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Slut Roulette

This is a list of all episodes which have been identified so far as belonging to this specific storyline. The entries are listed chronologically.

There are probably episodes in this list which actually belong to a new child storyline; if you see any, please contact me with the root episode number and storyline and let me know.

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Parent storyline:

          episode 403: Rick's Equation of the Universe (07/01/1998) 1795 episodes + 43 children


episode 1487: Slut Roulette. (by Leviathan on 09/22/1998)

episode 7320: (by on 11/25/1999)

episode 50203: Robin the slut (by J.L. on 10/24/2001)
episode 181423: Even as a slut, Robin is still a bitch. (by J.L. on 10/25/2001)
episode 181436: Robin, On Another Wavelength (by RaoulDuke on 10/25/2001)

episode 7321: Slut Roulette - Jim's Tits (by on 10/19/2007)

episode 582177: Slut Roullette: Lucky sevens? (by The steam God on 01/03/2008)
episode 592463: Slut roulette: Jim takes a shot at the slot... (by That man! on 01/04/2008)
episode 592538: Slut Roulette: Biding time (by The steam God on 01/04/2008)
episode 592535: Slut roulette: It's only just begun~ (by That man! on 01/04/2008)
episode 592568: Slut Roulette: Finishing touches? (by The steam God on 01/04/2008)
episode 592578: Slut roulette: A lack of social experience plus a body with a (small) mind of its own equals... (by That man! on 01/06/2008)
episode 592570: Slut roulette: Thirteen more problems to look forward to... This is not Jim's lucky day. (by That man! on 01/06/2008)
episode 592688: Slut Roulette: An unfamiliar face (by the steam God on 01/06/2008)
episode 592711: Slut roulette: Thinking for a change. (by That man! on 01/07/2008)
episode 592943: Slut Roullette: lacking in other title (by The steam God on 01/08/2008)

episode 593100: Slut Roullette: the next step (by on 03/01/2008)
episode 599627: Slut Roulette: Further inconveniences (by The steam God on 03/02/2008)
episode 599747: Slut Roulette: The final known change (by That man! on 03/02/2008)
episode 599796: Slut roulette: Fun and Games? (by The steam God on 03/02/2008)
episode 592709: Plastic! (by Anon on 03/24/2008)
episode 592705: slut roulette: and the day goes on (by on 03/25/2008)

episode 592547: (by on 02/08/2012)
episode 848736: (by on 02/08/2012)

episode 7323: slut roulette: random target (by on 04/22/2012)