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"Welcome to the interior of Area 69. Down these corridirs are the places where the BE's are kept, away from the public eye. Now that you've passed the Security Checkpoint with your secret code, you can see the evidence for yourself.

When you are finished, you may either use the exit you see here, to return to the Archives, or you may contact me using this electronic avenue: (E-mail button)

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" I hope you have enjoyed this look inside Area 69. Just remember that it was all made possibly by our most dedicated agent, Imaginos. Without his help, we could never have gotten here. You never know when things will change here, s o now that you know how to get in, check up on this place from time to time. And don't forget to wear your dark sunglasses."

"WARNING: All images displayed herein are the property of M. Newell Curlee. Permission is granted for personal use only. Any other use of these images MUST be authorized through tha artist, who can be contacted as listed above.

Thank you."