There is a fantasy that Teri and I have wanted to act out for quite some time, several years at least. I remember mentioning it to her one night after we had made love, and she giggled at first. When she realized that I was serious she gave it some thought, then decided that she liked it. In fact it made her quite hot, and a few hours later we were at it again, our bodies pressed together as my hands groped at her big soft tits while we kissed with fiery passion.

A few nights ago, the opportunity to bring that fantasy to life sprang upon us.

A colleague of mine had dinner with us. Todd joined the company about half a year ago, and we have become pretty good friends. He and his girlfriend have been over to our place several times already, often staying to watch a movie.

This time it was just Todd – his girlfriend was away at some sort of family reunion. He insisted on cooking, and neither Teri nor I objected too strenuously. We had eaten his lasagna before and it was to die for! So we made sure that it was lasagna again this time, and he readily agreed.

As usual, Teri was dressed to excite the senses. She wore a wonderfully chest-hugging T-shirt (with no bra underneath) and tight sexy shorts that exposed as much smooth, sexy thigh as possible. In this outfit she hung out in the kitchen and helped Todd prepare dinner. I am quite certain that his pants were tight in the crotch the whole time.

After the wonderful dinner we lounged on the sofas in the living room (Todd in the love seat, Teri and I sprawled together on the long couch). Our recently acquired Pioneer projection TV beckoned, and soon Todd was surfing the cable channels as I cuddled with my sexy spouse.

We caught the last hour of "The Empire Strikes Back" and watched that, then Todd picked up the remote and started hopping channels again, looking for something else of interest.

An image popped up on the screen, and Todd stopped surfing. This definitely looked interesting!

I sure wish I knew what the title of the movie was, so I could rent it. I looked up that date and time and channel in the cable guide a few days later, but the movie listed for that time was "All the President’s Men". What we were watching was definitely not that.

It was some cheesy low-budget flick, something that probably deserved two wisecracking robot heads and a human silhouetted in the lower right corner. The scene we stumbled upon showed a rather poorly lit bedroom. A sexy woman wearing only bra and panties lay on her side on the bed, her wrists and ankles bound to each other behind her back. A man was tied to a chair against the wall, facing the bed. Both were struggling to free themselves as a masked burglar dug through the various drawers in the room, apparently looking for something valuable or important.

Teri gasped and looked at me. I looked at her, and we smiled.

Our fantasy was right there on the screen. Or at least a close variation of it!

The bound man and woman were gagged, so they could only moan as the intruder searched through the closet. The woman was quite well endowed, and her chest jiggled as she writhed on the bed.

"The diamond is not here!" the masked figure exclaimed, a bit too dramatically. He stood by the bed and gazed down upon the luscious female who continued to struggle. His hands clenched and unclenched.

"I may not have the diamond," he said evilly, "but perhaps this visit will not be a total loss."

He climbed onto the bed, positioning himself on his hands and knees over the struggling woman. I could not help but think of how horny that actor must have been at that moment as he gazed down upon her luscious, helpless, bound body…

The man in the chair struggled even harder and cursed muffled curses through his gag as the intruder turned the woman onto her back and lowered himself onto her, pressing his lips and tongue against her shoulder and slowly sliding them down to her chest.

Suddenly the channel changed, and Teri and I glanced over at Todd, who had the remote in his hand, pointed at the TV. He looked at us with a sheepish grin. "Sorry, I guess I shouldn’t have lingered on that one so long…"

"Change it back!" Teri cried. "I want to see it!"

Todd looked at her with surprise, then thumbed the "channel down" button.

The man had his mask off now and was definitely enjoying the feel of the woman’s big soft tits on his face, although the camera angle made it rather difficult to see. His hands slid to the sides of her breasts and piled them into a big heap of warm titflesh, pressing them right out of her bra, burying his face in between. Oh how happy that actor must have been at that moment, I thought. My cock was quite hard inside my pants.

Teri snuggled tighter against me, and I felt her delicious chest pressing more firmly against mine as she lay one arm across me.

She whispered something in my ear. I looked at her with a big smile, and nodded.

On the TV, the man’s body was writhing on top of the woman as he feasted on her big soft tits, while the man in the chair continued to struggle and protest uselessly. Todd stared at the screen, rapt. He did not notice when Teri got up, walked over to him, and took the remote from his hand. She mashed the "off" button.

Todd looked up at her, surprised, as she took his hands in hers. "Get up," she commanded softly. He did.

Teri led him into our guest bedroom, while I went to the "toy box" in our bedroom to fetch some rope. When I entered the guestroom, Teri and Todd were sitting on the bed together. My delicious wife grinned, while Todd looked dazed and wide-eyed.

"Um, are you sure you really want to—"

Teri leaned against him and kissed his cheek. Her magnificent chest pressed against his upper arm.

