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Baby Doll #11

Boob Ink New News
boob ink news

Jan 22, 2013 - New Story "PayBack", 11 pages.

Oct 23, 2012 - the final pages of "Sex-periment" (pages 64 and 65) are finally up on the members site, so join already. Oh, wait and there's more... "Baby Doll" 58 thru 61 have been added!!!!

Sept 2012 - updates coming soon.

July 2011 - Hoping to find time to put up some new stuff ASAP!

Sept 2010 - put up two new pages of "Sex Periment" on my members site, so join by Clicking
the banner above already!

2009 - Tons of new stuff on my members site!

Oct 25, 2008 - a new Baby Doll above and a ton of
new stuff on my members site new pages of "Sex Periment", "Baby Doll" and "Muscle Boobs". And a New Series I call "Boob Ink Quickies", #1 and 2 are up as I write this... so join thru this free site to see a whole lot more!

Welcome to my "Boob Ink" free site here at the BE Archive!!! Go ahead and look around
and see what you think.

The stuff here is only a tip of the iceberg of the things you will get on the members site!

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Check out my comix you'll suck'em up!

thanx Boob Ink

July 9, 2008 - a whole new
"Illustrations" gallery in my free site. There's around
250 new illos! This is a tease to get more of you to join
thru my site!!!

May 19, 2008 - Three new illos in the "Sketchbook" section! And always new stuff on the members side.

Jan 18, 2008 - "Sex-Periment" on the
members side is heating up with
new page 39 and Trinity's Junk seems
to be bouncing all over the place!

Jan 8, 2008 - New to the right and a whole new section on the members side "Muscle Boobs". There are a couple
in the user's gallery and a bunch more if you join thru my site! So join already!

Dec 28, 2007 - Above is one of the
new "Baby Doll" strips that is up
on my members site. Enjoy and join
thru this page for a LOT more!

Oct 29, 2007 - Hey, guess what?!?
On the members side I put up page 32
of "Sex-Periment", remember
that comic? and page 6 of
"Boob Worship". So get in there
& read already!

Oct 5, 2007 -- A new flash animation in the Animation Section so check it out! Tons of new stuff on my members site so join thru the above banner!!! Join not only for my stuff but there is a lot of other great work in here!

Feb 19, 2007
- As a thank you to all the folks that have joined thru my site and made it possible for me to create even more for the BE Archive, I am putting up the first few pages of "Sex-Periment" my on-going color comic on the Boob Ink members side

Nov 15, 2006 - A whole lot of updates on my members site and the newest comic started is "Super Tits" for all you
super hero folk out there!!!

Sept 29, 2006
Added 12 more sketch pages to the "Sketch Book" section...
A bunch of new stuff up on the members side including the multi-page "Sex-Periment" comic in color!

June 29, 2006 -
There is a new comic started in what else the "comic section", the cover and page one of "Growing Pains" are up and I will putting up pages perhaps one
a week. On the members side I have an old fashioned hand drawn comic Title "Sex-Periment" I am up to page 5 in color over there so if you haven't already joined please join thru my site because i get a chunk of the membership fees and that goes to me producing more boob ink stuff. Thanx
and enjoy!

Boob Ink News
from the
Members site

On the members site there are over 50 hand drawn, CG, & photo manip'd comix. There are hundreds of illustrations along with written stories, animations and other Big Boob, Breast Expansion and Giantess stuff. Take a chance and just do a trial. With my work and all the others here at the BEA I know you will like what you see!
See how easy it is!

"Muscle Boobs"

the black & white comic
many more pages on the
members side in color!!

"Space: 1999DD"

May 25, 2006 - I have put up on this free side a new CG comic "Boob Wish" which is another episode in the adventures of Digi-Babe Cream, the first part is up on the members side. On the members side I have started a new old fashioned comic titled "Sex-Periment" and I haven't completed the first chapter yet and it is already almost 20 pages! Talk about a project that got bigger than I initially thought!

