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I've always wanted to do something visually creative with my life. Several years ago, I enrolled in a graduate program for painting at an art school in Savannah, Georgia, and succeeded in receiving Masters in Fine Arts degree (Class of 2000). Since then, I've been exploring new ways to push the envelope of my 'figurative' work.

One way was to transform my paintings of pin-ups into life size sculptures. Seeing a work on a 2-D surface is fine, but being able to walk around your subject and view it in three dimensionial-terms -- much better. That's my current goal for my pin-ups.

Once I'd made the decision to go ahead with the project, the first major issue arose: what scale was the finished product going to be? I eventually decided on life size, simply because the pin-up would appear more realistic in her features from top to bottom (so to speak). Also, the visual impact of looking at a 6'3" large-breasted pin-up is more powerful than looking at, say, a 1/6th scale statuette that you could hold in your hands.

Naturally, the model's physical endowments had to be 'supersized' as well -- so the subject was modfied to somewhat cartoonish proportions. This meant taking an average store mannequin, inflating the breasts -- which ended up somewhere in the 52-inch neighborhood -- narrowing the waist to 21 inches, and lengthening the legs while adding muscle tone. The face is essentially a composite of many women, with the reference shots taken from magazine shoots

I currently have plans to do another figure sometime in the autumn of 2002, and it too will have a wasp-waist and a 'super-chest' -- trust me there. But for now, sit back and enjoy the show with the current model, and relax: there's more coming.


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