breast2.jpg (35120 bytes) Welcome to my jiggly corner of the Web! As you have undoubtedly guessed by now, I am a lover of big soft natural breasts. They are nature's most perfect toys, so wonderful to play with, kiss, caress, squeeze, knead, lick, and suck! Lusty breast play is the common theme of all my stories, which are listed below, newest one first.

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Stories about Teri:
Suckstitute -- Teri's breasts need SUCKING...
My Delicious Love Doll -- Yet another guest gets the Teri treatment!
So Easy -- Another guest gets the Teri treatment.
Endless Lust -- She just cannot stop teasing!
Blue Jeans -- And nothing else.
Teri and the UPS Man -- The teasing never ends!
Twice the Fun -- Only one thing she likes better than a guy sucking on them...
Teri's Halloween Fantasy -- She has a warped mind (in a lovely package!).
Teri's Affliction -- The doctor is IN.
Claudia's Date -- Teri writes about playing Cupid for her best friend.
Wakeup Call -- Teri fantasizes about a HOT wakeup call.
The Special Pen -- Even more horny Teri ramblings!
Diablo Can Wait -- More horny Teri ramblings.
Teri's Torrid Affair -- Teri writes about her lusty affair.
Tied and Devoured -- Mmmmmm, Teri tied up and totally helpless.
Interruptus -- Naughty Claudia!
Breasts are Good for Some Things -- Teri's boobs are such fun toys.
Hikers -- Delicious Teri under the moonlight.
The Bet -- Teri and Claudia make a bet.
Late -- Teri is a merciless tease.
Twistin' in the New Year -- Spin the spinner and call the shots...
Any Time, Anywhere -- Teri's delicious body is not safe anywhere.
Needle in the Red Zone -- Teri plays with fire.
Tickle Torture -- Poor delicious helpless Claudia...
My First Taste of Teri -- Grrrrrooooowwwlllll.
Teri's Ticklish Friend -- Claudia has a weakness.
A Bedtime Story for Teri -- Once upon a time...
Teri Makes Me Sick -- She's an unstoppable tease.
Teri in the Desert -- The desert is hot in more ways than one.
Christmas with Teri -- I love to open presents!
Teri at the Office -- Teri is not a productivity enhancement.
A Game of Scrabble -- Wandering minds affect the game.

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Other Stories:
Leslie's Incredible Nipples -- So unbelievably SUCKABLE...
Into the Lions' Den -- Can Shauna control her boiling LUST?
Superheroine -- The League of Justice's newest (and sexiest) member!
Heavenly Bodies -- Hot sex under the stars...
Melody's Webcam -- She's sexy, busty, horny, and LIVE!
Wendy's Little Problem -- What will it do to this platonic friendship?
Fantasies Unleashed -- A shy college nerd gets some.
Simon Says -- Paul enjoys absolute power at the Club.
Ghosts -- Will a small matter of sudden untimely death spoil this young couple's lusty fun?
There's Something about Maria -- My own attempt at a "breast growth" story.
The Audition Tape -- Rachel enlists a shy friend to help her make a HOT video.
The Music Students -- College music students come together.
Balls -- Making love in an unusual place.
Teacher's Assistant -- My own take on the classic student/teacher fantasty.
Cure for the Date Blues -- Brother and sister comfort each other after date rejections.
Warning Ignored -- Elizabeth enters the den of a ravenous Lust Monster.
Friend of the Family -- Young Clint has a serious crush on an older woman.
The Phone Call -- A mere phone call cannot stop the sucking.
Welcome Home -- A very nice end to a long trip.
Wishes -- Major Nelson would be jealous of Kevin.
SF seeks SM -- Not a typical workday at a dating service...
Birthday Party at the Club -- Happy birthday to mmmmmmppphhh...
Pool Boy's Last Day -- A good tip for good service.
B-Movie Lovers -- Ted's girlfriend is more than a handful.
A Tease Too Far! -- Narissa's lovely friend loves to tease.
Pictures at the Beach -- Sexy fun with a camera.
The L.M.I.T.W. Club -- Membership has its rewards.
The Dancer -- A sexy stripper is more than a handful.
Moundsville -- Sexy parody of a Stephen King short story.
Karen in New Orleans -- Mardi Gras madness.
Melissa in the Caribbean -- She's lonely and full of lust.
On the Radio -- Two popular DJs get in over their heads.
Extras -- Joy is a movie extra.
Night of the Intruder -- Joy pleases her boss.
Casino Fantasy -- Why those tables are so big.
Narissa and the Slaves -- The King's youngest daughter plays with her toys.
SexyTrek -- You won't see this episode on TV.
Critics! -- My first story: Siskel and Ebert broaden their focus.

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