Mar 8, 2006 - Oops, I've been neglecting my free side of Boob Ink, but here is a little taste of the members side with a CG comic titled "My Little Friend". On the members side I just put up an old fashioned "hand drawn" comic titled "Good Things Cum" which makes the number of comix on my members side to 41!!! More stuff coming on the members side including a new section - "Computer Graphic Boobs" which will contain CG stuff from Poser, photo manipulations in photoshop and digital painted big boobed girls!

Super Tits
on my members site
so join already!!!

Nov 21, 2005 - This is a little treat for the free site -- I love the idea of aliens and UFOs so here is one exploring Area 51, which my version I have titled "Area 51DD" . This one stars two of my regular character Nichol from "Sexploits of Nichol" and Doc Damned from the my "Arthur's World" series. And on the members side --Here is a little something that I was experimenting on a few months ago before I was turned on to Poser Digital World. Take a look and tell me what you think! It's a six page story titled "More Than She Bargained For", and like all my titles you'll see what I mean by the double meaning!

Oct 25, 2005 - New 3 page CG comic "No Small Parts" uploaded
to the Boob Ink member's side.

Oct 5, 2005 -
For all my "Giantess" lovin buds I have createded a comic TITled "Little Friend", a little sexy tribute to the "Incrediable Shrinking Man" movie of the 50's. This is a 6 pager plus a cover so let me know what you think and enjoy! (members)

Sept 13 , 2005 -
My second attempt at a CGI comic!
A little 2 page story called "Too Much". Let me know what
ya think!!! (members)

Aug 27, 2005
page 8 of "Misquito Bites" is up! (members)

Aug 10, 2005 - Just put up an entire 7 page plus cover comic. titled "Girls Day". Be forewarned this comic doesn't contain any BE or big boobs, my apologies! But I just started experimenting with DAZ and Poser so I coudn't figure out how to grow the boobies in this one. But enjoy anyway, small breasted woman need love too! Wait until the next one, I figured it out!!! (members side)

"Milk and Cookies"
is completed and up on the
members side
so join now by clicking
on the banner below.
Aug 2, 2005 - page 7 of "Misquito Bites" is up! (members side)

July 7, 2005 - New Illustration Gallery 2 with 100 illos. These are some of my auctions
If you want to see newer ones follow the link and check it out.

April 2, 2005 -
I have started a new comic titled "Mosquito Bites" which the teaser is above and three pages are up on the members side.

March 2005 -
"Dairy Qyeen 2.0" is complete and up on the members side and there are three pages here for a sampling. Join for the complete comic!

Feb 03, 2005 - I have also put up a one pager "Holy Python". Enjoy!

Oct 22, 2004 -
On the members side - I have started the sequal to the popular "Dairy Queen" comic. I have titled it "Dairy Queen 2.0". Its the continuing SEX-venture of the small boobed girl who dreams of becoming the top Dairy Queen and the things she'll do to get there!!! As I right this, it looks like it will run about 20 pages long including the cover. Take note of the cool cover, I used the newest version of Jasc's Paintshop Pro 9. It has a neat new media tool where you can "paint" with oils among others.

October 15, 2004
- All 14 pages is up, on the members side!!! What happens when you combine a gorgeous black babe, a white guy with a big dick and a tire pump??? A very interesting and dick hardening story!!! This on the members site.

Apr 28, 2004 -
For all of you who are reluctant to join I am giving you a little treat! Or should I say BIG treat, I will let you decide. New in the comix section is a 17 page comic: "Sex Planet"... I have gotten a lot of feed back on this one and BE folk seem to love it! I always enjoy drawing the giantess stuff and here's hoping you do to and join! You joining helps keep this site going and it makes it possible for me to site down and draw more for the BEA!

"Mosquito Bites"
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"My Little Friend"
a 6 page Giantess Comic
new here!

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