BEA Memorial Page
It is with heavy heart that such an area was created for the Breast Expansion Archive.
This should have been created years ago but back then there was not a webmaster who had the idea...
After some time, Imaginos finally made the decision which we all appreciate today.

This area is to remember and celebrate the lives of BEA Friends who have passed on.
These are sad times for all of us and we miss our friends / loves greatly.
The sorrow is strong but the memories of what they gave to us in life are also strong and good!
Let us remember our past friends and keep them alive in our own ways.

From J Savage, shocked and
sad to see that R2D2 is gone,
here is a poem:

A trail of tears...

You have been where angles fear to tread...
Along that path where tears
greased glades
of fallen sorrows deeply felt
and gentle hearts torn from love's embrase

Zasha Kryschenyi