"Yeeeeeeaah!" Teri squealed with delight. I just nodded at him with a smile, then held out the ropes that were coiled in my hands. He took them and stood up.

I sat down on the wicker rocking chair in the corner of the room, and Teri helped Todd tie my hands to the armrests. Teri slid to the floor and looped some more rope around my ankles, binding them to the rocker base. Then she got up on her knees, and stuffed a twisted handkerchief into my mouth, tying it around my head.

"Mmmmmmmph!" I said, experimentally.

Teri nodded with satisfaction. Then she hopped up onto the old four-post bed and lay spread-eagled on her back. Her wonderful breasts thrust upward against her T-shirt, rising slowly up and down with her breathing. Her nipples were clearly visible through the thin cotton fabric. Todd looked at her, then at me.

WOW, he mouthed silently to me. Then he went to work, binding Teri’s ankles to the bedposts, followed by her wrists.

I watched this with rapidly growing horniness!

Todd leaned over my wife and gagged her with a handkerchief, like she had done to me just moments before. He lingered there, savoring the sensation of her luscious body so close to his, her wonderful chest almost touching his own.

Then he got up and made a relatively brief show of searching the room for something. "Where is the diamond?" he said, mimicking the voice of the villain in the movie. "It must be here somewhere!" He opened drawer after drawer, but did not spend too much time looking in each one. I suspect he was eager to get on to the next part of this fantasy. So was I! My cock was already quite hard in my pants as I gazed upon Teri’s delicious body on the bed, which was writhing all about as her sexy legs struggled against the ankle bonds and her breasts jiggled inside her well-stretched T-shirt.

Soon Todd turned to the bed and stood next to it, gazing down upon Teri. She looked up at him with wide, beautiful eyes and struggled even more while making "mmmmph mmmmph" sounds through her gag.

"Well," Todd said as he gazed lustily upon the writhing nymph, "I cannot seem to find the diamond. I am very disappointed. But perhaps…" His voice took on a particular lusty note. "…this visit is not a total loss."

He bent down slowly as his hands reached for her delicious jiggling pleasure pillows.

I made a show of struggling in my chair and cursing the villain through my gag.

Todd’s fingers sank into those luscious hills, right through the T-shirt. "Yesssss," he breathed as he softly squeezed and caressed Teri’s wonderful chest for the first time. I briefly recalled the first time I felt them, and my cock stiffened even more.

"Oh yessss," he growled, "I think I will enjoy this very much!"

He grasped the bottom of my wife’s T-shirt and pulled it all the way up to her neck. Then his hands returned to those soft globes, fingertips sliding lightly over the smooth flesh, feeling her pillows, poking and prodding and squeezing them experimentally, obviously enjoying their wonderful feel against his fingers and palms. Her nipples looked so delicious, so helpless, in the middle of those big rippling pools of warm titflesh that Todd’s hands were exploring and playing with.

Todd must not have ever played with such big soft tits before (his girlfriend was not nearly as endowed as Teri), judging by the way he gazed at them with rapt fascination as he wiggled his fingers against them, making her breasts ripple and undulate. Her nipples danced on top of those expanses of soft warm flesh, and it must have been all Todd could do to keep from burying his face in delicious tit right then!

"Oh WOW," he moaned, then turned his head to look at me. "Your wife does indeed have a marvelous pair of melons here! Mind if I taste them?" Then he turned his head back to Teri’s squeeze toys and let his tongue descend upon one soft hill. He licked that breast slowly, sliding his tongue all over it, swirling around the nipple, teasing it. Then he flicked that nipple with his tongue, flicked it again, side to side, over and over, enjoying the feel of it against his tongue. His fingers sank into the sides of that breast, squeezing it, pushing the nipple upward against his tongue. Her nipple disappeared as his tongue pressed it down into that delicious warm flesh.

At that point his self-control evaporated. He shoved his face down against that helpless tit. His mouth opened wide to admit as much wondrous titflesh as he could cram in with his fingertips and suck on.

"Mmmmmmmmmmph!" Teri moaned as her body bucked and her chest heaved upward, burying Todd’s face even more firmly into her soft breast.

I started to struggle and say silly things like "let go of my wife!" They were utterly unintelligible because of the gag in my mouth. Not that it would have mattered if the gag were not there; with Teri’s incredible breasts pressed between his hands and against his face, no way was he going to stop!

My wife’s pleasure pillows were munched, sucked, licked, chewed, squeezed, kneaded, pushed, pulled, prodded, twisted, manhandled by the lust-crazed beast on top of her. Teri moaned and moaned with absolute delight.

Perhaps I should have been jealous, but I was not. I was too incredibly horny to feel anything else! I watched Teri’s tits being sucked and munched and feasted upon with ravenous lust, while continuing to struggle and pretending to protest through my gag.

