Billy's Mom Fucks the Bedpost

Unending BE - episode 53523

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Billy and his sister Karen stopped what they were doing to stare at their mother. The woman was humping the bedpost on Billy's bed. And not just a little. The head of the bedpost was round and wide and mommy's pussy was stretching further and further apart to get the whole thing inside of her. Wet, slurping, squelchy noises could be heard as her pussy juice bubbled up inside of her, lubricating her hot, throbbing cunt. A whacked-out grin spread across her face. She was really, really getting into it.

She heaved her body up and down, sliding more and more of the post inside of her with every downward thrust. Her two children were amazed at how much of it she was swallowing into her cunt. Billy idly wondered if this was going to cause her any internal organ damage. His mommy didn't seem to care about that though. She was having too much fun. And she was getting more frantic about it with every passing minute, violently ramming her body down onto the bedpost, sucking in as much of the wooden pole as possible deep into her pussy. And it didn't look like anything was going to make her stop.

She was squeeling now, inbetween grunts that sounded like a wild boar in labor. Her eyes were shut tight, her teeth clenched, her fists balled up so fiercely her fingers showed white.

And then with a terrifying scream she came. Cum splashed out of her overstretched pussy in a flood which was then followed by a flood of blood and bile. Mommy's breasts heaved, flopped, and seemed to surge outward from her chest. The tendons in her neck stood out from the incredible strain. Her mouth was stretching open wider and wider as her shriek of pure joy rose up louder and louder. And then, with an audibly meaty plop, the bedpost shot up through her grotesquely distended mouth.

Billy's mommy shuddered once and then sagged, lifeless, skewered on Billy's bedpost.

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Billy BadAss

Thu Jun 23 18:18:40 2005

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