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Unending BE - episode 109432

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John went into the nearest shop and noticed a very cute schoolgirl just stepping on to the escalator. He ran across and just managed to get on the escalator behind her. Then he touched the necklace and thought about what it would be like if every woman in the world had a big round ass.

By the time he and the girl reached the top of the escalator, her butt was the size of a pair of beachballs and her skirt fitted neatly over it as if that was how schoolgirl's butts always looked.

As indeed it was. Every woman in the shop had an ass the size of a pair of beachballs. All the women's clothes in the shop were made to fit these massive rumps, all the shop dummies were equally endowed... even the doors to the back of the shop were extra wide in the middle to accommodate inflated buttocks. John realised that he was now in big-butt world, where it was perfectly normal for a woman to have an ass that was four feet wide.

'I wonder...' thought John,

  1. *all women desired their buttocks to be fondled
  2. John was the only man in the world
  3. *John could turn himself into a huge pair of panties
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Mon Jan 09 16:02:47 2006

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