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Boobs n Bytes

The virtual guide for BUSTY BABES in the world of Video Games.


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Breasts In Movies

The idea behind the page is to list mainstream movies (not hardcore porn) that contain significant breast scenes. It is NOT simply a list of female nudity in movies (there are plenty of Web sites that specialize in that). In fact, nudity is by no means a criterion for the list.


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This page showcases my latest artistic endeavors. All images are available to non-members, but video clips and tutorials are for BEA members only. Forgive the sparse design; it's meant to be purely utilitarian for the moment. Anyway, enjoy! Candide.


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Fraction's Big Bust Anime List

Welcome to one of the many, many corners of the BEA. Here you'll find a list of all the known anime that feature incredibly well developed female characters. Feel free to send me any suggestions through e-mail, private message via the BEA forums or post at the obscenely large Big Bust Anime List thread. Thanks to all that have helped with the compilation of this list!


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Grizzly Bear's Cafe

Congratulations! You've found my extras page. This is where I make weird little diddies to make you laugh and when I finally get a scanner, my morph drawings. Check out below for the stuffage! I add 3 every week!


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Research & Development

R & D contains a large number of images, we employ image preloading using Javascript. You may find it helpful to read Also on Video in the order in which the pages are displayed at the foot of the Intro page, as each successive page preloads the images for the following page. Take your time and the next page will be ready for you when you move on to it. If you are paranoid and choose to have Javascript disabled, you can be prepared for quite a long wait.


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Sheber's Shasta

Welcome! to shasta -the webzine For your browsing convenience, the site is now broken down into two sections.


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Thanks X3.1

Do yourself a favor and SUPPORT OUR COMMUNITY!!


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