolletage dresses. Most notable for cleavage is a brief shot of a woman hitting a rug or something from the first-story window of her house; the other is near the end when one of the main characters holds a discussion with another woman displaying a load of cleavage out of her decolletage, almost looking like her breasts could come ripping out of the dress's fabric. This same scene even has a camera shot from below at the women, and you can still see the second girl's mountainous breast-flesh peeping out, heaving up and down with her breathing. Of course, you have to endure watching this film to catch this scene, which is not as fast-paced as Dangerous Liaisons or Amadeus, nor are there as many cleavage shots, nor anything softcore/hardcore. Still, it's an OK classic film.
Tagman18 - Andy Sidaris directed.
  The Seven Minutes
Russ Meyer directed.
      Seven Times Seven
Nandhu - In this movie a girl appears topless with only two ribbons covering her tits.
    Sex, Lies, and Videotape
Lightfoot - Laura San Giacomo
      Sex Lives of the Potato Men
According to The New York Times, this movie features a "terrifying, zeppelin-bosomed older woman."
23skidoo - Features buxom Delia Sheppard in an intentional Jayne Mansfield-style role as a woman who arranges to kill off her sugar daddy husband. The Amazonian Delia appears topless in several scenes and in supersized bras in others.
    Sexual Roulette aka Carnal Risk
Seelie - Several augmented women getting plenty of screen time in little or no clothes.
        Shadow Dancer
Tagman18 - I know Cara van Landingham personally - she dances in NJ.
    Shadow of the Vampire
Anonymous - GREAT breast scene a little more than half way in... Catherine McCormack displays her juicy, all-natural melons for 30 seconds-or-so during a scene in which she is writhing around on a bed, laughing hysterically (supposed to be on a drug binge or something).
      Shamus aka Passion for Danger
Anonymous - During this thriller Burt Reynolds wastes some time seducing a very busty bespectacled girl played by Kay Frye in an empty bookstore. She's won over by the line: "You didn't get a body like that overnight." No nudity unfortunately, but plenty of shots of her tight sweater.
  Shattered Innocence
Craig Mercer - This 1988 telepic stars the jumbo-boobed '80s teen star Jonna Lee (Making the Grade) in the true story of a busty midwest teen corrupted by Hollywood's sleazy porn industry. Jonna's sweater rupturing rack presses through even the most layered '80s outfits she sports. The best parts are in the first half hour when she's shown bouncing in a cheerleader outfit, her first encounter with the modelling agent, and her first photo shoot. This must be seen to believed!
    She's 19 and Ready aka Sunnyboy und Sugarbaby
Argyle - Unbilled Dolly Dollar has a cute little scene in this late-1970s German teen sex comedy. She plays a waitress in a disco who is enlisted for a gag. One of the guys evidently has a crush on the girlfriend of his buddy, so he whispers something in Dolly's ear, slips her a couple of bills, which she stuffs in her cleavage, and then she promptly approaches said target and spills a drink on him. Of course, this provides a nice motive for Dolly to bend over apologetically and clean, and if you've been following along, you know how the camera justs loves her cleavage. While he's in the restroom, our poor hero's pants mysteriously disappear! It's not much of a part in terms of length, but it sure is memorable!
Tanya Roberts nude
      The Sheltering Sky
Anonymous - There is an incredible woman (Amina Annabi) bare-breasted about halfway through the movie. She seduces the main male character (John Malkovich) and then tries to steal all his money when he's sleeping.
      The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw
Presto - Starring Jayne Mansfield. I think she looks better in this movie than any other. There is a scene where she sings "If the San Francisco Hills could only talk." Her bustiness is mostly due to wardrobe, but they did a great job in this movie.
    Showdown in Little Tokyo
Seelie - There's a blond (Renee Griffin) who gets her head cut off right near the beginning who's both beautiful and stacked.
23skidoo - Elizabeth Berkley doesn't have much up top (take that as you will), but we do get to see busty Bobbie Phillips as one of the strippers.
        The Shrimp on the Barbie
Tagman18 - Carole Davis' strip scene.
      The Silence of the Hams
Heather-Elizabeth Parkhurst
      The Silencers
Chili Palmer - Matt Helm movie with Stella Stevens
Anon - It's been a while since I saw it, but I recall Bridget Fonda in a doctor's office contemplating an implant operation (which she later decides against). Doc shows her a computer simulation of what she'd look like with bigger bazonkas. Bridget then taps the keyboard a couple more times to view an EVEN BIGGER version of herself. (0:40)
    Sins of Desire
Tanya Roberts nude
  Size 'Em Up
Short film about an athletic teenager (Lindsay Felton) having to deal with her growing breasts. Also stars Julie Brown and Stella Stevens.
      Ski School
Chili Palmer - features Shannon Whirry and a few other nubiles taking it off at a ski resort. Actually, a very funny movie, one you can actually watch with the sound on and not fast forward (classic slobs vs snobs at a resort). Dean Cameron rocks!
    Ski School II
23skidoo - Playmate Wendy Hamilton appears topless several times in her role as a "nude painter." Very nice.
HUNK - The only vision attracting your eyes in this worthless flick is that of Anna Nicole Smith's 48-inch (or more) sized mammaries.
