About this game

This is Addventure version 2.0.6.mad - 28 May 2005
As modified by MarkT, Adama, and Dmuk

It uses CGI-query library version 1.3.2.mad - 12 May 2002
As modified by MarkT, Dmuk and Adama

It uses HTML generator library version 1.0.1.mad - 17 Aug 2003
As modified by MarkT, Adama, and Dmuk

Game Copyright (c) 1994, 1996 by Allen S. Firstenberg.

Individual segments copyrighted by their authors.

Unending BE

Created on Saturday, 20 Jun 1998, using Addventure version 2.0.6

There are currently 283772 episodes that have been completed out of 1279348 currently available.