The NaviGirl Archive
July 26, 2006
After a long hiatus (as well as being lost to the old harddrive crash of no return), the first 3 NaviGirls return in this Archive. Dating way back to about 1998, these "Gallery Mascots" gave viewers a titillating experience.
Sneak Previews
Some sneak previews of future works. Warning: do not go here if you only like to see completed works.

July 29, 2005
"grOw” is released at www.bustartist.com

July 1, 2005
NEW “grOw” FULL Trailer(Flash Required)

June 3, 2005
NEW “grOw” Teaser Trailer (Flash Required)

NaviGirl 4 Opening Movie
(* available to BEA MEMBERS ONLY *) Flash 4 required. -- This is the opening movie for Navigirl 4. It introduces Kat, and sets the stage, feeling, and storyline for the rest to come. Why am I posting this? Read this post in the Forum.

NaviGirl 4 Teaser Trailer
Flash 4 required. -- The Trailer is complete. But NaviGirl 4 is still in the works.

Back Burner
Sometimes, I work on numerous ideas, but never finish them. Due to various reasons, these works are put "on the back burner." Some of these are "retired", while some are in "limbo," waiting to be worked on again.

NaviGirl 4 Teaser Trailer (older)
Flash 4 required. -- This trailer was supposed to announce the opening of the new Gallery and introduce the new NaviGirl. But the Teaser Trailer above blew it away. It is mostly finished, with a few low resolution "place holder" pictures.