Boobwatch One - Busty Hollywood legend Mamie Van Doren has a brief appearance as a hosptial patient who asks volunteer Jason Schwartzman for a topless sponge bath. The breasts are enormous on the 70-year-old Van Doren, and Schwartzman does his best at hoisting them up to sponge underneath. She even asks him for a nipple suck, and Schwartzman is quick to oblige. (0:34)
    Slap Shot
JewFunk - There are two great breast moments: 1) The first is when Paul Newman meets up with an opponent's wife (Melinda Dillon) in a hotel room after a game. She's seen sitting up in bed with a very nice rack and huge nipples. She then talks about how she left her husband because she's a lesbian. 2) Also featured throughout the movie are two busty blondes (Janet and Louise Arters) often featured braless, jumping up a down, in tight pink sweaters. There's also a busty waitress at one point and much breast talk and revealing clothing. It's also a movie that every self-respecting guy should watch.
    Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity
Anonymous - This little cheese-fest stars a fairly busty Elizabeth Kaitan (Cayton in the credits), the now-famous Brinke Stevens, and a rather flat-chested Cindy Beal. The story: Two female prisoners on a space ship escape their captors, steal a ship and crash on a wilderness planet with only their bikinis to protect them. They find a castle and are welcomed by the owner. He of course loves hunting humans. Lots of violence and jiggling later, he is defeated and the heroines are safe.
      Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers
Anonymous - So filled with tits and tit shots it's impossible to describe all the scenes. Just check them out.
      Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland
Anonymous - There is an amazing big-breasted babe who hooks up with a guy old enough to be her dad. After she gets killed in the movie, the killer says, "It's a good thing I killed you now because in a couple years you'd be sagging something awful."
      Sleeping Beauty aka Sípová Ruzenka
kultkultkult - This Slovakian movie features some good cleavage. Avoid the (flat) female main actress and concentrate on the queen's maidens/noblewomen busy keeping the dogs. One of them shows it big.
    Sleepy Hollow
gonZo - With Miranda Richardson as Lady van Tassel (best in the final scenes) and the very, very special Lisa Marie as Lady Crane in 2 or 3 mouth-watering dream sequences...
Tagman18 - Debra Blee topless rape scene
    Slumber Party Massacre II
Argyle - Kimberly McArthur
    Slums of Beverly Hills
Not only are Natasha Lyonne's breasts on display in this coming-of-age comedy, they also play an important role in the story. (The nude closeups, however, are more than likely a body double.)
      Snakehead Terror
debra872 - "Amber" (Chelan Simmons) is really well-endowed, and wears several tight T-shirts. Yummy!
So-so exhibition of Pamela Anderson's fun bags, featuring several topless scenes.
    Snowboard Academy
Peaks - Terrible film, but it stars Brigitte Nielsen at her biggest. She has a scene in a Jacuzzi wearing a small white bikini, but the best scene is when she unzips her jacket, showing her awesome chest in another bikini to some lucky guy.
    Some Like It Hot
Hipdadiddy - Marilyn Monroe was pregnant during the filming (later miscarrying, poor girl), which temporarily thrust her usually overrated pair into the Jennifer Connelly category, at least. And how Billy Wilder ever got that dress past the censors of 1959...! It's probably the closest we'll ever come to seeing Marilyn topless...
Boobwatch One - Julie Strain, Kristi Ducati, Rochelle Swanson, and Toni Naples provide the big breasts in this softcore, supernatural thriller. The opening sequence of a nude Strain casting an evil spell is particuarly hot.
    Sorceress II: The Temptress
Cheap sequel has plenty of naked breasts, including those of Julie Strain and Julie K. Smith. The highlight of the film, however, is when a spell is cast upon Trasy Broussard by one of the bad guys. Under the spell, she strips for him; then she kneads, squeezes, and massages her big tits, and begs "take me."
    Sorority House Massacre II
Anonymous - This movie contains an extensive shower scene with a full frontal nude busty chick (Stacia Zhivago), in which the camera constantly zooms in on those relics. In addition all the other girls of the sorority get to show their two good reasons for starring in the movie.
skip - There is one scene where they are in a diner and the waitress is leaning over showing some very nice cleavage.
  Speak of the Devil
Contains a scene where a girl's breasts grow.
Chili Palmer - starring Robert Culp and Gig Young featured them as paranormal investigators going after the devil on earth, who tempts them with various nubile lovelies. Incredibly racy for an NBC-TV movie! (Ahh, the 70s.)
        Speed Zone!
pierre - Very brief sighting in as Jamie Farr as an Arab sheik talks to an amazing woman who describes herself as a bodybuilder.
moviewiz2000 - A supernatural thriller which was very underrated. There is a sex scene with Kelly Preston and her boyfriend which is hot. Then at the end of the film there is a scene with her in a see-through-white-nighty-looking thing, dancing around for several minutes, then gets naked head to toe.
Anonymous - Kirsten Dunst shows the outline of her big boobs and nipples under soaking wet clothes during the sequence where she is being assualted. It's raining really heavily, and the wet clothing really clings to her breasts. It must be cold as well because her nipples stick out like organ stops. Definitely worth a look.
spid - If you look at the crowd of students around the fight between Peter Parker and Flash Thompson, you'll see quite the busty extra standing near Peter's locker.
