Slut Roulette.

Unending BE - episode 1487

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Jim decides to get revenge on Robin, so he starts putting in all sorts of codes for the ultimate female. It is not so much the ultimate female, though, as it is the ultimate SLUT. This woman has it all: G cup breasts with constant lactation, double nipple size, 50 inch, extra jiggly butt, twice as sensitive nipples and pussy, fully swollen and hairless vagina, blonde and wavy hair that is ass-length, and a height of 5'2".

This was the perfect slut in every way. Jim puts his own personal finishing touches and gets ready to put Robin's name in. He chuckles to himself as he thinks about what he is about to do, but suddenly Windows 95 has a fatal error and the program goes haywire. It opens the school database and picks a random name which just happens to be...

  1. *Robin. What luck.
  2. *Jim. Oh NO!!! Where is the delete key?
  3. Rick. I always wanted a slut for a best friend.
  4. *Who is that? I never saw that name before.
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