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"Growing Melons"

She smiled up at me with wet, glistening lips. "Go ahead try it!" she said as my cock throbbed and grew in her cleavage. She lay on her back and I straddled her with my ass on her tight abs. I picked up the jar labeled "Bust Grow"... I rubbed the pinkish cream into both hands and began to message the warm cream around her mosquito tits. Did I say "tits'? The gorgeous redhead between my legs was actually so flat chested her nipples literally got lost among all of those freckles that spattered her rib cage! Her bright blue eyes watched my hands with anticipation. 
"Anything yet?" I asked her as my cock throbbed a spurt of pre-cum into the grow cream mixture. "My nips are beginning to tingle..."
I continued to message and feel them begin to fill and grow. With in moments my hands were filled with apple-sized boobs, we looked at each other in amazement. I quickly scoped up more cream and slathered in onto her new tits. They slowly grew into grapefruit! It was extremely exciting watching her breasts growing on either side of my meat. Where only moments ago my cock lie on a flat space between two nipples, now it was being squeezed in a deepening valley of bouncy warm girl flesh. I pushed them together to the test their weight and feel. I pumped my cock into the hot cleavage. They were perfect! Not too firm and not to mushy. Just the right bounce when my legs and balls hit the bottom of them. Soon my shaft was overtaken my her mounds and disappeared but I pushed and my purple blotted cock head popped out the top. She closed her eyes to feel me fucking her new tits. She lifted her head and licked the pre-cum from my dick. I pulled my cock back and realized her boobs were still growing!!!
They were now bigger than cantaloupes and her nipples now filled my hands. My cock was quickly getting lost in tit!
My cock grew harder.
"Keep messaging them, they are beautiful," she said "Squeeze them as you do it, you'll make me cum!"
She smiled, licked her lips and rubbed her legs together. I could almost feel the steam from her hot pussy wafting between my ass cheeks. I squeezed her nipples as her tits grew to the size of watermelons. My cock disappeared completely between her glorious globes. Her cleavage tightened on my throbbing member. I was getting very hard now to keep my sperm in my balls. I grabbed deep handfuls of her tits and thrust my cock deep. Her tits were so big now that my cock didn't even pop out the top. Her newborn monsters were warm and soft in my hands. Spongy tit flesh puffed out between my fingers as I kneaded and manipulated them. I had the strongest urge to milk these huge tits. My cock spread another wade of pre-cum deep in her fat cleavage giving me more lubrication. I jerked it back and forth a few times and the temperature increased for my cock in its happy tit cave.
"Oh, fuck them!" she groaned a she brought up her hands and pushed her mounds tighter. Her hands looked like small doll hands as she helped me press her tits together.
"I want to feel you fuck my big huge tits!" she said. "Fuck them hard... I want to see them bounce!!!"
I squeezed them harder and thrust my cock into the mutant melon's soft tightness. My thrusts drove tremors through her massive mounds. I thrust harder bouncing white freckled flesh into her face and she licked at them.
"Ooo, that's it! Bounce them against my face!"
I did as she said and she giggled as the smacked against her chin, lips and cheeks. I held back my climax at this erotic sight.
It seemed her tits had stopped growing at the size of beach balls. They urged me on as I wrapped my arms around them in a big hug. Big nipples bounced on the side of my face. The excitement of her tits drove my cock's thrusts. I quickened the pace - my cock pounded her gigantic tits. I turned my head and brought my mouth around one of her nipples that was the side of a blueberry muffin! I licked it and it quivered in my mouth.
"Oh, god you're making me cum!" she squealed.
I sucked her huge nip hard and squeezed her tits tighter in my boob-bear huge.
"Shit, my cunts exploding! She squirmed under me. Suddenly my cock convulsed in climax and both of us came together in my most explosive orgasms to date.
White cock juice splattered out between her tits and spattered her face and lips. The smell of pussy filled the air now the scent of sperm joined it. Another shot of sperm shot out of her cleavage and splashed on her cheek. She giggled in between her own waves of climax. She went limp as the last of my load pulsed into her reddish hair.
I let go of her balloons and they bounced to the side revealing a red deflating cock throbbing in a pool of white cum. She smiled up at me licking the gobs of white love on her lips.
"Wow, having boobies really makes me HOT! So hot my pussy is still contracting and it feels like its on fire!" she said.
"You are not kidding," I said as I ran my fingers into her pink wet slit. I spread the hot juice onto a gargantuan nipple and she ran her fingers into the sticky nipple...
"Ooo, stop that or your you'll have to satisfy my huge tits again!" she said with a smile.
"That would certainly be a punishment," I said jokingly and my cock throbbed with new life.

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