    Spies Like Us
Anonymous - Vanessa Angel, playing a lovely and buxom member of a Russian missile launch crew, exits her tent in the morning clad in a bra, panties, and a one-piece snowsuit that, thankfully, is down around her knees. As she stretches, Chevy Chase and Dan Aykroyd fight over the binoculars.
    Spirit Lost
Anonymous - Cynda Williams topless.
    Squeeze Play
Adrian Burns - A Troma Films attempt at sexploitation. There're a lot of breasts to ogle in this movie (there's a wet t-shirt competition!), but the chest to watch IMHO belongs to Jamie, played by Helen Campitelli. In one scene, Jamie's trying to catch a softball and it bounces off her marvelous mams complete with "boooiinggg" sound effect!
    The Stand
Laura San Giacomo's bra, in a scene where she is raped by the devil, can barely contain her huge, wobbling bazooms.
    The Star Maker
Anonymous - There are a couple of nude actresses in this movie, but the one woman whose image is really burned into my memory is Tiziana Lodato, who plays "Beata". This was the first film for this busty, brunette ingenue. Her character doesn't show up until the movie has gone on for some time, but she soon does three nude scenes. The first is happily full-frontal. Second is a brief topless shot, and finally, there is a love scene, with a bit more boobage.
      Star Trek: The Motion Picture
Anonymous - Sometimes ballyhooed as "The Motionless Picture", Star Trek 1 has at least some motion worth mentioning. Try to get the DVD--that's where I saw it best. When Admiral Kirk arrives at Starfleet HQ, there's a pair of women just reaching the upper floor of the terminal. One is notably zaftig and bounces and bobbles for a few seconds before walking ahead out of the frame. Note! This is from the remastered version--don't know about previous edits! The live action plate is in the middle of the screen. The shuttle is just about to land as our 23rd century bra-buster puts her jahoobs into warp 2, causing the fabric on her uniform to bunch up into fat wrinkles and then stretch tight when her load gets into motion. Whatever underwear they have in the future does allow for some jiggles. Not even Scotty could keep that heavy equipment from shifting around in the cargo bay. I canna change the laws of physics cap'n!
    Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi
Anonymous - Near the start, there is a most attractive green girl, not wearing a lot, dancing at the end of Jabba's chain. In the struggle her perky right breast escapes the costume just before she goes down the trapdoor. Have to use frame-forward on the video to see it clearly, but worth it to see tits in a family film!
23skidoo - Acclaimed Canadian movie stars voluptuous teenager Jessica Paré, who was either 17 or just turned 18 when the film was shot. At the end of a sex scene where her nudity is digitized out (it's a plot point, not censorship), her large breasts briefly become fully un-digitized and visible when a man spies on her in a bathroom (1:07). There are also numerous views of Jessica's deep cleavage in swimsuits and evening wear.
      Staying on Top
23skidoo - Made for cable softcore flick features several busty ladies, most noticably short-haired brunette Leila Hashemzadeh, who has a very tasty bikini scene showcasing her D-cups before getting it on in the shower. Has this woman made any other movies? This appears to be her only credit (at least under this name). This movie also has a couple of other busty brunettes (whose names I didn't catch), one in a lesbian scene and another who gets drilled in a bathtub.
  The Stepford Wives
Governor - There is a brief BE scene near the middle of the movie. The wives are implanted with nano technology, and the husbands have remote controls for them, and evidently one button controls breast size. In the scene Nicole Kidman, Bette Middler and some gay dude are attempting to visit a neighbor. The wife and husband are just finishing some very vocal sex. The trio let themselves into the house, only to hear what's going on upstairs. The husband and wife finish sex, and he dispatches her to the kitchen for some drinks. The trio hides, and stumbles upon this remote. As the wife (Faith Hill) is coming down the stairs, the guy pushes a button and the wife stops, then her breasts increase by about three to four cup sizes. The trio doesn't see what the remote does as they are hiding. They hear her footsteps and drop the remote and run out of the house. It's just an OK scene where the on-screen BE takes place in about 5 seconds.
    Stewardess School
Seelie - No nudity from Judy Landers, but quite a few shots of her in tight clothes.
Anonymous - There is a beautiful topless strip show by Leslie Huntly in the middle of the film.
    The Stöned Age
Anonymous - It's a movie like Dazed and Confused with metalheads... needless to say, there is this really hot chick in the movie (Renee Griffin), who get topless as well... Very, very good scene... I suggest you check out... Funny movie too...
Mr. Boobaholic - Contains a short scene with a real Big Bust gal, the question is only - who is she? The film stars James Spader, who plays a young candidate for the senate down in the Big Easy. He gets filmed with a hooker for blackmail purposes and as he tries to retrieve the film, about halfway through the plot, he visits a seedy downtown photo studio. A shoot is currently taking place and we get to see glimpses of an incredibly busty biker babe dressed in black leather and a corset which leaves her enormous boobs uncovered. After various positions she has to visit the ladies room and wow! there's a full frontal backward camera slide showing off her walk through a well lit corridor and the stupendously big boobs just sway and bob to and fro for more than 5 seconds! WHO IS SHE?