Teri struggled and writhed and moaned while her big, soft, heaving, jiggling breasts were utterly devoured by a man other than her husband. I found myself fascinated by the way Teri’s breasts squished and rolled against Todd’s face as he hungrily feasted on one breast, then the other, sliding his mouth back and forth between them. The way those pleasure pillows wiggled and jiggled and flattened and peaked as Todd had his ultra-horny way with them made me incredibly horny as well!

What a situation: both Teri and I were honestly tied up, and Todd could absolutely have his way with her. He could slide his hands and lips and tongue anywhere he wished. He could suck and munch on her helpless tits with impunity. Her melons were his playthings to enjoy at his very horny whim.

When he pressed her tits tightly together with his hands and started cramming both of her nipples into his mouth with his fingers, sucking them deep into his mouth with incredible hunger, I had to close my eyes and think of something else, to avoid coming in my pants right then and there!

I dared to open my eyes again about thirty seconds later. Todd was still suckling on both breasts at once, his fingers rhythmically squeezing them and his head moving in small circles against her delicious tits. This continued for several minutes. Teri had stopped writhing and struggling – she just lay there totally still, uttering happing sighs. Teri just loves to have her big tits sucked!

I sat there in my chair, moaning into my gag as I watched Todd fill his mouth with my wife’s delicious titflesh. His cheeks sucked inward as he sucked and sucked on it with endless pleasure. His fingers disappeared into her soft pleasure mountains as he crammed handfuls of tit into his mouth to feast upon.

Finally he pulled his head up from her chest, and he cast his gaze up and down her sexy body. She began to writhe again for him, her luscious legs scissoring open and closed as much as they could under their restraints.

His hands slid down her sides, grasped her shorts and panties, and tugged them down together.

"Woooowwwwww…" he breathed.

Teri’s cunt was absolutely sopping wet.

"Look at this," Todd said, looking briefly at me. "Look at how wet these lips are. I’ll bet they must taste so good. Wouldn’t you just love to do this now…"

He lashed at her wet pussy with his tongue, dragging it all way the up those wet lips.

Teri’s body bucked, and she uttered a muffled "OHHHHHHHHH!"

I resumed my pretend struggles and protestations.

He licked Teri’s cunt several times, then as his hands slid back up to her tits he pressed his lips against her pussy. Todd began to eat my wife alive.

Now Teri was lunging on the bed, her tits flailing and beating against Todd’s hands as her cunt ground against his mouth. His tongue lashed at those helpless pussy lips and the moist pink flesh in between them. He gripped her boobs as he sent his tongue snaking into her, wiggling and darting and lashing and thrashing. Teri moaned incredibly loudly through her gag as the "villain" slurped noisily on her sweet juices as. His fingers sank deep into her breasts, kneading them savagely as he devoured her delicious pussy.

Watching all this, I could taste her sweet cum, feel those wonderful tits being squished against and around my fingers.

I don’t think I have ever come so hard and so long in my life. Wad after wad of hot cum burst from my cock, right inside my pants, as I watched my wife being hungrily eaten by another man.

As I sagged in the chair in my post-orgasmic daze, Teri also came. Her crotch ground even harder against Todd’s face as she flooded his mouth with her flowing juices.

A few minutes later Todd sat up on the bed. He looked at me with a big smile. His mouth and cheeks were very wet.

He untied Teri and removed her gag, then did the same for me.

Teri still lay on the bed in her spread-eagled position, breathing quite heavily. Her delicious breasts heaved up and down. The nipples were still very erect.

Todd stood up and tucked his shirt back into his pants. "I, uh, suppose I should go now and let you two, um, finish up, you know…"

Teri was looking at his bulging crotch. I caught her gaze, and nodded.

In a flash Teri was sitting on the edge of her bed, her hands groping at Todd’s pants, yanking the zipper down, fingers darting inside to capture a delicious prize.

Todd moaned with pure pleasure as Teri eagerly sucked his meat right into her mouth. I sat back in the chair and watched my lovely wife work her magic.

She sucked and sucked on that tasty cock, lashing it with her tongue, her cheeks sucking inward. Then she let it plop out of her mouth, only to catch it with her tits, which she held up with her hands. She squeezed her big soft breasts hard against that cock, smothering it. Then she gave him the stroking of his life.

It wasn’t long before he was shooting his load, all over Teri’s face and neck and breasts. She slid her tongue all over his cock, licking the cum off.

"Thank you," she breathed after giving him a hot kiss, full on the lips.

I was content just to shake his hand.

After Todd left, Teri and I took a long hot relaxing bath together, gently scrubbing each other clean. Then we went to bed.

Early the next morning Teri woke up and immediately attacked me with her big soft breasts. We were both very horny lust monsters, and that day turned out to be quite unproductive.

But it was very enjoyable.

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