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Breast Play Stories

Stories about big breasts and breast-crazed lust!


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The Chimerian Effect

What is the "Chimerian Effect"? The answer lies here... the concept may be strange and fantastic, but It's no less believable than any other explanation. What lies ahead is more than merely an archive of stories. It is a long journey through the hidden side of the human psyche, deep into the bizarre mind of Chimerian.


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JR Parz

As you will note, as a fan of BE, I've written my share of BE stories. You can find several of my earlier BE stories at the BEstories Archive. I've also written several non BE stories, but in every case you'll note that all the lovely young beauties are gifted with a luscious ample pair.


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Leticia Latex's English & French Stories

Welcome to Leticia Latex's Multilingual Story Emporium.


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Max Bigfoot's Manga Mix

This is a gallery devoted to posting erotic Manga & Doujinshi (Japanese comic books) that have big breasted characters in them. The breast size goes from large to huge. Some can be a little weird, with Dickgirls or tentacles, but I have tagged those. I hope you enjoy them!


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Plato's Blue Undercover Files

The Blue Undercover Archive is a collection of stories set in the buxom universe created by writer Plato Voltaire. Read how a group of female officers fight crime and face danger while carrying rather large pairs of guns. Wrong doers will always get 'busted' with these ample angels are on the case.


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Sebbo's Story Compilations

We house stories from my own collection, as well as any and all stories forwarded to us. We also host pictures for those artists specialising in WOW or Huge breast pictures.


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Theo's Lair

All stories I currently have finished are up and hope to get more.


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