Anonymous - I think Mr. Boobaholic is referring to busty English actress Charlotte Lewis. She has appeared in quite a few movies, sometimes more clothed than others. She has also appeared in a Playboy shoot.
      Straight Talk
BreastCrazee - Dolly Parton
zepher - John Candy gets to mud wrestle with two babes.
Pandora Peaks as Urbanna Sprawl
  Stroker Ace
Linda Vaughn
Anonymous - Also has plenty of Loni Anderson's cleavage.
      Summer Catch
Boobwatch One - Obssessed with large women, Marc Blucas has a short, pre-sex scene with Susan Gardner that culminates with her big ol' breasts being shoved right into the camera. (0:43)
    Summer Job
Anonymous - Features an appearance by the enormously-breasted all-natural Fannie Annie.
    Summer School
Chili Palmer - Mark Harmon's "breakout" movie (ha!) features an Italian exchange student--Fabiana Udenio, the gal who played "Alotta Fagina" in the first Austin Powers.
  Summer Temptations II aka The Seductress
Shauna O'Brien and her impossibly round, fake globes are prominently displayed in this flick.
  The Sunshine Boys
Argyle - George Burns gives a clue as to the specialness of what is to come when he "orders up" the required bimbette for the doctor sketch he and his ex-Vaudeville cohort Walter Matthau are going to perform again after years of feuding. "Forty, forty-five," mutters Burns into the phone, and you can bet he isn't talking about Lee Meredith's age. Later, during the sketch rehearsal, Lee, clad in the tightest, lowest-cut and shortest nurse's uniform in history, assists the leering doc, played by Matthau. "Oh (cough)... I think I have a chest cold!" says Lee, bending over to give Matthau a face full of deep cleavage. "Looks more like an epidemic to me!" he retorts. Classic.
    Super Mario Bros.
nm156 - Luigi's date Daniella, played by Dana Kaminski, has a great pair!
Features mega-stacked legends Candy Samples and Uschi Digard.
      Superman III
The Guv'nor - Has got a few scenes with Pamela Stephenson's cleavage.
Presto - Very first scene of this Russ Meyer movie with Christy Hartburg as Super Lorna will knock you out. What a fantasy.
Anonymous - I think the sequence with Christy Hartburg at the service station in the beginning of the film is the greatest sequence ever filmed.
      Surf II
Carol Wayne
Anonymous - Kathleen Beller nude.
  Swamp Thing
Anonymous - Adrienne Barbeau
    Sweet Sugar
Nicklaus - Phyllis Davis
    The Sword and the Sorcerer
Anonymous - Cheesy flick, but there is a nude scene with a harem-type girl and an oil rub down scene with Kathleen Beller. Beller is also made to wear a dress that accentuates her cleavage.
      T.N.T. Jackson
DruulEmpire - It's kind of unintentionally funny, shot like a home movie and very underacted with the fighting stylized, chopped up, and sometimes sped up, but Jean Bell (a Playboy Playmate) appears to enjoy cunnilingus while topless in one scene and fighting topless in another, so it has its diversions.
      Tail Lights Fade
23skidoo - Lisa Marie in a rare non-Tim Burton movie. No nudity, but some nice tight-top action. She plays a female hot-rodder.
  Takin' It All Off
squidsucker - A terribly weak sequel, but still there's Kitten Natividad and her twin fleshy wonders to behold.
  Takin' It Off
squidsucker - Kitten Natividad plays Betty Bigones, a stripper on a mad quest to lose three inches of her humongous titties. I challenge anyone to find a movie with more big boob jokes than what this one contains.
    Tango & Cash
BreastCrazee - Teri Hatcher
    Teenage Bonnie and Klepto Clyde
Anonymous - Maureen Flannigan
    Teenage Catgirls in Heat
HUNK - There are busts galore in this; when it rains cats, each of them turns into a stark naked teenager.
      The Tenth Victim
Anonymous - Ursula Andress has her legendary bullet-shooting bra scene in the beginning of the film.
      Terminal Island
Nicklaus - Phyllis Davis
  Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines
Boobwatch One - Near the beginning of the movie, killing machine T-X (Kristanna Loken) is speeding in a Lexus when she gets pulled over by a cop. As the cop approaches, T-X notices a Victoria's Secret billboard; the camera then focuses in on her breasts as she makes them grow several cup sizes. (0:08)
Argyle - Another "classic" bad movie, but what the h*ll--it has superstacked Jennifer Richards (C.O.D.) in an Elivra-type of part, as Medusa, the hostess of one of those B-movie showcases on the channels way up high on the tuner. You know the ones. Richards has almost as many one-liners as Elvira, too, including one somewhat mythologically appropriate, about making any man that looks at her "hard as a rock" (a line she delivers in her best Mae West impression). Grandpa delivers the line we're all thinking--"look at those HOOTERS!" What's classic about this Breasts in Movies sighting is that costume Richards wears. It practically pushes her breasts up to her chin, and perfectly demonstrates the cantilever principles of bridge (and bra) construction. A crappy film, but a great BiM entry.
      Test Tube Teens from the Year 2000 aka Virgin Hunters
Dragon Bob - There are a number of very good scenes involving showers and what not. But one of the better scenes is about 30 seconds into the begining of the movie: One of the main charaters has a fantasy sequence involving a large-breasted girl (Sara Suzanne Brown) in front of him.
      There Was a Crooked Man...
Anonymous - Towards the end there is a riot in the prison and a young and buxom Barbara Rhoades gets stripped by the inmates. At the very end of the scene I swear you can see a nipple slip!
      They're Playing with Fire
SAMU - Sybil Danning
    Thir13en Ghosts
Smitty - Although she's somewhat cut up, Shawna Loyer plays the nude, busty ghost of the Angry Princess. (0:34, 0:37, 1:05, 1:18)
    36 Fillette
A well-endowed adolescent (Delphine Zentout) considers losing her virginity to a middle-aged playboy she met at a disco.
    This Year's Blonde
Argyle - It's a 1980 TV-movie about the early career of Marilyn Monroe, and her romance with Johnny Hyde. MM is played by Constance Forslund. My fave, the stacked Angela Aames, appears way too briefly in the opening shot, walking past Lloyd Bridges in a one-piece swimsuit as the buxom "Blonde at Pool". In a crystal clear print, I imagine this sequence is quite impressive, short though it is. A bit later in the scene, as Angela -- referred to as "Miss Stockholm" -- dons her swimcap and jumps into the pool, Bridges mutters "At least we know she won't sink." Pity AA wasn't cast as MM...
    Thoroughly Modern Millie
Anonymous - A great musical starring Julie Andrews, who in real life has a small chest, but in this film she portrays a flapper when small chests were in. But hers isn't! She says, "Gee, I wish my fronts weren't so big! They ruin the line of my beads!" So she ties them down only to have them spring forth in front of a news vendor. Great scene, even if they are completely covered by her dress.
  Three and a Half Helpings
Argyle - I can't honestly comment on this one, only having seen the relevant bits of it from a couple of AVI clips, so I'll just let the screen caps speak for themselves. Danuta Lato, push-up corset, dancing, jiggling, feather boa. Works for me. Of note is the fortuitous fact that her surname in this flick just happened to be "Titti". (i.e.--she, as well as buxom Carmen Lentz, was one of two "Titti Sisters"--haha)
    The Three Musketeers
ubu - Raquel Welch's breasts in a push-up corset.
  3000 Miles to Graceland
Boobwatch One - A woman with huge tits spilling out of her dress is on an elevator that Kurt Russell enters. (0:20)
23skidoo - Italian actress Luciana Paluzzi, as villainous Fiona, provides incredible cleavage of Sophia Loren proportions. Claudine Auger as Domino and Molly Peters as a health spa attendent also provide some nice views.
Anonymous - Randi Brooks
      Till Marriage Do Us Part aka How Long Can You Fall?
Uncle Pugsy - Laura Antonelli plays a rich, Victorian-era virgin desperate to find out what it's all about. Eventually, her chauffeur takes her to an isolated cabin where she faints, and he has to remove about six layers of clothes. Ultimately she bares those superb globes and everything else.
    To the Limit
St Stephan - Anna Nicole Smith's bath scene at the beginning of the film is great, and her sex scene shortly thereafter should serve as a model to producers of films (even porn) who want to please big-breast lovers: her heaving boobs are always on display, they even use a mirror to show them from two angles as she rears back, thrusting them up and gyrating at the moment of truth [groan].
Boobwatch One - This movie contains a scene in a restaurant where one of the characters is halucinating, and he imagines he sees his friend squeezing milk out of a woman's breast into his coffee cup.
Chestnuts - Amber Smith
    Too Much Sex
Spaz - Diane Flacks plays a gurdian angel to some sex maniac. To punish him she tears off her top, makes her boobs expand, and slaps him in the face with her now gigantic tits.
  Top Secret!
Number11 - There's a brief shot where a woman lying on her stomach on the beach sits up, revealing two holes dug in the sand underneath her, to contain her large breasts.
Towards the end of the movie, there's a scene where the female lead's breasts start to glow under her top when she becomes aroused.
Nicklaus - Juli Reding
    Total Eclipse
Palomine - An annoying movie (with Leonardo DiCaprio playing a spoiled egotist, how could it not be?), but Romane Bohringer's extensive nudity (0:50) and Euro-perfected, anti-Barbie, slim-and-stacked form make this a definite must-see. Such substantial, womanly breasts on an otherwise waif-ish frame make for a stunning visual contrast that puts many better-known but lesser-endowed actresses to shame.
  Total Recall
Anonymous - The bad guys show up in the club on Mars and open fire on the people there. In a very brief scene a lady in red is centered and screams just before being shot. The size of her chest is amazing! (1:13)
multibrst - One of the prostitutes in the bar (Lycia Naff) has three breasts. (0:55, 0:59, 1:12)
      The Towering Inferno
Anonymous - In the top floor "Promenade" set, a very large-breasted socialite is standing by one of the panoramic windows just as the first two rescue helicopters make a slow pass. The lady in question is in her twenties, slightly to the right of the screen (I saw the DVD version). No nips visible, but her gown is sheer; unfortunately it has a high neck, but it's obvious she's carrying a heavy load. This scene is right after Paul Newman surveys the water tanks and continues through the upper floor. Watch for Fred Astaire (old man in the white shirt) to get up and join the crowd rushing to the right. The little lady is remarkably well lit; Irwin Allen knew how to make disaster movies interesting at any rate. A fat man in a tux blocks her out after a few seconds, but she's worth a look, believe me! In the DVD, the chapter is titled, "Panic in the Promenade". For some odd reason, she even looks down at her bust for a moment--I guess wondering if the guys in the passing choppers are looking in at her with high-powered binoculars.
  The Toy
Teresa Ganzel's magnificent globes are prominently displayed in each of her scenes in this movie. There's one dress in particular that can barely contain them.
Craig Mercer - Look out for the busty bouncy aerobics extra in the opening montage.
  Trading Places
Tagman18 - Jamie Lee Curtis's first topless scene in a movie (1:00).
Boobwatch One - Later, Jamie Lee gets topless again (1:10). Later still, she shoves her tits into Paul Gleason's face (while wearing a revealing "Swedish" outfit) (1:31).
Anonymous - Lorri Bagley topless. (1:04-1:08)
        Tropical Ecstasy
JJ - Argentine film stars one of the most beautiful women ever: Isabel Sarli. You may have to order, but it is worth seeing. (It may list as Éxtasis tropical.) She is ravishing in her role as a streetwalker trying to reform.
    Trouble in Paradise
Craig Mercer - Raquel Welch gets shipwrecked with only a skimpy, cleavage-revealing wardrobe in this otherwise worthless TV flick.
    Truck Turner
Craig Mercer - Nichelle Nichols co-stars. Stripped of her Uhura costume to portray a pimp's mistress, she's actually unbelievably buxom, especially in the hips and thighs. She's also no slouch in the bust dept. An easy D-cup, and bra-less through the whole flick. The story centers around LA pimpdom, so naturally a few of the hooker extras are nicely stacked. Especially those in Scatman Crothers' stable which comically consists of older, thicker hos with HUGE breasts in lowcut gowns (Crothers also has hair in this one).
    True Lies
Anonymous - Blackmailed into posing as a hooker, Jamie Lee Curtis' striptease and slow-dance, including her caressing her chest, are utterly irresistible. Features the voluptuous actress in some skimpy black lingerie showcasing her always impressive bust. (1:21-1:26) Earlier in the film, Bill Paxton delivers the line, "She's got the most incredible body, and a pair o' titties? Make you wanna stand up and beg for buttermilk." (0:55)
    Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie
23skidoo - Hilary Shepard Turner as the villain Divatox spends the film in a fetish suit that shows off her large globes.
    Two Nights with Cleopatra
23skidoo - This was one of Sophia Loren's earliest films, made when she was 18 or 19. It is one of two films in which she appeared topless. Sadly, the version released on Region 1 DVD doesn't have any direct nudity save for some peek-a-boo overhead shots of Sophia swimming topless in a pool. (Maybe the original European edit had more). That said, she looks great throughout and at least twice wears outfits sheer enough that her nipples are almost visible. There is also a direct joke made about her breasts, referring to them as mountains! An added bonus is this film was made in color; I always thought it was in B&W.
  The Ultimate Attraction aka The Body Beautiful
Boobwatch One - Contains a scene where a woman asks a man with a special device to transform her body, and during the process her breasts grow.
    Una Viuda Descocada
Cauchy - One of my favorite big breast stars is Isabel Sarli. For me this movie shows her breasts to best advantage (clothed or unclothed). Although in Spanish it is easy to follow and the low cut dresses she wears throughout are eye-popping.
  Under Siege
Presto - Erika Eleniak pops out of a cake. (0:43)
      Under the Doctor
Cauchy - It is the story of a psychiatrist and three of his busty patients. One is Liz Fraser who is never naked, but in one scene she is wearing bra and pants only, and the lucky male lead grabs her tits from behind and has a good fondle. (On a personal note I always wonder if the leading man insisted on several takes on that scene. "Oh no, that wasn't quite right. Let's do it again.") One of the other patients is Hilary Pritchard who is great and has them out quite a few times. The film is quite funny as well.
Presto - This Russ Meyer movie is a little too kinky for some but look for the huge busted woman in the slave hood (Uschi Digard?). Also Raven De La Croix is gorgeous and buxom.
    Up Pompeii
Anonymous - A Roman farce based on the BBC TV programme, in which Madeline Smith plays Erotica, a slave girl.
    Up the Academy
choicewon - In a short scene early in the movie, Stacy Nelkin, who could not have been more than twenty at the time, pulls off her shirt to reveal a stuffed-to-the-max white lace bra. I remember actually having to catch my breath when I saw those incredibly big, soft, round breasts. Wow! Definitely one of the best breast moments in film history.
Boobwatch One - Barbara Bach stars as a weapons instructor who always wears a low-cut uniform. The boys in her class (as well as the camera) are constantly fixated on her chest.
      Up the Creek
Boobwatch One - Dan Monahan and Stephen Furst get distracted by two chesty lovelies (Julie Caspell and Gina Barbisan), one of whom is wearing a low-cut top (0:23).
squidsucker - There's a gal with good sized tits (Lori Sutton) who, while trying to get a reaction out of a bored audience of boat racing fans, tears her top open and gives everyone a good long look at what she fills a bra with and gets a standing ovation for it (0:40).
        Up the Sandbox
Lesbian Bob - has a BE scene at a party.
      The Vals
Argyle - One of those Valley Girl movies that came out in the mid-1980s. Gina Calabrese, as I recall, was pretty stacked in it.
    The Vampire Lovers
Nandhu - Madeline Smith
        Vice Academy #x
rb - Rick Sloane
    Video Vixens
Argyle - I'm not sure why almost every movie Robyn Hilton starred in bordered on soft porn, or had some seriously adult themes, but I'm not questioning, either. This movie, like The Last Porno Flick, spoofed the adult film industry back in the 1970s. Robyn Hilton is top billed, and has some nice moments, including a brief topless scene at the very end of the film. As per usual, nice cleavage. And the obligatory side shot, of course.
    View from the Top
Kelly Preston looks extra busty in this flick.
  Village of the Giants
Chili Palmer - Joy Harmon grows to 50 feet tall and stuffs a "normal"-sized guy in her cleavage!
  The Villain aka Cactus Jack
Nicklaus - Ann-Margret
    Virgins of Sherwood Forest
Mega-busty Shannan Leigh (aka Alexis Taylor).
    Virtual Encounters 2
23skidoo - Nikki Fritz is featured in two sex scenes.
        The Visitants
rb - Rick Sloane
Russ Meyer directed.
  Waking the Dead
Boobwatch One - There's a very brief shot of busty Jennifer Connelly's exposed left tit during a sex scene (0:43).
      Walk Like a Man
Craig Mercer - Contains some crucial footage of Colleen Camp at her busty peak circa Clue. She plays the falling-down-drunk wife of the wealthy Christopher Lloyd and fills out her wardrobe quite nicely. Be prepared to capture the gratuitous shot of her bulging mamms as they heave out of her nightgown in a bedroom scene with Lloyd.
    The Warrior and the Sorceress
multibrst - Despite the many miscues in this film, there is quite a nice dance scene with a most beautiful four-breasted dancer (Cecilia North).
  Water Drops On Burning Rocks aka Gouttes d'eau sur pierres brûlantes
Boobwatch One - Ludivine Sagnier's outfits in this movie were obviously picked to accentuate her fairly large breasts. In addition, she's nude at 0:48 and 1:12, and spends a great deal of time in just a bra and panties beginning at 0:55.
      Way... Way Out
Rick Levinson - Jerry Lewis movie. Anita Ekberg, playing a Russian cosmonaut, enters wearing a Playboy Bunny-type outfit. Out... standing.
  Weird Science
Contains a short breast expansion on a wireframe computer model.
Tux - Featuring buxom Liza Weil. That scene with her stomping off down the beach in her bra really demostrates the amount of fabric that is needed to support such a large bust.
    Where Evil Lies
Tagman18 -
  Who Framed Roger Rabbit
akiokid - I like the scene where Jessica's massive rack produces a heavy cartoon drum sound effect...
      Whoops Apocalypse
23skidoo - 1980s movie based on the British TV series. Look fast for a brief topless appearance by large-breasted Page 3 Girl Maria Whittaker.
  Wild Gals of the Naked West!
Presto - Julie Williams in an indian outfit makes this Russ Meyer movie well worthwhile. Several quick shots of other busty babes. Be warned it is a very corny and dated movie.
Howard Miller - I apply a different standard of good and bad to Russ Meyer movies than I do to more mainstream entertainment. Let's face it: Common Law Cabin and Lorna really aren't good movies, not when compared to Gone With the Wind or Citizen Kane. However, Meyer fills his films with large, bare breasts, and those cover a multitude of sins. In the case of Wild Gals of the Naked West! I'm afraid the breasts just aren't enough. This film is AWFUL - it's got to be one of the worst commercially made movies of all time. It begins with the typical Meyer pseudo-documentary, this time about Western ghost towns. After an interminable 10 minutes, the film goes into some crude burlesque routines featuring clumsy, ugly men and busty women wearing mostly feathers and pasties. There is some silly story about a little dude who rides into town on a donkey and winds up cleaning out the place, but who cares? The only woman I could identify was the truly well-endowed Julie Williams who does a "comic" striptease for the dude (~0:30). There are plenty of shots of big-breasted women running at the camera but nothing really erotic. This movie is ONLY for those of us dedicated to seeing everything Meyer produced during his long career.
    The Wild Life
BreastCrazee - Kitten Natividad
  Wild Things
Denise Richards' ample bosom gets full exposure in a three-way with Neve Campbell and Matt Dillon, but even more impressive is the slow-motion sequence of her in a one-piece bathing suit climbing out of a swimming pool. Yow!
  Windy City Heat
Johnny_Swell - In the first few minutes we are introduced to a receptionist (Lisa Kushell) who will later go on to play a part in the fake movie that the entire "reality/docudrama/prank" revolves around. Whooboy. And not for nothin', this movie documenting what may be the most elaborate prank in history had me halfway to lost bladder control laughing a few times.
    Winter Sleepers
Anonymous - Floriane Daniel plays Rebecca, who spends the bulk of the movie arguing or sleeping with her boyfriend. Some good scenes in bra and topless.
  Witch Hunt
There's a scene where a hooker magically makes her breasts grow to please one of her customers (0:40).
      Witchcraft V: Dance with the Devil
nm156 - Nicole Sassaman's "real" big boobs in an awe inspiring seduction scene!
Seelie - "So Avatar, what now?" "I don't know just sit there like that for a while." "OK." Sigh. If only it worked that way in real life...
    Woman Hunt
Argyle - Lisa Todd (of "Hee Haw" fame) appears in the sexploitation flick.
    Women in Cages
Pam Grier
        The Women's Club
Anonymous - Has an incredible scene where this woman, while eating in a rather revealing top, begins to crawl across the table showing tons of cleavage. After crawling she decides to take her massive mams and smear them into a cake, once again showing tons of eye-popping cleavage.
Anonymous - There is one seen where a man is about to have sex with his woman. She is dressed in a chicken outfit, and she jiggles and shakes her breasts.
    The Working Girls
Argyle - Did you know that camp horror movie hostess-with-the-mostest Elvira actually had a career before she became Elvira? Did you know she was a comedienne? Did you know she was a professional showgirl? Did you know she was a redhead? Well, watch The Working Girls sometime and find out. This early 1970s story about stripteasers isn't much to write home about, but it does feature one kick-*ss striptease routine by Cassandra Peterson, Elvira's alter ego, and when I say that, I mean she's darned convincing. Let's just say that she knows how to shake those moneymakers of hers. Later, there's a scene in which she displays nice cleavage while talking to one of the servers about becoming a dancer.
    The World Is Not Enough
Goldeneye - Just seeing Denise Richards in the Lara Croft-like outfit is amazing, but then there's what's become known as *THE SCENE* with her, completely wet, with water up to her stomach. Her shirt is rendered almost entirely see-thru, she doesn't seem to be wearing a bra, and her nipples are *SCREAMING* out!
      Wrongfully Accused
Johnny Chest - A spoof of the movie version of The Fugitive, right down the scene where the main character jumps from a water pipe. Only here, the scene is accompanied by a "Baywatch" parody, complete with bouncy sound effects.
Boobwatch One - Rebecca Romijn-Stamos's breasts are out, hanging, and on display (albeit behind lots of blue makeup) portraying the rack of villainess Mystique.
    Y tu mamá también aka And Your Mother Too
Anonymous - Maribel Verdú
  Young Doctors in Love
Kimberly McArthur
    Young Frankenstein
Tagman18 - Gene Wilder is helping Teri Garr out of the wagon, and looking at the towering door, exclaims "What knockers!" whereupon she says "Oh, thank you, doctor."
      Young Lady Chatterley II
MaxBigfoot - Sybil Danning is with the gardener, and when she rips her shirt open, she practically projects her tits off the screen.
      Young Nurses in Love
Craig Mercer - Not a sequel to Young Doctors..., this one is about a sexy Soviet agent sent to infiltrate an American hospital sperm bank disguised as a nurse. This one showed up heavily edited on USA Up All Night and is notable for the appearance of huge-natural-boobed porno-star-turned-porno-performance-artist Annie Sprinkle. Sprinkle has a lead part as an aging big bust porn star returning to the hospital for her 5th refill of silicone. It's a true tribute when your breasts are natural and you're playing someone going bigger for the 5th time.
Voluminous - There's a funny scene where the protagonist uses telepathy or something to snap open the blouse of a hot blonde chick (Heather Thomas). You just see her bra and not too big a rack, but the scene is kinda BE-esque.
    Zapped Again!
Smitty - Exactly the same as the first one, just new characters and shirts are ripped off new girls. Their chests aren't outstanding, but the facial expressions are great.
JJ - This movie gave the studio a chance to show off the up-and-coming busty Swedish star Anita Ekberg. She plays an Arabic girl who makes her living by dancing. You gotta see the scene where Victor Mature is sitting idly by having some tea, when suddenly Anita comes through some curtains and begins to belly dance. It's a long scene, and it's worth renting or buying the movie just to see it. As I recall her character doesn't really belong to anybody; she just keeps lying around waiting for Victor to show up again and again. Now there's a tough one to swallow: Anita Ekberg in her prime '50s bod, playing a harem-type girl, but somehow was just never claimed by one of the local chiefs. Right!
23skidoo - At one point during this rather incomprehensible movie, we get a close-up of a pair of large breasts being self-fondled. It's part of a test to see what turns our hero (Sean Connery) on. It looks similar to the bit with Uschi Digard in The Kentucky Fried Movie, in fact!
Seelie - Shauna O'Brien sporting a nice pair of implants. She's not as big as a redhead who makes two topless appearances, and I wish that the bustier model had more screen time.

(Movies people suggested, but that don't really have the breast content)